Girl Forced to Pee While Riding School Bus

Girl Forced to Pee While Riding School Bus

so um… the pairs of ten-year-old girl
in illinois are suing evade the wilmington school district after it was
allege that the ten-year-old was forced to key in etc up in front of a school
bus like on the stairs of the school bus while the us class was returning home
from a field trip now apparently this ten-year-old girl uh… really needed to
use the restroom uh… the bus driver contacted ministry hears about it which
is rediculous administrators said yet now we got a new without a time for that and basically dentist older just in a
couple of weekends you need a move and uh… we’ll have a few the teachers
cover you with the coats and went to see yeah um… unbelievable incredible
subway but but so the busters and the croats several times have to go to the
bathroom can use pullover no we’re not going over but we will make
you feel missteps they will have some people who come one
p_m_ it com but as if were in the middle of the desert and we
can stop the car was the bombs going to go off for something but guess what they can do to act as she
piece in the car the bus driver stops the bus so she can
empty the cop that late last october associated p
energy stocks about social go out there in empty the guide encompass i say soon the shit out of the speed up
the affect morale is damaged that’s that’s really don’t know how
that’s gonna mess around the world it’s been a factor of life she’s going to get teased for ever about
that becca really selected out for life the action you know they’re suing for
severe emotional distress any activity and that’s a baby girl that’s not a
grown-up person ally now it’s it’s hideous i can’t believe that you know that that administrators on the bus stop but that
was the right thing to do moved the bus driver thought that was the right now we
have bothered teachers are looked up unknown an outside raising this is this
is an illinois type that’s my home state and arms this time milk hearings just
skidded cats and dogs dot believable hangout analyzed a city that it’s like
that those are the kind of stories that makes legal looked cool who’s
responsible up on the internet then i find out where they were going to
make the tomato plants right there in confront but the fact that now you know you have a good day so that
they would do something about it the same thing because score officials are supposed to create
an environment where civilians are safe they’re comfortable pistols the focus on
learning as opposed to being humiliated and it was like a few years ago but i felt comfortable using the
bathroom in a public place wild not having the water running some people
don’t hear repeated like i wasn’t there seemed to me right now that’s that’s
like being too hyper sensitive in high school i would’ve been more
defiant anymore school i would’ve been more to fight at
ten and i couldn’t know i couldn’t handle it it makes you happy that makes the uh…
i hope this is a permit because no and i couldn’t tell jimmy fat

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  1. One day my friend had to go to the washroom well we were on our bus and she couldn't wait and we were on a very tight scedule, but the bus driver still pulled over and I took here into a coffee shop. She gets on the bus at 7:00 am and she has to wait until 8:15 am until we get to school so I think if a bus driver can't take care of the kids inside the bus then he/she shouldn't be driving at all.

  2. One time my bus driver forced a kindergartner to pee out side (he was a boy). He really needed to go and the bus driver started getting REALLY angry.

  3. I would pee on him and wip my pinga on his coat:-D see how u like to pee on the bus's see it's not so fun is it:-D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ then people will be laughing at him

  4. now if there was a spot to go used bathroom and i know there policy the bus cant do pitt stops here or there… but seriously stometimes you got to ingore i believe the bus driver did the right thing by calling adminstros poorly handle

  5. when I was 7 I was on the way back from a school trip on the bus. I needed to go and there was a toilet so I asked. She said no! When I started crying she had to take me. 😜

  6. I'm from illinois as well. and while I never saw anyone forced to pee on the bus when I was in school, i'll never forget the time a kid started feeling sick and asked the driver to pull over 3 times so he could vomit on the ground outside. The driver didn't want to stop and told the kid to vomit in his backpack instead. The kid got up and ran to the front of the bus with his hand over his mouth and blew his chunks all over the driver's seat and down his back and onto the floor!!!! The driver yelled SHIT and didn't just stop the bus, he slammed right down on the brakes, causing all of us to get flung around in our seats and the kid who was barfing fell on his ass on the vomit covered aisle and started crying!!!!! This was way back in 1990 when I was 10 years old and in 5th grade so it was a 25 years ago already but I'll never forget how the smell was so unbelievably disgusting. The driver yelled for all of us to open all the windows and then ripped off his shirt and threw it out the window into the street (I think he had an undershirt on but I don't recall exactly) and he put some kinda towel over his seat so he wouldn't be sitting back in the puke on his seat!!! And, no, I didn't think any of this was the least bit funny at all, not then and still not today!!! The smell made everyone on the bus feel like throwing up and the driver had to call another bus from the school to come get us and we all had to go out through the emergency exit in the back because they didn't want us slipping in the puke in the front of the bus. (I think the boy who barfed ended up getting picked up by his parents if I remember correctly because they didn't want him back on the other bus covered in vomit.) So with all this remembered and said, I say SUE THE FUCKEN SHIT OUT OF THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

  7. Too bad it wasn't a boy. He could have peed on the driver. I guess boys do have some advantages.

  8. "She could be teased her whole life" Bruh if that happened at my school people won't tease they would feel sorry

  9. A kid on my bus needed to pee really badly, the bus driver had to turn the bus to go back to the school so he can go to the bathroom. It was really nice of her but I got home like 15 minutes late 0-0

  10. this happened to me I was on a trip i needed a wee and thry said no i was that desprate i started crying at this point they said i had to pee in a bucket or wee myself this was when I was 9 and I am now 13 turning 14 thought the rest of my time in primary I got teased to the point where I had to move schools this caused me depression and I lost my self confidence

  11. i pood myself on the bus because my bus teacher was ignoring me so the bus was far away from school i told her to stop the bus but she ignored but then it just came out

  12. Lol when I was in a school bus there was so much traffic and I really needed to pee so I got my water bottle peed in it I just covered myself with my coat lol no one noticed except the person I was sitting next t LOL

  13. I would have pissed in the floor and when I was reprimanded, I would say, "Well I had to pee. So I peed. Oh well. You were told to pull over. I told you I had to go. By the way you're cleaning my piss up." Then I would dab in their face.

  14. If you have to go and it's emergency. I have had a close pee call once. I was at my family cemetery and had to pee in a cup.

  15. This is pretty shitty, but I don't really think it's as shocking as people make it seem to be. I mean idk how things function in other states, but in WI the school buses don't stop for anything – doesn't matter if it's the daily pickup/drop off for school or a field trip. I remember the teachers would always gather up their classes and made sure the kids went to the bathroom before leaving the school for a trip, as well before leaving from where ever the trip was. If a kid decided not to take the bathroom break, they'd be shit out of luck and told to hold it no matter how bad they had to go. I always assumed they operated under the idea that if they let one person off to pee, they'd have to let everyone. So instead they just let no one. :
    As for the whole pulling over on the side of the rode to dump the cup thing instead of finding a rest stop, it's probably because of how strict they have bus routes set up because of fuel costs. (stopping on the side of the rode doesn't change the course they're driving, but finding a bathroom would) I haven't been on a bus in years, but the last I heard in my area they had all the school buses on routes where they would almost if not always only make right turns (as a way to try and save gas).

  16. Really they forced her so mean 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  17. I was on a school bus when a girl couldn't hold it anymore. Suddenly, people looked around and there was a big puddle on the floor. The poor girl was crying because she was so embarrassed.

  18. Hahahahahahahahaha OMG she actually peed in a cup on the school bus while teachers could see and holding coats to guard her that is HALARIOUS! πŸ˜›I bet that was embarrassing

  19. OMG ok so when i was in 2nd grade it was time to leave and i had to pee but they dident let me use the bathroom and forced me on the buss (NOTE the buss ride is a hour) and i peed my pants on the buss i was so embarassed not much later i switched schools bcus that school was horrible (i also live in il)

  20. Wanna talk about humiliation, I was disabled since age 12, had a Dr note to skip gym class, but they made me sit by the wall & watch, then even not being a participant, I still was made to SHOWER AFTERWARDS, often as the most developed girl in class, and extremely body conscious. I am 90% sure that humiliation played a big part in my anorexia in my teen years!

  21. Seriously what the Fuck.
    I would have just pissed on the driver and the other students.

    People are crazy today and I believe that is illegal. This really did make me mad.


  22. I think the reason why the driver didn't pull over and let the girl out was because he couldn't let her go outside out of his sight. If anything happens to her outside, it will be his responsibility. And obviously, he was not able to go outside to keep his eyes on her because it will take his eyes off other kids in the bus. So, the only way to keep her and all other kids safe was letting her pee inside of the bus and just dump the pee outside.

  23. A really similar and probably worse thing also happened (not to me) in my old school. So a girl from my bus wanted to use the restroom before the bus goes but the driver told her he wouldnt wait for her. And the teacher sitting next to driver forced her not to leave the bus. Wanna guess what happened? She peed herself while sobbing loudly and everybody watching her

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