GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore

GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore

rev up your engines, some people
might not have thought out with that UAW GM strike it’s
not really affecting the ability to buy one of their new vehicles cuz they had
so many of them lying around cuz they had horrible sales so they’re not
running out of cars to sell you but they are running all the parts if you want
to fix your car they don’t have that big of a back stock of spare parts and now
that they’re on strike and they’re not making any for a bunch of different
vehicles you might want to go and get the original part for your car when it’s
time to get it fixed well you might find out they can’t get their hands on it
because they don’t have any now of course there’s always aftermarket so
it’s not like you have no other alternative to do but if it’s a deal
where it’s a dealer only part and they don’t have it yeah then you’re pretty
much screwed would you’d be trying to find one in a junkyard wait until their
strike goes off and they start making this thing so you know they don’t really
think about that in a long run but that’s one thing that’s really gonna
bite them in the rear end they don’t have spare parts and the people can’t fix
their cars correctly that makes them look bad I mean they were looking bad
enough in the first place over the last decade with the problems that GM has had
with hiding that ignition key switch problem that they’ve had so this is a
negative look any better yeah we’ll see what happens it goes on cuz this is
today and the strike is still going on there as I said earlier I’m assuming
that GM isn’t even gonna care all that much because they’ll probably end up
moving a bunch of their production to China they already have a bunch of
factories there and they’ll probably just say we’ll just move it over there
and then not even worry about having it over here that’s my theory on it cuz I
see how they’re all seem to be doing that which is kind of funny when you
think about it because Toyota and Mazda are just building a new factory I
believe in Alabama together to build car so don’t move over here and then our
companies will move to China, acorn 25 says is it okay to keep pressurized cans
of glass cleaner and other cleaners like battery cleaner a trunk of your car now
you don’t want to keep them inside the car where you sit where the Sun beats
down it makes them hot but the trunks don’t get that hot I’ve had pressurized
stuff glass cleaner right cleaners stuff inside the truck
never had any problems at all it doesn’t get all that hot inside the trunk itself
but as I said in one of my videos you don’t want to have any kind of cleaner
hairspray sitting in the window on a glass inside the sunken here nothing
that can blow up in the trunk no you’re not gonna have any problems, Murano WTF
says hey kind of a doozy I’ve got an 04 Nissan Murano wiper blades won’t turn
off all the lights flashed with every swing of the wiper blades keeps blowing
a fuel pump relay up yes you’re not the original owner I would say perhaps the
vehicle got in the flood and now water is corroding the wiring and the
computers and they’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff because the fuel pump and
the wiper blades really aren’t related and if it’s blowing a fuel pump fuse and
the wipers are doing that crazy stuff my guess would be the car was flooded now
it’s just gonna start falling apart but then again it is a 16 year old Nissan
Murano one of the junkier vehicles ever built in the history of mankind so it
could be that you got a computer flaw or a wiring flaw that’s starting to cross
circuit stuff and do it I would say find a guy like me first took up his
computers and if he sees a bunch of weird stuff then he starts testing and
says I think your computers going out then you decide you want to put that
kind of money in that car you just want to get rid of the stupid thing because
you put a ton of money and electronics on one of those but let’s say you’re not
the original owner and you think maybe it’s better than a flood and a mechanic
looks and says yeah this thing’s been flooded just get rid of it don’t even
bother once the car is flooded all the electronics start breaking down the line
with all those computers and it’s not worth even attempting to fix them, DJ
says I got an 06 buick LaCrosse with 93 thousand miles sometimes I take off
it shifts from first to second it feels like it skips or bounces but it doesn’t slam
it doesn’t happen any other gear well odds are your transmission is wearing out
typical on a Buick that’s about as long as they’re gonna last pray that it’s
something like one of the solenoids the shift song I was going bad and have it
replaced you might get lucky and it could be a shift solenoid but it takes a
professional mechanic with a bi-directional stand tool they can turn
things on and off and test and see what happens when he turns a mind start there
and if it’s a song great I’d put a new solenoid in it but if not transmissions
wear it out and on that thing the money it costs to rebuild those things you
might just live with it as long as it goes down the road
I’ve had customers driving years that way and they still weren’t good enough
that they didn’t care they didn’t want to spend a ton rebuilding the
transmission on an older try like that mmm chicken says
Scotty I got an 03 Chrysler intrepid v6 2.7 liter hundred six thousand
kilometers how much time do you reckon little a still runs perfectly all right
I’m assuming you’re in Canada and kilometers doesn’t chop it’s uh v6 2.7
liter is one of the worst engines they ever make but you only got what like
54,000 miles or something on it cuz you said kilometers because the last a while
I mean if the engine ever starts their problems is the transmission said get
rid of the stupid thing but you got it it’s worth nothing nobody’s gonna give
you much for a 17-year old intrepid so keep driving it if you baby it keep
doing whatever you’ve been doing it keep your fingers crossed
cuz you never know I never advised anybody to buy one house but you already
own it with that low mileage it’s going last quite some time here in the United
States people drive a lot more if that was a 17 year old one here and probably
had 190,000 miles or it would already be in a junkyard because somebody would
have got rid of it when the engine went huh so just take care of it who know how long
it’s gonna last, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Strikes don't last. Again GM is going nowhere and its sales are up 6.3 percent so sales are not horrible either!

  3. My buddy is a owner/operator Semi-Truck Driver runs loads to the factories on the J.I.T. Just In Time System. As you said they make it as they need it more or less…lol…Go Scotty!!!

  4. Even Harley-Davidson the worst motorcycles EVER made are in the process of moving over seas. India, Thailand and China.

  5. The better option to have parts for your car is to get a parts car because it’s at least better than having to go to a dealership or junkyard and getting parts from either of these places and this will probably save you some money

  6. I had brake cleaner in my car a few weeks ago until you told me not to lol I should have been smarter than that

  7. I still haven't gotten the recall for the ignition on my 08 cobalt…they keep bugging now & then… I dont want them touching my car…

  8. Because of unions The same workers at Import brand plants Don't have the same Union rules Workers at GM get paid On average way more than people doing the same thing at import plants And it kills the overhead for the company And still whining crying because the Union tells them to go on strike But in reality they really have no good reason

  9. This happened to me here in California. Had to replace my catalytic converter on my 2014 Chevy Cruze! Took them 6 months to find the part due to back order!

  10. I have a 2017 Toyota Rav 4 for a company car that burnt out a headlight last week. Toyota dealer never even had a bulb then was told back ordered. Had to run to a Car Quest and because a certain kind of light was$49.00 cdn dollars. Scotty keep your Toyotas.

  11. If you still own a Saturn car, YOU ARE SCREWED! When Saturn went under in 2010 they pretty much destroyed all remaining OEM parts. I had a 95 SW2 that needed a transmission rebuild but, I could not find any rebuild kits for it. That means no new soft or hard parts. I had to junk it instead. I had thought about trying to convert it to a manual transmission but the costs just did not make any sense. And the few junkyard trannys I could find were all ragged out. Lesson learned! Never but a niche market car from any car manufacturer.

  12. I a friend with a Corvette. 500 miles on it and sitting at dealer down for parts that cannot be supplied because of the strike. A do not drive Engine code. Great GM.

  13. Unions are the problem here. If you make 55/hr what's the problem? Asshole's are just to greedy on both sides. I guess it's time to buy a Honda or Toyota.

  14. Ummm… I work at a Chevy dealership service department, and though it could become a problem, I have not yet heard of a repair that could not be done because of the strike. I'm even still doing parts runs to other dealerships for uncommon parts, and other dealers would not be handing those over if it was an immediate problem

  15. Oh stop, like aftermarket parts don't exist! Plus gm OEM is A/C delco, you know how many parts stores stock a/c delco? This American plant "closing" is all part of the plan. They'll move to China like everybody else. Find a real reason to trash talk GM

  16. I just bought a 02 park avenue and I have to drive with a bad transmission mount because I can't get a new one from Buick because of the strike

  17. speaking about the intrepid.. the later 2.7s were decent. they mainly suffered from sludge if not cared for and given oil changes regularly. i changed mine every 3-5k oil is cheap come on. . My 05 sebring had 277k miles before the engine started to let go. that intrepid will last a long time just change the oil and use synthetic. relatively easy to work on.

  18. Well…You many have difficulty fixing NEW cars because of the strike, but if you have an older vehicle (from say, 2000 to 2018, for instance), the parts are available, right?  They've already been made and are in stock at car parts stores, on the internet or on order through the dealership if it's a "dealer only" part, n'est-ce pas? The way this is phrased, readers are left with the impression you can't get ANY repair parts for GM cars, regardless of the year it was made.  In addition, GM doesn't make every part that's on a GM car; many are sourced from independent companies, foreign and domestic.  And some parts are carried over from year-to-year, so something like suspension or steering parts for a 2018 Chevy might fit a 2019 Chevy, as well.

  19. I've known so many people with that infamous ignition key switch problem/recall. One guy had his Silverado towed the the dealer 4 times on his dime and the dealer couldn't fix it.

  20. GM should have never stolen our tax dollars for a bail out and should have gone under. Tesla is going to be one of our big 3 in the monopolistic structure of industries we bend over to instead of managing as our country used to.

  21. Ive been looking for a low mileage late 90s to early 2000s Toyota or Honda because of the hype. All im finding is complaints about junk transmissions and major problems. That's rav, Camry, Honda crv, Lexus es with Camry motors Camry and celica to name a few. How can this be? From the holy grail of car companies during the peak of their quality years? All sounds like crap. Toyota worked with Ford and gm. I don't buy that they are better. The problems aren't just select few customers. It's many. If theirs 500 complaining about transmission, there's probably millions. 99.9% of people don't spend the time online reporting their cars are junk, they just get rid of them. Today's cars are worse, with unproven transmissions failing left and right. I remember when cars ran till dead without changing wheel bearings. Now they build them to fail every couple years or like 40000 miles, like tires.

  22. GM and Chrysler are too money hungry cutting corners to gain profit and it shows! Until that changes – if it doesn't bury them – I'll be driving the best I can buy! Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru. Those are the only cars a sensible person should consider buying today.

  23. I was wanting to buy Cobalt SS project car. They should be pretty cheap. I'm surprised there's no videos of people putting Honda K series them.

  24. GM is trash. Rember to replace your radiator often. If it goes bad it will start pumping coolent into your transmission and destroy all them plastic parts and you won't know till your speedometer brakes.
    True story

  25. Question: i have a Chevy Cruze 2014, why do chevy Cruzes seem to have many issue with the emission Vapor Canister Purge Valve?

  26. General Motors is on strike? Wow, who knew? It doesn't effect my Toyota / Lexus. Neighbor just bought a brand new Honda Odyssey. Other neighbor bought a Toyota Tundra. A mechanic friend down the street told me "thank goodness people are buying domestic vehicles because it helped him buy a new house*.

  27. Once I had a can of pressurized bear spray stuffed in the passenger cabin of my car.

    My friend closed the door on it by accident and the thing exploded with me inside the car.

    It was spicy.

  28. This car sells in Australia a Holden Cruze it was a Junk heap before it was sold to the public the Diesel is still scrap metal .Thr correct nissen not nessan .cheap out the correct wording .

  29. Another good video Scotty… again, I don’t agree with you on hybrids (only Toyota)… keep in mind, Toyota hybrids are built in Japan 😉 also, never heard of a transmission issue on a Toyota hybrid… rarely engine… so what if I need to replace the batteries after a crazy amount of time and service.

  30. I love my Jeep Cherokee XJ BUT the dealer support is non existent….which means that I will never buy another Jeep.

    Not a great business model.

  31. Did GM ever pay their federal bailout $ back? If not, why the hell would the US even allow GM to import their cars made in China? 🤦‍♂️

  32. The transmission will break on that intrepid in the 150,000 km range. They are junky cars and everything falls apart. A wheel fell off mine. Piles of crapola

  33. 20 years ago,GM made a lot of their own parts,,,,,NOT ANY MORE.
    In 1999 GM spun off it's parts operation called DELPHI, and with it went HALF it's work force.
    When you see DELCO filters etc,,,,,they are made by another company with a DELCO sticker slapped on it.
    Those ignitions were DELPHI's way of trying to make the part "cheaper." FYI,DELPHI no longer exists with virtually all operations either closed or moved overseas.

  34. That ignition key switch is accurate! Lmao. My previous 05 grand am was my first car. Bought used at 146000 km for 2300 cert and ready to go. I found out some months after that the key that starts the car, doesnt unlock the doors (the ignition key also had a chevy logo) So what i assume happened was, the car had the ignition lock issue, then was swapped out from a chevy malibu on the same type of frame as the grand am/olds alero

  35. Forget about the strike. GM's parts pipeline was crap before the strike. My 2018 Colorado needed a new brake caliper seal and the front differential pinion seal was leaking and needed replaced also with only about 6,000 highway miles on the vehicle. Truck also developed the infamous 8-speed automatic transmission shudder at less ten 1,000 miles Truck was under warranty so I had it at the dealer. It would take 10-21 days to get simple brake parts. So not only does GM make crap but when they break you can't get parts. Got tired of the problems and cut my losses before they got any worse. Took Scotty's advice and traded for a Toyota Tacoma. Too bad I didn't start watching Scotty BEFORE I bought the Chevy Colorado. I didn't know GM made such junk these days.

  36. I will never own a GM (Garbage Motors) vehicle again. I do not know why they are still in business. They make nothing good at all, save the Corvette. But the Corvette is nothing but a niche market. The rest of their cars are crap. But they got the last laugh. They got the money from a bunch of people by a forced government bailout. Ironically, instead of getting better after their bailout. Garbage Motors got worse.

  37. Once upon a Time there was a American auto maker, who made great cars and trucks and sold so many, the others had a hard time keeping up. They were dependable, relatively easy to work on, had a good balance of performance, economy and reliability. ( then they got Greedy )

  38. Doubt if Bolts have any aftermarket parts. I would assume it is OEM or nothing since it us such a niche California car for Chevy.

  39. So many of their parts and vehicles fail that they can't even make enough to keep up lol, that bullet in their foot came from their own gun.

  40. the whole thing about the GM strike is that GM wants to make electric cars….for the automakers realize that making electric cars can be done by less people and more robots than a petrol car. Of course they want to get rid of people and all that comes with it like pensions and health care. Its just like Uber..its stock sucks yet big name executives still invest in it?…why? Uber was intended to be driver less…they needed the drivers at the beginning but they were to be phased out ..but problems with the cars and the technology have caused huge delays in the non driver vehicles…that's why they are stuck…of course cooperate american invests in anything that gets rid of people and benefits…..Harley Davidson is heading to china it going to make small electric motor bikes for the Asian market, its cost effective over there… cost prohibitive if they did it here.

  41. Shame, haven't bought a GM or American auto in years. The smaller cars particularly were junk, Pinto, Chevette, Vega, Aveo, they just seemed to fall apart. This has been going on so long I don't understand why American auto makers haven't corrected it. On the highway I see fewer and fewer American models nowadays.

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