GMBN Vs GCN | From Here To There: MTB Vs Road Bike Challenge

GMBN Vs GCN | From Here To There: MTB Vs Road Bike Challenge

(electronic sounds) – So the age old question, what’s faster, a road rider taking the
road on a longer route or a mountain biker
taking the direct route up and over the hills? So to introduce their brand new Edge 530 and Edge 830 navigation head units, Garmin have sponsored this video. But we’ve got free reign
to do what we want, so rather than get all Doddy and geek out about it, I thought, let’s have a
challenge, let’s have a race. So, we’ve got GCN’s Hank right here. And we’re gonna race. – Hey Neil. – How’s it going? – I’m good mate, how’re you? – So, yeah good, thanks. The challenge is I’ve set a picnic up at Pistyll Rhaeadr. A beautiful waterfall. Two valleys that way, but we need one essential
item for this picnic. – Right, picnic, Wales, I’m
gonna throw it out there. Welsh Cakes. – You got it. But guess what? The shop is in the opposite direction. It’s up and over the Berwyn Mountains. So I know this neck of
the woods quite well. I’ve set your route. It’s 52 kilometers. Mine is 25, so exactly half, pretty much. I’ve set it on Komoot. And it says that yours will take three hours and four minutes. Mine will take three
hours and two minutes, although I do a couple hundred
meters more climb than you, ’cause I’m gonna go
direct over that mountain. – Right, well this is my
first GMBN GCN challenge and, to be honest mate, I wanna win this. So, I hope you got your climbing legs on. – Well, me too. So, come on then. – Right, you ready? – Yeah. – Three, two, one, let’s go. Good luck mate. (laughing) (dramatic music) – (panting) I can only think how much
easier the road would be. (panting) – Ah, not such a great start. (sighs) – [Cameraman] What are you
thinking at the moment? – Well, there might not be red lights, but there are gates. Which are slowing me down a bit. And also I saw Hank up
on the road ages ago, probably 200 meters higher than I am. So at the moment, I’ve got
some catching up to do. And it’s as steep as hell. – Through the green light. So my Garmin’s just told me that I’m on Climb Pro, and I’m on a five percent climb that lasts for five kilometers. So I’ll be taking this
one a little easy I think. Gotta pace myself. (soft pop music) I wonder where Neil is. He’s probably in the middle
of some trees, shredding, and I’m grimacing, ooh. (upbeat music) – I’ve got Hank on Live Track, and this is the road that he rode up back, I reckon, ten or
fifteen minutes ago now, and I’m just crossing it. I got a bit more climbing, and then I’ve gotta really direct descent down to Llandrillo where we’re
picking up the Welsh Cakes, so I’m gonna have to try make time on that descent, I reckon. (upbeat music) – Heading up the second climb. I wonder what Neil is feeling. Surely, he’s feeling worse than I am. Surely. (upbeat music) Well, I went fast down there. And I see from my Garmin that I’m up on Neil. Come on! Right, here it is. Let’s get my Welsh Cakes. Right, I think this is the right shop. Welsh Cakes, Welsh Cakes. Oh, here we go. Bara brith. – Welsh bara brith. – All right, here we go. – Homemade. – Now that, I guess,
is a proper Welsh Cake. One of those, please. – Thank you very much. – I reckon if Neil gets the same size, we’re gonna be huge. How am I gonna fit that in my pocket now I’ve just bought it? (laughing) All right, got my cake. Right, I better text Neil ’cause it’ll show up on his Garmin then. “Hi Mate, got the cake.” Send. All right, how am I gonna
fit that in my pocket? There we go, let’s go. (upbeat music) – Well, I’m looking for Welsh Cakes. Do you have any Welsh Cakes? – [Shop Owner] Bara brith. – Oh, wow, I’ll take that, yeah. Have you seen a man with a posh accent in like a red wrestling outfit? – [Shop Owner] Wrestling outfit. – Your friend? – It was a joke, yeah, my friend. – Yeah, yes, he’s been here before you. – Oh, he was here already? – Yeah. – Yes, that is fat. Does that tell you how much it weighs? That weighs about two kilos. Oh, half a kilo. Bara brith, it’s as good as Welsh Cakes, it’s very Welsh. He’s just text me as well. He’s saying, “Where are you, fatty?” I think he’s taking about my tires. Anyway, right. I’ve got a really direct route up and over the middle of the Berwyns now to try and beat him, but I’ve got a big ol’ climb, I have 700 meters of climbing left to do. But in the routes, I gave, I was a bit kind when I made it and I gave Hank a bit of a
shortcut on the way back. But, it’s got a bit of
a sting in his tail. Nice one lads. Catch you later, see ya! (upbeat music) – Got my Welsh Cake, I think it’s pronounced
gwenwith, gwenwrith, anyway, got the Welsh Cake, back on the road. I’ve just seen my, I’ve just seen the arrow go the other way, so I think I’m up on my average speed. (upbeat music) Just looking at the map here now, and there’s a shortcut coming up on the left. So I reckon I’m gonna take it. Neil’s got no chance now, no chance. And then left again. (upbeat music) – (panting) Oh my god. (panting) It’s pretty amazing up here. I’ve ridden around here a bit in the past, but never found this trail. And you definitely
wouldn’t stumble across it, so well done to Komoot for
helping me find that one. It’s nice being able to follow
the bread crumb on here. But it’s absolutely killer, that. (upbeat music) (panting) – Now this might be a shortcut, but it’s not an easy way up there. (laughing) And this Welsh Cake is
definitely weighing me down. It says five K up this. Oh my gosh. So I’ve got my Climb Pro on and this is the third climb out of four. And then on the gradient, elevation gain, I’m right at the bottom of it. Oh my gosh. And it just keeps going up. Ah. And also, I think I’ve
worn too much clothing. Ah. – (panting) That may have been the most direct route, but it was absolutely brutal. But, I think the top’s just over here. I must be way behind now. Need to do some catching up. (upbeat music) – Please tell me Neil’s hurting too. Do you reckon if I say wheelie and try a wheelie, I can then use the word shredding and be one of the cool kids? Probably not actually. I’ll stick to my overdressing. Thermal Lycra. Yeah, I am sweating if you’re all wondering. Ha! Okay, oh (beep). Oh (beep). There’s a car. Right, all right. That’s probably enough
of trying to be cool like the GMBN boys and Blake. I reckon Neil is in there somewhere, can’t be going as fast as I am. No chance, even with
this stonking headwind. All right, my Garmin’s just pinged up and it says we’re on the waterfall street. This is the home run, the home straight. Can we see Neil there? Can feel him biting my heels. I know he’s there. Right there’s water there. That is a good sign. The waterfall is close by. Says two K to go now. I’ve got him. (suspenseful music) – Is he, there he is. He’s here. Drinking a cuppa tea. – I was wondering when
you were gonna turn up. (laughing) – Oh dear. Lost the challenge. Look at that. Teapot and everything. – I got you a cup with an N on, mate. – I’ve got a bara brith
exactly the same size as that, so I hope you’re hungry. – Well I’ve got a confession
to make on my Welsh Cake. You took a while so I
started to have a nibble. (laughing) – Look at the size of it. – Well done, mate. That was a good effort. – Nice one, dude. That was brutal. Goes to show that just ’cause I went half the distance doesn’t mean anything. – Doesn’t mean you’re gonna
get here faster, does it? – No, but it was amazing up there. It’s beautiful over the top. It was just boggy in bits. – Well I took a shortcut. – Yeah. – And trust me, it was
horrific, the shortcut. Ended up being a slowcut. – I’ve driven down it. I’ve never ridden a bike up it. Look at that, a cuppa tea. Is it still warm? – It might be. – Yeah, it’s all right, it’s warm. – (laughing) Do you want a piece of my (laughing)? Break off a slice. And then you got one this size? – Do you not want a piece of mine? – (laughing) – Right, so I’ve got the
Edge 830 with a touchscreen. You got the, what’s that? – It’s the 530, yeah. – That’s same software, everything. Just no touchscreen. So hit me with some stats. – All right, mate. – How long it took you? – I did it in two hours,
wait for it, 15 minutes. – Three hours and 11 minutes. – Ouch. – How many cups of tea you had? – Well, this is probably my sixth. (laughing) – Go on then, average speed. – 24.8 kilometers an hour. – Killed me, mine was
8.18 kilometers an hour. – What were you doing? – It was that. Oh it was not bad, to the shop, I wasn’t that far behind you I think. And I could see you on Live Track, but then went up on the Berwyn’s, no phone signal, and then we got stuck in a bog, and then I knew I’d lost it. – Oh, all right mate. Elevation gains? – 1,197 meters. – 1,164. – Oh, it’s quite a lot, actually. – Yeah, it’s not bad, is it? Right, for my flow score. – Well, I got 3.3, so, the lower your flow score, the better. – Okay. – But you don’t get it on a road bike. – No, so I got zero. – Yeah, but I got some
sweet jumps as well. It gives you your stats as
well on what’s going on. – So, how’d you do in your jumps? – Not bad, yeah. Probably three or four. I’ll have to look back
at my phone afterwards. – All right, last one. How many calories did you burn? – 1,807. – Right mate, you took that easy, ’cause I burned 2,494 calories. – All right, chillax, it’s not a race. Oh, it is a race. – Yeah it is. Right, well, if you enjoyed this video, then don’t forget to
give it a big thumbs up. – Yeah, hit that globe to subscribe. And if you wanna see me getting smoked by another GCN colleague, Si Richardson, click down there for that one. – Right, can I start on this one now? – Go on then, we finished that one. – (laughing)

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  1. Is a a road bike really that much faster? Do you think Neil just got unlucky with the boggy sections? Let us know

  2. Fantastic! Still cannot realize I just made $1671 with this brilliant web-site here FunOnlineWork .Com (remove space)

  3. Hello guys, my name is Steven I'm from a small town called Ypsilanti in Michigan U.S.!! great race guys!! I enjoyed it!! And just figured out I'm slightly quicker than Hank!! I may not have had similar climbs but i did do a KOM ride the other day!! 33.03 miles!! In 2 hours 11 minutes and 23 seconds!!! That's including being stopped by traffic!!!

  4. Road bike would be much easier because of the terrain. Road is flat without much obstacles. Its just uphill and downhill or flat. It's the road bike…No Contest!

  5. Una pregunta esos weyes no son profesionales por q son re culos yo q soy super amateur no me culeo ni me bajo de la baika

  6. Road bike guy wins the "maximum doofus outfit" competition hands down… because it's not possible to ride a bike without putting on a costume. 😀

  7. Carbon fiber feather weight "road" bikes are for racing indoors on perfectly smooth surfaces. They are not designed for evasive maneuvers while swimming with cars on modern, pothole strewn roads. Which is my daily, and I ride a full suspension MTB because of that, that has never seen a mountain, but has seen plenty of action, plenty. I don't need any artificial danger, I get more than enough of the real thing.

  8. The MTB tour is definitively 100 times more beautiful that the road one. That is taking longer, but there awesome views, nature, and fun !

  9. The lady storekeeper looked like a Filipina maybe. Would have been nice too if there was data analysis on the elevation vs. speed, vs. energy in watts and vs. HBM data could be compared. If you compare the straight line distance from starting point to the endpoint and profile the elevation in Google Earth PRO that it will you really tell you the fair comparison of distance too. Something wrong with those stats? They are clearly on two different barometric pressure levels.

  10. i'm a keen cyclist since early childhood . Now selling my MTB, just bought a vitus razor road bike (Claris 2019) it just weighs over 10kg . Great for my needs for starting out , thinking of getting another road bike next year for going further rides with a pannier rack. How about a folding bike V tour bike Challenge . Great video guys , you have got a thumbs up from me

  11. Attn All:

    As a cyclist, may i get your attention, has anybody noticed something strange between 6:00 – 6:17.?

    Don't get me wrong, it may seem like a mountain goat. With white coat, or am I wrong.

    Please advise

  12. I WANNA SEE. a road bike vs 29 mtb head to head in the fucking road !!! and lets see who goes faster !! i didnt find yet !

  13. I hope that those greedy motorcycle sellers out there don't discriminate bikes as a marketing strategy. I've been a mountain bike user since 2009 and never will I replace it with a freaking motorcycle like other people did. Biking is part of my physical activities to keep myself healthy and strong.

  14. First off…thanks for the video and the spectacular shots. Second…I've only ever ridden road bikes but watching the amazing views from the mountain bike route I can definitely see the appeal. It's like entering another world, while road biking, while basically riding in the same area, is a lot of asphalt and cars. Keep up the great work. (And finally…one thing that came across was that even though it was a competition, you both had fun and that's the key IMO.)

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