Go on a journey into movie land with an old car! [Battle Trip / 2017.09.24]

Go on a journey into movie land with an old car! [Battle Trip / 2017.09.24]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hwijae, special host, Jeong Chaeyeon) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Traveling is war. Battle Trip! It’s the Chuseok long holiday special. We’ve had a two-week special in Latin America and we visited Cancun and Cuba. – It was so great. / – But it’s not over yet. – It’s not over. / – We have the hidden cards. – It’s 69 votes and 65 votes. / – That’s right. There’s only a difference of four votes. – The results might change. / – Table may be turned. – Totally. / – Or it may stay this way. You never know. – Let’s introduce them. / – Okay, then. First, let’s introduce the two guys who became loyal brothers over tequila. Tequila Bros! Tequila, tequila. (Kangnam, Lee Taegon) What is he saying? (He pretends to be Mexican) – It looks good on you. / – Right? Kangnam, are you certain about winning today? – Yes, 100%. / – 100%? I got goose bumps last week. – It’s the hidden match. / – Yes. Everyone got brainwashed by Taehun’s explanations. So I’m going to stop him from doing so. – Let’s call that person out. / – Yes. They’re the representatives of Cuba. They don’t lose when it comes to words. Please come out, Cuba Libre! (Kim Taehun, Director Lee Wonseok) Come here. This is what they do in Cuba. They just dance. This is what they do in Cuba. Kiss. We’re back together again. It’s Cuba vs. Mexico. It’s Mexico vs. Cuba. Tell us about your outfits. The famous people as shirt models… In 1st place is… – Bob Marley. / – Bob Marley. – He’s a Jamaican singer. / – I see. – “No Woman No Cry.” / – And another one is… Che Guevara of the Cuban revolution. – Here comes the history lesson. / – Yes, that’s right. This is how they get brainwashed. I lost votes because of my history talk so I won’t go into that today. – This is Che Guevara. / – Che Guevara. – They gave us large shirts. / – Besides the shirts… Che Guevara once said something that moved many people’s hearts. You still have more to say? It’s hard to get by for the younger generation these days. There’s the harshness of reality and they get discouraged. The most famous thing that Che Guevara said was… “Be realistic, demand the impossible!” – I’m getting goose bumps. / – That’s how… He started the revolution in Cuba. – I want to demand the possible. / – Okay. – Are you that frustrated? You don’t look happy. / – Right. It’s just that… Your face cringes every time Taehun speaks. I know Taehun very well. When he’s at a disadvantage, he starts to explain more deeply and intensely. – He’s trying to steal your hearts. / – Of course. Okay, everyone. – Let’s now start our final match. / – Okay. – We’re going to start with Cuba. / – Okay. Is there something to look out for? Yes. We came onto the stage to “Guantanamera.” This song is very sad and beautiful at the same time. To Cubans, it’s as meaningful as “Arirang” to Koreans. You may think of many things when you think of Cuba but the most important thing is music. There’s a very famous movie called “Buena Vista Social Club.” It’s a very famous music movie. You’ll be able to see the historical sites and main characters through this trip. Nice. What about you the Mexico team? We actually went out to the sea to see a certain group. – That’s right. / – We didn’t expect much. But we were so impressed by this huge group. – We were so surprised. / – That’s enough. It wasn’t a group of squids, right? – You have to go at night for squids. / – It’s a huge group. – It could’ve been mackerel. / – You need to go at night. – You’ll be surprised. / – You can only see them now. – Only now? / – You can only see them now. Croakers are in season these days. Anyway, they’ll judge objectively this week as usual. They’re the most objective group of judges ever on Battle Trip. – We have 100 judges in the audience. / – Welcome. (100 judges in the audience) As you know, we’re four votes ahead of you. – Yes. 69 to 65. / – 4 votes. There’s only a difference of four votes. So I’m sure they won’t be able to win. – What? / – So… – The judges are quite stingy. / – That’s right. – Four votes is a big difference. / – Huge difference. Where is the hidden location chosen by Cuba Libre? As you know, I went on a trip with a movie director. So we went to famous movie destinations. – Movies. / – That sounds nice. A lot of people go on trips… – After watching movies. / – That’s right. I also went to Ireland after watching a movie. – Really? / – Yes. Just like how Hong Seokcheon and Bong Mandae went to the sites of “A Better Tomorrow” and “Chungking Express.” I wanted to go to England after “Notting Hill.” What kind of movies were shot in Cuba? – There’s “The Godfather 2.” / – And a recent release. The start of “The Fate of the Furious” is Cuba. – The driving scene? / – Yes. And my favorite movie “Bueno Vista Social Club” was also shot in Cuba. It also played a big part in my decision to go to Cuba. From what I know, this is the first time we’re ever going to show a live performance of this group on Korean television. To be honest… We went to there without having any expectation. – I guess you met someone there. / – Yes, we did. But that person wasn’t scheduled to come there. Who could it be? Did you meet that the “Bueno Vista Social Club?” The last survivor. My gosh, this is incredible. Now, let’s see Cuba Libre’s trip to movie destinations. (It’s a place where history is still alive) – So pretty. / – Time has stopped. – Time is slow in Cuba. / – It’s so pretty. One of the must-see 1,001 architectures of the world. – The colors are so pretty. / – Look at the colors. Is this really the actual color? Gosh, it’s so incredible. Right? I thought that too. It makes you take off your sunglasses. It makes you want to check if that’s the actual color. – Cuba Libre. / – Cuba Libre. Hemmingway’s favorite drink, mojito. You said you’re not a good drinker. The seasons have faded the paint. You can’t make that color. I’ve never seen that color before. They don’t have this in Mexico. – They only have this in Cuba. / – That was so cool. We’re being so… (A trip to Cuba, where time has stopped) Cuba Libre! (Lee Wonseok designed this unique trip to Cuba) (Their last hidden destination is coming soon) (9 a.m., fourth day in Cuba) (They’re still sound asleep) (Alarm ringing) (Wake up, old men) Who woke up first? I did. (Cuba’s encyclopedia starts the day with a wail) You only have one bed. It’s two stuck together. (Traces of yesterday’s intense activity) Cuba! – From the morning. / – He’s all alone. You look crazy. Cuba! Wonseok. Hey, we have a busy day ahead of us. Movie director, wake up. – Hurry up! / – You can go by yourself. What are you talking about? I think I broke my knee yesterday. We’re going to movie destinations today. We need you today. I was so surprised when I saw your closet. Does this even make sense? My gosh. Where do you buy these? We thought he was wearing the same clothes. It was an optical illusion. He has those shirts in every color. (His fashion will be revealed soon) (They will go to famous movie destinations in Cuba) It feels like a huge Hollywood set. When you go there… It really does look like a beautiful movie set. Fine, I’ll stop. I told you, I’ll stop. (Story about clothing makers for royalty) (“The Tailors”) (These are all Lee Wonseok’s works) (This is his journey to movie Cuba) Okay. I’ve caused so much harm to the staff of this show. They said all I did on this trip was eat, drink and show reactions. So I’ve prepared something for you. Cuba is famous for movies. Countless movies were shot in Cuba. Out of all those movies, I chose my favorite ones. My three favorite movies of all time were shot in Cuba. We’ve decided to go to Cuba. I’m sure we have different thoughts about Cuba. So let’s write down what comes to our minds and what we’d like to do. I don’t know if I spelled it correctly. – “Buena Vista Social Club?” / – Yes. “The Godfather.” (“The Fate of the Furious”) (“The Godfather2,” “Buena Vista Social Club”) Cuba is all about movies. So I’ll take you on a journey into movie land. They shot it from up there. They shot it from here. The mafia were able to enter this place… The opening scene from “The Fate of the Furious.” Yes, the opening scene was cool. This is art. (The mafia loved Cuba of this time) You don’t know the song, do you? I’m tone deaf. Hotel. Nacional. My bucket list. – I think I’m excited. / – Yeah. I really wanted to come here. – I’d be in tears if I heard that. / – Definitely. Even those who haven’t watched the movies… This place is the first place to come. (Highly recommended) I will explain stories from the movies for you today. You sound like a scammer. I haven’t done anything after coming here. I was just standing next to you the whole time. I need to do something. What movie do old cars remind you of? Movies with old cars? The movie with a bald man. – It’s a famous movie. / – “The Fast and the Furious.” “The Fast and the Furious.” The eighth movie came out recently. I’m Paul Walker, you’re Vin Diesel. You’re Vin Diesel. No, you’re darker. I have a lot of hair. I also have a lot of hair. The first 15 minutes of the film… – Is a car race in Cuba. / – The cars. – Two cars race. / – That’s right. That scene was amazing. – This scene. / – That movie was cool from the start. – So cool. / – That was the first time… They shot a movie in Cuba. That scene was actually driven by the stuntmen 99% here. I’ve heard of actors doing 99% of the work. – But stuntmen doing 99%? / – Yeah. That’s a fresh take. Really? – They didn’t drive themselves. / – The location is… Important. If you don’t know, you’ll just bypass it. But if you know, it’s very meaningful. I got goose bumps. Isn’t that moving? First, let’s drive the old cars. Are they all old cars? – Those are so pretty. / – So pretty. It’s really pretty. How did they maintain these cars? Let’s choose pink. Let’s do that. Pink is for men. – Cuba Libre. / – Cuba Libre. – That color in Korea… / – This is amazing. I’ve never seen that color used for cars. You’re right. (Among these colorful old cars) – The cars are really colorful. / – But this… – Look at this. This is a Buick. / – Really? They’re amazing. Why do they have so many old cars? They don’t have any new cars. It’s too expensive. Diplomatic relations with the U.S. severed in 1961. Because of the sanctions, there is no industry. They can’t import new cars. They had to fix and use old cars. That’s how it became the paradise of old cars. They didn’t try to make the cars like that on purpose. They really are cars from the 1950s. They are all cars from the 1940s and 1950s. They keep driving the cars by fixing them. This car is nice. It’s pink. We wanted a pink car. This one’s better. Movie star. – We need to go here. / – Do you know this movie? “The Fast and the Furious.” – They’ll tell you if you ask? / – That’s right. People gather to answer you. They even get in debates among themselves. It’s over there. Over there? So how old is this car? It’s from 1952. – This is a ’52 Buick. / – It’s really old. – 1952? / – 1952. (Amazed) Don’t we look like movie stars? Right now, we’re going to the opening scene from the movie. – “The Fate of the Furious.” / – The opening race? – Start line? / – Yes. (The pink old car heads off) (The Capitolio) (And Great Theater of Havana from the first day) (Seen from the old car) – This is what it feels like. / – I have something to admit. – What? / – It’s my first time in a convertible. For real? I’m surprised it still works. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have rode classic cars and those who haven’t. The drawback is that they don’t have any air conditioning. (He ruins the mood) – But it’s a convertible. / – They hardly have air conditioning. It’s really hot. While they were shooting the seventh movie… The main character Paul Walker died. – That’s right. / – From a car accident. This is the final scene. They used computer graphics on his brother… – To look like him. / – Really? That was his brother? His brother’s face was changed with computer graphics. Was it Psy? He had the most watched video on YouTube. This song broke his record recently. – It has the most views now. / – Really? That’s unique. I’m with a Psy look-alike. Should I do the dance? (He looks like Psy) Here. – This is the place. / – It is. This is it. (Is it really the spot?) Exactly. That’s right. This is the exact place. Where the car is racing right now. They race from here. – That’s right. / – Right where this car was. It’s exactly the same. They race like this. That’s right. This is actually a four-lane road. They only used the middle two lanes and placed people there to make it look like a small alley. – The color is different. / – The color is different. – Did they edit it? / – The tone is different. – They edited the color. / – It’s computer graphics. I think they edited the color out. Did Cuba really regulate this place to shoot a movie? I didn’t know this place was this busy. It’s really interesting. I can’t believe that I found a scene from a movie in Cuba. – This is amazing. / – You’re right. I didn’t know if it was possible. It’s not really unique. It’s an ordinary location. But it’s very meaningful since it’s a scene from a movie. That’s movie magic. If there weren’t any cars, I’d like a photo in the center. Since we’re here, shouldn’t we race? They need that woman. I was wondering what that was. Okay, let’s go to our second spot.

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