Going Around A Ferris Wheel 1,000 Times Straight

Going Around A Ferris Wheel 1,000 Times Straight

– We are gonna ride this
Ferris wheel 1000 times and if we don’t finish
by the end of the day we have to sit on top of it for 24 hours. – We have to do what? – Come on Chris. – Can’t we do 100? – Nope, 1000. What are we, normal YouTubers? – [Tareq] Are you guys ready? – I can’t wait, to get off. – And, we’re off. – It’s so cold. – It looks like we’re on a date. – We are on a date. (bell dinging) – And we’re back. – Is this full speed? – Yeah. – Oh boy. – Lap number four. – We only have 996 more. – You know what’s the
worst one about this one, as opposed to the drive through? We don’t have heat and we got Hardee’s every time we went
through the drive through. – True. – This, we just get sadness. – Five, hey watch this, watch this. – Oh no. – Ah, what the freak was that, dude? (clapping) What is that? – It was a dodge ball. (laughing) – I need a banana Tareq. – [Tareq] A banana? – [Chandler] Yeah. Thank you. – [Jimmy] No, he has a banana. – Please don’t drop a banana on me. (laughing) (upbeat music) (laughing dramatically) – Chandler’s going crazy. I’m scared. – Hey, give me that right this instant. Hey buddy. (laughing) – [Audience] Aw. (laughing) – Bye. Oh, close. (laughing) – Update on how you feel, sir. – I feel like we are only 40 laps in and it’s been an eternity. Hey, you want this camera? Here catch, catch. – Ah. (groaning) – [Jake] Chris (laughing) – No, I don’t trust– – [Jake] I’m dumping it on
you. Ready three, two, one, ah. – [Jimmy] Ah, quick Chris, Chris. – I panicked I’m sorry. – The screen broke, we cracked the screen. (solemn music playing) (upbeat music playing) – And that my friends
is lap 100 out of 1000. And to celebrate 100 laps first one to get a ring
on a tree wins $3000. Take us up. And here we go. Chris, start us off. – No chance.
(buzzer buzzing) – All right, Chandler, go. Oh, Oh, Oh. Jake, your turn. – So close guys, we’re so close. – Put some merch on that tree. we respect trees around here, please. – [Guy] Aw, that’s hot. (upbeat music playing) – Dustin, is that you? – [Dustin] Yes – Can we get two pillows – For my buttocks and a blanket? – And a blanket. – [Chandler] Really, really. We asked for those. We asked first. – [Jimmy] Yeah, well
we’re on a double date. – Yo, let’s be ghosts (upbeat music playing) – [Jimmy] Where’s he going? What Chandler doing? Jake, why’d Chandler leave? – He said he was tired of this. – So he just ran away? We’re not even on lap 300 yet. And Chandler already left. – I guess we’re carrying the
torch by ourselves this time. – [Chris] Psyche. – Wait, take the G7X – [Chris] Throw it. – [Jimmy] Are you sure? – [Chris] No, not now. – (laughs) Okay. Chris is going to recover Chandler. – [Chris] Hey little buddy.
You not feeling good? – Yeah, my stomachs torn up. – [Chris] We gotta do this man. We’re all in this together. – We’re not, man. – Hey come on, buddy. Let’s make the walk back. – I’m still here. I’m carrying the torch for the boys. You know what, I don’t need the guys. I don’t need ’em. Are we still doing the challenge? – [Chris] You are. – I’ll give him 1000 if I
don’t have to get back on. I’m not kidding – Chandler said he’ll give you 1000 if he doesn’t have to get back on. – Donate 1000 to TeamTrees – All right, bet. – If Chandler donates 1000 to TeamTrees I won’t make him get back up here. – I already got it pulled up, man. Look, 1000, Chandler – [Tareq] Guys you see it, he
donated $1000 to TeamTrees. – [Chandler] I did this so
I could get out of a chal. I get so sick so easily, man. Ask my momma. – Good job donating to the trees and even though it was
to get out of this video but, hey, donating to trees
is still a good thing to do. – Go, leave. (upbeat music) – Hey we’re still doing this. (upbeat music) – Take this. – This tree’s the new Chris. Ball me. – [Guy] Bro. Bro. (laughing) (children cheering) – [Guy] Bro. (laughing) – Heads up. Heads up (laughing) I hit the time lapse camera. – [Chris] Watch out, their
about to throw a ball. – [Chandler] Oh, here it is. – [Chris] oh, it hit the water bottle. – (laughing) hit the flag. We’re going for round two against Chris. All right, Chris. – [Chris] Oh, that made it. – Isn’t it sad when
you’re aiming for Chris and you accidentally score? (laughing) – [Chandler] Where are you
getting these oranges from? – I’m just finding them, bro – All right, Jake, you ready? (screaming) – [Chris] Oh, they’re loading up. – Yeah, they are. Give me my balls. – [Man] Jimmy watch out. – Ha, that’s the best you can do? Wow, you taught you how to throw? – [Chris] I’m trying to hit you with all that cage around you. You’re too scared. – Yeah, well I got a new Chris with a K – [Chris] Your aim sucks. – I have a new Kris. – [Chris] So do I. – Jake, you have three balls? – [Chris] He’s probably
about to make it rain. – Throw ’em down while he’s not looking. – [Chris] Oh, shoot. – Oh, we hit you. Yeah, that’s right, eat it. That’s right. – Oh its an orange. – Take this back. (laughing) I hit the camera. (upbeat music playing) – [Jimmy] Before I can show
you the rest of the 1000 laps I need to tell you about
the sponsor of the video Next month we’re giving
away a few million dollars and so I can keep paying Chandler, we need to do a brand deal. So let me tell you about
BattleBreakers, Chandler. It’s a cartoon-inspired hero collector RPG – Wow. – You know that game you
really like, Fortnite? Well, they made BattleBreakers. – Downloading it as we speak. – BattleBreakers is
available on PC and mobile. – Wait, why do I have to be mobile? – ‘Cause you’re smaller. – I’m leaving. – Now if you really wanna support me you’ll download BattleBreakers and you’ll defeat the first three bosses. Because by defeating them,
you’ll make Epic happy which makes me happy. Now I know I’ve threatened
a lot of Fortnite accounts but if you’re watching this,
you’re probably subscribed which means you still have it. So when you check out of the Epic store make sure to use supporter
creator code MRBEAST because it supports me, a creator. And BattleBreakers let’s
you take your progress from PC and also use it on mobile. – Why am I still mobile? – [Jimmy] All right gamers. you can play this game on your PC through Epic Game store
like you did Fortnite. iOS, just in the app store Android, you just go to the Epic Games app and in the samsung galaxy store. All the links will be in the description. Go check it out. And now we’re gonna go back
to riding the Ferris wheel. – I’m hanging out with my
buddy here, Kris Mus Tree. We wanted to tell you guys,
you should donate to TeamTrees. A dollar, anything helps. Every dollar’s a tree. Just make sure you donate. Cus trees are awesome. And if you don’t like
trees then nobody likes you it’s that simple. Hey look, that’s
Chandlers car coming back. – I’m bout to get out and
just sneak over there. – [Jake] Hey Chris, I think
I saw Chandler over there. – [Chandler] Can’t see me,
cant see me, can’t see me. – [Jake] I think I see him down there. – [Chris] Hey you’re back. – [Chandler] Hey you guys suck (laughing) – What he say? – [Jake] I think he’s
making fun of you, Chris. – I’ll show him who sucks. – Look at these kids. Suffering on this Ferris wheel. (axle squeaking) – [Jimmy] Chris is chasing Chandler. Chandler, no. – [Chris] Your legs are longer (Chandler panting) I got asthma, my legs are short. (cage squeaking) (upbeat music playing) (cheering) (all laughing) – Now, don’t forget random people who follow me on Instagram or buy merch will be invited to compete in challenges for $1 million, so, I forgot. (laughing) go to shopmrbeast.com
or follow me, love you. (upbeat music playing) Yeah, boiiiiiii. – [Tareq] Here. – You’re pretty good at yeah boi, oh! (whistle blowing) – [Man] You’re out. – We’re about to wreck
this time lapse camera. Oh. Aye, Oh. – It got, that was a good hit though – I know. Time lapse camera abuse for the win. – Boy, you look like a
burnt chicken nugget. (chicken clucking) – Hey Chandler, have I told
you I love you recently? – [Chandler] I don’t think so. – Good. (laughing) – I was just kidding,
Chandler, I do love you. He’s not going to accept it. Oh, heads up, heads up. (yelling) – I got that – You hit the camera. – This looks so unsafe. (mumbling) (laughing) – You knocked everything out of his hand. – He was so (mumbling) I’m going
crazy I feel like Chandler. (yelling) (upbeat music playing) – Hey we’re at 800 – Yum, yum yum, yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. Yum yum – Two bros chilling in the Ferris wheel. Right on top of each
other because it’s cold. – Amen. I’d like to request an
airstrike on the Ferris wheel. Over and out. – [Radio Voice] Delta
air strike in the way. – Come here often? – Sir, where is that airstrike? (laughing) – [Radio Voice] Aircraft
is five seconds out. Quit following us, or she gets it. – Dude, don’t do it please,
please, don’t do it. – Stop following us. – I’ll stop, I’ll stop. – You’re still following us. – Uh, just give me a second. – Bro, you’re still following us. – That’s it. I’ve had enough. – Don’t do it. (solemn music plays) – Five, four, three. (laughing) I’d like to request backup. Chandler Hallow has gone insane. I need some sanity police. Please help, I’m scared. – There’s so many crazy people in- – What did you say about me. I’m not crazy. – God help me please. Where’s that airstrike? – We only have like
100 and like 70, 60, 50 something laps left okay. – We would know the exact answer, if you didn’t throw our walkie-talkie. – You’re right I’m sorry. – No you’re not – I’m not. (upbeat music playing) Hit it on that cinder block, go. (laughing) – Pretty sure you just
(mumbling) your lights off the side of the Ferris wheel. – Yeah, of course, we did. Content. (laughing) What did I hit? – You hit the basket ball goal. Hey, it still worked. – Stop throwing stuff. – Hey, he threw it. – I probably should have made sure there was no one down
there before I threw that. I kinda just yoinked it. – Hey I gotta tell you something. – What. He didn’t tell me what it
was, so the light dies. Every trip I don’t know, a light dies. – Don’t forget. – He didn’t tell us. A light dies. (chanting) (cheering) – Dead hit. – Sir (mumbling). Should I do him another one? – I mean this back came off of this one. – I can’t– (laughing) – [Chandler] It was an accident. (laughing) (screaming) – Chandler, do we banish another
light to the shadow realm. – [Chandler] Yes. – What about this one? – [Chandler] Here, you can have the case. No, no – [Voice On Radio] Jimmy,
Jimmy, don’t break that light. – Don’t break the light? – [Voice On Radio] Jimmy,
don’t break the light. Jimmy. – Aw, I missed it. Can I have more lights. – Go – [Jimmy] No (laughing) If he don’t want me to break
it, at least hand it to me. Ah, Delta forty niner,
can I have some food? Over and out. – [Chandler] Tell Delta forty
niner I gotta poop poop. – Chan Chan’s also got to
poop poop, over and out. (dramatic music playing) (Beautiful Singing) (slow music) ♪ She’ll be coming
around the Ferris wheel ♪ ♪ She’ll be coming
around the Ferris wheel ♪ ♪ She’ll be coming around the
Ferris wheel when she comes. ♪ – Yeah. (upbeat music playing) 14 more laps. – Last time we did 1000 drive through we said it was the worst thing ever. Why did we do this to ourselves again? Nine, eight, seven, skip a few, 1000. What. – Yeah, we actually
don’t ever fake anything and it’s kind of annoying. – Six. – Five. – Four. – Three. – 998 – I have a special
announcement on the last lap. – 999 – I want to take this moment to remind you that if you follow me on
Instagram, or buy merch, you could be entered to be in one of our last leave competitions and the winners will
compete for $1 Million. Just wanna remind you about that. We’re almost there. We’re almost there. 1000 laps in a Ferris wheel. – Thank you for taking
this journey with us. – It was fun, shut this bad boy down. You concludes it, we’re good. – Yes sir. – [Guy] Good night. – Guys, we did it, 1000 laps. Why’d you cut the lights off? Guys. Really? Really, guys? It’s dark up here, what are you doing? Don’t leave me. ♪ MrBeast 6000 ♪ ♪ MrBeast 6000, yeah, you know his name ♪ ♪ He changed it once or twice,
but I think it’s here to stay ♪ (loud bomb exploding)

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