going back to the thrift store i got *KICKED OUT* of lol

going back to the thrift store i got *KICKED OUT* of lol

– Today we are back with
another thrifting video. I’m actually back in
Orange County, if you guys remember this background. I’m in Hawaii again, just kidding. But I’m here meeting
up with my friend Alexa and our new friend, Stephanie Vega. They are both amazing thrifters,
if for some reason you haven’t heard of them, I’ll
link both their channels below. I’m gonna meet up with
them and we are going to go thrifting at the Good Will Outlets, today. Now, there’s more to this story. If you remember the last video that I did at this Goodwill Outlet, the ladies and I were
actually asked to leave. There was a little bit of
confusion, miscommunication, however, Alexa has kindly
reached out to the people at Goodwill, like the contact that she has, and they have given us the okay. They have cleared us for
filming, they are going to notify people that we are filming. We have permission as far as we know, that we are allowed to
film in there, so… It’s gonna be a much better
experience this time, we’re gonna have a lot more
opportunity like to show you guys the process, not just
feel like we need to sneak little clips here and
there and then get caught and get kicked out anyway. Get followed out by a security guard. If you aren’t familiar with
how Goodwill Outlets work, it is essentially clothes that
they throw into these bins, that are in a line, in a
row together, and as much as you can buy, it is weighed by
the pound instead of per item. So, it’s a lot more affordable,
sometimes you can find good stuff, sometimes there’s used
underwear in there, that’s why we’re wearing gloves. For those of you that dragged
us last time for wearing gloves that’s why. It’s a really fun, unique experience and a different way to go thrifting. We’re gonna head inside, I’m
gonna meet up with the ladies. And then we’re gonna dig
through, see what we can find. I found some really good
stuff here last time. Alexa has definitely
gotten me hooked, so, we’re gonna see how this goes. (calming piano and soul beats) My newest friend! – Hi! – Look, and my other friend! So we’re about to walk in, a
little nervous about getting kicked out but see how it goes. (calming piano and soul beats) Here I go. (giggles) (calming piano music with hip-hop beat) All right, let’s do this. (calming piano music with hip-hop beat) I have to say, right off the
bat, I’ve noticed the first few pairs of pants that
I’ve grabbed, have been like size 12, size 16, size
extra large, double XL, like I’ve definitely noticed a
few pairs of pants in my size already, which is so rare,
and so I think we have like the good thrifting vibes going
on today, the good karma. So, I’m gonna keep rolling with it. Let’s keep this same
vibe going, hopefully. I want to find good stuff. (calming piano music with hip-hop beat) So it’s definitely been
hard to film in here, even though we are allowed
to because trying not to get anyone in our shots
obviously to be respectful. So I haven’t exactly gotten
as much footage here as I’d like, also we’d just
been chatting a ton but I have found a decent amount of stuff. I really do find good
stuff when I come here. It takes a lot of digging,
you have to be very patient. But, it does pay off in the
end, because you do find a lot of really cute stuff. (calming piano music with hip-hop beat) So we are like, sort of wrapping up here. It’s been so much better. – Yeah. – You’re so lucky this is
your first time coming, – Actually, yeah. like we’ve been allowed to film and stuff. But honestly, we haven’t
even really filmed, we’ve just been chatting the whole time. – Yeah, definitely, yeah. – But we do have like a
pretty good amount of stuff, so once we get to the car,
I’ll show you everything I got. And I’ll wash it and do
a try-on and everything but I’m having so much fun
with this one, getting to chat, she’s the sweetest. (calming piano music with hip-hop beat) All right I can two bags
full of clothes for $23. These two ladies, she got, you paid $13– – $13, yeah. – [Carrie] for that huge bag. And you paid $10 for that
bag, this is just crazy. – Yeah. – Make sure to subscribe to
these ladies, they’re the best – Bye! – [Carrie] Bye! All right, I’m back in the
car now and I got two bags full of stuff for $23. That’s literally insane. The total weight by the
pound was $2.49 a pound, so I got almost 10 pounds. So, $23.88 was what I spent. That’s nuts. If I shopped at a normal
Goodwill, I’d probably would have paid around $40
for all this stuff, so I’m pretty happy about it. The very first item, right off the top, I’m actually filming this
right outside my house, so I can like wash my hands. I’m literally gonna like
strip naked as soon as I get in the door and jump in the shower. But anyways… This first item is one that
is like, kind of a vintage looking sweatshirt and
it’s like a zip-up, and it’s half-way zipped up like
old school athletic-style hoodie, I thought it would
be really cool, it does have kind of a little bit of a
stain on the front here, but I think I’m gonna be
able to get that out and it’s like a cream color which I
don’t have as far as hoodies are concerned so I thought
that would be a fun, basic to have. I wear sweatshirts like every
single day here in California so, even in the summer
time at night you can wear a sweatshirt, so, I
think it will perfectly fine to have a bajillion sweatshirts. Then I actually got this red
turtleneck that Stephanie originally picked out, but
she didn’t end up taking it so I was like, “Oh, I’ll take it!” and I thought it would be
perfect for Christmas time as well as the fall, the
rest of the winter season. Can layer it underneath
stuff, you can tuck it in with things, it’s just a basic. And then I found these
pants, which we’ll have to decide on in the try-on. I guess the red’s kind of
reflecting on it, but it’s like this champagne colored,
satin pajama pant but I thought it might be fun
to actually attempt to wear these in like everyday life. I don’t know, wear them in a fun way, so we’ll see how that goes. I figured if an item is gonna
equal out to being like, pretty much less than a $1,
like I’m gonna try it anyway. I just love finding funky pieces like that at the thrift store. Then, this next item is a gem for sure. It’s grandma sweater, which, I love. So this sweater right
here is a dream come true. It’s like this really
amazing pastel pink with some pastel blue in it. It’s got even like a
grandma sweater collar, uh. This is like an ugly Christmas
sweater that you can wear year round and I’m so obsessed with it. It’s not like super,
super itchy and I love it. Like I actually cannot wait to wear it. It’s gonna be so much
fun to wear this and get to be like a grandma
year round, ’cause I love Christmas sweaters but then
after Christmas is over, you don’t get to wear them
anymore, so, guess what? Now I do. Next for another basic,
because you guys know that I’m trying to build up
the basics in my wardrobe. I have this like kinda
stripped black and tan shirt. I just thought it would
go great with everything I mean I could wear it over the turtleneck I have on right now. Just tucked into some
shorts in the summer time. You can’t go wrong with basic
tees, so definitely glad I got that one. Speaking on basics, I saw this. It’s literally just a plain
black, long sleeve shirt. It’s a little bit longer,
a little bit oversized and I thought this would be
perfect to do another kinda like thrift flip, DIY-type of thing. If you guys remember my
last thrift flip, I actually ironed on some patches and
letters on the front of an old hoodie that I got at the bins. I ended up loving it, I
loved the way it turned out, I loved the way it looks, so
I think I’m gonna definitely do that again because
it’s such a fun, cheap way to customize your pieces. I’m very excited about that
and then I also have this shirt, which I thought was cool. It’s kinda like a mineral
wash, band-tee type of vibe and it has the flames on
the front which I like. But it’s long sleeved
and super over-sized. So it will be fun with
leggings, it will be fun tucked into things, it will be
fun with bike shorts. It says it’s a size five from
Hot Topic, so I don’t know if that’s in their plus-size
realm but I’m just gonna wear it over-sized and I
think that it is so fun, and so cool, Stephanie
talked me into that one, so I’m glad she did. Then for my second bag,
I have this green– oh, things are falling. I have this green shirt, and
I had a vision for like a Christmas outfit with a red
shirt, but now I kinda think maybe green might be the move,
and it’s kinda like, more, I guess acceptable to wear
this color year round, and I figured this shirt over
top of like a black either spaghetti strap or
tubed crop top with some high-waisted jeans tucked
in, maybe a cute little hat, would be such a fun look, this
is a men’s shirt for sure. I thought this would be fun
to dress up and style in a lot of really fun, different ways. It is kind of like faded a
little bit, but I think it looks really cool and
then, last but not least… Oh, never mind, I have two more things. Second to last, this was
actually the first item I saw, and I got really, really
excited about this because I found a Wild Fable item
in the bins in my size, which is incredible. So it’s actually these
high-waisted, plaid pants with this fun little chain on the front. I mean, am I going to keep
the chain, I don’t know. To be determined, but so cool and so it’s these
crops, slightly cropped gingham pants and they
are perfectly in my size, they are in an XL and
they actually still have the Goodwill tag on them,
so they were originally sold in a Goodwill store for $7.49 and I mean I probably
got them for like a $1, so that just goes to
show sometimes the stuff that’s in the Goodwill
bins, actually still has the tags on it from the original Goodwill. I’m sure these pants were
originally, like probably, I would image if it’s Wild Fable, $20, $22 and Goodwill was gonna sell
them in-store for $7.49 and then I got them for
like a buck, I just love it. Okay, and now, last but not least, I do have a trench coat. I have been looking for a
longer coat to wear during the fall and winter, and it’s
just inspiring me to want to go back to London, which
is like both annoying and really exciting at the same
time, because I just want to go back so bad. So this little trench coat
guy is by the brand, actually I don’t think there’s
a tag, is there a tag? Oh, okay, it’s called Storm
Guard of Oxford Street London. Oh my gosh! See, I knew it was meant to
be and it’s nice and lined on the inside, really soft,
it’s slightly long. I would say it probably
goes like a little bit over my butt, I thought that this
would be great to have for those really chilly days. We go up north in Arizona
sometimes, there are cooler days here in California, so I
thought that all of this stuff would be put to good use. I’m trying to be a lot more
mindful about my shopping in the coming year and so I
think I’ve started it off pretty well, I’ve only gotten stuff
that I know I will actually wear. Stuff that I could
repurpose into new things, upcycle so I hope you guys enjoyed
my second round back at the Goodwill Outlet. A million times better this time around. Seriosuly so amazing. If you have a Goodwill outlet
near you, I would highly suggest trying it out. I mean, it’s a really fun
alternative way to get second-hand clothes that you really don’t
have to spend much money on at all, so I loved it,
highly recommend it. Thank you guys so, so
much for watching this Thrifty video. If you want
to see more thrifting videos in the next coming year,
definitely let me know what you want to see from me. I
would love to try out lots of new fun ways to go thrifting. Just continue to try to be
as sustainable as possible with my clothing in 2020, so
I love you guys, so, so much thank you so much for
watching this video and I will see you guys in the next
video very soon, bye. (relaxing R&B music)

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