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  1. sangat menginapiratif….dibalik kekurangan yg kita miliki , Tuhan memberikan kebesaran hati dan kelebihan yg tidak semua org yg memiliki… Tuhan itu Maha Adil

  2. Nearly 600 gold medals handed out at last Paralympics. Barely ten million to one let alone a billion. Sort your stats out.

  3. Why the FUCK would you knowingly give birth to a cripple and a miserable life? Abort that shit. Give birth to a actual healthy baby. This is so wrong and messed up >:-(

  4. You need to watch it a thoroughly time to see what it mens😢 and I cred and at a school assembly I cred to

  5. Makes a wealth of emotion come over you like a wave.
    Anybody know what the song and artist is?
    well done girl you make us all very proud 😊


  7. How very kind of you, Toyota.

    For car owners, you might be interested in where a lot of the money that Toyota is able to give to charity comes from. Toyota began the trend of making car parts out of food-based material. Now almost all of the car makers have followed Toyota's lead, and we are seeing an explosion of rodents (and occasionally rabbits) chewing on wires (and other parts) because they are covered with soy-based insulation. Even high-end cars like Mercedes and Jaguar are being made partly of food. This is not just happening in rural areas To see how widespread it is: theincredibleediblecar.com

    The car makers claim that this is to be "green," but last year my Toyota had $16,000 of chewing damage to it. Multiply that times tens of thousands of other owners, and how much money are they making from making cars out of food?

    If you want to see if your car is made with food-based parts, you can check at: theincredibleediblecar.com

    You may not feel quite so good about Toyota (or any other car maker) giving money to charity when you get a $16,000 bill that is totally the fault of the deceptive car maker.

  8. i'm in a wheelchair r walker and this video just goes to show u no matter what u have in your way if u beleave u can do it and try u can thank u

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  10. I just can't stop watching this! Not only is her story incredible, but it's also so inspiring from a music and filmmaking perspective.

  11. I’ve owned nothing but Toyota’s. They build quality and reliable vehicles. A great company that cares about its customers and making a difference in the world. Toyota for life.

  12. You hypocritical jerks. I just saw your politically correct commercial depicting a black woman telling a little girl she can drive anything she wants and she replies in Spanish. Didn't you just bug out of California at least partially because of the crime? Didn't you just move to Texas that's leading the fight against illegal immigration? CNN has the viewership less than that of the Food Channel and you want to spout left leaning SW propaganda. I thought you were in the business to sell cars and trucks, not endorse 30 year old views on social issues in this country. From the people that gave us the Bataan Death March and the total abuse of Korean "Comfort Women" we get a morality lesson. You make me sick. Buy American.

  13. Dam we blind to the people that really struggle to be like or better than the rest of use who don't love this made me have hope thanks one love 💘

  14. I show this in our HS class on social media for business – bravo Toyota – what a combination of moments & drive.

  15. 0:51 I wonder how the artificial hand can close or open like a regular hand. Is it the brain activating it? I’m so fascinated by it!

  16. Your new truck ad is the most obnoxious ad ever. it sounds like you couldn’t get a license from the White Stripes and just made your own knock off piece. and instead of a signature sound that makes your remember the brand, it brings out hate and anxiety only worsened by the fact that ad is not skippable. I love the trucks but fucking hell, it is the worst ad campaign in history of Toyota in terms of accompanied music.

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