Granite Insurance MID (MIDAS Direct) – How To Add & Remove a Vehicle | Think Insurance

Welcome to the Think Insurance guide on managing
your MID for the granite Insurance services. Start by opening the internet browser. In
the URL type followed by the enter key. Shortly after policy inception
you receive an email containing both your username and password. If you have not received
this email please contact the office. Enter your username and password in the boxes shown.
Once entered click login. Here, all your currently insured vehicles are displayed. To remove
a vehicle simply click delete on the vehicle you wish to be removed. Select the date of
which you would like to remove the vehicle from. Please note that this date cannot be
back dated. Once the date has been selected, click delete. The vehicle will now show as
deleted from your list. If you have made a mistake simply click restore to add the vehicle
back to your policy. Again, confirm the date. To add a new vehicle simply click add new.
Start by entering the vehicles registration. Continue to enter all the information required,
please insure you enter a registration, trade value, make and model otherwise the vehicle
cannot be added. Once these details have been complete click add vehicle. The details have
been updated and will now be displayed amongst the other vehicles. This concludes the videos
on how to manage your account for Granite Insurance Services. Thanks for watching!

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