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  2. Hi dude, i'm french and a french gta youtuber stole your vid, '' LaSalle'', and i think He stole more than Just this vid.

  3. Police vehicles I love
    -North Yankton State Police cruiser
    -FIB buffalo
    -unmarked cruiser
    -North Yankton State Police Rancher
    Thats it I love the North Yankton cruiser the most

  4. I remember when 6 stars was a thing and they would send the army after you. Miss those days; 3D universe was the best imo.

  5. You pro 😎🤘👍👍👍👍🤓🤣😂😄❤️♥️😁😋🙃🤣🤓😄🍔😃🤭😎

  6. I love :
    1_unmarked police cruise( ford crown Victoria) (and the rarest one of them all)
    2_fib Buffalo (dodge charger)
    3_police Buffalo(dodde charger)

  7. Personally I like the Vapid Police Cruiser because it looks like the Ford Crown Victoria (one of my favorite car models).

  8. Police Riot is my favorite because it has bulletproof windows and it can't explode from a sticky bomb. It's also fast too.

  9. I notice that the police roadcrusier is a gta v version of the Grand Thet Auto IV esperanto and roman’s taxi (or the albany in beta of gta iv)

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