GTA V Steering Wheel & Manual Transmission Mod Test #3 | Logitech G27

GTA V Steering Wheel & Manual Transmission Mod Test #3 | Logitech G27

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  1. This is seriously tweaking me out….I dont care if its a dumb question… How are you in the game??? is that a green screen? Wtf i feel like a caveman looking at an iphone watching this what are you even doing…. it looks like the steering wheel is attached to a 180 degree screen

  2. They say violent video games cause mass shootings,but here this guy is playing gta 5 like it was a driving simulator🤯

  3. How did you remove the ingame steering wheel? I cant figure that out for the life of me like no matter what it still shows up hhahaaha

  4. I guess this mod is the same one built into OpenIV ? I have a Fanatec CSW with the pedals and the shifter. Everything connects good from the word go except in either manual transmission mode H or Seq. the car wont move. The gears, clutch throttle and steering are connected and show they are working but when i let off the clutch the car lurches forward but barely crawls at full throttle.
    Just as if there was a line lock on. The brake is not on.

    I used the mod a couple years ago with a different wheel and ultimately got it working fine. I know I had an issue at first and I think it was the same. Not totaly sure and dont remember what I did to fix it. I have been through EVERY setting and nothing fixes it on this wheel now.
    Any ideas anybody?

  5. ахаха,я только после второй минуты понял что это руль и руки не из игры

  6. Hey… I've downloaded the manual transmission mod and the realistic driving mod. The problem i have is the steering wheel needs to be turned almost 180 degrees left or right to turn just a little. Any fixes for this? I've looked EVERYWHERE and it's just damn frustrating. Thanks. O btw I'm using a G920 wheel and pedals.

  7. Realistic top speed and manual transmission HAVE to be in the next GTA. At least for freemode, because the current limits are way too slow.

  8. You know whats even more amazing. Using this mod with the R.E.A.L VR Mod. You should try it and post an updated video!

  9. Can anybody tell me how to fix this?
    When i installed this mod and putted it in the gta 5 folder the gear.asi and manual transmission folder it didnt open the menu
    I tried to reinstall gta 5 but it didnt work..
    Probably you guys know how to fix this..

  10. I do think that Rockstar Games should support this control like in this video for GTA V and Online, so mostly the car-guys can enjoy driving and drifting all around.

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