Gung Ho (10/10) Movie CLIP – Hunt’s New Car (1986) HD

If you walk
out that door, You’ll miss
a great comeback. We’re ready
to roll, jack. This will never be like
a japanese factory…
Jack. Oh, yeah? You’re right. Know what else?
So what? You failed. Really? Want to know something? I got the first car
ever made here. I don’t
want it anymore. Matter of fact, Here. You take the keys. I’d rather have
one of those cars. I’d rather have a car
we made together, by hand. Our guys together. You know why? ’cause those cars
stand for something. Those cars stand for
something pretty great. I’m proud of those cars. I’m taking one. Gentlemen… I’m going home
in my new car. All right! [engine starts] Whoa! I thought
it handled great.

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