Hack My Life – Game The System: Used Car Haggling | truTV

Hack My Life – Game The System: Used Car Haggling | truTV

That’s the car right there. Oh, yeah. That’s the one. That’s the one. Kevin will hack the role
of an over-eager buyer, while I’ll be dropping the bad-cop hammer on our unsuspecting
salesman. $5,400 is crazy. It’s like a glorified golf cart. Hey.
How you doing today? Hey. How are you? Ah, I see you guys
looking at the Smart Car. -Indeed. -2008. I noticed you really like this bad boy. -I do. -And you like it. Well, at this price,
absolutely not. We want to keep looking. You know, what are you looking
at, your price range? Well, we’ll say this is sort of close to it, but, I mean, I’d just rather look at the cars than talk money just yet. I’ll let you know
when we get warm. So, let —
let’s do this, okay? I can tell you’re not sold. I can tell that you’re dying
to get inside, so… -Absolutely.
-…just hop in real quick. -All right.
-Let’s do that, sweetheart. Can we do that?
-Yep. Yes. -Let’s do that. -Change your mind, ma’am. -Thank you, Micah.
-[ Sighs ] Here. Just pop —
just pop it. -Argh! God!
-Just pop it. You can just pop it. [ Pop! ] [ Sighs ] [ Car door closes ] -Hey!
-Hey, buddy. Oh, boy. Well, that was a real adventure,
sitting in that little shack. We were thinking
if we could come in around $3,500, $3,700 even,
that would be more our speed. You guys are breaking my heart here. Oh. Look, I’m gonna go talk
to my manager. Okay? So just, like,
hold that thought. No, don’t go anywhere.
No, don’t go anywhere. Yeah, is there any way your
manager could come out here and chat with us? -He doesn’t. He doesn’t. -Okay. It’s just a policy. So, listen.
Here’s what I’m gonna do. Okay? $5,000 gets this car
off of the lot today. I appreciate
that you came down. We might even be able
to come up, but if you have to go in there — -Well, when you say come up…
-Yeah. …what did you have in mind? We brought cash. You ready to go, huh? -Yeah. Cash.
-Yeah. We’re ready. I’ve got $4,300. [ Laughs ] Cash right now. The sun is setting.
We could be out of here. This is what we have. Now, you know I’m not gonna let you leave with cash in your hands. [ Chuckles ]
That would be absurd. You’ve got yourselves a deal! -Whoo!

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  1. Sad…talking yourself up in price after your first offer is not "Haggling". Plus a used car dealer starts their price on a vehicle typically at $1000 above book value. if this were real you screwed yourself out of $300 to start with. $3500 would of been a price worth haggling for.

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