Halloween Fun: Shooting Pumpkins at an Old School Bus

Halloween Fun: Shooting Pumpkins at an Old School Bus

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  1. @TheMslara26 Farmer Don is *very* safety conscious – as parents lifted their little ones to put the pumpkin down the pipe, he kept raising it…he did not want any part of their heads in front of it, just in case. Also, he ultimately controlled the release of the air pressure – kids could push the launch button over and over, but it wouldn't go until he pushed on his end. He did try to match up them, tho. =)

  2. @JackANDJude thanks! it's a fun activity, one that I used to take my kids to, too. Anything like this around your area?

  3. @cookingupastory No. I wish! Instead, we had trick or treating at an aquarium in nearby CT. Free admission was offered for all those in costume.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this news, @WinklerFamily3. Farmer Don was such a caring person, loved what he did, and was one of a kind. Agreed, he will be sorely missed. Thanks for letting me know.

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