Happy Valentines Day from Midwest Aftermarket (2019)

Happy Valentines Day from Midwest Aftermarket (2019)

Oh, another one broke my heart could if I
kissed your face so forth before her name was hey me you know I thought she
was the one just like I thought Britney was the one just like I thought
Alisha was the one the one is not there cliff I tell you how many years have I
been coming here 10 20 25 I’ve never seen you before in my life I just think
it’s done I think I’m dying I’m not even gonna look at another woman or another
entity for the rest of my being I’m over it’s over I’m done oh my god who’s who’s
that who’s that oh man do you know she’s single another one that one real quick okay thank you very much hey if they’re
good-looking once you got cooking huh did it hurt when you fell out of heaven
are you from Oklahoma because you’re the only ten I see
yeah that’s also fake it’s fabricated oh this is a lie what I mean you you care
about me you like me for who I am none of the pickup lines oh my god it’s
just so refreshing you know what none of the BS hi my name is Kyle what your name
is your name is truck or is that some kind of family name okay you know what
I’m being too forward hi you know I can really see myself inside oh we’re so whimsical you know I love
watching such erotic films with you I love having someone that’s so
open-minded that they can watch some scintillating titillating film yeah get
in there nice and beat back early I love looking at you wearing my shirt hmm I
think you’d look even better on the floor oh that’s real nice a night huh
super fancy place one of my favorites yeah nervous why why would I be nervous
oh hey is that Ted Danson behind you yeah Ted Danson yeah no don’t keep on
looking I’m pretty sure it’s him he’s black isn’t he oh man I guess it wasn’t
love the wine really good baby so the cupcakes should be coming any minute now
okay the weather is really nice this time of year oh there it is okay
all right and we’re sure that we got the order of the cupcakes right yeah all
right it’s a baby what do you say you take a
good look at your cupcake and I’ll just eat mine okay yeah can I get a good look
at it yeah I got the wrong cupcake it doesn’t matter
baby I know but it’s a super start and we’ve only known each other enough for a
few months okay and I know that I might just be some pitchman for a Midwest
after marketplace okay but I think that you bring out something in me you let me
know who I am as a person so Chuck do you want to be mrs. Chuck I couldn’t have said it better myself so
if we’re gonna make it official let’s make it official yes are you ready for this and I never want you to take that off
yeah I just did that you know this is the first day of the rest of our lives
what do you say we celebrate with a cupcake I tell you what let’s get a
selfie to commemorate the occasion okay here we go you ready let’s do it on
three one two three our official hmm she’s so hot you know
and she really gets me I mean well you and I cliff we go back what 30 40 years
I mean you’ve never seen me this happy before huh and she’s on our way I cannot
wait for you to meet her and you know what you’re gonna be the best man at our
wedding buddy yeah it has to be you right Oh hold on that’s her right now
what’s up baby yeah oh okay all right well stay in hope you feel better I love
you I love you no you hang up no you hang it yeah looks like I’ve got
about six hours to kill what am I gonna do for the rest of the night oh my what
how did you know I was here well yeah cliff help me out here buddy yeah well
what what what Nick get up out of here get tough daddy here I’m in love with
the woman of my life cliff you’ve never seen me this angry have you I’m going
home till I warm up honey I am a home you know the boss
today offered me a raise two hundred grand extra a month buddy
told me I’d have to work one extra hour a week and can that be an hour away from
you so I turned him down anyway it’s gonna take my jacket off here now I know
that we said we weren’t gonna get each other anything for Valentine’s Day but
well you know me I’m a big old softy that’s why I got you this now I could
only really afford one rose but I thought that you got me something I love
us just the way we are well surely there’s nothing inside of it that will
make me laugh once I open it although if we were naked that would be good too
happy Valentine’s Day you know I love getting naked with you baby you really
shouldn’t have wait there’s something around back you have more for me honey
okay well I guess I’ll go take a look oh my gosh are you kidding me no no you
shouldn’t have I think you should have because it’s
awesome but you shouldn’t have oh my gosh whether it be your Husky Liners mud
guards can and recharge your diesel power Plus how did you know honey I this
is the best day I’m gonna say it I don’t care if you say it back I just want you
to know I love you I love you this Valentine’s Day take care of the one who
really matters Midwest after Margot calm

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