HAPPY WHEELS 3D!!! (Guts and Glory Part 1)

HAPPY WHEELS 3D!!! (Guts and Glory Part 1)

WINDOWS XP EAR-RAAAAAAPE (bowser laugh or sumting) satan plz here kitty OHHHHHHH no mor happy wheels videos AGHHHHAGHH i cant take it any more AHHHH ha ha i cant take it any more no I WANNA DO HAPPY WHELLS Oh Whats Dis Guts And Glory so theres a game that u proly havent herd of its in pre alpha that mens im cool 4 playing it and you can succ it CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIN that was 2 far he posted sum stuff on redit it looks hilarous and were gunna cheack it out Movement arrow keys & w a s d OHHHH my lord Cum on lil’ timmy Was dat yo name ok we got-gotta get to da school BOIIIII witch is in OHH my GOD what the FUC# didnt no dat was possible ALRIGHT CMON TIMMY WE GOTTA GO FEST OH OH OH [email protected] I DIDNT C IT Alright here we go BACK FLIP *breacking leg* OLY [email protected] DAT WAS AWESOME I GOT MOVES SUN NOW WE GOTTA JUMP OVER DIS NNN YES JUST AS PLANNED BOYY ( JAWS THEME ) oh no OH NO OHHHHH OHHHH WHAT THE HELL TIMMY GOT ATTAC-DECAPITADED Try dat agin OH SLOW JESUS FUC#ING CHRIST!!! HIS HEAD We Gotta Get To The School Boy There It I- EGHHHH GO FAST Slow motion press zee OH look at dat Woah *head choping* DIS IS HARD MAN that wat she said CMON TIMMY is his name timmy it was somthing else Whatever Come on. Oh. NOOOO!!! GODDD DAMMIT YOU SHITTY- I have the worst kid, it was all the
child’s fault. *Timmy’s Voice* But daaad! Shut up! *Exciting Music* Okay… here we go. To the top, baby! Fuck! OHHH, OHHHHO! OHH! What? The sound! Think I-uh cracked my leg. You’ll pay for- -this Timmy. Look at the body! Are you okay back there, boy? Oh! Well we got rid of him. *Pewds turns into a pig* Now I can finally get handicapped
parking. This is great, this is great. This is it. This is the moment we all
waited for. I waited 84 years to go. Yeah! Wooohoo! FUCK! Are you kidding me? Oh, my child is with me. that was anticlimactic. -SURVIVE THE TURRETS- Are you serious? *Timmy’s Voice* Dad, I don’t think we should do this! Don’t be a fucking pussy, here we go boy. Nevermind. Really nailed it, real– Oh my god
this can be crazy. FUCK YOU, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHH missed me! OHHH SHIT OH SHIT THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! *Schubert – Ave Maria plays.* *widowmaker ?!?* *BOOM* Ohhhh! *Laughs* We gotta go slow. here we go. I’m scared. Ohh! Pfffff. *Laughs* *Wilhelm Scream* We ditched the bait. Can’t hit me. Nothing can–oh shit, oh that really hurt. I think I broke my arm. And finish! *Victory Music*
Woo- Oh ha ha. That’s awesome! This game is so fun. Just a nice family… home ride.. What the hell? Oh my god! They’re every– *Screams* We’re being attacked by seesaw– oh! No! No! Can’t hit me, hit my child,
don’t hit me. *Scream sound* It’s just my leg, don’t need that to ride a bike. That’s why I have two of them. *Timmy’s Voice* Dad, what are you doin’? Don’t worry about it. Doon’t worry about it. Hohoh! Oh! Oh! What the hell man?! It was supposed to hit my child! *Death Note Music* Ahhh! It hurts! It hu… oh shit! Nailed it! Now eat my leg, boy. Ohh my god, it’s going a little fast! Oh there’s turrets, there’s freaking
turrets – Backflip! Oh my god, that was the coolest trick
ever. If only your mom saw that. Nice! I call that one break my leg and sho… fuck, and kill my child! I’m genuinely enjoying playing this game.
It’s really fun- *Laughs* Oh god, oh god, I just got– Ohhhh you got shot in the head Timmy! Yeah! *Victory Music* Ow, ow, ow, ow. Fuck my life. Ah fuck’s sake, not these. Ahh! Son of a bitch! Stop! Oh! *Laughs* Oh shit, fuck! *Laughs* *Explodes* Oh there’s mines! Oh my god, there’s mines everywhere. *Explodes* That’s okay. Ahhhh, SPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!! I’m scared. SPEEEEEEDDDD!!!!!!! Oh god, there’s mines everywhere! There’s
mines everywhere. Jesus, NOO! *Laughs* We can make i– Ohhh! Fuck you, Jimmy! *Victory Music* Yeah! Suck it Jimmy, suck it! We got the crazy maps now, fucking hell dude. There’s mines everywhere and Jimmy is gone, My only shield of defense is gone. I got
an arrow through my genitalia and… Oh shit that’s gonna hurt tomorrow. WOOO!!! We are FINE, everything’s FINE! I could actually do this. Frontflip. That was awesome! *Victory Music* Fuck yeah! I took the flag with me. Ok, that’s all “Guts and Glory” has
to offer right now, it looks like a very – promising game. Remember, this is Pre-Alpha. It’s a very early.. game. If you’re – interested about the game, I’m gonna
leave us a link in the description, – really cool stuff and if you enjoyed
this video, please do leave a like and – I’ll see you bros in the next one, as
always, *kisses fist* *Sucks in air” Stay awesome bros! *Brofist* 8==================D

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