HAPPY WHEELS 3D RAGE! + Ainsley Dies

HAPPY WHEELS 3D RAGE! + Ainsley Dies

OOOOHH Boooyyyy!! HEY “Guts and Glory” is a video game We’re doing a video game now BOOYYS and GIIRRLS (oh great poods) It’s a really fun game It got updated, I thought we’d check it out together Aaaand let’s go See now we have Earl available That’s hilarious
Because Earl has puns Let’s see what Earl can do What the fuck is this ? Well I’m enjoying myself (He like to see earl twerking) *Denzel Curry- Ultimate* I’m a natural born.. game .. OH Here we go.. Here we.. Earl I’ve just muted the volume of the game What is happening ? OOOOOOH Earl is off YEEESSS! Earl is the best driver in the world Earl knows exactly what he’s doing (RIP stuck) OOOOOOH OH MY GOD .. Earl has got a new ability! (Pewds can’t drive) Well that’s a nice fucking split right there Oh we can play with the car Oh my god ! That’s amaz- The Yang family! leeeet’s go to school Where the hell are they going ? Ohhhh no Yang family ? please Ohhh Yang family! Back flip yang family FUCK YEAH! (WHAT THE FUUUCK) OHH WHAT THE SSSHHHIIITTTT?! Oh what the shit ! Oh no ! Let’s give that another go This is awesome The yang family they just wanted to drive their car But they were about to find out, that driving car isn’t too easy *Beedy- “Thrsdays 8/7c” Album Intro*
Old school intro We gotta get you to school son If you’re late you get a spanking And mommy will watch (can i watch too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Oh No OOOOH OH OH The kid is almost falling out The kid is still in The kid is uuugh .. The kid is dead
(BYE BARRY !) Wife is giving me a blow job .. This is great ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pewds like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh god.. Where do we go now ? *”The Matrix” (1999)*
JUMPSCARE ! *”The Matrix” (1999)*
This is the construct How the fuck am I supposed to get there ? Oh .. Well that answers that question Here we go It’s so hard to control Earl He is out of control .. Get it ? Hey look at that ! *mine* What the fuck was that !? Jesus! Oh there is mines evreeeeh… Pewds going to lost his mind Here we go can’t hit shit boy .. Oh Fuck This why you should not drink and drive *silence. almost* *r.i.p headphones :(* *R.I.P Headphone users* *Laughs because a man exploded* *laughs bcz it was hilarious lul* Oh he went face-in on that o– EY MY CAR ! .. Oh hell yeah Now that is what i’m talking about honey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Check out our new house That did not work the way i wanted What the fuck is that wheel doing How is… How ? Look at this look at this… This will be cool HELL Yeah! Oh Wow ! *Gonna Fly Now (Theme From “Rocky”) And from that day they were known as the dolphin family There it is Doing good, Oh not the cannons BOOST! Shit! You can do it Earl .. You can do it Earl .. You got this Alright, Here we go cannons BOOOOOOOOOOOOST! Oh Goddamn it *Soo close pewds* Oh ooh fuck that hurts like inside that hurts (Just like my relationship) Here we go .. Boost Can’t hit shit boyyy I’m fast as fuck (Earl is sanic !!11) Aaaaah .. Wooooh I became a fuckin’ crate He looks like a dolphin.. Got stuck in one of those.. Aaah beer plastic pieces you know? And can’t get out Come on you fuckin’ bitch I fuckin’ got this
Do you fuckin know who I’m ? Wooooh boy OOOOOOOOHHHHHH Oh what the fuck happened ? No no .. Control control control .. There it is Full control everyone This is how it’s done You think I need fuckin’ wheels ? Fuck You ! Shit Shit Shit .. Oh I’m still .. Still going bitches ! Aaaaaaah .. Never mind Alright, Can we do this .. Can we do this ? *satanic music* Oh i’m going so fast .. I’m going so fuckin’ fast Oh i’m going so fast .. I’m going so fuckin’ fast Ooooooh .. Oh oh my god (Jumpscare EVERYONE ! ) This scared me so much. Jesus Christ .. What the fuck ! I don’t really need to play horror games to get scared guys it’s fine. Okay, Here we go .. We gonna have so much fucking speed now Oh Come on! (That’s why pewds hate barrel) Here it is .. Don’t get jump scared .. Don’t get jump scared .. Come on I got this no problem No fuckin’ problem .. 100 per- plaaaah Jesus Christ Come ooooh Oh huuuuh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh oh .. Oh nooooo FUUUUUCK *Enya- Only Time* What the fuck is that!? No! no no I didn’t get the checkpoint .. I didn’t get the .. NOOOOOO! S-Stop YEEEEES! Alright, Here we go .. Here we go First try .. First try .. First try .. First try .. Fuck Yes Oooohooh my god ! Oh my god , What the fuck is.. What the fuck is this then !? Alright, Boy *IT’S TIMMY PEWDS!!!* Sit tight you fuckin’ bitch Hell Yeah! Oh god there’s arrows Oh my god there’s .. This is ridiculous.. This is ridiculous No .. Not today Here we go .. Here we go Dodge them Shit shit shit shit Dodge them .. Dodge them Dodging left and right son Neeaaa.. Fuckin’ hell, That was so good Legit trying my fuckin’ hardest *Intense montage* Come on… Come… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *Intense montage*
Oh That dodge (such pro) *Intense montage*
Oh my god *intense montage*
Here we go *intense montage* *Intense montage*
Oooooh *Intense montage*
Oooooh.. Ooohooh *Intense montage* *Intense montage*
Ohooh *Intense montage* *Intense montage*
YEEEES! *Intense montage* *Credits rolling* SUBSCRIBE TO LEAFY!!!! Oooh.Keep going! .. Keep going son! .. Keep fuckin’ going Jesus Christ .. If you die now I swea.. Oh my god ! Keep going.. Keep going .. Keep going Nooo.. Oh bail bail We got it .. We got this .. We got this .. We got this We just need speed .. We just k… *swedish* *it was you’re only shot* I gotta do all that again !? *ITS NEVER 2 LATE* This is stupid. *Another intense montage* *elephant noise* That’s it Ow.. Keep going Ignore the pain .. Ignore the pain Hell Yea… ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDING ME RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW ARE YOU FUCKIN’ SERIOUS!? The goal is right there And my son lives! *Frustration*
Oh my god (kill me) *Realization*
This is stupid (oh it is) That’s it .. That’s fuckin’ it Yes.. No .. Oh ! No .. Hooooh .. Hooooh .. Haaaah *Crying real tears* *CRY BABY* Yeeeees Yeeees !! HAAAAAAH *Mighty Harambe Roar* HOOOOH HOOOHOOOHOHOHOH *Creepy* YEEEEEESS! Aaaaall part of the plan Yeeeaaaa..NGGGGGGH *He is pissed* Ainsley: Felix wait .. No Felix stay calm , please (pewds has no control of himself) Ainsley: Naa.. (Last word) 🙁 *R.I.P Ainsley :(* *Sad music* *Realizes what he has done* No Ainsley #pray4ainsley *Crying* *It’s 2 late pewds* Ainsley *Crying in shock* What have I done! *time to replace Ainsley srry Pewds* *sad music continues* *sadpoods.jpg* *R.I.P Ainsley* Rip Ainsley You will be missed *the face of regret* *Contemplates life* *Goodbye Ainsley :(* *sad outro* Can I get a rip in chat: *Sad Music Continue* goto the next video ya lil bitch rip Ainsley -Hex

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  1. I love the whip around at 9:08 like, frustration?? *whips around and looks at Ainsley* internal voice "I can take out my frustration on you."

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