Happy Wheels Highlights #92

Happy Wheels Highlights #92

Hehh. ooOOohh! Yes! Yes! I’ve broken in! And now I shall swing-swong! (laughing) Ohhh, my ding-dong! I always wanted a piercing down there. HABOOFSKY! Missed me, bitch! (nervous laughter) OHHHHHHH! What, you think you got me? Just ‘cuz you pierced me by my grundle? Well, eventually I’ll get off of here. Or I’ll break my pelvis in half. ooOOOOOohh! (laughing) I’m a piñata now! “Steal the Diamond.” “Rate 5 for secret win?” How ’bout k-NO? Oh. What- aaAAAAAH! I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS DI- (sobs) (laughing) Alrighty then! How in the frick…? What?! Hehhhh-AH! Ha-HAAAAAAAAA- That didn’t work. (laughing) This one’s hard! This one’s really hard- There we go. I shall swing-swong! YES! “Mine Jump!” Oh God. (laughing) Oh G- oh God! AAAH! OH GOD! I DON’T WANNA DIE! Where am I going? I am FLYYYYYYING! I surv- AAAAH OH GOD!! (laughing) Oh my God! This one seems challenging! (gasp) ooOOHHH! Ah, jeez. Ah, jeez. (x2) Ah, jeez- (x3) (laughing) AAH, FUCKIN’ HELL! (laughing) Goddamn it! (laughing) Ah jeez, ah jeez, ah jeez! aaAAAAAHAHA! (laughing) Oh, I thought that was death comin’ straight for me! Aaaaaah! (laughing) Oh God! Ah, maybe if I jump! Maybe that’ll help! AAH! Okay… Maybe if I keep jumping! Jump through the obstacles! Ohhh! AH!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh- AAH! AAH! OH GOD! OHHHHHHH!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Alright, that didn’t work. Hep! Oh, jeez. AAH!! (laughing) Oh, fuck! Me! Man! Alright… (still laughing) Ah, fu- I just got started! (chuckling) Oh no. Oh, it’s so scary! Ah, it’s so scary! It’s so scary! AAAH! OH GOD! Eh, maybe if I lean forward… (laughing) Go faster! (scared laughter) Ah, I gotta speed through it, man! Aaaaah! aaAAAAAAH! AAAH!! OH, FUCK! Speed worked! Ooooh, that was a close one! (laughing) BAAH fucking cock! Ah, speed’s gonna work eventually! Speed’s gonna work eventually! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy- AAAAAAAAH I’M STILL ALIVE! (laughing) I’ve got my pelvis on a string! (whimpers to the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) (laughing) Ah, fuck! Alright, I get it, you don’t like that song. FUCK! (chuckling) Man! aaAAAAH! (laughing) Oh fuck, I can’t make it 2 feet now! Jeez, man! Oh- woooah. uuUUUUUGH! aaaAAAAH! Uhh, uhh, Uh- uh- uh- Destiny is calling me! (laughing) Open up my eagle eyes! YEAAAAAH! Oh, goddammit! “Slither.io Harpoons.” I think you’re just using the name Slither- Oh, shit! (laughing) Oh my God! I think you’re just using the name Slither.io to get more clicks o- oh-HOOOOH! Well, hello, wormy! Am I still alive? (laughing) Somehow, magically, I’ve popped back into shape! Let me not waste this oppor-! Alright, take twoooo. HAAaaAAH! Ehhhh heh heagh! heh-KEAGH! Ohohohoh! Take… flapumpty… Humpty Flumpty! OOOOOUGH! I’m gonna get this eventually. I just gotta… be less STUPID about it. OHHHH MY HEAD! This is a bit of a challenge! I’m tryin’ my best here, but it’s not- OHHHHHHH! “A Red Ball!” Oh. That’s a speedy ball! That’s a nice, girthy ball! I like the tentacle penises on your ball the- HOHOH SHHHIT! I’m s- I’m sorry! (laughing) Fuck, dude! I thought that was a background element! Hello! Hi! Can you break? (laughing) Apparently, the answer is yes! “Jetpoon Run!” I don’t know how- how this… Oh. OH. (laughing) Oh God! Oh God! Aaah! aaAAH GOD! (laughing) Well then, I guess I’ll just stay here. Anyway… (laughing) Oh jeez! Oh jeez, it’s so scary! aaAAAH! AAAH!! AAAH!! AAAAH!! OH GOD!! Okay… Here we go. Here we go- (laughing) Ah, fuck! Right off the bat! Am I still alive? Not anymore! (laughing) Holy shitballs! (laughing) Oh my God…! Hoooooooooly SHIIIIII- (descends into laughter) aaAAAAAAH! YES! Holy cock! (laughing) Super- “Super Speed Jetpack.” (focuses before the nightmare) HABOOSKY! (laughing) Oh, fuck me, then! (laughing) I didn’t know it wasn’t clicked inside the game! (still laughing) HABOOSKY! (laughing) Oh, Jesus! (laughing) Oh my God, how did that win? Hang on there. (chuckles) Ooh. Oh, f- Oh, fu-! Oh, shit! AAAAAAH!! (laughing) Oh my God…! “Daddy, I hate you! “Shut up, son!” Don’t talk to me when I’m drinkin’, dad… so- Oh, fucking hell! Jesus! Ah, f- oh my God! I can’t get over this hump! Your hump is impenetrable, Billy! FUUUUUUUCK! Hehhh…! There we go. Well, I’m sure this’ll improve my chanceeeees very much so! Sorry. I don’t- I don’t know. I don’t know! How do YOU survive? Thanks for slowin’ down my vehicle. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOO, WOOOOO, WOOOOOOO! Hey, these aren’t fireballs at a- (laughing) Sorry, kid! Sorry! Sorry! WOOOO! You’re- I’m too flexible for you! Ha-! Oh, shit. Ow. Aaah! (laughing) Sssssorry! (laughing) I’m so sorry! (laughing) He was aiming for the pieces left over from flying Billy! (laughing) They’re dying so much! Where am I bleeding from?! (laughing) Oh my God! Hwoop! Okay. Missed me! Oh-ho! Ho-HO! HO-HOOO! aaAAAH! Mah head esplo- (laughing) Oh my God! Hi, Billy! Are you gonna join me on-? (laughing) Oh God! How about the KamehameHO? Haboof. Hep. Hab- ooOOohhh! Well, that hurt for you, but not a lot for me! Okay? Is that “Fuck you, son”? Okay…! YEAAAAH! “Epic Du-” oh, shit. Ah, fu- I wasn’t ready! Hang on! Welp! I’ve dunked myself. (chuckling) I think that’s the only victory I really need! Hep! Welp… fuck… me- aaaAAAAAHAHAHOHOHOHOHOOOGHH! WAAAAAAAH, I’m so mad I lost! “Freeze Wall 3D-” Jesus. Sorry. Ohhh- OOOOOOH! Ah, that’s COOL! I mean, it’s blocked up my way already, but that’s COOL! Ah, fuck, dude! Gotta SCOOP it outta the way! That’s the stuff! That’s the sp- AAAAAAAHOW DID THAT HAPPEEEEN?! Goodbye, son. (laughing) Well, goodbye also forever! Apparently. Dat sweet embrace of death, though… I can get over you. (laughing) I- I can get over you just like I got over my wife cheating on me with the mailman! HAAAH! (laughing) Oh, that’s about how it worked! I just gotta sail through it, high speed. High velocity. Dat’s what dis needs. Shit, mah b- UAAAAAA- HAHAHAAAAA! Well, it’s jokes on you! I’m… resilient! And Brazilian! OHHHHOHAAAA! Twank- take… twenty… foopleven! Uh oh. (laughing) Oh no! (laughing) It’s just that that was really like… (laughing) Uh oh! Oh, jeez! It’s real dangerous to get your head caught in these. (laughing) Well, shit, apparently it’s really dangerous to get your head caught in the floor, too! Hup! Oh, fu- AAAAAAAAH! Woah, what happened?! (laughing) How did my son survive and not me? Ok, son, apparentl- oh, FUCK, MAN! Hwoop. FUUUUU-HA- (laughs) We’re fine. Scoop! AAAAAAAAAH THAT WASN’T A GOOD SCOOP! (chuckling) Jeezums! (chuckling) Good golly! Stop tha- (laughing) oh my God! How the fu- OHHH! (laughing) What is happening?! UUAAAAAAGH! Shhhit, alright then! Okay, cool! r- Shitballs! aaAAAAAAAAAAHAHA! I’m like a crazy ostrich. Don’t wanna fuck with me, bruh! EHHH! Ah, wai- eh… (outro music starts fading in)
Heeeeb… BEAAAAAAAAAAAH- YEAAAAAAAAH! YEAAAAA- AUUUUUUUGH! “Harpoon Run Epic!” I dunno how- oh, shit. I dunno how epic this is gonna be! We’re gonna try our best! Ah, shit. Ah, shit! AH, SHIT! aaAAAAAGH! WHAT?!! WHAT?!! This has been Happy Wheels Highlights. Thanks for watching! If you wanna see more Happy Wheels right now, check the description or click the annotation for the full Happy Wheels playlist. AND if you wanna see more Happy Wheels in the future, please click the Like button to let me know. Thanks again, everyone! And as always, I will SEE YOU… in the next video. Buh-byyyyyye!

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  1. That beginning part was kinda clever. Went from something random to something comedic in mere moments.

    I wish I had improv skills like that…

  2. I’m watching these videos for probably the millionth time trying not to laugh and failing miserably. Please help it’s like 10:30 at night and my family is sleeping. I know I could watch something else but I don’t want to. Lmao

  3. The first ten seconds yes now I shall swing swong gets stab in private part Ahh my ding dong 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  4. Mark: OOOOOOOOOOH–!
    [Victory and death]
    Also Mark: WHAT!?
    [More death]
    Mark once more: WHAT!?!
    [Outro starts]


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