Happy Wheels Highlights #93

“The Pogo Masterpiece” HAaaHH-ShiitHaheuuuueuuu I’m gonna DIE ohhh… BWEEEUGH that wasn’t a big juuuuump Okay can you jump a bit-NOoOoOo Alright I just need to go forward a lil’ bit HwOOP That did NOT help me at ALL In fact, I’ve gone backwards from where I wanted to AUUUUGH God dammit EuUuAGH YeEaAhhhh Ahh fuck Hang on- hue-noOOOO Little bit- little bit HUUUEEUGH Little BITCH more like it FUUUDGE [airhorn mark] K that’s not gonna work I see the landmine back there but I have a funny feeling that’s… CHEATING WHY DO I NOT GO HIGH?! How about noOooOoo do the OPPOSITE of that [breath] GAGH YOU’RE BACK IN THE SAME PLACE HAh, how ’bout some-a THIS SLIIIIDE I count it, it won, it gave it to me so I’m the best I’m a ninjaaaa Habouuuh-ow You’ve pinned my head into my butthole-ow I’m not exactly a very stealthy ninja I wouldn’t even set these off oWowOwoWoah Hey-ho-HEYY it’s a party! Everybody forget what the hell I was talking about before [Mark Becoming a car] BuhbuhduhbuhbuhduhbubuhBUHHHH Hnnng I just wanna take a… relaxing break here Now that my entire spine has been ejected from my body And is just used as a-an airline pillow cushion for my neck Hahbahdahbib- missed me WOahhhh *sings* Something tells me I’m NOT gonna surviiiive Auuurghe right through my neck! Owww Right this time… Fa I di-I didn’t even say nothin’! I-I wonnn! Look I’m theeere Fuck do not go backwards Can I just-fucking god dammit I got my head stuck in my asss “Cliff Jump” Hello? oh SOrry! Er-oh-HI! Eur-Why is everybody on this cliff?! uuuuhhhhh-SOOOO *cough*I SAVED you! You’re welcome sir! We’re gonna be pulled up to safety and you can thank my broken pelvis and impaled penor Hi lil’ girl, are you in trouble? Lemme just.. Lemme just bicycle kick for a lil’ bit, I wanna work my core strength Welp nevermind I guess workout’s over *sings* Sailing into deeath (Mark the majestic singer) Owwwhowww Well… Vi-uh victory is mine! I’ve done many-a Matrix- EUUGH Wh-what good were those baaaalls?! WEURGH take my balls! “Bottle Run Number One” This is the first bottle run that has ever been made And I shall be victo-OH SHIT … oOpS Let’s try this again..Oh my God It like-I’m not pushing forward on that, it catapults you It just- Ekk, oh god nooo I’m embarrassing myself *sarcastically* I was the king of bottle runs, didn’t ya know Oh fuckk Well I made it! And my bike too! I’m not missing anything else Not that I remember I didn’t have anything else important when I started this EUUUUUGH FUDGE It’s like impossible to get oOoOoOoOoOo Flyyy aghhh Ehhh… Hehhh *Sings in the best note possible* I’m the beESSSSSTTTTTT Yeeeaaaye “The Mayhem Mechanics” “Remember to swing, alert second invasion” wait oh gawd How do I-oh-oh there we go HEUGH oh jeez HUEEGH *laughing* you’ll never escape my pinwheel of death oh god… you’ll never- you’ll never conquer the *laughing* tornado of destruction, woah Jesus oh god [long pause] oh oh jeez why is this happening? why am I here? why am I witness to this? OH GOD! *surveying the carnage oH click here to win? oh god I didn’t need to make this monument of destruction… I didn’t need to sit on the blood throne I coulda just *victory sound plays* clicked! …why did I do that? sword fight simulator- oh *surprised gasp* oH! heh- oh- hEH haha I’ma stab ya! heh *more forcefully* I’MA STAB YA wooOOAH it looks like you looost! kick! This is Sparta! Oh jesus *laughing* my leg! ey I- hey could you give that back buddy? I kinda need it to kic- oh jesus [break] I’m A STAB ya! *short laugh* I didn’t even need to stab ya, I didn’t stab you at all, you stabbed yourSELF! [pause] your SELF! eaugh! eaugh! eaugh! I’m ‘onna headbutt AND kick ya at the same time I’m gonna scissor your head in between my hea- my foot and my face, and it’s gonna ‘SPLODE …ow. well, that leaves me a little defenseless! oooOOH! [pause] shit aUGH! Goddamnit I don’t wanna ki- that guys already dead! Leave him alone! [pause] oh oh GOD! His butt has become sentient! eUH, *shouting* look out old man! LOOK OUT! HE’S CRAZY! euH GOD! IT’S LITERALLY THE BUTTSTABBER! *laughing* It’s 100 percent literally the buttstabber… eeaahhAUGH! There you go, okay and then no ground- AAAAH That helps! okay, okay and then save my stuff Ultimate hail lord gabe en I’m sure thats gonna be good one but theres a bit button that “do not click here” *garbled* so we’re gonna click it oh [pause] awwww *laughing* hohohohoo Ultimate hella- Hail lorde gaben! *very loud explosion* *surprised* GOODBYE WORLD! *nervous laugh* good byYYEE Where’s my steam sale? [break] cliff jump t- cliff t- oh! oh its similar! but not the s- ow *laughing* well, I’ll just rest in this tree for a little bit, get my bearings before I once again throw myself from the precipice hhhEYUP- eh, s’cuse me sorry, missed me, dick, why is this solid, heh, missed again! *victory sound* Looks like once more [pause] I am the winner of some weird bizarre cliff diving contest [break] DUNANUHNAH NUH NUH *forcefully* I’LL KILL YOU *glass breaking* o-oh *end music starts playing in the bg* hang on a second… aren’t you glad I just saved you – from that horrible fall? op- well, nevermind here comes the horrible fall… lets hope that eAGH AUGH! *in an old man voice* YES! YES MY LEGS DIDNT WORK ANYWAY OH GOD [pause] YOU INTERRUPTED THE MIRACLE MY LEGS WERE MOVING- oh god they still are wha- why- why- why is they still are? *end music increases in volume* This has been Happy Wheels highlights! Thanks for watching! 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