Happy Wheels – Part 100 (GRAND FINALE)

* wapish * Top of the mornin’ to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome back to: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!! God, who ever thought this day would come I’m so nervous! Hi! Welcome! The finale of Happy Wheels! It’s here! Sorry it took me so long! to actually get to the finale, because. I.. I originally wanted to do it as the anniversary, because november 16th.. I think was the anniversary.. for like 3 years of Happy Wheels. Which is a LOT of Happy Wheels! And I.. This is the longest running series on the channel I think.. Besides Reading Your Comments. Um.. But this now- that we’re doing. Episode 100! Right now! This will be the longest episodes of anything I’ve done! 100 episodes of something! Which is fucking bananas! It’s nuts to see how far it’s come! So I wanted to do it as.. The 16th But i- I was away, I was in LA When i was umm.. When the 16th came! So i couldn’t do the finale then. So i’m doing it now! And i did think about doing just one hour long episode and uploading that.. But i thought why? Why do that, why ruin it like that We can just have fun! We can all be here together in chat, live. And we can celebrate this all together! And I’ve never done Happy Wheels live! So it also made for fun.. in that regard. So its gonna be good! I’m so excited! *Jack being really cute* Umm. So yeah this- This will be the very last episode of Happy Wheels Everyone shed a tear, everyone be sad. Happy Wheels is ending Umm. And, i-its been tomorrow i think. It would have been 3 months since the last episode of Happy Wheels So I’m sorry it took this long to get done but again.. The whole Anti thing happened back in October and that kind of.. I- I wanted to focus on that. And i knew i wanted to do a livestream for the last episode of Happy Wheels, so. That took over and then i had to prep for the LA trip, and now i’m back and now i can actually do it.. I have time to do it so.. Again apologies for.. the delay in it. Oh.. 116.000 people watching.. Oh no.. I don’t have any plan.. I dont have a plan of what levels i’m actually gonna do. I just know that I wanna get in, and just probably play.. Top rated levels.. Stuff like that.. I- I have no idea.. So.. Let’s fucking go… man! Lets click in here and go to- uhm.. This week, yeah.. Highest rated this week.. I forget how to even browse the levels.. yeah, I can tell this is lagging already so.. Now that, Uh. A disclaimer first of all! This is not gonna be as high energy! As fucking in your face! As all the other Happy Wheels episodes have been.. Because its a livestream! So this is gonna be like 1 hour. I’m gonna be doing this for about 1 hour, hour and a half.. Of just straight Happy Wheels levels. I’m not changing games. this stream is only for Happy Wheels. Um. And i wanted to do.. Just, any- anything and everything so.. Because you gonna see all the failures. You’re gonna see all the like, skipped levels, You’re gonna see all the bad levels and all the bits and pieces It’s probably gonna be a lot different than a regular episode of Happy Wheels But this is being recorded! It’s been recorded by OBS It’s been recorded by Youtube itself, Its been recorded by my standard– The camera is recording, The software is recording. Everything is good * finger snaps * Mic’s recording, Bingo Bango, Let’s go! Umm. Which one should i do first.. I’m not gonna do with fucking naked girl glitches. Bottleflips! Oooh! I haven’t done these! This is like a new thing! Okay! Where are we flipping to? Come on!! God allmighty. Flip Steve! God! No you almost caught it again. Okay, There’s an easy flip right here. I couldn’t even do the easy flip! Click to finish. Yay! * laughs * That doesn’t fucking count! I need to do this properly. Okay. Let’s get the easy flip in. I can’t even do the easy flip.. Umm. Right let’s go backwards.. Backwards bottleflips. Are you ready? * grunt * Oh. Ooh! I didn’t fucking do that. That doesn’t count.. Come on! It landed on my arm. Steve get your fucking hands out! Come on man! Move your hand! Kay. * gibberish * One hand. I need only one hand to bottleflip God damn it. Come on! Um.. * grunt * Oh! * screams * Hit them with the dab! Yes! That’s the only reason i wanted to do that! * laughs * Eh. * grunt * Fucks’ sake! Okay. I need to do this again. I need to restart. And do actual dabs. Steve. Buddy. Okay. here we go. His hands are actually working. * grunt * Fuck! Okay. And a- * grunt * Come on! Get a good one! I want a good one. Daddy want a good one. * grunt * Yes. Yes! Upside down!!! Ooh! Ooh! * laughs * Oh shit i knocked a thing off my chair. Okay, that was a good one. I don’t need to do it again. That was the best bottleflip. I will ever do in my life!! Okay. Oh god. Phone. Can you eh. Relax there for a second. Okay. People are giving me updates that my mic is low, and game is loud. So.. * clap * Nice! Right, next level! What are we gonna do? Sword throw.. no.. because that’s kinda the same as the bottle one.. Glass break run.. Bottle run grassy! I mean, I do have green hair.. I can be considered grassy. Wha- Oh god! I thought- Fuck. Okay! Hold on Billy! Geez! All the way!! To fucking victory town! Oh god 13 FPS, why you do this to me Happy Wheels? I need my skills! And oh- I’m still doing it! Oh! You see that shit!! * clap * All the way to the end! Good god that lag though! Gotta love that lag. Lag is what I- Lag is what we’re here for. Right? * laughs * Woah. ‘kay! Here come dat boi. Chat is dead Chat will- Yeah, Chat will probably die. Several times.. Uh.. JSE Obstacle course! Well I have to do this! Happy 100 episode. Aww * laughs * Nice! Oh i’m glad we got one of those in here. Uh. eventually i’ll probably go off and just play JSE levels on their own * reads text on screen * Good lord.. * reads text on screen * thanks dude! Oh! It’s so much fun! Oh and we get to kill Billy at the start! * screams * Screw you Billy! Oh, It’s all coming back. I’ll have no voice by the end of this.. Go slow? I’d- I- * sigh * Don’t you know me? Speed is key! Well.. I guess any sort of speed. Get ready for the fans. What about them? Oh! I’m okay! Warning, Invisible wall. oh shit. Stuff is exploding all around me. I dont know what to do! Billy! Okay that’s good.. Betty! Argh! I lost an arm but you dont need it! Keep going! Oh it’s all the character’s levels! Or all the character’s names! Bobby- Oh god. Ste-eeve Steve you’re my bro- Oh shit. * screeches * No, no, no! I’m still alive! Yes! * reads text on screen * Okay. You could have given me steve for this. Could have given me, Spikefall Steve. But you know what? It’s all about Bobby this time. There’s no Billy anymore. Just- Well his leg is here.. Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh! Yes! First try! * deep voice* First try! That’s a little Lego Batman action for you! Um. That was a good one! I like that! Thank you for the 100th episode level! I did see a lot of people say they made 100th episode levels. so I’ll try and get to them! It’s gonna be fun! Um. Right, what else can we do? Pogo jump hard- This is what i normally do, playing Happy Wheels. I have to go through and like, see See what levels are being played! And- or see what levels are being good. And then sometimes i go into them and I’m like, Ugh. That’s not a good level.. Um. Markiplier Spikefall? No! I wanna do a Jacksepticeye one! Go at the end, Bottleflip, There’s a lot of bottleflips! I can see that the memes have taken over. Rope swing.. Tetris is deadly. Try to stop! I like these ones! I like these ones because I’m pretty good at them, watch. argh. god allmighty! *laughs* Okay! I guess i’m not good at these ones! * laughs * Um. Great! Right, right! Argh fuck! Knees in my face! Right, I need a way of doing this. I got an idea! Got an idea, Haha! It’s not about stopping! You’re a liar! You lied to me good sir! Its about, Ducking under and getting out of dodge! Fucks’ sake, Okay, Right! Okie smokey! Um. Let me just check some stuff. It says stream health is good, so if there’s lag happening. Its likely just Happy Wheels itself. Bear in mind.. Again. Happy Wheels runs at like 30 FPS Uh- That’s the highest Happy Wheels seems to run. And then after that it kinda go- Oh no. I wanna, I wanna do this! After that it um.. it goes lower! It goes down to like 10 fps so if you’re like. seeing lag its probably just Happy Wheels And I’m likely seeing it at the same time But we always forgive it! Because its Happy Wheels! 80% impossible.. Don’t you know who I am? * screams * Fucks’ sake. oh! This is a nice little taster, a nice little test! Oh god that scared me! Easy does it, Easy does it! Tease out the others, Tease out the others! * gasp * Don’t touch them! * screams * And go! Yeah baby! Fuck yeah! Now all you have to do- Is not suck a dick! Oh mother of god. I hate Pete. I hate him so much. I had that! You saw how much of it i had! I had a whole bag full of that! * screams * Yes! oh! A-wooshie! He who does not a-woosher Is eine doucher! That was fucking good, i liked that one! I like ones that make me feel like a boss! Bottle run hard. rate. Okay, i have a feeling.. You say hard.. But i dont think it’s gonna be hard.. Get rid of Billy. Hell yeah! Here you go, bye Billy! Oh i didn’t get rid of him! I just killed him! That’s just as good sometimes! Oh shit! Oh shit! Come on! Noo- * laughs * Fuck it! * chuckle * Okay! Its cuz i tried to get rid of Billy. It’s karma for me. Okay, Jesus, lag, okay. Woo! Let’s go! Okay, okay! See! Billy you just bounce off those bottles at the back lil’ boy! Yes! Oh shit, oh shit there’s more! Oh fuck i thought that was the end! Crap! go, go, go! balls! More bottles i should say! I love balls! I hate bottles! Yes! And bye-bye! All the way down! * clap * Yes! this is fun! This is fun, this is good! I like this! I’m enjoying this, this is a good time right here! Um. Right. Y’all having a good time? High fives! yes! Dank- Dank memes! Oh! I forgot my thing isn’t on the back anymore. are- are we doing good? Is everything fine? Everything is fucking good! a-woo! Mic is too loud. How dare you. Don’t you know? How loud i get? Oh well- It might be too loud. I dont know. * laughs * How are we going? We’re going grand boss! another bottlerun? My voice doesnt suit my mic. Y- Yeah sometimes it’s a bit laggy and if you’re watching it on phones, it can be a little delayed aswell, so. Bear in mind! There’s a hair in my mouth! What th-. Why? Get out of my mouth, eww. is gross! Ew my fingers taste like ass! Righty-o! Uhm. Pogo fight, Pogo fight revenge, Pogo jump. Uh I don’t want another pogo one yet! Destroy Mini-Merica. What? Kay, Let’s pick our boy Steve for this! Steve are you good? Oh! It’s a tiny little America that we get to destroy! Oh- Mother of god. There’s too much happening on screen! Trump! O- Okay i guess he’s dead! Great wall of America, We’re running at 7 FPS people! Is eh- The- Videogames! It’s cuz you put too many objects in the level! Okay uh- I destroyed mini america! Thank you! * laughs * My bad! Uh. Lets pick some, uh.. Some “lesser” levels. Uhm.. Right. Sword throw 2.0? Super Mario swing! That sounds like a good time! Is it gonna load? Please load. Yeah! There we go! What’s happening. Oh okay! Uh-oh, Uh-oh, grab! Grab! yes! * hums Mario tune * * screams * How are you gonna fucking swing at the end of the ropes with no arms? You dont need them! Who needs arms? Not I! You just- took away those arms! Oh, I was gonna tuck my arms into my hoodie and then flap around this. But then i realized.. My hoodie was unzipped so that wouldn’t have worked! * laughs * Um. You don’t need arms! I’ve always said it to ya! Willy might have broken legs. He might be stuck in a wheelchair. but his arms are strong! He doesn’t even need them. All he needs is a great face! Which he has! I love his face! It’s the best! Um.. Freeze wall. Rape.. Uh. No thanks! That does not sound like a fun time.. The wall jump! Trash can w-. Laser beam! Imma firin’ my Laserb-.. Wow.. How does this work? Can i fire my laserbeam Jesus christ!! Save me. No! Never! If i have a laserbeam, on wheels. I’m not saving you. I’m just gonna drive it right into your fucking face and blow you up! I like his little hand is leftover though. Who’s next? Who wants a piece? Come on! Come on! Listen out for them, wait for it! Jesus christ * laughs * That was not- Okay um. * laughs * Save me.. Boom! Right okay, Let- Let’s work this! I thought i was gonna hear somebody else. But i guess not. Hello? A-Anybody? Anybody here? Jesus christ! It just shows up and then they’re dead! Poor Betty! All she wanted was a jar of mayonnaise Who’s next. Okay, Full speed! Full speed! Full speed ahead! Oh god there’s bits of her everywhere! * laughs * Ff- Jesus! Mike! What are you doing Steve? Mary! Where is Billy? I need to kill Billy Billy better be here.. Larry! Good to see you! Thanks for coming out bro! Nice to see you on the final episode! Its a.. I like that i’m playing levels with all the characters in them! This is fun! I’m having a good time! Murder! Death! Destruction! Santa’s floating dead body! Mother of god! * grunt * Christ! Is everybody good? Eh. By which i mean Steve! Kay, Everybody die! There’s not a whole lot happening in this level but I’m happy! there’s- ever- there’s death everywhere! yeah! And then i flew off the laser at the end! * laughs * That was awesome! Uh. I didn’t get to kill Billy though. Which kinda sucks, I wanted to kill him more than anybody! “I believe in Steve”, Me too! * sings * I believe! Everybody keeps asking me to sing that song aswell. but what they don’t realize is that.. Its autotuned! * laughs * So i cant really uh. Sing that, that well. Uh. And if you’re watching this back on youtube. Everytime i’m looking over here, I’m looking at chat. So. Bear in mind! Stream, this is going up on Youtube. Youtube, This has been a stream before! Are we all on the same page? I hope so. Umm. Possible pogo jump. Well.. We’ll just see about that! Jack S. Septiceye is in the fucking building! Rate 5 to unlock, I’m not rating shit! He stole your cookies. He ate your burger. Ooh.. No! Pete! Wait am I going over Santa? Over here. By the way. he also knows magic. That’s the worst kind of Santa, A Santa that knows magic.. Heh! * Screeches * It’s just in my ass! * screams * F-Fuck! There’s pieces of me everywhere! Pogo jump. Okay. I got this, I got this, watch! * grunts * * laughs * He was supposed to go like a super jump, but he didn’t! Why? Okay, Hop, Hop! Hop, hop, yaa! Im link! * grunts * Heh! Uh-oh.. I hate him. I believe in Steve, But i dont believe in Pete, Pete’s a piece of shit. Okay, get as close as we possibly-y. can.. Without dying! Fucking Jesus! Righty-tighty Hootie-dootie. Imma do this! Y’all being out there, being like, Jack! Jack! You’re not gonna do it! well, Have a little faith! Jack’s gonna ge-et shit done! Okay, Don’t, Don’t, don’t, Don’t! Woosh! Yes! Are you still alive? You fuckin’ are Pete! You dont need legs! Up and over! Atta boy! Fuckin Pete’s the man! I bad-mouthed you a minute ago but i fucking love you buddy! Could- Could you maybe get rid of the axe? Okay, I’m still alive, I’m still alive, I’m not- I’m not, I’m fucking dead. * screams * * sighs * okay. I can do it though. Who believes? Who believes I see somebody said “you can do it!” thank you! You can do it. I love you Jackaboy. Can i do it!? I can do it. Okay. I believe! I believe in myself now. I- I wasnt sure before but * clap * Oh we got this! We got this everybody! Rub your hands on the screen! Oh! I’m feeling it! I’m feelin’ it! * clap * *cough * Oh. Maybe- Maybe that’s just the disease inside of me reaching out. Right. I need to get really close to Billy. Without dying! Billy’s a lil’ bitch. I hate him. Shut up phone! Woosh! It’s just in your knees! That’s fine! Oh yes! This is dangerous territory Pete! Was gonna call you Steve. You’re gonna die now because of that.. Wow! Holy fuck! that was awesome! Dude! Le epics! * grunt * Uhoh- Uhoh. Uhoh! Don’t stick your face in anything! Keep all those sharp objects stuck inside ye basterds! I dont need any of that. i dont need any of that noise Dont do it. Don’t do it! It did it to me anyway! I said don’t! * spelling out loud * D-O-N-‘-T What does that mean? Do? Do it? No! Fucking lord allmighty. Right! Okay! * sighs * lets do this again. Let’s do this again, You’ve- You have atleast.. Three more attempts in me! At best! Ugh. Come on. come on, come on. That one doesn’t count. That one does not count. You didn’t see anything! Shut up! The stream lagged for a second the game broke! That didn’t count! Oh no! Ow my ass more like it! Oh my god! I keep forgetting that that’s Nova doing the voice. Okay. trigger the mine! Trigger the mine! Billy! If you’re good for anything! Yes! All the way! Dude! That was awesome! Woah! Fuck! Oh balls! Yes, Yes, Yes, yes! Okay. I got it. I got it. Shut up! So fucking loud! Are we good? Are we good? I got it! I got it! this- This is the one! * screeches * Woo-hoo! Ooh! my arsehairs touched that one! If i could get rid of the spike.. Oh no.. He’s just constantly going backwards! I’m not even touching anything! Oww my god! No the finish was right there!! * laughs * Why? You son of a bitch! Oh look! I’ve finished it! * Imitates victory sound * I’m back at fucking burgers. Damnit! Okay. that was a good one! I felt that one. that one, i feel that in my butthole. That was all clenchers. Right. The wall jump.. Pogofight, Laserbeam. Right. Let’s move on to the next ones. Did i- Did i click that? Am i at the next one? Oh i think i might have gone to the next one anyway. Slam dunk! this is one i can do, I like these! Because it’s super easy! you just grab- So easy! You’re supposed to grab the ball! Come on and slam! And welcome to the jam! Come on and sl- I did it! You proud of me? You should be! I the best! Oh god i hit my mic, sorry! Hehe, there there. Pat pat * pats the mic * Umm. Righty! What next, speed run! Oh! I’m all about a speed run, let me just get- * slurping noise * A little victory sip here. Speedrun it is! Oh. Yes! Oh shit, Oh s- Oh fuck! Fuckin’ lord allmighty! Did i win? Did i do it? Okay, we can do this though.. Speed.. All the way! This really- sounds fucking pleasant. Um How? How in the name of Jebediah Kerman’s left testicle.. I can’t get that far in time! God fuck. * imitates victory sound * I’m trying to see It didn’t work! I was trying to see if the bike could be enough to just fucking handle the pressure and then would fall. And then i’d just go ahead on my own.. But nope! Anybody any ideas? on what to do? I- I- I don’t know Don’t move.. I’m trying! Oh it says don’t move. Well. Fuck my ass and call me Judy. Good lord. * chuckle * Big letters! Don’t move. What’s the first thing I do? Hammer every button that I see. That’s Jackaboy *clap* That’s good ol’ septic-face * laughs * Orange Pogo Challenge, get in the box. The get in the box ones are hard! Super ball throw! We haven’t done a ball-throw yet. Um, what’s so super about it? Why is there a mouse cursor on the screen? Ooh! Fuck! Oh, I got more balls! I love balls! Yes?! What is that? Is that a score? My score went up to three! Four i mean. Now it’s at five! What? * chuckle * Whaddo-What do I do? Okay, I have to click into the screen to play the game Plus two balls! No! Stop going in there! Imma drop it here and.. badoing! Nice, and then.. Wait for it, Wait for the one on the right to come down! Come on down! Atta girl. there we go. Woosh! Oh! * screams * Yeah!! What the- What happened? How- How did i- How did i win? How did that go? I d- Yeah! I’m even greater than i thought i was! I don’t know what happened. * laughs * Umm. Extreme bottle flip. Right, We- We’ll get another bottle- I feel like it’s been.. It’s been seven minutes since our last dab! Let’s get it together again. Okay, We’re gonna do- Okay, I’m gonna have to go, this way maybe? Nope. Nope! I- I’m the bottleflip master! I’m the bottle flip master!! That doesn’t count. Also! Fun story, Great story! When i- When i visited Felix over in LA We sat down, we were waiting around for a little minute, he had a bottle of water with him. Took a little sip out of it, he started trying to flip it, He didn’t do it. First try I did! Flipped it, Landed perfect! Second try I did, Flipped, Landed perfect! Ask him, He’ll probably lie. but its truth! After that I couldn’t do it. I tried like 15 more times, and I couldn’t do it again But the first two tries i did! Landed perfectly! I got my-. Oh, it was amazing! I felt great! And it was the first time I ever tried a bottleflip in real life I- It sounds like I’m boasting. But really its just cuz it’s the only good thing i have going in my life. Yeah! Oh! That one doesn’t count.. That was a bottle flip n’ slide! It needs to- Okay. It needs to bottle flip! That one- That- That doesn’t count. Argh, come on! Can i even do this? Oh! Oh! Yes! Okay, Enough of that fucking dank memes. Whatever, * laughs * Why is the whole entirety of this game now bottle flips? Great, Well i guess it’s better than sword throw and spikefalls and, Don’t get shot! Okay! It’s high in my list of priorities! In everyday life.. Keep going! It’s a long way until the level starts! * reads text on screen * That’s okay! * reads text on screen * Okay.. * reads text on screen * Wave to the people! Mister.. CaidenTMG!! Hi! * laughs * Everybody wave! Are you waving? You fucking better be! Okay! Oh god I’m going backwards. Right.. Don’t get shot! That- That’s the only.. Prefix that i have for this. I have a feelin- Ooh! Didn’t get shot though! I didn’t get shot, and oh! Oh, Oh i need- I need speed though. I kinda ruined my speed. Okay, Ugh I’m gonna get shot! Ohh! * screams * Ooh mama! Ow! No! Okay let’s- Let’s try that again, CaidenTMG! Come on down! I’m gonna fucking best your level! All the way! Full fucking force! If I could put more fingers of my hand on this forward key i would! Gonna put two fingers on it! I’ll slap my face down on it in a minute! Kay! We’re good Billy! You almost got tantalizingly close to kill there! Oh yes! Okay! I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, Just keep going! Just keep going! Fuck it! Fuck it! Please be the end soon! I need this, I need this, I need this win, I need the victory! Porcupine Bobby! You’re fucking doing it! Oh he’s so gonna die! Come on where’s the end!!? I can’t do this anymore. * reads text on screen * What?! How!? I’m like a fucking pin cushion! Oh christ what- oh no, Oh no! You troll bastard! * faked laughter * Well joke’s on you! * bonk as headphones hit the ground * I’m done! That’s it, That was the last one! That was the last one, it’s over! Fucks’ sake! Stupid bastard of a game! It’s fine, It’s fine, Whatever Whatever, Whatever, I’m back! I’m not back in black but whatever. Fucks’ sake. People telling me not to leave. God- I’ve- Too late now! * laughs * * sighs * I’m not doing that again.. * laughs * Screw that, In my mind that’s a victory! In my mind I won, It’s over! It’s done! Son of a bitch, * chuckle * Fucking troll, Right? Slice the fruit! I’ll slice your fruit! CaidenTMG Oh, I didn’t even grab the fucking sword. Give me a minute, Okay, Slice the fruit. Here we go! And a Woosh! Put the fruit in here.. Okay i can’t because it’s stuck to my fucking sword! yeah! that wasn’t that hard. Also that fucking “yeah”, The voice-break in the middle of it. Sorry for your ears. Jesus. * laughs * Epic ball throw, Slice the fruit, Okay. What ones haven’t i- Death drop! Impossible 9, 9, Nine. Nein Nein? Wait these impossible ones normally have Pete! So I’m just gonna pick Pete, Uh-oh.. I might need Steve for this one.. Steve is our man! Steve is our boy! Shoutout to Ya boy! Could have gone better. That ugh, could have been good. But it wasn’t. It was a big bag of dicks! Fuck! * grunts * Sweet! Tasty flips! That’s what i wanted to do.. Okay tease it out. Tease it out bro! Tease it out. * cough * Give them a tiny piece of your foot! Just a- Just a tiny piece! Just a- Is that a tiny piece? No it’s not. Change character! Where is my boy! Where is- Steve! Buddy ol’ pal! We might need Billy and Bobby for this one actually. As much as I hate to fucking admit it. Those guys rock dude! I’m just gonna chill out here. I’m just half a man now, but that’s okay. You don’t need to be a full man to be awesome! Fuck! Okay go this way! Ow! Oh-oh! Aww man! See, you try to get away but they keep pulling me back in! * laughs * Ugh! Damnit, I think that’s the key! Now swing down! Swing in! Shake rattle and roll baby! Im still alive! Not up there! Ow my fuckin nuts! * sigh * I swear to god, Spiderman never has this fucking problem Ow! * laughs * He defenitely doesn’t have that problem! * laughs * Okay, Right, Let’s do this! I got it, I got it, I know what to do! I just can’t what to do. I’m stuck to the wall! Okay, change to Billy and Bobby! Billy and Bobby, where are they. Cuz now i can do this! Just hanging out! Do you ever wake up one of those days and it feels like you got a harpoon up your arse? Yeah, those are bad days! Those are hard days, those are tough days. Right * laughs * * gibberish * I can’t do it! Help me! Give me some powers! * grunt * That’s not good! My life- * imitates victory sound * The bike made it! that counts! * laughs * Okay! You know what we should do now? We should.. Search Jacksepticeye levels. And see.. You can’t search “Jacksepticeye” You can only search “Jacksepticey” Eyy lmao! Sup dude? Its just a prank bro! Umm. * coughs * Let’s search for Jacksepticeye and see if we can get some levels, right. Let’s- Let’s look at chat for a little, for a little second Everybody doing good? Everybody feeling good? Everybody feelin- feeling powerful? Twisty nipple fresh! Yes! I like it, use a lawnmower? You- you can’t use a lawnmower. You gotta use the good guys! ” Go farther out “. Well, i finished the level, Sorry! * laughs * ” Use Santa “. ” Nasa Peepo ” *laughs * Okay, stream going good. We’ve been streaming for 37 minutes! Has it really been that long? Christ, it feels like about 10! Umm. Right, these are by rating So can I not do like rating this week? Cuz I wanna try and see.. KBS, Kill Billy Sim, See these are all kinda ones i’ve done already. I wanna see if I can do.. Newest.. they might not be the best levels. But if they’re the newest levels.. We might get some- Oh here we go! Jacksepticeye 100! See! There is a lot of 100 levels now, which I wanted to do! yeah! Somebody, sup dude! * chuckle * ey dude! Wow! Firewatch day 1! Kay, I’m Steve anyway.. Wow! This is cool! Delilah: Wake up Henry! Henry: I’m awake! * reads text from screen * Oh i like this already! * reads text from screen * I don’t see it! * reads text on screen * * laughs * that’s a great name for a map! * reads text on screen * No? * reads text on screen * What are we looking at? * reads text on screen * Okay, Move forward. Ohh! Dude nice Am i gonna go out and.. Actually I was gonna say something but uh.. For those who haven’t watched Firewatch yet. I’m not gonna say spoilers. * reads text on screen * that’s a nice transition! Oh sweet you even- * reads text on screen * This is awesome! * reads text on screen * Sure does! Irish people.. * reads text on screen * Through the water? * reads text on screen * *laughs * * coughs * What was the other way? Delilah? Oh god.. * reads text on screen * What is it indeed? * reads text on screen Wow! Dude nice job! ” Adventurecreator”! Yeah! that was cool! That was very creative! Very unique and very- Very.. very uh- Very creative! I really like that! That was very good! Good job! Umm. Jacksepticeye. 100 ep! ” Hope you enjoy ” I will, Pandaking666 Ya demon! What we got? What’s going on? ” Press to button with your head ” Okay.. Oh I’m killing all the characters? Oh no we’re saying goodbye to everybody! * reads text on screen * Oh this is making me sad! Goodbye betty! Because it’s the last episode we’re not gonna see these again! Goodbye Larry, Oh no.. Oh when i played this i was expecting death and gore. Not feels! Goodbye Pogo-Pete! * reads text on screen *, * laughs * Aww. Goodbye Indiana jones! Indiana Jones? There we go. Goodbye little family! Bye, Everybody wave! This is sad.. Aww no.. Goodbye Mike and Mary! Goodbye Mike and Mary! I can’t hit them! There we go. * reads text on screen * Oh we get to say goodbye to Billy the last! Oh no! * laughs * Kill him! I can’t say goodbye to Bobby! He’s surviving! * reads text on screen * Ah man I can’t kill them! Oh there we go! I was gonna say ofcourse its gonna be appropriate that i can’t kill Billy and Bobby at the end. Oh no- no- no! Oh god i- I smushed his head! Can we- Can we kill him? Come on, I’m trying to get the angle right! Kill Billy! He can not survive! Billy is the worst! Okay, Okay, we got this. Imma stay here- That works! * chuckle * Jesus christ! All the way! * reads text on screen * I’ll probably still die at it. Oh i died and won! Oh no Isabelle what did you do? What are you doing to me, the feels! Oh god that was nice! that- That was a really good level. I really liked that, Thank you! Oh. Made me all emotional now. I will not cry! * laugh * * cough * Jacksepticeye 100, * reads level description * And that’s the thing! The Happy Wheels series started November 16th 2013 Pretty sure, You’ll have to go back and um.. Uh.. See that for yourselves and make sure i’m accurate but.. The first episode of Happy Wheels almost didn’t happen. Because I was gonna do it, and everybody else was doing it on youtube at the time. And i was gonna do it. Then i asked people on twitter and facebook. If i should record a Happy Wheels video, and people were like: ” No, Don’t ” because everybody else was doing it. And back then it wasn’t like, there wasn’t the stigma around it as much about views as it is now. Now if you just play Happy Wheels everyone’s like. ” Oh you just want views ” But back then it was a case of like, everybody else is doing it, do something else But i wanted to do it, because i thought it would fit my style. And like, the Happy Wheels series almost didn’t happen. Maybe it would have happened eventually anyway, but.. It’s just crazy to see how far it’s come. And Thank you guys for being here for the whole thing. * reads text on screen * Speed is key! Okay, did i do it? Damnit! Okay! I got it! I got it, I know the angle of attack. I know how to do this- That’s too shallow! Fuck! I will do it! I will do it, that’s better! That’s better, not as good! Damnit, come on Steve! * grunt * Okay, okay, Is that good? No! Oh that’s the good one, that’s the best one. thats the- Victory one! Okay, speed is defenitely key! Yeah! And off into the abyss you go, always good, when you get a victory and you kill them at the same time. * chuckle * Nice! okay! Coolio! Actually, there’s a cool right here! I dont know what ones to play! I feel like i should play them all! I feel bad! Okay, Let’s just pick a random one. Jacksepticeye Poss Piece of shit-shit Oh it’s supposed to be Boss, Possible for boss? * reads level description * I am gonna play it on the livestream! * reads text on screen * Aww, good- Happy birthday dude! Hope you had a great day! Oh god how am i gonna do this.. And hup, and hup! And hup? God fuck! that’s what i didn’t want to happen! I needed the boost! * grunt * Fuck * laughs * Okay i need to wait for the ball to come back! Where is the ball? Okay there it is! Woosh, Woosh, Woosh!! * screams * Oww * laughs * Okay, I’m trying to figure out the- * squeals * best way! to do this! I’m still alive? Oh god! Oh i can’t go through those! Oh shit! * grunt * Ah come on! That’s how I’m gonna have to do it. I’m gonna have to go that way! * grunt * Not that way! You son of a bitch! Okay, easy, easy easy does-‘er. I know you’re fucking eager to beaver but come on! Woosh, Woosh, Woosh! Wo-oosh, y-wooshy. douchy, Fuck! Good lord! Okay, right, Fucking doing this. Let’s- Let’s some water, Let’s relax! Sit back a small bit, yeah this level is a bit laggy. Because there’s a lot going on, there’s lots of bits of bodyparts! Going around all over the place Just sit back, relax. * inhale * * exhale * Let’s just breathe. There we go. We got it this time This is how we’re gonna do it. * sings * this is how we do it! * grunt * Yes! Ha! I knew it! I knew it! Take a little sip. He who sips, wins the trips! I thought sips rhymed with win * laughs * I dont know why! * laughs * So i had a better rhyme. Then i had to make it up in my head. Very quickly. But yeah! yes! Oh! Brilliant! Love it! Got it! Oh twisty nips! Righty-Dighty, Let’s do this one! Spikefall! Nice little spikefall for Jackaboy! * blegh * * reads text on screen * I said that backwards.. * reads text on screen * Everyone keeps saying that, Thank you guys! For being here, and watching the videos. and thank you for like, making this series one of the most fun things that i’ve ever done on the channel! This- It’s awesome! Happy Wheels should have got boring ages, ages, and ages ago but.. Listening to people and just.. the- the type of pacing that this.. series is! and listening to the feedback from everybody! has really made it a fun experience so! thank you guys! I’ve forgotten what kind of level this is.. supposed to be- Billy! My arch-nemesis! How do you like that? Yeah, thought you could knife me? Oh! Perfect in his fucking little fat face! I love it. ” Spikefall, don’t go too fast ” Oh yeah it’s a spikefall level. Yeah! * screams * My heart was pumpin’ My hands are shaking. but i’m still shooting! Boom headshot! * laughs * Okay. oh god i can’t believe its almost been like, how many minutes? 48 minutes of Happy Wheels! It feels like- Oh, this is super fun! I was worried actually when i was doing a livestream of Happy Wheels like, How is this gonna work? Cuz normally it’s like a 20 minute video cut down into 12 But this.. It’s fun! I wanna try and find more- There! Jacksepticeye 100 I wanna try and see if i can find more of these levels, so.. We can get an experience out of it! Let’s get some feels going! Okay, Oh its frisk! * reads text on top of screen * Got it. he dead bro! We’re running at 7 FPS.. that’s not that good! Okay, let’s just wait. It’s all in slow motion cuz it’s running very slowly. Now that’s out of the way, hopefully it runs a bit better? Probably not. That’s the problem with these levels.. * reads text on screen * Okay. It’s running at 7 FPS, but we’re gonna bear with it cuz this person put in effort to make a level. And- And i wanna try atleast some of it. ” Warning, Bad time ahead ” Okay first off, undertale! Oh no. Sans! Hey kiddo, Ah. It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you.. * humming * Should be burning in hell! Kinda regret my Sans voice.. He should be like, Huh. * voice accent * It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you, * metal voice * Should be burning in hell! Something like that. I dont know. Am i supposed to drop? * imitates Megalovania * Okay, I can’t go any further. I think I’m supposed to drop. Is this like a spike fall? Cuz that’s clever.. Nothing is happening! See, these are the types of things you cut out in editing But i can’t cuz it’s live so we have to- Oh there we go! We might have to move on after this! I’m still alive, I’m fine! ha! I defeated your level Sans! Suck my bone! What else do we got going on? Framerate is improving thats g- No it’s not nevermind. I lied. It got worse * laughs * Fucks’ sake! Okay.. What else you got for me. Next game. Li-itle Inferno-oo Is that mark? Yeah it is! Aww awesome! * chuckle * And its ken! And Arin. Aww! All my friends are here! * reads text on screen * * imitates mario song tune * I got this! Oh is this gonna collapse!? * reads text on screen * Well, I have a child aswell but he’s dead now so.. Fuck the goomba! It’s like one of ross’ levels! Deadpool! this is cool! It’s like a little reminiscent thing. of all the levels that i’ve done! It’s a shame that it runs so poor though. Deadpool you have no head.. Oh, Final Station!! equip or give back. Okay. I’m sorry, Imma have to cancel out of this level.. Its running too poorly but.. Rowanslob08. Thank you! Very much for making that, that was a lot of effort put in to that and i really appreciate it! You guys can go find the level for yourselves if you wanna play it! Um. But i wanna keep things moving. Um.. Right, what else? See i wish you could search ” Jacksepticeye 100 ” But I can’t because ” Jacksepticeye ” doesn’t even fit into the search box, but we got this! * reads text on screen * Ofcourse! The bossiest boss that ever boss bossed! * reads text on screen * Harry. Why do you need money? What do you need to buy? More Hawaiian shirts? They look awful to begin with. Where am i going? oh fuck! I didn’t see that! Christ allmighty, Jesus! come on. Argh * laughs * Go Steve! Speed is key! Okay, okay, okay, okay * inhale * * exhale * Okay. I got it Just don’t go too fast ahead. You said speed is key.. * sings * I believe in Steve! I believe! Up we go, Where we stop? Hopefully just over this ridge. Oh its hard, Oo its hard! Right. Got it, Got it, Got it, Got it! Are you serious.. I died on the Felix part. I died on level 2 Pewds.. What a fucking disgrace and dishonor. I might aswell just start eating poo-poo with my hando’s Up and over! Fuck! Argh too far! I can’t look man! I cant leaa- To li-bo-di-bo-dout-too! Have any of you seen that video? It’s a lady who doesn’t speak English fluently. or natively i should say. And she starts singing. She’s going to like a x-factor or a.. an American Idol type of thing in some country.. And she tries to sing ” Cant live if living is without you ” But, because she doesn’t speak english she sings ken-lee Instead of can’t live. To-li-bo-di-bo-dout-to So it’s * sings * Ken-lee! * sings * to-li-bo-di-bo-dout-too * sings * I can’t lee * sings * Cant lib anymore! * laughs * It’s so fucking good i love it And i wish, Just search.. ” ken-lee ” You might see it on Youtube. I don’t know youtube’s a big place! It has a lot of shit man! Come on! The dude said at the start.. I know you can beat this level because you’re jack! And i’m gonna fucking do him a solid and beat his level! There it is, that’s the one! that’s what i needed! Oh! Level 3 Jack, Ofcourse! * reads text on screen * Haha! Good for me I don’t have them anymore! Cuz you dont need legs! Okay I’m scared though, bro? Bro! Bro? Hold me! * sings * Hold me close young Tony Dancer! That did not go right! I fucking did it anyway! * clap * Woo! Feels good man! Feels good! Um. Okay, I wanna read this Okay i can’t read that part.. Okay ” Jack ” And then thank you and then a.. Happy 100 Happy Wheels episode? You’re my favourite youtuber and i hope you continue your work My youtube account is * reads text on screen * that’s a good channel name! My favourite youtubers and my email, okay. Um.. I probably shouldn’t put that in. Okay.. Bye! sorry! Um.. Thank you for the level! That was awesome! 100 episode levels are awesome! I love it! * claps * So much fun! Okay. Um.. We can go a little longer.. We can do a bit more. We can get some more fucking levels in! How are you all feeling? You all feeling pumped? You all thought we couldn’t do one hour of Happy Wheels, oh! Y’all wondered, how is it gonna be possible How is he gonna do a 100 ep- Fucking hour long episode. Well. I told you! I dont run out of energy! Everybody is always like, oh, he’s gonna get tired. It’s all an act, it’s all fake! No bruh! I can do this all day! I can do this all day! As Lucio in Overwatch would say.. Um.. And then people hang out with me and they get really annoyed with me. cuz i never run out of energy and then they are like, why? Just shut the fuck up and relax for a few- for five minutes and I’m like no! Let’s party down! Right, So, Segway Steve, what are we doing? Oh man another episode- Another level that runs poorly! ” Jack, if you are playing this, i want to let you know ” “That you are a great youtuber and you should not stop” “Also, don’t say you’re not, because you are! so i hope you enjoy my level. Do the jet fall!” Aww thanks dude! I really do appreciate that! I know i say thanks a lot And i say it like.. Probably far too often for some people’s liking. But i really do mean it everytime i say thank you! Cuz like.. Everything that happens.. There is 85000 people watching this stream right now. And that would not be possible. And none of this would have happened. If you guys weren’t here Obviously, watching. But like here everyday and supporting the channel, so. thank you. very, very much for that. It really does mean a lot to me. And i hope. umm. I hope people don’t take.. what i say lightly.. Because i really do mean it. Um. * screams * Oh your fucking fat booty! What are you doing. eating turkey? Come on Steve! You can do it bro! I believe in you! What was the point of that song, to not believe in you. The framerate is making it harder though. A little bit off the edge. That is fucking death central! If you had a trainstation and it was going, it was t-, It was labeled death central That would be the train you’d take steve! All the way, not to victory town. To death station! Okay. Let’s leave it go on it’s own. Lets give a little boost A little boost and a little woosh That’s enough. There it is, That’s the one! Oh-oh-oh! Steve! So close! Oh. there was a fucking pubic hair away from victory! Right, that’s all i need! That’s all the boost i need, He’s got enough! He’s got plenty, he’s getting too far, he’s getting too speedy For steve- That’s not enough speed. Oh is he gonna make it, it’s like watching my child go to school! * screams * Yeah! All on a pile of dead Billys! MrGummy44! I thank you! I thank you for your level and for your billy death! That was pretty good! That was a good fucking one! That felt amazing! i love it! Okay, right, Jacksepticeye crush! You got a crush on me? You can open up, it’s willy. Willy has a crush on me. And I have a crush on willy. Wait a minute.. * laughs * Potato is boss! I have to play this one. And we’ll- We’ll go with Billy and Bobby for this one! I don’t know what to expect. But good things are about to happen. Ow! I’m lucky i did that! Cuz if i was steve i’d get a fucking harpoon up my butt! * reads text on screen * thanks dude! Oh god, Oh god, oh god, oh god!! Ouch! I forgot that there was a lot of them.. Am i alive? The bike is still going, I’m alive! Oh no. Okay. Told you guys, believe! Wow i almost made that! that was awesome! okay what was killing me that time? Oh there is fucking mines. Ohh. I didn’t know. Right, we’ll stay here for a little second! The mines come at me!? Don’t! No! No! No! Fuck! Okay just go! Just go. Over the mines. Over the mines and far away. teletubbies suck my ass! Do i got it? Is this- ff. Fucks’ sake, it just took my head Okay. Just relax * sings * Relax! Don’t do it! * sings * When you wanna suck penis! Relax. Don’t do it. when you wanna come! Okay Who knew you are elastic as you are Bobby!! Fucking hell! I’m about to do this one! This one’s hard. This one’s difficult! Okay go, Go! Go! Go!! Go!! Go!! Yes!! Yes!! Please! For the love of god please! Yes!!! * Screams * Woo! You feeling good? You feeling pype? Pumped and hype? Pyped? Are you feeling pyped? I fucking am. I’m feelin- Tasty baby! That was a good one. I needed, needed to relax after that. That was a lot of uhm. That was a lot of shit going down. Holy feces dude! * laughs * I see you writing that in chat. I will kill you! I will come to your house and kill you dead! Holy feces. you son of a bitch. Yeah there was serious lag at the end of that, but you know what. Who ne- who needs it. I can still fucking win Even in the lag. Imma give Steve a chance at this one. What do we got Steve? *reads text on screen * ‘T is I ! * reads text on screen * How do you pickle a monkey? * reads text on screen * No problem! you don’t even need to thank me for that. Thank you guys for being here And making me happy everyday! And watching my.. Silly videos and watching me yell at videogames everyday. Its fun! D-D- Burp! Right here we go! Here we go y’all! Here we go y’all! To the beat y’all
Here we go y’all! Spikefall wall y’all! Spikefall y’all Might not make it. needless hiccuping. Why am i hiccuping? That’s getting me killed! Ah man! I almost did it. Holy feces dude! Thats it! Thats it! That’s the one, i need victory! Are you shitting all over a tart giving it to me and say ” Merry Christmas! ” It’s apple! because that’s not the case! that’s not what it is! * accidentally hits the mic * There’s nothing to be said! When you kill them, and you win at the same time * kiss sound * Perfect! Oh when the spikefall level! Is just right. It’s so fucking tasty! Ehm.Right! Let’s take a tiny little break here for a secondinio! Cuz i need to check stuff I need to make sure everything is going good. everybody is happy. Y’all happy? Y’all doing fucking wonderful out there! I hope so. I hope you are. I believe in you guys. I love you guys! you’re the best! Right. okay! Uhh. 100! I haven’t done this one! Craving bananas! * reads level description * Dont need to rate it. I’m already seeing it cuz i had 100.. ” Sorry there was a problem loading this level, try again ” God fucking damn it. why Ah why? Come on man! I wanted to play that one! It was cool, it was fun! Lame! Ehm. Any more? Okay lets keep. Lets keep scrolling through. 100! Undertale papyrus! * reads level description * Hi, how are you? * reads level description * Oh i’m gonna have so much fun now! If it loads. please load. Are you gonna load? yeah! * reads text on screen * Top of the mornin to ya laddies!! Right, let’s do it! What do we got? what have you got for me! * reads text from screen * * screams * Happy Wheels!!. I was waiting for it. Oh yes! Oh!! * sings * If you leave me now! * sings * and take away the biggest lag of me! * sings * Oh baby now please! * laughs * Okay. Sometimes i cant hit those notes. After one hour of shouting at things. so.. Cut me some slack Give me a break! Let me kill some fucking Billys! a-woo! Kill him, break him! Break him in half Break that little bitch! Break him down! Let’s break it down y’all! Oh so many hanging dead Billys! That’s what i like to see! * reads text on screen * Aww i only broke 2 of them! * reads text on screen * Aww no dont make me sad! * chuckle * And some people were trying to make me feel bad for ending the series too. but. It has to end.. 100 episodes. Is too many episodes of Happy Wheels. it’s just been going on, and on, and on, and on. and there was so much repetition in it And i want to end it on a high note! I want to end it on a cool one! Right. We’ll do a couple more levels. And then we’ll end it Why am i nervous about that? Okay.. 100 episode- Aww come on! I want to play these fucking levels! Stop breaking on me Happy Wheels! I don’t break on you. I believe in you Happy Wheels! * kiss sound * You’re a good game. I believe in you, can you do it? Can you d-d- Did you do it? yay! Oh god. Ahh i’m all ready and my legs broke! Why! * reads text on screen * Am i? A- Are you ready? Are you ready?? Are you ready? There’s nobody over there but i’m pointing to make it seem like i’m pointing to more people behind the camera! Haha! * laughs * Are you ready? I’m fucking ready lets do this! Wait.. Wait.. I’m ready! Let’s do it!! Nah balls! Okay. Maybe i wasn’t ready! is this impossible time? I was just about to say, impossible time my ass. Fuck i died! Okay. Imma keep my legs this time, watch! Fuck. * laughs * I guess not.. All the way down P- Steve! God. Fuck a duck! And, ugh! Yes! Now i’m gonna be faster The fastest i’ve ever sp- the fastest i’ve ever been! the fastest a man on a pogo! Can ever travel! To the future Steve! To the future and beyond! Yes, Yes! No!!! No!! I couldn’t be any fucking closer to the end! Ohh i feel bad! I feel it in me goither! Right.. okay. Hold ctrl and press jump! Pretty proud of that one myself! If i do say so- Go!! Go Steve! Go Steve!! Please, Please, Oh let my child be okay. That was worse than the last one, why.. Why, Why you do this to me Steve. I fucking hate you buddy. I don’t.. I love you * whispers * Here we go, Here we go..
Fuck i lost a foot! I lost a foot! What am i supposed to do? Okay, okay, okay, okay. Go Steve. Go Fuck a penis! I have fallen.. And I choose not to get up! God damn it! Who am i. Jacksepticeye baby! Who’d- What am i worth? Fucking spikefalls! Spikefalls is what it’s all about! I can do this, oh mother of jehosevah I’d- He’s still alive!! Go Steve! Fuckin. Fuckin i’d- You deserve it! Foampadding on the wall! I look like a pig ready for roasting! I don’t wanna get roasted! God damn it. Okay. I can do it I can do it. Everybody! You have to do it You have to tell me. I believe in Steve. Everybody right now. I believe in Steve. I believe. I believe in Steve, I believe I believe. Are you ready? I believe in Ste- In Steve! Oh yeah? In Steve! Grab the glo- glory! Okay. Are we good? I- I dont know. My stream stopped * laughs * I can do this. I can do this level. This is the one. This is gonna do it. * claps * Everybody is writing in the chat ” I believe in Steve ” Thank you. This is it. this is the one! This is the one where we do it. I fucking got this. I got this! Wh- Why cant i restart the level. there we go! Nice. Off to a fantastic start! * deep breaths * I got it. I got it, i got it! I’m going! Go Steve! Atta boy! He died quicker than he ever died on this level! What up with that y’all? What up with that? You didn’t fucking do it! It’s all your fault! It’s probably, probably some of mine actually. Um.. Cuz i dont know how to do this.. And actually get. * sigh * Can i lean back or something? * screams * there it is! Thats it. That’s all i needed! Thats not what i fucking needed. What- What do i do? Help me? ” Jack is triggered ” No i’m not! * screams * What? * laughs * Okay.. I need to pass it. I need to pass. I need to fucking pass it * whispers * i got this, i got this, i got this I got this. woosha. Woosha! yes! Yes!! yes, Yes! Yes. Yes!!! * screams * Yeah baby!! * screams * Woo! Yes! That’s how we- * sings * this is how we do it! Yes! Fucking Stevie baby! All the way to fucking victory town! Oh feels good to be a winner * laughs * Okie fucking smokey day! You know what that was? That was the last episode baby! That was the last one. Ending on a high note Ending on a Woo! yes! Oh.. That one felt good. That victory felt good That was a good one. that was.. What is now gonna be known as.. the very final episode Of Happy Wheels, On Jacksepticeye’s channel. Man. What a fucking journey it’s been! 100 episodes! Who would have thought we’d get this far. I didn’t! Probably should have. but we’re here! Nice round number! Nice big 100 playlist! To go back and watch now, anytime you want Man, good god. Cuz for the longest time. Since like episode 80 to 85, i knew.. That Happy Wheels was gonna end at 100, and i said it back then aswell! And back then it seemed like ages! I wasn’t gonna do it- Like twice a week like i did when i started.. or three times a week even. I was doing it like once.. Once a week, once every 3 weeks. And then it slowed way down. and then it was like.. This took 3 months to come out so.. * sigh * Man.. I can’t believe its over. I can’t believe that that’s. that’s the end of Happy Wheels. Like, there’s gonna be no more on the channel. And i know that a lot of you are sad. I’m sad! that it’s over. And I could keep doing it. And i could keep.. Just getting all the views for Happy Wheels and keeping people happy. but you know what.. Sometimes we gotta leave stuff behind. We can’t grow up. And we can’t move on unless we leave some of that stuff behind We can’t just keep doing the same things over and over again because then we don’t grow as people We don’t evolve, we don’t learn, we don’t grow up And that’s what i want the channel to do. I don’t want to be known as the ” Happy Wheels guy ” I don’t want to be known as the guy who just does Happy Wheels, or yells at Happy Wheels Now if people come to the channel and get that stigma against me. Uh. Oh the camera’s frozen! Oh no! What happened? Give me a sec, Oh. I got this, i got this. I can fix this I- Yeah. I dont wanna be known as the Happy Wheels guy. so i didn’t just wanna keep doing this all the time and i wanna- i wanna keep doing new things and i don’t want to keep doing the same things over and over again. I don’t want to repeat myself. Sometimes i do. But. I wanna keep evolving year after year. and this has been going on for three years. And the only series i said that would stay on the channel. Probably forever is like reading your comments. and that’s because it’s a.. It’s a community and a.. like Jacksepticeye thing. It’s a me-you thing that i can sit down and interact with you properly, and better! than, if i was just doing.. like, a normal video. So i always want those to stay on the channel. but Happy Wheels, i think it had it’s day in the sun. And i think it’s time to move on. but. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being here for 100 episodes. Thank you for making it. such a cool series for making it, one of the like. the bigger series on the channel, the playlist itself has like.. almost 80 million views, which is fucking nuts. Umm. I really appreciate, i really appreciate everything that you guys do for me, and allow me to do for youtube. and allow me to do, in regards to like, series! Umm. And- And it was one hell of a behemoth. Um. And it’s crazy to see after 3 years its just finally coming to an end. I’m sorry to any of you who, really loved this series, or came for this series, and. Loved this series most out of anything And only watch these series but. as i said.. Now I need to move on. And i need to.. I need to do, bigger and better things. Um. No series beside reading your comments will probably ever reach, like 100 episodes ever again But, i- I’m glad that some did, and that it was such a monumental thing. thank you guys for that, um.. I’m gonna go, i hope you guys enjoyed the stream. I hope it was fun to watch. sorry about the.. camera issues at the end. but again this is gonna be uploaded separate on it’s own.. Just straight to youtube anyway. So it should be.. better there um.. One last dab for the road? * laughs * Sad dab. * laughs * Um. but yes! More videos to come! More bigger and better things! As i said the bloopers video is coming out in like 40 minutes on the channel anyway. Hopefully you guys watch that, and, or not watch it. Like it. Um. You can watch it. whether you want to or not, it’s not up to me. Um but i hope you guys like it, because i really enjoyed watching it back and seeing some of the bloopery sections thank you guys for being here. Thank you guys for watching this. thank you guys.. For taking the time out of your day to come here live There’s like 64000 of you right now which is.. way beyond what i expected to come.. I wanna do more streams in the future cuz now i have a better system for it One of the reasons i didnt stream properly before.. is cuz i never had 2 monitors set up and i didn’t.. want to take the time to set everything up, because everything was just so busy day to day anyway. But now i think i have like a good system going up. that will allow me to stream.. more regularly. And i wanna do.. bigger things. I wanna do like charity livestreams when i get more time. Starting next year cuz this.. the end of this year is still pretty jampacked. But i wanna do more. And i wanna do.. Cooler and bigger and better things, and i wanna interact with you guys more live! It’s gonna be good, so * claps * Thank you guys so much for being here! thank you guys for watching the stream! Thank you guys for the end of Happy Wheels, thank you guys for everything! Always and forever i really do appreciate everything that you do And, that’s it. I’m gonna go eat a celebratory slice of cake! Maybe, * kiss sound * Cheers Thank you, here, water! yay! Hope you guys had a fun time! And i make it feel like i’m leaving forever But i’ll be back! We’re gonna do more videos! * chuckle * there’s more videos coming tomorrow! there’s more videos coming soon! it’s gonna be a good time! Don’t cry! Please don’t cry. * chuckle * Anyway, thank you! Bye! I’m just gonna keep waving. Like a weirdo. Bye! * outro music * Bye! Bye! * kiss sound * I love you guys! Bye! * laugh *

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