Happy Wheels | Part 2 | 6 YEARS LATER…

Happy Wheels | Part 2 | 6 YEARS LATER…

Hi. Hello. Hi. Um We’re gathered here today to play a game called happy wheels. I have to get on a plane… in… 3 hours and 35 minutes (OMG moo man then why u play) Cough/laugh When I said be ready for anything I don’t think you guys were expecting this but I am gonna play this Honestly and truly how is it changed since the last time that I played it? Not that much apparently. When was the last time I played? Hang on. So the last time I played it was October 2016, which is almost three years ago now. Oh wait. No, um, the the Super secret quiet (SEIZURE) the quietest. Let’s play I did (DOUBLE SEIZURE) I did a couple times in there, but it’s been a while I actually did before I started doing highlights. I did one that was 6 YEAR, Master of Ba-ha-ha-lls! … Uh, Mark? *Silent appreciation* That’s hilarious… So we’re gonna play an honest-to-goodness (wait, what) We’re gonna we’re gonna honestly goodnessly (is that a word?) we’re honest and we’re good in that We are going to play this game and we’re gonna be honest and good about it when we play it So put on your honest hats and put on your good pants -( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)- because we’re about to play happy wheels Yay! I don’t mean for it to sound sarcastic… I’m actually excited about when I heard the music kick on I was like, oh, yeah! (Short laugh) It’s been so long… So I think we can go by top rated of this month and just see what happens cuz it’s been so… long it’s been so… long, I don’t Oh Click here… click… Click, what? Like, flick it… ok, jump, crouch. I, amazingly stiff legs like I remember, amazingly I remember. Wow, now this is something special I mean, it’s very impressive but this isn’t exactly… GAME!??! Mario, Look out! (sarcasm is in effect) It’s very impressive let me, let me just say that straight up, it’s very impressive on a technical perspective but it is it’s it’s not… (you said it was, WHAT IS IT MARK!?!?!) This isn’t fun, (laughter encounters) I don’t want to be rude by real, (AAAH!) Oh, yeah… I don’t want to be rude about it, But oh… You’re so nice though you’re so I hope you liked it and have a nice day. Thanks anonymous, I guess That’s the first one I come to The top rated of this month I you know, I can’t fault it I cannot fault it. You know that was not bad shooting stars music. This is my first music level a music level a Music level click on the Boop. Oh Yeah, oh Wow, oh I can’t leave (WTF JUST HAPPENED?) (silent laugh/cough) Oh no, oh no, what has Happy Wheels become (laugh) What has happened to happy wheels in my absence, I love it I love it. I love it a lot I can’t fault it at all in any way, shape, or form. I cannot fault that I can’t fault it a fat bat lady snatches your baby in a cave *bat person takes kid* Oh (Laughter) You weren’t lying… You’re not lying about a thing You were like, hey, at least I get to play. Hey, that’s pretty good, right? Watch out. All right, here we go. All right Oww… This is great Like I’m not mocking it like honestly like There there’s there is a reason why happy wheels is so popular is because it’s just like it is fun. Oh hey, you killed my son! Im gonna What That’s amazing. Oh shit. Okay. All right. Well, made that. All right. Can I get up here? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Thank you, please thank you. Thank you. Thank you. At least I remember how to play amazingly. I remember there’s no escape now. Oh My son might have been alive That’s really impressive I gotta admit They even got the shading on the eyes the pupils of the eyes have shading. Look at this layer That’s amazing. This is incredible what happened to happy wheels when I was away? Don’t move short… Oh, I love it. Don’t move. Oh, yeah. This is still a classic. I’m not moving I’d never move. Why would I move? This is all very impressive very very improosive (what?) All right The level of quality of don’t moves has diminished I will just I will just say that it has diminished Pogo fight Ohhh Rate 5 and nothing will happen seriously quit it. Great. Hi, Timmy Bye Timmy Bye Billy. Mark?? Hey, wait a minute. Santa? Ow-ho-ho-hu-hu-hu Ah, shit I died. Time to try again Ya know I’m not laughing because like I find the physics humorous and it is it like it is well Fuck. I like I-I it-it does still have charm to it even to this day I’m laughing because of like all of these memories of like play I’ve played this game for hou- why is tha-a-a-at I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours And the amazing thing about is like these things can happen new that you’ve never seen before Like alright, cool, good. Things can happen that you’ve still never seen before (Defeated wheeze of laughter) It’s just like, it’s so surreal, like I thought I’d left this part of me behind I thought you know, when you grow up you put your child Sorry what Ohh When you grow up, you put your childish things away and you you move on, and you you move on with your life and you-y-y-you get oww you get good and you know, everything, you know y-you grow up, but you know to come back to its really I don’t know wholesome. I don’t think wholesome is the right word when things like this are happening, but Wholesome. I’m a-go with wholesome N- My buttocks Alright good got that dislodged. All right, Santa take a back foot Oww How does that pierce me through the flat of the handle? Yaaa NO. NO. NO. Ah haa-ha ha ha ha Got ya in the a-oh Oh, come on you asshole get out of here aahhAHHH I’m falling back into the same whole- Like it’s weird it’s like I’m in a behavior loop where I Ah fucking come on! I can totally see like how every single nook and cranny of me playing this before I Just gotta get oh no Fucking co-ha-HAA. All right, come on. Ah I’m gonna get you. Get out of here with that doOOH. Oh, don’t okay Santa has been disarmed. All I must do is get up here. Oh (Look of complete fear) Up, okay, oh, nOAAH, NO, NO, WAIT, NOOO! AHH FUCK, COME ONNN! Take this, Billy, Mark, me (Unintelligible) deflect with my butt! NO Santa, don’t! He’s really pointing it at me So it’s a standoff, is it? Hi-yah, Ima dance on your corpse big guy Oh no, oh no, I didn’t really mean I dance… I didn’t really mean it, I DIDN’T MEAN IT! Come on, I made it! Noooooo… You asshole… You asshole… GudFookingDamitt. Damn it. Damn you. All right cool. Cool. DOOOOH If this bat, if this axe, if this back axe, god FUCK-ING I’m alive? No, I’m not alive. That was Santa. Oh OHHH god. I just, I thought you know This would be a fun revisit to Happy Wheels and I would just be like (unintelligible) playing a game that I played before, and everything would be fine and, and neat. AHHHH i am really trying! I am really trying! (oh, are you now?) I am really trying, I’m really trying, I’m really trying Right up the balls… Why is that trapped up there? I feel like things didn’t necessarily get so trapped as they-they are now. Oh, no, no, no Sant- not like this not like this Okay, alright it’s okay, alright Santa just, oh no Santa’s caught on the ax in my dick?! Are you kidding me?! Okay, there we go, there we go, there we go, just gotta get out of here Oh my god, really? Ah, not my dick My poor abused peen! Okay, here we go. There we go, just gotta scooch. All right, it’s fine. There we go. (Defeated laugh) I hate Nothing, this is grea-a-at All right, that is enough That’s enough. I am limited time. (You’re what?) It’s it’s fun. Look. That’s the thing. It’s fun. It’s weird being back It’s weird playing it again, cuz it’s still fun. Like the levels are, are, are hit or miss (tik tok lord here) but uh, you know It’s still fun and to know It’s good to know that people are still making so I am out of time because I’ve been so swamped with post-production on the big project yada yada I can’t say much but it’s just like Everyday, we have to do a little something more and then the other day we’re filming pickups and that took all day And now I have to go to Cincinnati and I don’t want to talk about why I’m going to Cincinnati But I’ve just been very busy, but I’m having fun, and at the end of the day That’s what YouTube should be about is having fun So if that means that I got to blow my ass up on Happy Wheels all over again Then I guess I’m happy to do that. So thank you everybody so much for watching I have done way too many episodes of happy wheels, but it’s all in a playlist So if you want to see more and you want to see me evolve over the years Go check out the playlist, link in the description below Thank you everybody so much for watching, if you want me to play more Happy Wheels, (intro music begins) I-I don’t know shout as loud as you can the comments tell me down there. Hey, I don’t know maybe See, no promises, no promises at all. But thank you everybody so much for watching And as always, I will see you in the next video buh-bye! (Crazy La Paint at full volume)

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  1. Mark! you should do just a couple more episdoes of Happy Wheels just to get this playlist to 100 and to have a little more time on it before flash player is no longer supported in 2020!

    Please and thank You love you -farrel

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