Happy Wheels – Part 50 | KOBE!!

Happy Wheels – Part 50 | KOBE!!

*wapoosh* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to HAPPPPPPPY WHEEEEEEEELS it’s my second time to record this I was recordin’ for 40 minutes before this and none of the footage actually recorded hahaha haha OK, so to stop myself going crazy and playing all the same levels again I did play some fan made levels before this but I’m gonna play the top rated levels for this week this time becuz I just want to get some variety in if I play the exact same levels again it’ll just be annoying and I wouldn’t want to record it but, HEY! there’s a level by “jackisepticeye” it’s called “Matrix neon” let’s play that first oh god x2 grab the pineapple x2 OOWWWWWww I grabbed it and it killed me anyway pineapple is love pineapple is life yes! fuck you! “machete throwin’ 2” OK ah- ahhhhh oh Billy! shut up Willy right in his face! ay whatssup Suzy *victory sound* OK, that didn’t really work but I fuckin’ still won, I’m awesome level’s called subway rampage “Yo Susan! they got Nuggetz @ McD’s 4 only 50 cents!” what is happening? Oh God I’m sorry Jesus! It’s my first day! I don’t know how this works Donuts I want donuts (me 2) ‘scuse me fuck sorry comin’ through hey, we made it, it’s McDonald’s *victory sound* did I get my McNuggets? “Harpoon Dodge”? don’t mind if I do oh, it’s one of these OK UHHHH Go Pete Yeah! Dodging all the harpoons what up? hwa oh, Jesus I’m still alive! fucka you! harpoon oh God one harpoon left, SHIT! oh balls oh me nads! and it pinned me to the ground, GREAT! my face! hwo yeah! ouch get- aaaoahh no! don’t I’m fine, I’m fine I just have a huuuge member (take notes fanfic writers) that’s fine still alive oh my god flips are the key to this flips are- ohh right on the top of me noggin flips for dayz I’m still alive not so alive up flip keep on-a flippin’ (keep on-a dancin’) a-ah-ahh it pinned my ass to my face can’t hit me can’t hit me can’t hit me a-ah-aah-aahh hwaa dodged the first one dodged the second smack your face off the ground and die *clapping* good job! dar win award please? you have a harpoon in ya but that’s fine you’re still alive, you’ve- you’ve been you’ve been through worse uah *laughs* ‘freeze wall’ oh I’m so good at these I got all the tactics for these ahh, balls’d it up *laughs* balls’d it up instantly what you gotta do, you gotta fuckin’ wheelie and then knock them over fuckin’ serious?! squeeze squeeze Billy, get off Billy get off and help bonk and a bonk doin’ it I’m doin’ it oah so freeze wall master ohh! I got to do these a little differently uhhh just like that just like Momma taught ya BILLY! BILLY! you lost some arms it’s fine you don’t need ’em just BOSS your way through this boss ’em out of your way boss them out of your way don’t be stuck oohh you badger fuck it could I squeeze? could I squeeze? squeeze you bitch! you don’t need legs! yes dad yes! shit it’s OK, we’re fine what’s happening? I’m doin’ it stupidly I’m broken I don’t know what happened oh, well that’s just great “slow motion dinner” this isn’t dinner there needs to be food for it to be dinner this is just, slow-motion death grab the table, grab the table Santa, you fat bitch! yes! *victory sound* *growling* grab the table, now use it, use it! yes! *victory sound* that doesn’t feel very satisfactory *Willy’s death remix* what a tune! “EXTREME BOTTLE RUN 2′ aye? OK, let’s see who’s the best at this! Go Billy! OH, Jesus balls that’s fast hey Billy, you wanna be a little safer, BILLY! where’d you go, little boy? oh, I lost my one and only son! 7.5 seconds “epic spike fall” we’ll just see about that we’ll see how good your spike fall is when we put Steve up to it *victory sound* *boom* nothin’ ain’t nothin’ stopping Steve “Spike Fall v2” Steve, you’re up again do it buddy do it pal! *sound of Steve dying* oh oh I could not caught that any closer that has to be it *sound of Steve dying* no? how fuckin’ far does it go up? ah, I can just choose any character I want that makes sense Steve isn’t the guy that’s supposed to be doing it Billy and Bobby *victory sound* oh yeah that’s not as fun though “99% impossible” let’s just see about that whoo! *Pete’s annoying cries of pain* I almost did it first try I’m still alive technically I just can’t get off this flips are key *boom* oh! oh, oohh, oooohhh! *Jack’s interesting shriek* I had that! houp and over-er-er up, over fuck it! hwe yes, yes *oe my leg* come on technically my body is across the finish line that’s a bunch of bullshit! I can do this I can do this, I have the skills I didn’t even mean to do that can I fall back down? nope, just death awaits me careful x3 oooohhh if I go a little bit closer oh no! you OK? *victory sound* *weird laugh* that’s how you do it! rope swing, let’s go Steve ooooooohhhhhhh fuck you’re not Segway Steve anymore, you’re spiderman Steve look at these sexy moves uuucck swing, keep the momentum going into a ball, flips for days you’re such a gymast and you’re dead haha oh no grab it ah man! grab it, grab it Steve not the spikes perfect Steve nice *fake laughs* yes! oh, nice one Steve I love you! gra- grabbb the things *meditating* *more meditating* yeah buddy STTEEEEEVVVEEEE! slam dunk! oh God I mssed the ball slam dunk to myself haha grab the ball x3 *victory sound* oh yeah! Michael Jordan what? KOBE!! *victory sound* hahaha oh I’m gonna be a basketball player, screw YouTube “slam dunk soccer mix” hold space then hit this button and release Ah you’re one of these, OK bonk! sucked! bonk! ah come on! sh- blonk! yes, yes ,yyeeessss good job, thank you! Billy? oh! this is a car quiz for logos I know these, I can do this “Audi” or, not Audi, fuckin’ BMW I was just sayin’ what I saw this is BMW this is Rolls Royce obviously why would Subaru or Bentley have double Rs that’s a Mitsubishi I know that one anyway hwe oh, you’re not Lamnorghini are you Pontiac? Pontiac YES! haha! you’re Lexus because you’re an “L” hehe auummmm I don’t know what this logo is I-I think this logo is part 2? *victory sound* OK, I win! haha I actually know my car logos that could’ve been longer though oh hey look it’s balls! I LOVE BALLS!! *sound of effort* kill Justin Bieber haha kill him in one shot! die Billy! yes! no no NO! technically ya didn’t kill me technically I’m still alive can I get the sword out my back? first ball win oh god where’d that go? “HELP” thank you “WIN” “WIN” fuck oh sorry “WIN” x2 “WIN”!!! *victory sound* yeah! good job Steve Oh my God there’s somethin’ in my eye! can you see? right there no? OK OK, now this time I’m on top rated this week and look there’s a “Jacksepticeye Quiz” Oh yes the jacksepticeye its staring into your soul “Hi, Kingdomderp here the creator of this map” “i would like to say tat i am kinda new to mapmaking” that’s OK “so could you please rate fairly” that’s in the black, you don’t put black on black “What is jacksepticeyes real name?” it is Sean! I’m gonna be so good at this I’m gonna pass my own quiz if I don’t that’s really bad “what is his intro?” top of the mornin’ to ya laddies “hey whats going on doods” that’s a boring intro “what does he like playing more?” oh no! you fell into that by mistake you big Segway bitch! go fall into horror this time fall into horror, horror, yes! “who should i make a quiz on next?” aaa, poodiepie sorry Toby *victory sound* yay! I know a lot about myself well, three questions oh! you got a bit of a bottle run goin’ on, do ya? well look who’s playing it! the boss of bottle runs! which is not me apperently hahaha go, go, go Billy Go Billy, yes! I love you Billy! oh yeah! go! goooo! *victory sound* yeah! we just made it! oooh a “Mystery Ball Throw” what u got for me? what u got for me? go! “NOTHING” OK, that’s good that’s better than dying that’s not! *boom* o-o-ohhh OK, go! aw, no! worst part is I don’t know where the deaths were! there’s the same one “HELP” yeah! *sounds of Steve crushed* *victory sound* that didn’t, well that did help OK, so that helped it blocked off the deaths some of them fell into the deaths it killed me and I won anyway that was mind blowing! bottle run hard ha I laugh in your bottle’s faces let’s go Billy! let’s go Billy! or you can fall off cuz you’re slowing me down nooooo! fine, Billy get off my fuckin’ bike see ya later Billy you little bitch go go, noo!! Billy, you’re falling off straight away see ya later Billy! Billy fucked me up, it’s all Billy’s fault fine, stay on my bike this time but don’t be a little bitch don’t slow me down don’t slow me down Billy! *victory sound* yes! and I lost Billy at the same time ha! ‘Press “z” to eject.’ ‘Grab that idiot.’ ‘Kill him! ‘Have fun.’ will fuckin’ do! come here bitch! aww it wasn’t even a slam I just literally decapitated him! come here, come here I’m gonna make you my bitch! OK, pulled your head off again apparently I’m the decapitating master o-o-o-ohh did you see that? that was like a suplex kind of thing or somethin’ or piledriver I don’t fuckin’ know what the name of them are slam dunk! yeah! i like slam dunks they’re fun! *victory sound* haha fuck my face OK, so don’t lose your head this time aw, you forgot the ball grab the ball x3 there you go, attaboy *victory sound* yeah! perfect slam dunk! KOBE!! hard spikefall, HA! I laugh in your face “PUSH THIS” kill Billy die Billy! holy Balls!! here we go x3 straight away first shot one-shot Jack u-u-uoh I can do it x3 I can’t tha- that’s the septic tactic septactic ahh! that’s too no, too far x3 uish is that it? x2 that’s it! *victory sound* that’s the one that’s her yeaya K, well that does it for this episode of Happy Wheels Oh My God my throat is on fire right now recordin’ this for 40 minutes and then another 30 minutes that is a lot of shouting for Happy Wheels anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it Thank you guys so much for watching this episode If you liked it punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and and high-fives all around *wapsh* *wapsh* But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes in the next video! Outro Song by “Teknoaxe” called “I’m everywhere” oh my god I did that all by myself but that’s fine it was fun and I’m not deaf yet anyways, continuing on the actual video *audio playing from the FNAF vid* Outro Song by “Teknoaxe” called “I’m everywhere” nice, and calm oh yeah oh, just breathe it out oh

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  1. jack/ sean is the fuckin best and funniest gamer every hope u have a good life from frances And franklyn rodriguez we love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was dealing with overbearing pain I'm 9 btw for a needle that I had to get put into me i have diabetes and you made the pain go away I love your vids so much never quit please I beg of you


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