Has This Car Been Wrecked? How To Tell – Know How To Buy A Used Car Lesson 3 – Part 1

Has This Car Been Wrecked?  How To Tell – Know How To Buy A Used Car Lesson 3 – Part 1

Hi. It’s Ken Groves again. You remember
me, right? I’m trying to help you pick a great used car. There are a lot of used cars
out there, $5000 and under. They’re junk. They’re junk. I don’t want you to waste
your money. I don’t want you to waste your time. A lot of people, when they walk on to a used
car lot, the first thing they look at is shiny. Oh, it’s shiny! Forget the shiny. Look at
this car. It’s shiny. Look at this car. It’s shiny! Let’s look deeper than shiny. Well, what are you supposed to look at? Well,
let me tell you. How about body lines? What? Body lines. Look here. You see this line right
here? It’s a body line. The fender and door come together. That line should be pretty
much equal all the way down. That line should look like this. Sometimes
they’re like this. Sometimes they’re like that. That means this fender has been wrecked
or this door has been wrecked and when they put it on, they didn’t put it on right.
OK? So, what does that matter? Well, if this door
is put on crooked, the door seal won’t seal around it and let water in during the rainy
days. You’ll have a wet carpet. If the door isn’t on there right, the window won’t
seal up here and there’s wind going inside your car. That’s very important. You’ve got the
wind. You have water. That’s why the body lines are important. Now what you want to
also look at, on the hood, here on the hood, the body line here. It should be even all
the way across here. That’s very important. Now, let’s look at this car over here. This
car is a very good one to look at. Your body line here where your door fits on the frame.
It should be pretty even all the way across as far as the gap distance. The gap looks
pretty good in there. Let’s look here on the hood on the car.
This gap right here looks pretty even. Used car lot guys hate it when you know what to
look for. They hate it. What’s a used car lot job – what’s his job? Used car salesman,
what’s his job? Sell you that car for as much as he can. His job is to take as much
money from you for this car as he can. What’s your job? To make sure you get a
good car for as little money as you can. That’s how it works. So when you know what to look
for, it scares them. Make sure these gaps are about the same. This way, this way, this
way, up here and between the doors right here. This is very important right here. If this
car has been wrecked and this car is sitting like this, these body gaps will not be even. Look at the body gaps all the way around that
car. It may have been hit on this corner. This corner may not line up. It may have been
hit here in the door. This may not line up because the body shop didn’t pull it straight
enough. It’s very important. But not only the gap. Let’s look at the
plane. I don’t mean [makes airplane sounds]. No. I mean the plane of the two metals. Right
over here. Let’s look at this car.

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  1. Sometimes bodylines come uneven out of the factory my brand new car came like that from factory with some uneven bodylines

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