HDB HERO – HDB Buyer’s Dilemma: Resale VS BTO

HDB HERO – HDB Buyer’s Dilemma: Resale VS BTO

Here are 6 things you can consider before
you make a purchase of a BTO or a Resale flat! One of the biggest questions is, “How long
can you wait?”. Getting a BTO can be as long as 3 to 5 years, from the day that you apply
to the day that you get the keys. Whereas for a Resale flat, you can get the keys to
your resale flat within 4 to 6 months. So, you have to ask yourself, do you have somewhere
do stay in between, while waiting for the keys? Is your family okay, waiting with you?
Or, if you need to immediately move in, then you’ll know your answer! If you cannot wait
that long, definitely a resale flat is preferable over a BTO unit. Generally, BTO flats are
smaller in size and smaller in square footage, as compared to the same unit type within the
same estate. A brand new 4-room flat in Tampines might be in the range of 90-92sqm, whereas
a 4-room flat can be as big as 110sqm! Of course, when you purchase a BTO flat, the
only time you get to see the unit itself is when you go to the showflat in HDB Hub, or
through the floorplans provided by HDB. Whereas if you were to purchase a resale flat unit,
you will get to see exactly what kind of view you will be getting from the unit – whether
it’s a second floor, whether it’s facing the carpark or facing the park or an enbloc unit,
you will know for sure what you are getting when you get a resale unit. One of the biggest
issues, in fact, when you are looking between a BTO and a resale is pricing! A BTO flat
already has discounted prices (built-in discounts). Whereas if you were to go for resale flats,
it is slightly on the higher side! But with all the grants available up to $90,000; you
might end up with buying a resale flat which is cheaper than a BTO within the same township!
So, those were the 6 considerations that you should think about, before you decide between
a BTO or a resale unit!

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  1. What about 99 yr lease issue that affect the purchase between buying a resale over a BTO Flat you totally missed this one, since 99 yrs tenure will definitely affect the after purchase value of the flat.

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