He almost broke his neck… and his bike too

He almost broke his neck… and his bike too

omg omg I want so hard to ride my bike yes Alright What do we do now follow me my boy let’s go to….. ride down some stairs oooh go go go *Gaby appears in my back* Hello huh? what did you do Radu: Do you hear anything? Radu speaking in english: Do you hear anything? what? Radu : my wheel is ok Keep calm You have tubeless tires , your wheel won’t EXPLODE that easily It needs to go through wheel and tire to explode Go ahead Spin it if you want I Lost control *alien sounds* I’ve recovered , turn right omg OMG LOOK AT THAT PIG HOW HE IS RIDING HIS BIKE Radu: I’ll pee on you till you’ll fall well I didn’t put my wheel down so I am still wheeli-ing Radu : yes of course xD well I am in high gear , Idk if I can start it again Radu : Let’s go let’s go then Radu : Let’s please go on the road We could… I mean it isn’t night so we don’t need lights Radu : Should we go ahead? Let’s turn right so we can go in the small park too Do we go in the park? Pfiu I got your dirt in my nose We will go on the counter-sense of the road till we will pass this one Do we go on Contra sant? ( counter-sense of groove ) yes it’s good xD lmao I thought your wheel is doing that sound which one this sound lmao I like that Gaby is looking on the left so nobody will come that way xD oh actually we can’t go on this road…. it’s full of cars just go on the sidewalk yes I press to change gear but it doesn’t change it ok I need to stop here Radu : and now go ahead Radu : ahead? Let’s get off our bikes it drifts a little Let’s first go on the bike line or … I can start now xD I don’t think that you wanted to see 8 minutes of me just riding on a wheel so .. fast forward now on off-road? oh… What time is it? ahh Radu, are you capable of riding down this track? Radu : Omg It is so hard to just hold a brake lever when you go down You go down this track, I go down the stairs rip uhm well.. I got this on video *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* Gaby: I could swear to god Do you feel pain? ahh, he is alright, the fat skin saved his ass Gaby : I saw that you gained a lot of speed ahh it is so hard to hold brake lever while descening xD Radu : Omg It is so hard to just hold a brake lever when you go down Gaby : stfu keep calm I was joking , why you so mad Gaby : Not the right moment Radu : Let’s fix this shit now xD Gaby : get on it Gaby : you pressed the front brake lever too hard Radu: yes You pressed it that hard that you got over your bars xD Gaby : Listen to me Gaby: you didn’t stop in the border You fell in the middle of the road no You pressed the front brake lever and you went OVER your bars How did he fell..I mean I didn’t see the whole thing Did he start to fell here? Gaby: So he gained a lot of speed , came down this path , got scared and pressed the front brake to hard and … Like there Well , he had nothing , not at all not even a scratch Hope you liked it Good night because I stayed a whole night just to edit this video

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  1. aoleuuuuuuu saracul mai traieste, este bine??????? m ar interesa daca mai traieste, nu de alta dar nu mai am cu cine sa stau in banca!!!!!!

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