Hella 500 Series Auxiliary Lamps Comparison Lights Aftermarket

Hella 500 Series Auxiliary Lamps Comparison Lights Aftermarket

Brought to you by JEGS. What we have here is the Hella 500 line up.
All these are Hella 500’s. They’re all basically the same size, have the same features in the
kit. They have a complete wiring kit with a relay and everything that you need. But
the differences in the lights is, this is the Hella 500. This is the classic version.
It’s available in a driving, and also in a clear fog. This has a 55 watt bulb in it.
Approximately 6 inches across. The next one is the Hella 500FF. This uses
a free-form design reflector in the back as you can see. That gives you approximately
20% to 30% more light, using the same exact setup. One of the more popular new lights out by
Hella is the Black Magic. This is a 500 series, same size. They’ve included a black cover.
There’s all the black hardware. And one of the coolest features about it is this black
grid, and as you look at the grid when the light is not on, you’ll see that this grid
reflects back onto the reflector, making it look black. When the light turns on, it cancels
that out, shines like a normal classic 500. Hella 500 kits, all 55 watt. Real great supplementary
light to add to your Jeep, SUV, whatever. Increase your safety, visibility at night.
These are available in driving, in all these, and these are also available in the classic.
You can get it in a fog and an amber fog. What we got here is, we got a 2010 Jeep JK.
Right now the headlights are on. And we got the 500 classics which we’ve been turning
on. These are only 55 watt as they come out of the box from the factory. And these are the Black Magics. And as you
can see with the lights on, no more black. Okay, again we have our Jeep JK here with
it’s factory headlights on, and a set of 500FF’s. You can take a little bit closer look at them,
you’ll see how they have the free-forum reflectors on them. Brought to you by JEGS.
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  1. I like the looks of the 500 Black magic but you say that 500ff offers more light. Can you make a video only with Hellas without Factory headlamps on?

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