Help Me Please

Help Me Please

rev up your engines help me please Scotty says scotty I got
a nissan altima 2003 check engine light came on took it to auto zone it said p0302 I change the spark plugs that didn’t fix it p0302 means cylinder number
two is misfiring now unfortunately it’s often not as simple as it seems you
think it says misfiring so the spark plugs aren’t firing right it just means
that that cylinder is not firing correctly it can be spark bugs it can be
the ignition coil it can be wiring it can be the fuel injectors if they don’t
give the right amount of gas akin misfire it can be the head gasket
starting to blow on similar number two it can be lots of things that make a
vehicle misfire and unfortunately a lot of people see the code oh it’s misfiring
so it something’s wrong with the ignition system it doesn’t necessarily
have to be the ignition system when you diagnose it of course start with a
simple thing change the spark plugs if that doesn’t fix it and you got coil on
plug move the number two coil to say the number one and move the number one coil
to the number two then if you find out now it’s misfiring under number one and
not the two you know the coil is bad swap parts around for that and pray that one
of those swapping fixes because if not you can easily be on those engines an 03 altima those are notorious for blowing head gaskets and it could be
that your head gasket is starting to blow in number two and that’s a whole
bunch of money more than that altima is really worth if you got to rebuild the
engine that case I’d say just get rid of the car if you had a bunch of tests on
and see the engines going out get rid of it don’t put the money into it cuz it’s
not worth it they’re bad quality control to begin with and when the engines go
that’s the beginning of the end you don’t want to throw a whole bunch of
money into it Southworth Kingsford Scotty what mods or parts can I change
to gain better horsepower on my car I have a CVT and make it a little faster
today modern cars get as much horsepower as they can for good gas mileage the way
they’re designed if you really want more horsepower you have to do radical
modifications superchargers or turbochargers rebuild the engine with
better Pistons higher compression ratios all the other stuff is just a bunch of
nonsense that hardly does anything it’s been proving that putting those cold air
intakes sometimes you actually get less horsepower out of unless they’re tuned
by a professional you’re not gonna get much anyways unless you spend a bunch of money you got a CVT transmission not a smart idea to put a lot of horsepower
they’re weaker transmissions to begin with even back in the day if somebody
had a big-block Chevy and they wanted horsepower they put a supercharger on it
they’d have to either rebuild or replace the transmission with a heavier duty or
transmission cuz it wasn’t made to take 4 or 500 horsepower maybe it was good
for 250 horse powers but not for five hundred you know CVT transmissions are relatively weak you put them a lot more
horsepower in them your problem you burn the thing out I’d leave it alone if I
were you and for anybody out there they want to do cheap modifications for spark
there really aren’t any that actually worked don’t waste your money on that crap that people tried to sellyou josh says Scotty I recently installed
the new exhaust and headers in my 92 Civic was great for a week and now it
sounds dull what do you expect you start changing exhaust it starts
messing with the anti-pollution system it’s a 92 but it still has an
anti-pollution system you want to check your catalytic converter you took all
that other stuff off could be the catalytic invert is getting a little bit
clogged now from a different type of flow you want to check the catalytic
converter you can have the back pressure test let’s see if it’s starting to clog
it up and it is you can replace it or just bypass that it’s a 92 it’s so old
probably no one’s gonna be emissions checking it when it’s been a 92 they
don’t check those in Texas anymore winner 92 check to see if anything has
come apart on your new system sometimes those new systems of cheaply made and
the baffle plates themself will start bending or breaking and then it’s gonna
sound different because now the sounds bashing against a bent part a lot of
times guys are buy stuff on you and see where you got a lot of times guys buy
stuff on eBay or some cheap place where what a deal I got a whole exhaust system
for $99 Wow the quality is really good if it is so you want to check that but
the first thing I would check would be the catalytic converter and they can
easily be pressure tested to see if it’s starting to clog up because they got
tiny little holes in them and if you changed all the rest of the exhaust the
flow pattern changed maybe that’s all clogged up now you’re gonna have to get
that off to sergio says Scotty I got a concern I’m a car I got a 1990
Honda Accord my timing belt recently snapped on me while I was driving
there’s lots of reasons your timing belt could snap let’s say it was old age well
put another belt where you know where you go a lot of
times they will snap because let’s say it’s an old engine and the cams weren’t
out and then eventually either you’re low on oil or the cam just wears out in
a cam locks up then of course the belts can of snap because the bottom of the
engine the crank is turning the belt but the cam sprocket is locked in place and
it’ll snap right off you got to check to see if anything’s
damaged in the engine try to turn on all that stuff by hand even something like
an idler pulley vent lock so it’ll make the belt snap and then spin it if it
doesn’t spin you got to replace that under belt but you just gotta make sure
that there’s no destruction that made the belt snap before you put it back
together yeah mh21 says Scotty I got a 2014 lexus es350 with
only 40,000 miles countered vibrates a lot when it’s been dry but not neutral
Park generally one or two things those are notorious for their dog-bone mounts
it’s a dog mauled motor mount that’s on the passenger side it’ll kind of like a
dog bone little holes and there’s rubber inside the holes the rubber often breaks
and then they rattle look at them that’s broken go put another one on you can
easily do it yourself there’s one two three four bolts you unbolt it and you take it
off you don’t even have to jack the car up it’s right there do that if that’s
broken off it’s not there try tuning it up new spark plugs ear filter stuff like
that cuz if a car doesn’t run right it’ll often shake a little when it’s
them drive but not in Park or neutral but on those it’s often those dog bone mounts
it was just one of the cheaper designs and since it’s so easy to replace four
bolts you can easily do it yourself you only have to pay a mechanic most motor
mounts are a pain in the rear end you gotta jack the car up
reach in all the small places this is right on the top you don’t even have to jack
anything it just sits there so you can bolt it on and bolt another one in places
like autozone they sell ones that work perfectly fine now they are made in
Thailand but they make some pretty good parts in Thailand actually I got a motorcycle the whole thing is made in Thailand so you know you can easily fix that
yourself if the mounts broken you can see broken rubber when you start it up
you’ll see it waiting a little little you know it’s bad see to death to anyone
says I got no seven Highlander I’m a weird problem my wife says it doesn’t do
it and it’s the way I have the gas pedal but when I get the card shifts and runs
great tell him a different way it’ll shift from second or third stops and
jolts and it seems worse is the AC on his one hundred and seventeen thousand
miles and I had the fluid and filter changes are transmitted
odds are you’re just driving it harder than your wife and I see that all the
time if somebody drives relatively conservatively they’re not straining the
engine you’re probably giving it more gas being harder on it and as they wear
from second to third its jolting a little it shows that you have where
that’s typical on something that’s 13 years old you’ll often have some wear
when you’re straining the transmission that wear is gonna start to show up as
quickly and it doesn’t do it but when you go faster it does
my advice is second to third gear just take it a little bit easier when I was a
kid I had a car second gear was going out and it was a
standard transmission you go in a second it would clump because the synchronizer
on second gear was going out so what did I’d stay in first gear longer and then shift from first to third and I drove it
years that way and sold it to a guy and told him the same thing and he drove it for
years that way then he sold it to another guy nobody ever touched that
transmission drove it a little bit differently so if you ease up and it
doesn’t do it be happy because he said it’s four-wheel drive it cost a fortune
to pull that transmission off and rebuild it you don’t want to mess with
that but since its Toyota you baby it can still go a lot of times they’ll go
another hundred and seventeen thousand miles if you baby it Joe it says Scotty
my mother-in-law’s 02 Ford Explorer 4 liter v6 I’m trying to fix it
she keeps getting P1131 one bank one lean I replace the oxygen sensor the
intake manifold check for vacuum leaks to no avail
first thing you want to start is check the fuel pressure and the fuel injectors
if one bank is running lean something’s clocked on that side on the fuel system
that’ll make it run lean we might even have a bad injector on that side it
can’t be something that reflects the whole car because they would be lean on
both sides so you said you checked for vacuum leaks you couldn’t find it and
you put a new intake manifold that doesn’t know but the last thing that it
could be and you want to pray it’s not that especially if it runs a little bit
poorly the actual head gasket or valve spring is going inside the engine and
then that side will run bad because that side of the engines damaged but the
other side is start with the fuel pressure and checking the fuel injectors
pray it’s just a bad injector you might even try some fuel-injected cleaner in a
tank what the heck it doesn’t cost much and if
that didn’t work we mechanics have a machine that’s a pressure cleaner and we
put it directly on the fuel rail and it runs pure injector cleaner through the
injectors on a vehicle without taking it apart and if one of them’s clogged it
can often clean it up and then it won’t run lean because they’ll get the clog
out that’ll be able to spray the right amount of gas and not too little that it
might be doing right now to mine so Scotty I took my 2010 Honda Pilot EXL to
the dealer sometimes I go for steering noise they replaced the power
steering pump and a noise came back they changed the power steering hose but it
didn’t solve it they changed the tensioner but it’s still making a noise
yeah they did everything correctly and use
good parts your steering rack is going on the power steering pump builds up
high-pressure goes through hoses and goes to the power steering rack then
when you turn it it pushes the extra pressure to one side and gives you power
when you turn to the other weight pushes it to the other side you get noise if
that’s got too much back pressure built up so it could easily be your rack is
out now a lot of times guys use rebuilt power steering pumps they often make
noise if it’s a brand new Honda power steering pump yeah that’s not the
problem because they’re well made and they’re brand new but over the years I
have had more customers have a whiny power steering system they go to a
discount auto parts store to buy a rebuilt pump for 100 bucks put it on the
whining stealer and the only problem is it was a poorly rebuilt pump when they
rebuild those pumps generally all they do is tack on a fire putting new seals
cuz they were leaking they don’t take them apart put new bearings and all the
stuff on if you got one that whines it’s still gonna whine when you sell it to
somebody else with power steering pumps my philosophy is if you really want one
that’s quiet and it works buy a new one now if you don’t care about noise and it
just doesn’t work you could try rebuilt one it might work
perfectly fine it might whine but it might work I mean your case you don’t
like the noise so odds are you got a bad rack unless they sold you a bad pump
ask them if it was new or rebuilt if it was rebuilt demand another rebuilt one or a new one
saying hey it didn’t fix my problem so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Hey Scotty, the bank 1 too lean can also be caused by the vvt cam phasers being off due to oil ports being plugged or a stretched timing chain. I don't know if this is an issue with other motors but the GM 2.4l LAF/LEA/etc motors have this issue around 80,000-120,000km due to infrequent oil maintenance/bad engineering design

  3. God bless you Scotty for offering free advise to people who don't know and it's hard finding a good source of advice. I just started watching your video's and your respect is noticed… … God bless

  4. Help Scotty: I have a Ford Mustang Cobra from 1995, it has about 20k on the OD (original owner), but it's spent the past 6+ years sitting in a garage unused. The last time I started it 3 years ago, when it eventually started, it was misfiring and would stall as soon as I tried to put it in gear, I assume it was running on varnish or the fuel filter is done. I don't mind spending $$$ to get it running for next year, but what parts do I need to work with my mechanic to absolutely replace. I want it reliable, not just 'running again'. I finally pulled the battery when I got sick of the old aftermarket alarm system going off in the middle of the night from low voltage but it's low miles and in great shape. Tires were brand new when I began storing it but they're 8+ years now and flat. New rubber, hoses, gas tank? Thank You!

  5. hi, just for personal curiosity, why do you wear sunglasses in every of your videos? By the way, great channel with an awful lot of good advices and DIY repairs! Keep it up !

  6. So I’m fixed my truck Nissan 04 titan , but after driving it for a bit , it just turns off all of sudden after we changed the spark plugs and battery , but when it turns off , it turns back on without any problem though

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    Unfortunately for him, the Sun's rays caused him to go into a permanent seizure!
    ….it was an endless sunny fit……………….

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  9. Some Ford's have noisy power steering. My brother has a 1990's Arrow-star that has noisy power steering. Odd that Ford allowed that to be normal quality standard in some of their vehicles.

  10. I have a 2005 toyota celica, during cold months it sometimes stumbles and almost dies, it doesnt happen in summer. Also when you fill it up with gas while it's running, it dies, could these issues be related to an EVAP issue? I have released fuel filter, pump, coil packs, cleaned the fuel system.

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  12. I had the P0300 codes on my 1996 dodge van, I noticed it was low but not empty on gas so I put gas in it and that fixed it

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  18. Toyota and Lexus = Perfect
    Honda, Acura, Ford, Subaru, Hyundai and KIA = Very Good
    Volvo and Nissan = Good
    Chevy and GMC = Bad
    Mercedes = Very Bad
    BMW and Porsche = NO!

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  27. Damn Scotty, you definitely got me thinking you need an intervention or something as a cry out for help. It’s a good tag line though to get curious viewers back to your videos. Nice work! 👍

  28. Scotty I've got an '05 Nissan Altima @ 85k miles. Shifting into gear or off stop light and clunking noise… Motor mounts or suspension??

  29. Scotty please help it’s josh my dad just gave me his Chevy nova 79 he hasn’t done a oil change on it since 1999 what should I do,a engine flush?

  30. Most cars with CVT transmissions, to my knowledge, have a governor system on the throttle to prevent the trans from ever getting loaded up while stalled. Its to prevent damage to it. Not good for any trans but your basic hydraulic automatic can tolerate a few seconds of stall.

  31. Hey Scotty, if you are going away and need to garage the car for a few months, what do you recommend that one does before storing the car?

  32. Hi there scotty… I just had the trasnmission replaced for my 2012 2.5 Altima GCC specs with one from US specs… and it works fine BUT my car's cruise control set light starts to blink when I try to engage it at 100kmph speed or above and it does not engage… I have to shut off the car after stopping it and then restart to get it working again only till it remains below 100kmph speed… Any ideas? As there is no check engine light. Thanks

  33. Scotty, I've watched about ten of your videos on here and I've learned sooo much!!!
    Where I didn't learn was where you validated some facts I've told not so car savvy friends and relatives over the years!! I'm a very good judge of character and I can tell by your demeaner that you're one of the few honest car mechanics out there that doesn't capitalise on someone's misfortune when they bring their sick automobiles to you!!
    I'm not widely known for retaining information so well as I stumble thru my 50's so i now have a steady go to "guy" that has been sharing his wealth of information and experience!!!
    I hope the years ahead are as prosperous as your rising popularity on here bro!!
    As a fellow patriot, I absolutely love that sign above your garage door!

  34. Scotty! I'm having mechanic issues.
    Misfiring 2005 outback, got a new valve head gasket and plugs/cables at the mechanic and they trashed the threads on one of the plugs meaning a plug flew out of the engine and cost me $300 to tow back. They tell me they will come to my house to look at it, they didn't turn up. this happens like 6 times. waste a whole day off work and 5 evenings waiting for them not to show. I finally get it towed to the mechanic (which they payed for). It takes a week for them to drop the engine as they are busy (which again they did for free), then they ask If I want a load of work done while the engine is out for cheap. I say yes to a new head gasket as they said it would be cheap since they have already dropped the engine off to re-tap the threads.

    They want $1600 for the gasket, Does that sound reasonable considering the engine was already dropped? I feel like they screwed up and then took 3 weeks to fix it, and now they are trying to make some more money out of me.
    On top of that, I told them I didn't want a timing belt done (it was done 50k ago) because I couldn't afford it, I never got an estimate on how much the gasket would be, I was assuming under a grand seeing as the engine was already out of the car.

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