Help! My Needle & Hand Wheel are Stuck – Sewing Machine Jammed!

Help!  My Needle & Hand Wheel are Stuck  – Sewing Machine Jammed!

hey it’s Monica with {It’s Just Sewing} and I’m
guessing they found that because you’re having a huge problem with a jammed machine. I want to cut right to the chase to see if this is exactly what’s going on. So here’s the
scenario that usually drives people to look for assistance in this area.
Alright, so you get excite because you’re getting ready to set something I know you’re psyched about it and you
put your fabric in and you start sewing and you hit the gas pedal but your fabric isn’t really going anywhere. And oh my
gosh and now your needle is jammed for any bring your hand over
to try and bring the needle out of the fabric and the hand wheel is jammed and you are freaking out and you’re like I’m that this
is the point where everybody says this I am done this is not for me I don’t
know what I’m doing wrong why machine acting this way! Okay, so you calm
down can you go back over and you try and
work that hand wheel and finally somehow by the grace of God you were able to get that needle to come up and when you do you
pull out your fabric out and turn it on the back and there is a total disastrous mess of thread that kinda looks like a
bird’s nest a thread is that what’s going on? okay if it is, you are going to be so happy today because I am going to take of you . I’m gonna
tell you exactly what it is nothing more then forgetting to drop your presser foot.
before you sew and here’s why. Let me bring over my machine. so you have your presser foot and your presser foot
provides pressure to your fabric and underneath the
presser foot are that the feed dogs and the feed dogs are the fabrics little conveyor belt. it’s
the thing that moves the fabric see you can imagine if you have the
conveyor belt going but there’s no pressure down, the fabric isn’t
going anywhere okay and then needle keeps on going up and down and that’s what creates the mess of thread. So, one of the best parts about and some of the newer machines that are
out there is that it won’t let you tho unless
unless you drop the presser foot. I mean HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Now, not every machine has that so you can
pop over to our website and you see our link that says LOVE {favorite things}, that will take
you into a page that will give you all sorts of recommendations for machines that actually have this
feature. So that is the main reason that you’re
gonna have that birds nest of thread but they’re is one other reason that could be and causing
that same effect. so what will happen is (I’m going to turn this around so you can see it a
the little bit better) when you are threading your machine your needle
always make sure, you know obviously you’re going down like we talked about
previously in our {Learn to Sew} videos you going down this S Curve and
when you go down this S Curve you come up to the second slot or Crevice there is
a hook in there and it comes up and you wrap your thread in it and
bring it back down now if you lose thread out of the eye of the needle or you have to re-thread you can sometimes miss this on accident and if you do and
you start sewing and the threads not in there it’s going to look again like that
bird’s nest thread not quite as severe as the one before but equally as ugly and frustrating so
check that as a secondary a issue if you’re having a problem with your needle being jammed okay. Alright so those are the main two reasons issues with a Jammed machine! I want to hear from you I know
this helped because I think this, again, is the biggest reason that
people stop sewing! And my whole goal is to make sure that you
get over this hump and you get super excited about sewing. So
leave a comment in the comment section let you know that
will helpful and then it as always if you like what
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you can follow us on our social media as well {it’s just sewing}. so thank you and I
hope this is helpful and KEEP ON SEWING!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hi, i love this video and thanx for the information, I have also a serger and that's why I am here not for my regular machine. my hand wheel in my serger is stuck also my needle. I am not having a bird nest!! Thou but nothing works out!! This surger o got it from a friend who do at know what to do with it. ( it was her mum's) So i don't get why my hand wheel stuck as you didn't mention it. Do you have any other suggestion to check? Thanx

  2. Helped me !!!  I threw my hands in the air last night after the machine jammed doing curtain edging.  (Too think, I think).Anyway, took your advice and it was well and truly jammed with cotton.  I had to use a pen to grab hold of the thread (under the needle) and pulled with all my might.  It cleared and I was off again.  Then I broke a needle 🙁  Replaced it first time without issue 😀 Yay for me and thanks to you !!!!

  3. Can you please help me out, my needle is stuck in my machine and I can't turn the handwheel either way. What do you suggest I do. I have a singer Simple 2263. My handwheel has never turned freely, it seems to be really tight. Thank you for the video.

  4. Hi,
    I recently received a sewing machine, it was fine until I used it to sew some elastic. I have changed the needle, the bobbin and the top thread but still have a problem. When the needle goes down and comes back up the thread is looped through and the main part of thread has come out and it gets jammed. It sometimes sounds like the needle is hitting something too ! Any help would be appreciated thanks

  5. k so I got sewing machine and I love to see I know how to do it I took a class in school it's been years sense I have used on anyway I put the flap down and I start to see then it jam like right away how do I fix this?

  6. Could you please help me? So i was sewing fleece and towels together when suddenly my machine made this low sound and wouldn't go anymore. The hand wheel wouldn't turn just like you said in the video ( There was a birds nest when i took the fabric out to ) So afterwards i could sew again until the same thing happened and my machine wouldn't go, Then my needle broke. This keeps happening after a few minuets of sewing and Im not to sure why. ( The presser foot was defiantly down and the machine was threaded properly) Now i have to keep constantly replacing my needle in the machine. Do you know whats wrong?

  7. Hi,

    I have a Brother CE 5000 and never had any real issues with it. Yesterday, I was trying to hem something and my machine gave a "clank" and then stopped completely giving me an error E6 (no "thread nest" as you called it). With a bit of force, I got it unstuck, but when turning the arm, it was definitely "sticky". I tried to sew again it and it worked for about 3 inches before seizes again. Husband took it apart, as best he could, everything looked over, but when he put it back together, it was "smooth" again, running like it use too (we don't know what he did). Then, I back-stitched, sewed an inch and it jammed up again.

    Now we can't even turn the wheel at all. Can you help?

  8. So mine does not have either problems you mentioned but it still is stuck and I can't lift up the needle with the hand control😬

  9. Oh my god! Thank you for this, I never normally comment on videos, but this saved me. I forgot to hook the thread through the loop at the top. So glad I found this video. Thank you ☺️

  10. My machine is jammed but it's not letting my needle come the whole way up. The arm in the crevice of the s curve won't come up. Any idea? It's a brother machine very similar to yours.

  11. I have a brother ce11000prw and the fabric keeps getting stuck in the feed dogs and will not advance and I have a wad of thread that the machine is literally eating the fabric. Sometimes it will sew but if I have to put in reverse for a couple of stitches it automatically jams.

  12. HELP!!! I have a new mini sewing machine (Lil Sew & Sew 202) and my handwheel is STILL stuck! The needle won't dip down all the way (so I can't bring the lower thread up). I can only turn the wheel part of the way in either direction. I am a beginner. Please Help

  13. HI, I have usha janome allure sewing machine from 25th oct 2011, the machine was working to yestarday…but the hand wheel stuck….how to reaper please

  14. It could be another stupid thing. Your bobbin winder is engaged!! I spent two hours taking my machine apart trying to find the problem!! I did find a ton of thread wrapped around the handle so I cut it all out & it was still seized. Come to find out it was my bobbin winder!! SWEAR WORDS!!! 😊

  15. no sorry I went through it all and I don't even have the lump of thread.  I have had the maching for years used it once when I got it and then made a quilt last week.  working on a new project changed needles reworked thread checked bobbin and  fixed it once then was in the middle of chaining some pieces for another quilt and it jammed again and cleaned it out rethreaded it and it still wont move.  so if all else fails got take it to my mom.

  16. my needle broke in half . the other half got stuck inside my machine! im so afraid to remove the parts because i dont know if i can put them back . i really need my sewing machine right now to fix my prom dress but its not working 😭😖

  17. Hi, I am using a singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine.
    1) I started having issues with the bobbin basket as the thread from the bobbin goes underneath the bobbin basket instead of over it thereby raising the basket n causing the upper n lower thread to get stuck.
    2) I am using the sewing machine again after a long time only to realise that the handwheel isnt turning (deadlock). The machine isnt working at all. I am upset and frustrated cos there's no singer repairer close to my area.

  18. it shows an antique singer and has keywords for a completely different machine and problem. WTF lady.

  19. my machine was seeing perfectly but it just randomly jammed. I couldn't move the needle at all, but I eventually got it up. but every time I try to start it rejams.

  20. I have a consew 226 and my foot and needle randomly gets stuck down. what you have talked about today is not the problem. the foot is down before sewing and it's threaded correctly. pls help I can't seem to find and answer and I don't have time to take the machine to get serviced

  21. I'm so stupid! I'm obviously a beginner and TRYING to make an apron. I was attempting to sew the fabrics together but it was after I had already sown the first layer. So I basically mountaineer it up and then my. Machine started going crazy and stalling and get. This…. the needle disappeared through the needle holder. Help me please!

  22. Nope. Not my problem. Hand wheel doesn't turn. Needle not going at all. No snarl, bobbin area is clear.

  23. Someone pls helpp there is thread stuck in the part that we put the thread down i have an old singer machine and i dont know why the machine makes the sound as if it is sewing but the needle doesnt want to go up and down it's just stuckk anyone pls?

  24. help none of these i have checked for thresad there arent any stuck now please help its very noisy and the wheel wnt move at all why

  25. You're so charming! I was feeling frustrated, but you inspired me again. 🙂 This wasn't my issue, but I'm motivated to find it and fix it.

  26. wOW, so The presser foot must always be set ! I've forgoten to pull it down on occasion and the back suture looks messy. But I'm doing that less and less. Thank you.

  27. Oh my! I am a beginner sewer and I was about to panic when my needle jammed in my machine and I couldn't turn the hand wheel. I watched your video and was able the fix the problem. Thank you so much and yes, this video was very helpful.

  28. Thank you! I'm out of state visiting my daughter, and I'm using her machine. I had to wind another bobbin, then when I went to lift the pressure foot to thread the machine, the wheel got tight. I watched your video, put fabric under the foot and raised the bar, finished grading and viola! Thank you!

  29. Wow that helped a lot. Darn, I forgot to put the presser foot down & I also noticed I didn't even turn the machine on & the biggest error I completely overlooked was, I forgot the material I wanted to sew. Thanks

  30. Hi! I have a problem my machine got stuck and the handle wheel is not moving and the needle is down the fabric. I cannot do anything. What I'm ganna do?

  31. luv luv luv luv love uuuu!!! Thx so much, exactly what happened to me today!!! when I wanted to relax and distract!! Lol!Thk UUU
    U made my Day!! Luv!

  32. Monica, I have a basic brother JX2517 and I want to sew a wider space between each threading, the #6 i this is quite short or close sewing, Is there a model U can recommend me that has wider sewing (just straight line sewing but wider spaces) Also what # of needle shall I use for sewing silkish materials like a blouse material? Thx U!!

  33. Was not helpful at all. Thing is totally jammed. Unscrewed needle but Handwheel wont turn at all.

  34. Mine, everything is perfect, no jam either , the only thing is hard to turn is the WHeel. Is there any suggestion that can help, what should i do with wheel?.

  35. Hi my sewing machine is totally stuck, the handwheel is moving but the needle is not, how can i fix it? Pleasee i need some help

  36. That didn't help me either. I have a Singer 15, which is industrial strength and sewed awesome. Then half way into a multi-layer velvet upholstery project it started doing the loopy thing and jamming. I rethreaded and rethreaded and tried again until it finally just snapped the needle. 🙁

  37. you saved my costume!! and the life of my sewing machine!!! i was so ready to just chuck it out the window… but i took a deep breath and googled it, thank God you were the first video i clicked on….you fixed it!!! much appreciation… thanks🌹

  38. Sorry, this was not helpful to me. I was seeing fine, reloaded the bobbin and now it seems the hand wheel jammed but even after I was able to loosen it, go through all your steps, it jammed again. It appears the thread is also bunching up in the bobbin case. After removing all the thread and fabric again and watching the bobbin process, the top thread does not clear the bobbin housing and binds up in an area that does not appear I can do anything about it unless I take the machine apart! Not happening….let me mess around with it some more…

  39. this is not fucking helpfull. bitch, my sewmachine really got stuck and i already pulled it back and it didnt fucking work. what the shit just happened with my fucking sew machiiiiiiine T_T

  40. It helped some but not with my current problem. (help for past and likely future problem though) On with my search for answers…. POS sewing machine.

  41. I loved this video! I was so excited to find you! I subscribed immediately! I have a
    CSBrother 6000i my hand wheel is really tight & when I try to sew it makes a loud struggling sound. Any ideas! Thank you ahead of time!

  42. When I am sewing I have put the feet down on top of the fabric and then start sewing and my needle stops and it hits the bottom and does nothing else. The feet are down. My other machine I get a bunch of thread at the bottom. Again the feet are down. I pull out enough thread from top and bottom and even hold the thread and I still get the bunch of thread at the bottom. I love sewing but this is so frustrating.

  43. My pressure foot is down and sometimes the take up lever gets unthreaded like the thread broke somewhere what’s another reason for the birds nest?

  44. Unfortunately this was no help at all. I have checked all threading and made sure nothing has jammed inside bobbin case etc, but side wheel will not move. This is what I wanted to sort out.

  45. I forgot to put down the pressure foot and it go stuck. However you didn't say how to in stuck it so my when will turn again

  46. Okay, so I have a Kenmore machine, with a drop bobbin case, and it keeps getting jammed. The presser foot is down, the thread is correct, new thread, new thread on bobbin, wound correctly, even new needle. It's a clean machine. And it still jams. It didn't before, and all of a sudden, I can't do much of anything. The video here didn't help and none others that I have found have been either…. nor the manual….

  47. You might want to change the thumbnail of your video picture. I almost didn’t click on your video because it was an old picture of a sewing machine. I know if I thought that a lot of other people thought the same thing. I only clicked on the video because it was my last hope.

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