Here we go again (Happy Wheels #77)

Here we go again (Happy Wheels #77)

YOU THOUGHT 5.000 EPISODES WASN’T ENOUGH?! SAY IT WITH ME Br0s!! HAPPY WHEELS! hAPpy WheELs!!! HeCk YEaH!! We’re back baby For another 100 episodes of happy wheels We’re starting a new- I’m not- just full of shit- I’m just gonna play once XD You guys just couldn’t have enough, could you? YoUr FaNtAsiEs could NEVER be quenched? Well here I am [Funky music] Aaaaahhhh [In echo effect] XD The sweet sound of happy wheels It just brings back all the memories Fetus Pewds: Anyways are your ready? MiNeCrAfT ft. Felix’s laugh I missed you, Happy Wheels [Fake Sweedish Accent] Let’s frickin do this So let’s go by ‘any time’ and sort by ‘rating’ HARPOON DODGE!1!?!? I’m glad to see they’re innovative because I’ve NEVER PLAYED A HARPOON DODGE! Harpoooon Dodge 2! oh, okay, we’re starting with harpoon dodge 2 oh, easy 3…2…1 Go easy that one’s easy. I did it. I did it. My God I’m so scaared is this- oh God this is actually- oh God Not another one I’m still alive… I’m still alive iTs FiNe I’m choking myself *maniacal laughter* oh, that does not look good! *more maniacal laughter* It’s okay, guys I’m a LITTLE rusty but I’ll be- but I’ll do it- I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Control, shift, eject I eject alright ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So you wanna go as flat as possible ah, f- You wanna go dolphin That’s all I know, that’s all I remember oh, oh see this dolphin? oh, God *maniacal laughter, for a third time* I’m actually having fun playing Happy Wheels. oh, God It’s hard, it’s hard! That’s my head ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh, we got a metal penis, everyone Is Happy Wheels gonna become like Minecraft? Will people just start playing it unironically again? I think I know what I need to do, I think I know what I need to do oh God, oh alright, so you wanna make sure… that’s uh… OH! DAMMIT!!! *maniacal laughter for a fourth time* I AM SO TERRIBLE!!! Ah, I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it I may have lost my foot but I’m STILL ALIVE! NOPE! SEAL OOH! OH! yeah yeah, I’m still alive God damn it oh, oh oh, well that’s- this is gonna hurt OH I DODGED IT! OH! [Feminine voice] Awesome~ Oh, oh, oh seal mode (dolphin or seal mode, whichever will it be?) there it is, ooooh God damn it, I’m good When’s it get going? This is easy. Oh, this is easy. classic. EASY! Bring it, Happy Wheels I got YEEEARS of experience YEEEEARS Alright, they’re dropping down now. I don’t know why my foot is coming with me. see ya later, foot live a good life. Nani!? What is this? Have they finally added checkpoints? No. Thanks for playing, I hope you liked it, have a nice day Have a nice day (x3), everyone Harpoon dodge one, of course Cannot have enough of this eeeeasy Oho! Aha! Give me one where I have to jump, I have the pogo OHHHH!!1!!! No, I’m still alive (x3) I’m still alive! I’m still alliivee~ What a shit f- kind of bends up a bit, I control dodges Okay, that’s good to know It went through my knees Alright, they- I think they got my knees I dunno what to tell you, guys Guess it still comes through did it BOTTLE FLIP!? Nani!? bottle flip! OH MY GOD! I’m very bro (?) NOOOB Ah, WAT Alright, what if we threw- what if we threw backward OH! OH! OH! AH! AH! [Whiny voice] Come on man, come onnn *grunts in swedish* sniper I’m a sniper, guys. this is it OHHH! oh. this is it, this is it. THIS IS IT *le gasp* AAAAHHH! *tropical sounding music plays* [childish voice] create a meme face! Whhaaat? *mandatory GFuel reload, use code Pewdiepie* AWE HELL YEAH MEME FACE select language uh, I already failed clearly, memes are only in spanyish spanyish? that’s right. hhhaz click akey si elikay estay (at least he tried) ahhh, muy byan (bien) soy biEN, soy boy here we go we’ll do the cereal meme, I love that meme so much alright, what’s next? ah, the eyes, okay UHH oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah feliz FEEELLIIIZ AHHHHH sugoi, kawaii AHHHHH BURGER!? BUUURGER can’t wait ’till I see what my troll face is gonna lo- cara- carakando (with italian accent?) I mean, it’s impressive how people did this There it is estay es t-tu meme Sorry to interrupt this video, just want to give a big shout out to my bois, El garo (finna skip captioning the ad) ROPE SWIING I LOVE ROPE SWIIING *undertale papyrus theme plays* here we go, rope swing, WOOOH HOO HOO first try, zero deaths, let’s frickin do this, rope swing, baby WOOOH! WOOOH! ah. Hell ye Huuh yea *grunts in swedish three times* AH, AH! (this is why you can’t watch pewds in public) here we go YEA- I’M STILL ALIVE! I’m still alive! woohoo! YEAH! Let’s go ho ho *grunts* ugh, fck come on ARGH! AHHH No! No! Grab, grab, grab, grab Can I still grab with my handicapped arm? That is questions ah bye, arm it’s been a pleas- (congradulations PTSD) OH! ahhh dammit WOO HOO HOO HOO AH! awe. there it is. perfection so, how do I go here without dying? still alive, baby oh! We hit it (x3) and then, now, we drop it. drop it bew new new (tune of Sporty-O’s Let Me Hit It dubstep) oh god, oh god, oh god oh god, what’s gonna happen pi-pixel on MY GOD, IT’S MINECRAFT OH MY GOD IT’S MIIIII WOOOO am I supposed to go here? Okay, I’ll go. [Italian accent] super mario! [Italian accent] but why-uh me-uh [Toad voice] OH, OHH! IM RIDING NYA- *giggles* Is this guy making the- all the maps? No one else is making this map? pterodactyl screech nothing like winning in fetal position oh, ultimate glass break [Raspy voice] TIIIIIIMMMM DUH DAH DUH [Raspy voice] DAAAD *unintelligible raspy baby noises* AHH I can still do it! Someone, help me adjust my spine *grunts* SON, THAT’S NOT MY SPINE! Well, the comedy has definitely increased It’s funny, because now it’s ironic! [Raspy voice] Shut up, dad *uninteligible raspy gibberish* *three loud groans* [Baby voice] don’t leave me, dad! Alriight NAH! ah fck, I ejected ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) god damn it how is this the top rated? There it is *yet again, random raspy noises* *angry, deeper, raspy noises* *grunt* how do I eject my son? Please dont eject me, I love you dad, I love you, da da Why am Ieven playing this? fcking garbage. AHHH! AHH! fack [Baby voice] Hell yeah, now it’s time for that sweet ass (pedo) grip it, slap slap. number one most subscribed, everyone *indecipherable deep, raspy nonsense* *grunt* [Baby voice] hell yeah, you’re doing awesome, dad. JUH JUH! YEAH, WE MADE IT! oh, we did it dad THANK YOU SO MU- GO! NOO! [email protected] Da ha ha ha had num num num num num num num, delicious I can finally eat Well, oh well that was Happy Wheels hopefully everyone is as happy as happy wheels brofist!? (I better get one for captioning) On 100 mil, baby (baiting me, you sick fuck) See you guys tomorrow. BYEEE Also, check out merch, link in description

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  1. Hey remember that time when Billy’s dad was turned into mashed potatoes and he got stuck in his intestines ahhhhh good times

  2. While I was watching this I was playing the same levels, like I did the harpoon earlier and I was already playing bottle flip

  3. hey felix that is copyright music you used for the rope swing that's sans's theme for when you meet him you Undertale Dingus!

  4. dont mind me, I’m just in the comments trying to find the crazed Undertale fan screaming because the soundtrack came on

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