Here’s How Honda Dealerships are Scamming You

Here’s How Honda Dealerships are Scamming You

rev up your engines, Honda dealers are
really marking up the fk8 honda civic type-r it’s a very popular car I’ve got
a customer with one they are fun to drive I got to say there’s zippy little
car and it was supposed to be the small affordable front-wheel drive JDM legend
car it turns out that from the research I’ve done the Honda dealers are often
marking those things up four to ten thousand dollars sold the thirty five
thousand seven hundred dollar one is often forty five thousand dollars at the
dealer I’ve had customers trying to find them and they couldn’t find any
reasonably priced ones one guy he actually went halfway across the country
to find a dealership I guess in an area where they don’t sell much he flew there
bought the car and then drove it back to Houston but that’s capitalism for you
they make something that was popular and then they start jacking it up which kind
of goes against the whole theory of the type r anyways it’s a civic it’s
supposed to be an affordable car and I wouldn’t call forty five thousand
dollars affordable for a Type R they’re nice cars are fun to drive but hey
they’re sticking it to the people who want to buy it they all for one Scotty
what do you think about California trying to crack down on people working
on their own cars yeah well doesn’t that finger California they gotta legislate
everything there I suppose there there’s probably a hidden agenda and normally
the hidden agenda is the dealerships are getting together to try to bribe the
politicians to make it that people can’t work on their own cars for years they’ve
been trying that nationally to say no you can’t work on your car once under
warranty it voids the warranty lalala but then they made things like the mas
Magnuson warranty act that said if they say that you got to use the dealer parts
only then they have to give you the parts free so then they said okay well
we’re not gonna do that we’re gonna give them away free so that I can see that
California letting people not even work on their own cars where the heads our
society is getting kind of to a point of absurdity with things where everybody’s
trying to look like they’re doing a good thing but there’s some underlying thing
hiding behind it is what’s actually pushing in that cases be the profit of
the manufacturers trying to get you to take it back to the dealers or even
independent mechanical associations trying to get people to bring their cars
there I’m a mechanic but I’m against these state inspections every year
because generally it’s a ripoff for people but of course most of the
mechanics all for those because you can’t brings people and they try to sell
them stuff but I think it’s a load of baloney myself if you’re thinking about
buying a Cadillac v-series they’re keeping the manual transmission very
rarely can you buy a manual transmission American car anymore they said that
they’re still gonna put a manual transmission and they’re v-series
but realize that eventually they said they’re gonna switch entirely to
electric vehicles in the v-series so this is like they’re going out in a bag
I guess they’re trying to get the last of guys that want to drive a sporty car
they’ll offer still a standard transmission in those things before they
switch to electric vehicles hoping that they’ll be able to sell enough of them
to make a profit on them and maybe since everybody that reads about cars realizes
they’re only gonna make them for a while then they’re switching to electric
they’re hoping that well maybe this will be a collector’s argument my standard
transmission one one day will be worth a whole bunch of money a lot of people
fall for that stuff these days they think just because it’s the last
something’s gonna be worth money in the end but when I was a kid yes some of the
old Mustangs are worth money today that’s mainly because they’re all
smashed up and destroyed there’s hardly any of them left I got the dead v-series
Cadillac with manual transmission will ever be a collector’s item except for a
few people that may be you know eight years so now we’ll put them in a museum
or something rescue 4500 says hey Scotty my wife has a 2019 Kia turbo so it’s
12,000 miles it runs great but it gets bad gas mileage much lower than its
rated for what could be wrong okay well it’s under warranty so take it in to see
if there’s anything wrong they gotta fix anything that goes wrong with it but
from my experience most people get a turbo engine then they drive faster
because the turbocharger kicks they like to feel the fast you drive the worst gas
mileage you’re gonna get the kicker with a turbo as theoretically with a
turbocharger you can get better gas much if you drive slow with the turbo it Rams
more air in and you can get better gas mileage but like I say most people have a
turbo they strip on the gas
more and the rubs engine up more and it counteracts any gas savings you get and
you get worse gas mileage now if you drive a
slow and normal try some high test gas and if you put itis gas and then it gets
better gas mileage then you’re just gonna have to use high test gas
theoretically they run perfectly fine on regular gas but I’ve seen some of them
where you put in high tustin they get much better gas mileage and then you
just have to go that route if you want better gas mileage and if not it runs
okay I regularly you’re just gonna have to live with worse gas mileage Doug from
Atlanta I got a simple problem I can’t find a solvent that works to get crud
off my paint my hood off my windshield alright I’ve had really good luck with
goo be gone you know they make it to get rid of glue and stuff well even though
that’s not glue unless some idiot squirt and glue in your windshield it works on
many different things I have used that for years and years and years they have
sprays they have gels they have all kinds of things give that a try I find
that works really good and even better if you put the goo be gone let it soak
all and then put some more on and then heat the goo begun with a hairdryer it
usually is pretty good with that and a razor blade to get just about anything off
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Got a 2019 honda civic and mans its fast and has a sport mode option i like the type r but im fine with mine

  3. Scotty, at what point does it become worth it to look beyond Toyota? I'm looking for a car for my son. We are tall people, so I thought mid-size sedan was the best fit. But Camrys and Accords in my area, especially with between 100 and 150K miles, often cost thousands more than any other car. When is it worth it to consider brands like Ford or Subaru with good reliability, just not as good as Honda or Toyota?

  4. I couldn’t agree more about state mandated inspections. Complete wastes of time for drivers, and huge revenue generators for the state and attendant businesses.

    I live in Florida, and I remember when they used to require them here, back in the 70s. Luckily for us the government here realized what complete wastes and abuses of power they were and did away with them.

    Makes no measurable difference at all in safety, ecology, etc., as they’d have you believe.

  5. $45,000 Ha Ha Ha. Whatever the market will bear. The more important story, Scotty, is the COLLUSION among dealers to fix prices. Then there's the always bogus $219 month lease cars. Ha Ha Ha.

  6. Your video just showed up in my feed. This is the last year the type R model will be produced in case you haven’t heard the plant has been shut down to manufacture battery operated cars. People will pay any amount of money to get the last generation type R model. $45,000 now, could mean a lot more money 20 years down the road if all you have is 200 miles on the speedo, you know this Scotty.

  7. Why is pricing going up? What happened to technology supposedly dropping cost? So now we have job loss and technology cost going crazy!!

  8. Yeah the dealer was trying to sell a new Si for 35 when they had 3 used for 21 with low miles AND they would let me walk the lot… They ushered me inside and tried to "do all the leg work" type stuff. Screw Earnhardt Honda!

  9. Got news for you Scotty. I’m in SoCal and just purchased a 2019 Type R for MSRP. Unfortunately they added Honda accessories but they only made an extra few hundred off me.

  10. Well people will move closer to their jobs and start biking. Electric cars and kinetic energy cars will destroy the petro dollar.

  11. Pathetic Honda felt the need to rice out the type r with its floppy wing and all the other stuff. One of the great things about the previous type rs were the fact that it was so clean and sleeper no extra crap. Leave the ricing to the kids

  12. Hi Scotty, I just realized something. you are always shaved in your videos. what kind of shaving tech are you using? looks clean like it was removed with a laser. razor, electric? I know it's a kinda strange question but still wondering ^_^.i rarely get a clean shave from my electric Braun. Thanks for all the help and advise you gave me so far, everything was top notch.

  13. California is so corrupt, the corrupted are corrupt. Plus, it's a communistic state. It just needs to go away and never to return. Oh you can't work on that car, you'll hurt yourself. Bam! Legislation for safety's sake so you- Jo Bloe- won't get hurt. Can you say Ka Ching!!!

  14. Talks about Honda for 2 minutes and then everything else in the world.. this man like the sound of his own voice

  15. Hi scotty ive watched your videos for a long time now im a young mechanic making my way up at honda. I agree with you on the over priced civics. Now I live in south carolina and we sell type rs for 36000 anything over 40 is just ridiculous. I wouldnt ever buy any honda for over 30000 dollars 😂 keep up the good work sir I just think its hilarious people pay all of that money just for a body kit and a turbo 😆

  16. Toyota dealerships are even worse. Complete scum. I’ll never ever buy a new Toyota because of the snobby attitude they have.

  17. Like American made cars are the "way to go." Who is this guy supposed to be?! The devil's advocate for American made cars?!

  18. Honda did that with the CRX back in the 80's too. Made intentional shortages to artificially raise prices.

  19. My 2012 Accord doesn't like regular gas. It gets bad mileage and doesn't run smoothly. I get the highest rated gas and runs great. Don't know why. Makes me mad.

  20. Hey Scotty, I'm an Uber driver in Washington DC and recently bought a 2015 Honda Accord with a CVT. So far I've driven it about 41k miles (currently has 81k miles) and haven't had a single problem with it, although you always complaining about CVTs sorta scares me. I replace the oil every 5k and transmission fluid every 20k. I babysit it as much as I can (not revving over 2500, coasting downhill, shift to Low when uphill…) to not wear it off that much. What are your thoughts on my car?

  21. I hate government around here u can't grasp a shovel without a permit, about all u can do is mow ur yard. And u better do it .violation can b up to 2000$ a day

  22. 2018 Pilot is my 3rd and last Honda I’m gonna own. In less than a year the sun-visor is already broke. My 2008 civic sun-visors are broke for the second time. Both my Civic and 2006 accord have issues with headliners after 5 years.

  23. Why are you against yearly state inspections?

    I don't want people to drive vehicles that you can see all the emission no matter the weather.

  24. The biggest ripoff is the gas cap test… Just buy a new cap for under 5 bux instead of going to pay someone to test your cap.. That's the way is should be and recycle the old caps

  25. Probably limit the Type R to certain dealerships just like Subaru does, and if the dealership want's one, they have to buy it from another. Gotta love it!

  26. Soon all cars will be EVs, the Scotty will have to change his intro from "Rev Up your engines" to "Charge on your batteries"

  27. We don’t have yearly inspections in California. Just a smog test every other year. Runs about $40-$50.

  28. Yup, Honda did the same thing with the Civic Si, they ramped it up 10k and the car is basically a honda civic, same engine with a few more horsepower and it only takes Premium gas and it has a small gas tank, so you are pretty much going to the gas station on a regular basis. Not worth it, you become a target for speeding tickets and your insurance is more expensive because it's considered a sports car, when in reality it's just a civic. Get yourself a nice diesel suv with a sunroof and enjoy nature, life is short.

  29. You are absolutely right about state inspections. They are a license to steal for mechanics, and the primary victims are women.

  30. Things are only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If some fools are willing to pay 45k for a Type-R, not sure if that qualifies as being scammed

  31. Scotty, Honda dealerships have been doing that for years, the S 2000 was a prime example, price was inflated even above MSRP.

  32. I drive an electric vehicle, and I hate that EVERY performance brand is going electric. Gas cars will have a place for a long long time. Why go away from them immediately?

  33. I bought one of the Acura Intergra Type R's when it was new back in 1998 and it was stolen as were most of them. I think these Type R's will be popular for car thieves as well.

  34. You’d be better off to do this standing because it appears you cant sit still… or you’re on rough seas or going thru an earthquake… sheesh some good info but you are dizzying to watch.

  35. My cousin sold me a car through his small dealership. Thanks Scotty now I'm going to upper cut my cousin and end his career. Wish me luck

  36. Kerosene on a rag used sparingly used to be the way to clean road tar and bug goo off your car. Now if you try that in California they will probably arrest you for "killing" the environment, and then give you a choice between castration and slave labor "community service". Unless you're rich. Then they'll just give you a massive fine.

    With the Civic-R… I was looking at Odyssey vans a few months ago, and there was a Civic-R on the showroom. I tried to open the door, which was locked, and a sales manager came over and said anyone who wants to sit in the car has to buy it. And a test drive was totally out of the question. They had a market adjustment on it that was several thousand dollars upcharge, and this was all justified because he said "collectors" were only interested in buying them with zero miles (I remember when they said the same thing about the early Challengers.) Anyway, I can tell you I have yet to see a Civic-R on the road here. Lots of tuned civics that will outrun the -R in a 1/4 mile… but no self-respecting "Fast & Furious" wanna-be is going to get cred driving around an off-the-line production car, especially when you can pick up a used "tuner special" (i.e., wife said get rid of that car or I go!) for relatively cheap!

  37. Anyone who would pay $30,000 + for that grotesque, hideous, designed-by-a-blind-man terd of a Honda deserves to be seen driving it.

  38. Scotty I went to Gillman Honda On beltway and 59 and they literally tried to get me to pay 47k for a Honda type r. No explanation on that gross mark up. Walked right up with my keys (to Gillman Subaru next door) and secured an sti for tomorrow lol

  39. Marking up the car is not a scam. It is pricing based on supply and demand. The dealer and buyer voluntarily enter into an agreement to exchange the car for money. No one is fooled or cheated without their knowledge or consent.

  40. You never pay sticker price you put a good deposit and Negotiate the price that’s if the dealership wants to make a sale and move their cars

  41. At $45k you are better off buying a Model 3 that's superior in every way. I'm not a big fan of Tesla but not having to deal with dealers is a big advantage.

  42. Is the existence of supply and demand and the way it drives up prices something new or am I missing something? This has happened with other cars too. As far as working on your own vehicle, California is far from the only area that enforces restrictions on what you can do on your own property.

  43. It's legal to work on your car in California, and always will be. Just not legal to operate a loud business in area that is zoned residential.

  44. I read that you cant work on your car in sacramento county. The law is stupid and contradicts itself like, its illegal to have chemicals like oil but its ok to do oil changes?? Wtf??

  45. The reason Honda is charging so much is people will pay.
    An item is only worth what people will pay.
    The PT Cruiser, POS, demanded thousands over msrp because of just that. If we all stop overpaying the price will come down.

  46. I'll never understand the Civic obsession. Anything can be quick if you throw enough money at it, but by the time you do, you could have actually gotten a proper quick car. Not to mention that the chassis, suspension, brakes, tires and all were never engineered to be anything more than a commuter. Honda and Toyota are resting on their laurels anymore, and will be shocked as these Korean companies surpass them in sales as their quality goes up, and their ingenuity with new technologies comes around, along with being cheaper and a better warrenty. However, state inspections I'm all for. Americans drive too much to not keep their cars maintained, and way too many people will ignore problems because "it drives fine". I had way too customers act shocked when I showed them their ground down rotors and cords hanging out of a tires or only having one light working in the front or back when they were forced to finally bring it to a shop for its annual safty inspection. With out it, people will literally drive the thing til they wreck.

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