Here’s How Stupid People Fix Their Engine

rev up your engines
nabob says Scotty does restore work okay for those of you don’t know restore is one
of these additives you pour in your engine and it says it rebuilds your engine as you
drive with metal blah blah blah blah blah well here’s the thing if you had an
old junker like a 65 Ford and it was smoking like mad they can actually
do something cuz it’s all worn out and the metal particles in it somehow can
help seal some of the problems and I’ve seen them burn less oil and run better
don’t ever ever think about putting that stuff in a modern car that has variable
valve timing gasoline direct injection turbo chargers cuz the metal formulation
there can clog a lot of that stuff up don’t ever do that I’ve seen people
doing seen them destroy engines on some old junker or you got an old mower that
smokes a lot give it a try you know it’s on its last legs anyways
but don’t ever use it on any modern car cuz that metal can get in there and
destroy things so do not use that any modern type engine especially ones that
say they can only take zero w16 or zero w20 and don’t even think about using that
stuff, Gary Gutierrez says is anti-lock brakes the traction control necessary I
always turn them off that’s if you know how to drive and where you’re driving
some of the traction control systems and anti lock brake systems don’t work all
that well like GM’s GM over the course of the last couple of decades they got
all these lawsuits against them because they’re anti lock and traction control
systems weren’t made all that well the software wasn’t that good so a lot of
people have sued them you take something like my wife’s Lexus it’s got an on it
and they work fine I’ve never had any problems I’ve never had any customers
their problems with them either so it really depends on the manufacturer and
where you’re driving how you’re driving because unfortunately it is true that
computers can react a lot faster than human beings so let’s say you got one of
your tires on ice or the others on dry pavement
maybe our systems gonna be able to direct to it a lot better than a human
being that’s just the way that it goes the computers can think faster than we
can in reaction time that’s just a fact but you have to have a vehicle that it
works good I like I said the GM ones but kind of crappy I wouldn’t trust my life
in one of those I’d rather to be driving with it turned off and
drive it myself and of course if you driving on dry pavement a lot of that
stuff you don’t even need in the first place I scrub says Scotty quick
questions you ever think in the future manual transmissions will it continue to
exist the other day some places yes because there’s always people that want
to standard transmissions people going in the mud farmers going into fields
heaven on a mild dirt road that turns into mud going into their farmhouse I
mean it’s probably always gonna be reasons that but in the United States
the last I checked the figures are a 96% of the vehicles registered on the road
we automated transmissions these days so but I assume there’s always gonna be a
certain amount of people that want to drive on they want to toll really heavy
weights they want to be able to choose the gears control what gear they’re in a
lot easier so the wheels don’t slip so there will always be a few I see that but I
mean they are close to extinction where 96% of the people aren’t using them these
days, Ali rec says when purchasing a used car the car regional specs matter
the main problem there is let’s say you buy a car somewhere else not in
California but you find out it’s got two California missions that’s a big deal
because the California missions would have more emissions stuff they’re more
complex to fix the harder to get them to pass the emissions test and States
because they have more stringent laws there and if you noticed a
few days ago Trump was tweeting that he said that he was taking the right away
from California that they could make special regulations that only the feds
can do that so who knows which way that’s headed but my advice if you’re
buying a used car and you plug in one of those computers and it says California
specs I’d passed and buy one that isn’t and those little computers always
tell when I plug in a scan tool I can go right to the data system right to the
specs of the car and it’ll say whether or not it’s
California emissions or just federal emissions on it this law you have to
tell you, Mitchell says Scotty what’s your thoughts on air
suspension well there’s all kinds of air suspensions when I was a younger
mechanic guys would put air shocks on the back other cars or pickup trucks so
they could lift the back and put more weight in I knew a guy was a scuba
diving instructor he did it on his Chevy on the back so that he could pump it up
when he put on the scuba diving tank so it wasn’t dragging now their much
more complex you take Lincoln, Mercedes they got here computer hydraulic
adjustable shock systems use all three systems and they’re well designed they
work great when they’re working but one they break hmm you can spend five six
thousand dollars on a Mercedes changing 4 of them out so you’re talking about
big money repairs of course if they use air pressure eventually the air
bladders crack and rip because they’re rubber they leak air then you got to replace
them and there’s a compressor that works compressor will break down and the lines
can rot and break because they’re made out of plastic and they’ll up and get
hard and crack so they get to be expensive when they get old on new cars
fine but as they get older they can be a royal pain in the butt then of course
this companies out there that make kits to replace the air suspension with
normal none air ones so pick your poison on that stuff, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that bell

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