Here’s How Toyota Dealerships are Scamming You

Here’s How Toyota Dealerships are Scamming You

rev up your engines
a dealer who sold a Toyota Supra for more than $100,000 he marked it up so
much to me it just shows the greed of people now they got a new model oh it’s
hot it’s not even a toyota supra it’s a BMW roadster yeah
but the guy marked it up that high because he found somebody wanted to buy
it no I mean yeah they’re fast people are just getting too greedy they see oh
there’s people I really want that car let’s see how much money we can sell
that thing for they’re kind of going against Toyota’s whole thing of buying
something that glass that people can afford and then they can sell a whole
bunch of them to me I don’t even comprehend why they’re even making the
things I mean Toyota isn’t even really backing them they’re just BMWs in there
marketing them it’s to me that’s just kind of crazy they got a name and that
in their confidence in the name by selling a BMW as a Toyota and then the
greed of people selling them for over a hundred thousand dollars things would
get silly and people he’d carried away with the stuff but like I said in an
earlier video there’s so much money in the world that if somebody wants to
spend that kind of money then they’ll charge it
to him but hey Toyota I think you’re going the wrong route the doctor
Scotty is it better to buy a used rav4 or tacoma from a private owner or a dealer
well you might from a dealer you’re gonna pay way too much if they give four
grand on a trade and they’re gonna start asking at least eight or ten thousand
dollars for the vehicle they want to watch morning it’s always better to try
to buy it from a private individual because hey at the dealership they
finance when you’re buying from a dealer you’re gonna pay you know 250 a month or
whatever go to a private individual hey they’re not gonna charge you 250 a month
they want all the money at once and you just say to him look I can get it at the
dealer I can pay him 250 a month I’ll pay you 215 I don’t know I want the
whole thing they want the whole thing they’re gonna get last money that’s just
how it works when you’re buying used anything Brandon Agera says Scotty any
opinions on a 2010 Ford Fusion se four-cylinder 6-speed manual God they’re
pretty good cars the problem that they had with those was transmission problems
especially the ones had the CVT transmissions but if you’re talking
about the manual transmission you are bypassing a lot of problem areas ride
really nice and with the standard transmission you don’t have to worry
about all that things now if you’re talking about
buying it it’s ten years old four-cylinder you know I wouldn’t pay
that much for it ten year old Ford four-cylinder and worth all their much
money if you get a decent price on it could be a fun car the night clicker how
can you tell if the odometer was rolled back well I’ll tell you can’t tell you
know they’re all digital now so somebody’s computer savvy and they know
how to grow that residual thing back you’re never gonna be able to figure it
out if you use any of these CARFAX type things generally you can get access to
the state inspections and the reports and they’d have the real mileage each
time from when it was brand-new I just checked the car on that and every year
childer was more mileage so you know it was real but I did have a customer who
bought a car and it said it had 135 and the last inspection it said it had 195
so obviously they rolled that one back you’d want data like that to see if it’s
been rolled back Joe picket I got a 09 Ford Mustang v6 with 118
thousand miles I noticed when I brake there’s a lot of brake dust change the brake
pads to a better quality brake pad I’ve had great luck over the years with
Akebono I know it’s a Japanese company but they make pads for Mustangs
and lots of other cars it’s the best ceramic pads they’re quiet they stop
really well they don’t fade and they don’t leave much dust that’s what I do
now if you don’t mind it doesn’t hurt anything but it gets everything dirty
you don’t want to dirty change to the Akebono pads and you won’t have that
problem I’ve done that on tons of Mustangs Kyle Baker says why don’t you
do many older car videos because most people don’t drive older cars anymore
I’m a professional mechanic I run my own business I have for last 40 some odd
years so I work for my father I’m a grandfather and I work on cars that my
customers have I don’t have that many customers with older cars I mean if you
saw recently I had a Volkswagen fan spec station why again I got a guy with a 69
Mercury Cougar but I don’t make that many videos for older cars because they
aren’t that popular I want to help out as many people as I possibly can with
these videos and of course I want to make as much money as I possibly can and
if I make videos that have millions of views then for the Google advertising I
make more money I’m happier and more people are watching my video so I’m
helping more people and I just found that really old cars a
friend of mine Canada I went to school with years ago he says hey scotty look at
me at the classic car meet it’s only me and a
bunch of other older guys out there and that’s the truth
older cars generally only old guys looking at it and there are more younger
people than our older people so I generally bag it with my customers cars
or if it’s a new type of car I’ll go get my hands I want to make a
video on if it’s new technology I want to talk about walk the talk says thanks
got diesel petrol Oh petroleum got myself here in the States
we call it gasoline diesel cars all stink to some extent they pollute more
incomplete combustion if you’ve ever run in New Mexico City you know what it
stinks like when everybody’s driving diesels if everybody was driving
Diesel’s here in Houston it would stink a lot worse than what it does with all
the laws of pollution I doubt the diesel cars are gonna be around all that much
longer you’re up saying they’re gonna ban them after a certain period of time
and if they do Electrify stuff things will go to electricity I was just
reading a big thing they’re trying to push electric big 18 wheels they’re all
diesels now but they’re trying to push electric ones and if they can build them
strong it on they have enough range and make these chargers I saw one that had
something like a 3 million watt charger that they could charge them up fast
enough I think that they would just give up with diesel 18 wheelers and go to
electric ones, gasoline is probably the way to go at least in the short term
cuz in a long term maybe it’s all gonna go elec but I mean for regular driving
cars it’s probably not gonna happen for decades and decades too much
infrastructures needed the big diesel trucks that could set up their own
stations for super charging them and know where they are and charge them and
know I can go 400 miles before I need a charge and then set it up ahead of time
but for regular drivers that electricity is not going to be for a long time,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. When a dealer marks up a car… it’s greedy and criminal. When a customer buys for sticker price and sells it for 100k, he’s wise… hmmm

  3. I bought a crossover vehicle but I'm used to a full size suv so I'm not satisfied . What do you recommend for reliability. My main thing is to have a reliable vehicle

  4. Customer: What's your best price on this Supra?

    Dealer/Salesman: The most you're willing to pay. Above MSRP.

    -Gross-profit ain't a dirty word.

  5. Another thing that people don't realize is that there is not nearly enough electrical power generation to power a significant number of cars… and no-one is building power stations these days. You can put all the charging stations in you want to, but since there's barely enough power to keep our homes and businesses running you won't get too far.

  6. not your state doesn't state Inspection they collect info!
    electric cars are a joke! I worked in power plant & electric doesn't grow on trees ! they need fossil fuels or nuclear fuel & cant store in a bank & solar panels only work if it sunny & wind turbine only work if it's windy! only true is nonpolluting electric is hydroelectric but need water! GO FIGURE???

  7. Hi Scotty, I am interested in buying a 2015/2016 Toyota RAV4 possibly from a Toyota dealership. Supposedly, Toyota does a 160 point inspection on the vehicle. Should I have a mechanic outside of Toyota evaluate the car or is the 160 point inspection through Toyota enough?

  8. Hey Scotty, Good day! I'm new here. Why didn't I discover your channel before? Your channel is such a lot of help.

  9. Ahhh the Supra. Another car people obsess over because it was in movies and video games. If the Supra was such an "icon" of the automotive industry, why aren't there 1st through 3rd generations sitting in garages and going to shows? The Supra will never hold the legacy like American Pony/muscle cars and the RX and Z line for imports. I'll bet a dollar these kids didn't even know the Celica was Toyota's sports car, and the "Supra" was a package for it! Fan boys would still over pay for a fwd hybrid if it had the Supra name.

  10. It’s funny how you as a mechanic! Now! Know the difference between fix- ops to variable operation in a new dealership😂

  11. Toyota Corporate has no control over what their dealers charge for non-leased vehicles. Unfortunately under most state laws, dealers have the ability to charge whatever they want, however outrageous or unreasonable. The dealer association has tremendous political lobbying power.

    MSRP is nothing more than "suggested", as the name states. It's with leased vehicles that corporate car makers have any control over the price and leasing terms. That was the reason why when the LFA first came out, people could only lease them. Toyota wanted to prevent price gouging by the dealers.

  12. The disappointment is Toyota putting badges on cars that aren’t produced by them… e.g. Supra and the Yaris (Mazda)… Toyota needs to focus on keeping their badge on their products or there going to ruin their reputation:-/

  13. Nobody’s putting a gun to their head.If they want to fork out an exorbitant amount of money over and above its true value,that’s their business.

  14. Haha dont listen to this guy!! He doesnt have a clue!!! Haha this is stupid the DEALER WANTS 250 A MONTH HAHA!! CARFAX LIKE THINGS!! So you think that the last time it was expected is a discrepancy in the miles that the mileage was rolled back. Please people do not listen to this dingdong he has no idea what he is talking about. Just another baby boomer who really doesn't know how technology works and thinks he does and is trying to gives false information to the public. Come on bro the reason why a dealer with charge over MSRP is because it is Market adjustment. Not all dealers do them you just have to shop around as far as the Toyota Supra goes. MOST NOT ALL MOST. Have the option getting one yes that's it one. The majority of them are being purchased by the dealer. 10k over is not that big of a deal. If you understand what the product actually is you will know why the market is demanding that kind of money. I haven't looked in awhile that's the last time I looked a hundred thousand mile Supras twin turbos we're selling around 70 to 80 thousand. It is a very rare car and if someone is willing to pay it and is a Toyota fan why not. Not to mention I guess if deal is not allowed to make money on one car. I would like someone to answer me what they think on average what the net profit is on a new vehicle in today's market at a new car dealership? Please people dont listen to this guy. I am about halfway through the video. I couldn't handle it anymore so I had to write a post. Uneducated consumers get nothing but brain damage from listening to a guy like this. Without knowing if I had to guess he's probably an old school car salesman. These guys starting me figure out how to use YouTube and think they have something to tell people. HALF WAY IN SO FAR AND NOT ONE THING NOT ONE IS TRUE! I think I'll listen to the rest of the video and report back!!

  15. Haha hes a mechanic I should have known. So again basically the same thing. Their family-owned business has been working on cars and I would guess they also used to sell cars off their lot. FOLKS THESE ARE THE SLIMMEST OF USED CAR DEALERS!!

  16. Scotty I cant buy a car straight cash like I did my first car I needed to get a car asap to get to work…. I went to Toyota and got hell of a deal new 2019 Toyota camry se nightshade for 23500 asking price 25000

  17. The biggest mistake I’ve ever done in my life is going to a dealer at 22 years old by myself just to “look around” they ate me alive.

  18. Lots if suckers going to throw away money at BMW supra won't last 2 years before it starts having warranty problems. That's why stealerships keep hiking up price, because they see idiot's drooling on the show room with money in hand.

  19. Scotty what should a I buy a new Volkswagen for 18k or a barely used Toyota for 12 k (but the car was used to ilegaly transport pigs and they urinated and deficated all over the seats)

  20. Once you go from the salesperson to the finance guy at a Toyota dealership, that’s when it’s time to put on your game face!! They’ll try to sell you on 5-6k worth of warranties you’ll most likely never need and show you a price with them all bundled for a finance period a little longer than you want.

  21. They hustle you on a Doc fee after the wholesale to retail markup. It may have 70K miles on it but its still a CPO car. They want to finance you for more than your bank will. After I agreed to buy the 5 year old CPO Toyota POS the sales manager tried to scare me into buying an additional bumper to bumper warranty for only $1300 and I could put it on my CC! I laughed and told him, "I will take my chances." So far so good.

  22. Toyota is changing .Management become bad since the grand rand son is in charge again.Philosophy changes from perfection to corruption ($ profit first).Sad

  23. Scotty, I think Toyota came out with the fancy sports car is to compete in NASCAR. Ford converted to Mustang then Chevy went to Camaro. Toyota game plan I believe this model will replace to Camry.

  24. Mr. Scotty, Toyota dealers are not Toyota. Toyota dealers are desperate for any margin they can get out of service and used cars, because most new car sales don't make them any money. There's very small margin on new cars, and they have a lot of overhead so they'll charge as much as they can on any special or more deluxe model.
    This should not surprise anybody. That's all.

  25. I lucked out. I bought my Scion XB manual, a clean 2015, no stupid CPO thing. just had its remaning 2 years and 20k left on powertrain and I did not pay some stupid warranty additional.. for 11 grand with only 30k in March. The dealer had it on the lot for 60 days. If you are good at negotiating and can make an offer, check back in a couple weeks if it is still siting, you can really do well. Private is best, just always get it checked by a good mechanic (I did that with my dealer one). All it needs is wiper blades.

  26. I have been listening to a whole lot of Scotty lately and it seems that Toyota makes about 1/2 it’s own vehicles and other companies are partners making the rest.

  27. Hey Scotty what do you think about buying me buying the new Supra?
    Scotty: You want to buy a BMW? Just go get one at BMW. It will be cheaper.

  28. All car dealership people are out to sucker you out of your money and will lie to you trying to convince you that what they trying to rip you off for whatever car is worth it when in reality it's garbage seriously.not honest at all from what I've ever seen talked to and heard

  29. I’d rather spend my money on a 1970 challenger with a hemi under the hood
    Oh wait I can’t afford one of those

  30. I wouldn't even consider buying the new Supra. It's obviously not a true successor to the original Supra, so wtf is the point? Toyota is one of the most profitable car companies out there, so if anyone can afford to develop their own cars, it's them, so why didn't they?

  31. No need to worry about "strength" on an electric truck! Electric motors can go from 0 to max torque almost instantaneously. The main issue is getting them to do it in a way that doesn't snap your neck off! Locomotives are run by electric motors for example. Have been for a long long time now. No problems.

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