Here’s What I Think About Buying a Ford Ranger Truck

Here’s What I Think About Buying a Ford Ranger Truck

rev up your engines, lockjaw remedy says Scotty
what do you think of Ford Rangers I have a 2000 Ranger that runs perfectly. they can
be great pickup trucks. hey my wife’s niece had one. she had 200 something
thousand miles it still ran fine. they can be very good pickup trucks if you
take care of them. a lot of guys like the four cylinders because they get a little
bit better gas mileage and they last longer because they’re simpler, if you want a
vehicle to last longer, you want it to be simpler, so if you get a straight
four-cylinder engine, yeah they don’t have the horsepower, but they have less
moving parts than a v6 engine that those things have, I see the v6 engines don’t
last as long as the four is in those Rangers so if you want long life, get a
ranger that’s got a four cylinder engine in it, and if at all possible if you can
drive a standard of course the standard transmissions generally last forever and
you won’t have the problem of having to rebuild an automatic transmission if you
keep it to 300,000 miles and that wears out, Evan says, what do you think
is it worth it to invest in an old BMW e30 it has a bit of rust on the fenders and is repairable and the engine is fine, not really, now I mean if you live in Europe
where parts are cheaper you might want to play around with the thing but once
you have rust, it rust from the inside out, the whole car is probably gonna rust out, so that you’re just gonna live with something
like that, that’s how the world this and why buy something like that, plus BMWs as
they age they generally turn into endless money pits, especially modern
ones that’s just how those things are,
everything’s plastic and electronic and as they age and it breaks, they’re
hellacious cars for fixing I wouldn’t buy one of those, but it didn’t get a
dirt cheap I’ve had people buy them dirt cheap for a thousand, fifteen hundred bucks toy
around with them, but if you’re gonna use it for an everyday driver, not smart move,
Mike says, Scotty what do you think of electronic hand parking brakes nowadays
for the emergency brakes, I dont’t like them because it makes them much more complicated and stupid as far as I’m concerned, the old ones you pulled on a cable, the cable pulled them, simple system nothing could go
wrong other than it can rust, the new ones they’re all electronic, some of them
are computer controlled, I seen them brake and lock on, I mean it just creates a rat’s
nest of possible problems when it used to be a simple system, but
now they want to control everything with computers, so they’re going to, because
they know, hey that stuff’s gonna break look at mercedes-benz, for a while they
were actually making in some of the cars electronic brakes, not just the parking
brake but the whole brake system, guess what they did, they stopped doing it because
they had so many problems with the brakes are at the wheels when it rains
there’s water all over the place and all the electronic stuff started to short
out, it’s the only common sense, do you want to put electronic parts where all
this water is sloshing around, I think it’s a really stupid idea
I don’t like them, banana man says, I got a 2008 Suzuki Swift, fuel smell in the
cabin when the cars filled or left off for a few hours after a long drive,
what’s the reason the smell in the interior, okay I got a
video called, does your car smell of gasoline, watch that it shows you
everything you could possibly do, but from those descriptions, the first thing I
would check is have the gas cap checked, or just buy another gas cap, because if
it’s not sealing you’re gonna get that smell, the other thing that those are
notorious for, is having a bad EVAP canister vent valve, when you refill your
car with gas, it’s supposed to make all the fumes go into the EVAP canister, and
then when you start the car it’s supposed to burn it, if you have a bad EVAP canister
vent valve and it’s stuck open, when you refill the car all those fumes are gonna
get under the hood and you’re gonna smell it, so you might want to have that
check too, when you’re trying to figure out where the smell is coming from,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. But 4 cylinder Rangers doesn't have power on a Hills, less if you go with a ton with a traffic jam, forgot the idea that a 4 cylinder ranger can be a Work vehicule

  3. I drive a 04 ranger just had the manual trans redone it works great! Have MSD ignition KN filter fully loaded with tool n drive average of 1 hr to work every day. The best truck ever!! When I got it pretty much rebuilt it but now it’s like stronger then ever!

  4. My family got 2 old Ford ranger from 2010 one a 4 banger with 300000 miles and a v6 with 280000 miles these older car last longer than new car car. I had a Dodge dakota slt 4.7 mag with 320000 before I sold it to a car mancanic who told me he now has over 4 hundred thousand miles

  5. They were very reliable and even had a reliable transmission in a time when automatic transmissions were all crap.

  6. The Splash is a great truck my friend had one with over 300k miles and the air conditioning worked ice cold and at 80 .miles an hour it pulled great had great power it had a 5 speed.

  7. We bought a 2000 Ford Ranger for pretty cheap, said to have a rid knock, and a clean title. Come to find out later, that the Engine and Tranny were separating and the engine was practically blown and the title was a salvage wrecked title and wasn't legal to put on the road. Thankfully we bought it for $200 and got $350 back from scrapping it.

  8. There are no true small P-Ups anymore. They died in 2011 with the last Ranger. The new Ranger is full size in comparison. I had both, an S-10 and Ranger – the Ranger was the best out of the two.

  9. Those old Ford Rangers were and will always be great pickup trucks; both real and animated in my book. It was quite forlorn for Hank Hill to lose his first Ford Ranger to old age which got destroyed by an oncoming train when it finally kicked the bucket after over 20 years of owning it.

  10. 4cl is great but underpowered. 3.0 literally sucks! You want to get the 4.0 manual trans! Last forever! Ranger auto trans aren’t that strong

  11. I’m trying to buy a manual ford ranger v6 i probably will still get good gas mileage because it’s a manual and I heard you get better gas mileage with a manual transmission with a v6 or for cylinder

  12. Love watching this guy, old man probably did so much lsd back in the day his brains shot, nothing is easier than troubleshooting electronics the car does the troubleshooting for you 😂

  13. I have a 99 ranger XLT with the v6 and five speed overdrive trans! I'm having problems with the trans slipping-any suggestions?

  14. I had a ford ranger 2002 in really good shape , and mileage was under 200,000. I bought it from my neighbor with the help of my dad. It was technically my first vehicle. I was really happy because I had wanted one since they day I could drive. Had it for about three months and then some delivery guy hit me at the tail end of the bed and caused me to roll over. I really miss having my little pickup truck.

  15. And that safety feature that makes the engine roll for 5 seconds before starting means the engine the bearings in the engine and transmission are wet before it starts. Drivetrain should last looooooonger than usual.

  16. I had a ‘99 Ranger XLT with 3.0L V6. It was the biggest piece of junk I ever had- the cylinder heads cracked at 45,000 miles (due to a known issue with Ford’s “thin-wall casting” design)… the rear leaf springs went PTOING and separated from the main leafs with little weight… and the damn thing couldn’t be aligned properly until additional money was plonked down for an “adjustment kit” that will put them into spec.

    Absolute junk.

  17. I have a 2001 XLT Extended Cab 3.0L V6 5-speed ranger, I put the 8.8 w/ limited slip in it from the Ford Explorer, threw some 17's on it with some street tires and slammed it. Thing runs great. Low and slow. Works for me

  18. I have a 1990 XLT extended cab that I am the original order and ordered it through fleet sales. I ordered it with the camper mirrors, I also ordered it with the gauge cluster. It has the 4.0 roller cam type motor built in Germany and it also has the handling package with the automatic transmission. Limited slip rear end with 3.50 gears also. I ordered it also with the 60/40 split bench seat because they were much more comfortable than the bucket seats at that time. It has the original arm rest fold down in the middle. The truck exterior is the light blue on the top with the dark blue on the bottom with blue interior with pop out quarter windows and sliding rear window. Bottom line, great truck Even with 164,000 on it.

  19. 93 ranger 2.3l 5sp 2wd reg cab with 474,000!!! Original u joints and just changed the first of the original ball joints! I do change the timing belt every 70 thousand. Been real good truck!!!

  20. I have 2004 XLT 4.0 v6. I bought it as a 1 owner 55,000 and change on it, in 4 years it's at 72,000 and has has cost me over $8000 in parts & labor thru jack furrier & Ford has broke down 14 times and now just started having transmission issues. First & last Ford ever!!

  21. I was around a lot of old Ford Rangers in the construction business. This was around the year 2000. The Rangers were over loaded, pulled big trailers , abused and they kept going and going. They were bullet proof.

  22. I have a '96 "Rice Ranger" (Mazda B4000) that I bought for $700. A few minor repairs and it's a reliable unit. 265,000 on it.

  23. Those 4 cyl.rangers run FOREVER on $5 of gas! I had 2, drove ' em to death.the only annoying thing is changing the clutch slave cylinder, but once a that is done your clutch is ticket-,y boo.

  24. I salvaged a Ford Ranger after a tree fell on it. I jacked up the roof, replaced almost all the suspension on the right side, replaced the right fender, did some homemade alignment, bought tyres, fixed the air conditioning, replaced the downed muffler and exhaust pipes and got a very good work truck with a bit of character. I can not go wrong and it is still way better then the new 2019 Ford Ranger.

  25. My $700 1996 ranger 3.0 auto runs great. Bought 2 yrs ago with 120k miles. To bad they don't make new copys of 1980 or 90 rangers s10's nissans hardbodys and others in the smaller original size

  26. I bought a 97 Ford Ranger that didn't appear to have much rust but it's been rusting worse from the frame up over the past 4 years. It used to be in Missouri then it went to Indiana now Michigan. The problems I've had have been rust related. Such as brake lines and leaf spring shackles and the left radius arm, all on the drivers side. It's had the Ranger lean from the gas tank on the same side as the driver. The one thing I will say about the engine is that it runs smooth for 189,000 but it seems to have a slight head gasket leak because it has little balls floating in the overflow. The seem like they're grease or burnt oil. I thought they might be from some stop leak additive. That fill tube for the gas tanks don't seem to last very long and just the OE< quality? hose alone can be bought for around $70.00 The other issue is the drive shaft needs to be rebuilt because of the vibration dampener? is gone.

  27. I had a 2003 Mazda B2300 pick up with a 4 cylinder engine and standard transmission (essentially a Ford Ranger) which I purchased used with 17k miles. At 50K the truck was toast. The clutch started leaking and the slave cylinder was buried inside the transmission housing making it a bear to work on for DIY and expensive to repair at the shop (I was quoted $800 to fix the leak.) Long story short, traded it in for a Tacoma and have had no issues ever since. I have no intention of buying any type of Ford product ever again.

  28. The 4 cylinder yells at you when you press on the gas but the 6 cylinder doesn’t last as long makes sense to me.

  29. I have a 93 2.3 5 speed with 330k on it so far. She’s a great truck. If I didn’t love it I wouldn’t have been driving it for 26 years.

  30. I had a 95 Ranger 4.0 standards stick, that I ran hard for many years. 600,000 miles later, I parked it. Used very little oil between oil changes….

  31. I had a 87 ford ranger xlt v6. It was the best truck i ever owned. Had for 9 years and it never broke down once. I did regular oil changes too and typical maintenance. I got it in 1991 it was only 4 years old andvi believe i got it for 4,000.00 and paid it off in 3 years. I think ir was a good deal. Got it at a used dealership here in petersburg,va. O.k. thought i would share that with you.

  32. I just bought a 1997 extended cab Ranger 2.3 5 SPD with 35000 miles. It is still basically rust..old mans truck. Should last me till I die. Love ranger, this is my 6th.

  33. Oh great Scotty, I went against your advice and got a V6 Ford Ranger. Less than 30 minutes after leaving the parking lot, motor broke. Btw, you earned yourself a sub.

  34. hey Scotty. I'm buying a 2010 ford F150 that runs and drives but it suspectingly low price, 3000 $ for 210k kilometer, how I can know if its a good deal or just piece of junk that just looks good.

  35. Ford ranger xlt
    4.0L v6
    Mileage 83477

    Could I get any advice if this is a good vehicle to have
    $6995 is how much it would cost

  36. 02 ranger. Daily driver. 280000 miles on it. Replaced a starter 2 years ago. That's all. 30mpg. Insurance is 25 dollars a month. The only car I will never sell.

  37. I have a 85 S10 ..I got it in 1990 ,one rebuilt engine a clutch & some tires 400k plus miles on motor , 4 cylinder 4. In floor straight gear A Terrific little 🚚

  38. My dad used to have a 1995 ford ranger single cab long bed 8 speed manual but my mom sold it to my uncle without my dad knowing ive always want one again once I'm 16 in currently 14 right now

  39. Been tanking around in an old v6 ranger for about 5 years (100,000km) with minor maintenance. Feels like it'll go forever. Pretty sure the body will rust out before the motor gives out.

    Key has been keeping up with the fluids. I try not to cheap out on coolant flushes, diff / tranny fluid, and most important engine oil.

  40. I agree, the e brakes on newer cars are driving me nuts. Every time I park, I reach over for my hand brake, just to find nothing there

  41. I have a 1990 ranger XLT. 90,000 miles. 4×4 v6…. Just bought it. $1,300.00 excellent condition in and out. Seems to run good. Hoping I got a good deal. What do you think?

  42. Funny thing is I watched this video and then went to work driving my 4 cylinder standard 95 Ford ranger with 353,328 miles on it. You take care of them they'll take care of you. Great videos friend!

  43. …I bought a 98 Ford Ranger about two years ago with a 6 cylinder and automatic transmission…125,000 miles…I love it! I only gave $700 for it, invested about $1200 so I’m in around $2000, but it’s an awesome truck with no monthly payments…enjoyed the vid…

  44. Just sold my 2000 4×4 3.0 ranger to a friend for 1400. He had it repainted and it looks and runs like new. Only 110 k miles on it. the painter took it all apart to paint and he reported no rust at all. Rangers are great trucks.

  45. I had a 1996 Ford Ranger with the 4.0 V6 and standard tranny. When I finally sold it the truck had 720 000 km's on it. The only reason I got rid of it was it needed another tranny again. The truck was on the second tranny and I couldn't bear to put another transmission in it, so I sold the truck to some kid for $1500.00. The 4.0 V6 was a really trouble free engine for me. I just changed oil and plugs and filters on it and that was the only engine maintenance I had to deal with. I did the oil changes every 7000 km's approximately with just regular Castrol oil. The truck was mostly driven on the highway mostly so the engine had a relatively easy life.

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