Here’s What I Think About Buying a Honda Civic

rev up your engines,
Amer says, Scotty which car is good as the first car, a Honda Civic 2016
or a Toyota FJ cruiser 2012, which is good and why, okay this may shock people, but I
tell you to buy the Honda Civic vs. the Toyota and that choice, because the Honda
Civic is well made cars, 2016 and certainly is relatively new, it’s gonna
get fantastic gas mileage and they can last a really long time, the FJ Cruiser
is a very good vehicle but they stopped making them, and one of the reasons I
believe Toyota stop making them is, because their gas hogs, those are high up in
the air they got a big v6 engine in them and
they get horrible gas mileage, you’re gonna get so much better gas mileage in
a Civic than the cruiser, they will both last, but also check in on your
insurance rates, you’re gonna find the insurance rates for that Civic is going to
be so much lower than that FJ cruising and if you find you’re a younger
driver were your rates are high with that Civic you’re gonna save a ton of
money on insurance too and it’s still a very good car, but they’re really
completely different cars, you’re talking about a little bit car for driving
around or a big SUV, so you got to decide what you want to get first, Elton
says, Scotty what do you think about the new SUVs Jeep Cherokee, do you think
they’re worth the money I mean they’re carrying a named Cherokee but not meant
for those that are Cherokees the Indians, a little humor there,
okay I would never buy anything that Chrysler makes anymore period, since fiat
bought them, they always had problems to begin with, my grandfather was a mechanic
before me and he didn’t like Chrysler’s back in those days, and I never really
liked them but when Fiat bought them their quality has gone even further downhill, I mean it might have been a big mistake for Fiat to buy them, because I
read recently that Fiat is even thinking about leaving the United States
with Fiats pulling the Fiats out, because they have such horrible sales, because
their such horrible cars, that hardly anybody’s buying the Fiats and that
they’ll keep the Chrysler brand, but they’ll drop trying to sell Fiats
because it’s such horrible sales and the new ones, hey the quality is just lower
there’s no, if, ands or buts about it, you know I had customers with Cherokees from
decades ago and they could be pretty bulletproof machines with
straight 6 cylinder engines but even before Fiat bought them, they put a lot
of Technology computers in and they had nothing but problems with those
electronics, especially the transmissions which were weak, I would never buy one of
those, Martha Jackson says, I had no trouble
codes or check engine light, but the transmission seems to be slipping in my
vehicles, was wondering if could be a solenoid or a sensor, well it could be a whole bunch of
stuff, a lot of times it’s just the transmission is wearing out and you need to
buy another one when they slip unfortunately, but as I said earlier, you
find a guy like me that has a dealer level scan tool, we plug it in, then we
take it for a road test, and then when it slips, our machine is very sophisticated,
it records 45 seconds at a time, so once it slips, we just push stop, then it saves
that data, we look at that data, then we analyze it, and you want to pray that
it’s a solenoid or something and not that it needs an overhaul, but
unfortunately most of the time when they’re slipping, either you’re low on
fluid and you need fluid, or they’re worn out internally and they need some
serious expensive work, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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