Here’s What I Think About Buying a Mitsubishi Car

Here’s What I Think About Buying a Mitsubishi Car

Rev up your engines! Mr Grape says, Scotty what do you think about
Mitsubishi are the new ones reliable and how about the old ones, do you think the brand
will ever make a comeback, ok here’s the thing, Mitsubishi always made
somewhat cheaper cars, that was their thing, they sold cars that cost less,
now if you don’t mind a standard transmission they can last a long time, I’ve had customers
get 200-300 thousand miles with the ones with the standard transmissions,
but they make terrible automatic transmissions and they break all the time and they still
do, but if you want a cheaper car, and say you’re
going to buy a brand new car and you’re the type of guy that buy a new car every 5 or
6 years, you go out and buy a Mitsubishi you probably
won’t have too many problems the first 5 or 6 years, go ahead and if you’re going to buy
another one, there’s nothing wrong with doing that,
but if you’re cheap like me, and you want to buy a used car like I do and buy a 10-12
year old Toyota and then drive it for another 200-300 thousand miles you won’t be happy
with Mitsubishi, Steve Bait says, I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna
with over 200 thousand miles, the timing belt has never been replaced should I replace the
water pump and tensioner and seals, well if you’re planning on keeping it a really
long time, yes that would be a good idea to do, but at the same time, realize that is
a non-interference engine, and if the timing belt ever breaks, nothing is damaged,
so if you want you can just wait and if it breaks, tow it to a mechanic and have him
fix it, it doesn’t hurt anything, but if you want to have trouble free driving, yes I would
change the water pump and the seal and the tensioner and the timing belt with that kind
of mileage on it, but if you don’t care and you just drive it
around town when it breaks you can just tow it to your mechanic and have them do the job
then, it will not hurt anything,
Eddy says, I’m working on a 1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500 it has a belt tensioner that rattles
when it’s on, but it’s solid when it’s off, do I need to replace it or tighten something
up, replace the belt first, it could just be a bad belt, when the belt is worn the tensioner
will go to as far as it can go until it can’t tighten anymore and then it’s going to rattle
around, it might just need a belt,
now if the belt doesn’t fix it and it still rattles, get a new tensioner and get an OEM
tensioner, don’t go to a discount auto parts store and buy the cheapest one you can buy
because those things, a lot of time they rattle even worse than the one you had so, don’t
go too cheap buying a tensioner if you need one,
Abraham says, Scotty my car has recently been displaying the check engine light and the
car would hesitate, based on this what do you think it is,
ok I’ not the great car mechanic that can forecast the future,
check engine lights come on in your car if means there’s a trouble code set,
there are over 2,000 different trouble codes it could be,
so the first thing you want to do is, go to like Auto Zone if you don’t have a scan tool,
you can buy a scan tool for like $20 now a days, but if you don’t go to Auto Zone, they’ll
scan it, they’ll give you a code, then you go to my website, and to
go the ask scotty section and give the code and I can analyze the code for you, but I
can’t guess without having that code because there’s over 2,000 different ones and there’s
no saying what it is without that actual code, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. I have an 03 Galant 140k Miles very reliable. First car and use it for deliveries. Great gas mileage too!

  3. 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L inline 4 automatic transmission has been in my family since brand new in 1999. Made trips from Florida to Wyoming multiple times never gotten a tune up in its life, has over 21x,xxx miles. Still kicking.

  4. Here in Canada you get a 10 yr warranty on Mitsubishi and mine is old .. 2012 .. no issues..THANKS

  5. My first car was a 2000 mitsubishi mirage de. I had no problems with it other then brakes. Once it been over 17 years, had a problem with getting the car to start. Probably had to replace stuff but didn’t had the money to repair it at the time. It would crank but not start. Then it start choking and hesitating. Had to scrape it

  6. I drive an 04 Montero Sport w/ an automatic transmission and it's got 226,000 miles and still runs great!

    Just bought a used 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I love it!

  7. Got my wife a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse Spyder gs 2.4 she had to have 2 years ago it has over 300K miles on it and so far it’s been a grate car it smokes a little if your sitting in like a drive-through there is only 2 things I don’t like about it 1 it’s a convertible and I cannot find new rubber seals for the top so it leaks 2 it’s eating gas bad after I put a new ac Compressor on it she was getting little over 400 miles to a tank now she is lucky if it gets around 175 to 200 to a tank

  8. I own a mitsubishi lancer ex 2010 going strong on 240k now only had to change the blower ac motor cost 150$ plus the rear and front suspension cost around 200$ each plus installation and that's about it

  9. The Mitsubishi lancer cy4a is a rebadged proton inspira (inspiration) here in Malaysia n yes i bought a manual 1.8, Mr Scotty is spot on and I love it it's great to drive.

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