Here’s What I Think About Buying a New KIA Car

Here’s What I Think About Buying a New KIA Car

Rev up your engines,
crap02011 says, Kia Rio with 247,000 miles wow that’s the first one I’ve heard of with
such high mileage, ok here’s the thing about Kias, I’m not a Korean car fan, they used
to be cheaply made cars, that was just cheap cars from Korea, now they
are a lot better made, I have customers with them that have that
kind of mileage, generally they put in on fast and over a short
period of time, one of my customers is a manager of these
giant chains of Fiesta stores and he has to do the whole east Texas area, so he put like
110,000 miles a year on his Kia and he’s got about 250,000 on it and it still runs good,
put that said, realize if your driving on the highway, highway mileage is equal to about
10% of city, so if you drive 2,000 miles on the highway
all at once, it’s like driving 200 miles in the city,
so it doesn’t wear them out and they can last a long time,
Martin Sue says, Scotty how are you, will Renault ever un-merge with Nissan, I hate
Renault as they have brought down the quality of Nissan,
I doubt it, once companies merge the generally don’t un-merge, unless there’s a big mistake
like if you remember years ago, Mercedes bought Chrysler and they lost so
much money on that deal that they sold off the Chrysler division and then a holding company
bought it and they were smart, they made money selling it to Fiat,
now Fiat is stuck with them so, Fiat sales are so bad in the US that they’re
thinking about pulling the Fiat brand out of the US,
but I doubt that Renault and Nissan will un-merge because Nissan they were having a lot of financial
problems anyways and if they were left with less support and less money they would be
even worse off than they are now I imagine, Sniperkid says, Scotty I got my truck aligned
last week because it was pulling real hard to the right, it still pulls to the right
but not as much as it did thanks, ok first go to a different front end alignment
shop, they might have screwed up the alignment,
it could be that simple, the job of an alignment shop is to go and
check everything that’s wrong with you vehicle, they’re suppose to check if ball joints are
worn, if tie rods are worn, they’re suppose to check
all that stuff, so go to another shop and have them check
all that other stuff, could be they missed something when they aligned it,
if not it could be they just did a crappy job aligning it,
when you do an alignment it’s by thousands of an inch and people can often make a mistake
when they’re doing it, but a pro, that’s not what they do, they align
it and then they road test it, the guys I use, the Cotton Brothers here in
Houston, after they align it, they take it on the highway
and road test it and make sure it’s fixed, and those guys didn’t do that, they didn’t
do a good job, blue burr says Scotty I have a 2008 Hyundai
i30 turbo diesel, there’s a strong diesel smell on cold starts when idling,
I recently replaced the EGR valve, someone suggested it needs glow plugs what do you
think, you want to test them, because they can be
electronically tested, you don’t want to go and just buy expensive
glow plugs, if you start it up, it can run rough because the diesel engine is just flat
worn out, the piston rings can be worn, bearings could be worn and once it warms up it can
run fine, it can theoretically be your injectors,
you want to get them tested and if one or two of them are bad then just replace them
all, but I’d do a compression test of the engine first,
because that’s a more common problem really, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. You mentioned something about Diesel-smell… I like Diesel-engines… there's a story about Diesel the inventor… his test-engine exploded and they found him dancing of joy next to his burning shed 'it works, it works, oh, it works so well!' He was happy because his prototype produced more pressure than he calculated …

  3. I wouldn't buy these pos not even if someone gave me one for free, not only are they junk (Google kia and Hyundai need to recall their cars because of engine fire) my main reason is Korean torture and eat dogs and cats. (Google please Korean people torture dogs and cats to eat) theres always someone trying to have excuses for these losers

  4. Ok so from the small sample of videos I watched I'm seeing Toyota > Kia > Honda > Nissan > BMW > Potatoes > Merc feel free to update and add in betweens it's far from complete.

    BTW that's good to know and I wonder if KIAs have the same QA worldwide. Here Toyotas are wildly overpriced (as if they're subs of the channel..), KIAS are the next best thing (good warranty 7yrs or around 200k miles). I heard some taxis saying they take rust easily.. no idea. Dollar for Dollar Kias generally come better equipped than equivalent Nissans but they currently don't have something in the price range of a Qashqai or the extra seats of a +2 although the sportage is around 3-4k more

  5. All of these "later" videos suck sound wise.
    They're so quiet I can barely hear them.
    The earlier Kilmer videos where louder.

  6. I got a 2014 Kia Cadenza. I bought it 2 years ago, 38K miles on it. I'm at 72K now and i never had any major issues with it.

  7. we have a kia and have close to 100k with no issues. now to me 100k is a new car but I'm a cheapo. my liberty has 170k and my volvo 940 had 200k when I sold it. my wrangler 175k. Now the kia starts weak I think. girlfriend got the 4 cylinder which is whiny. lots and lots of room in the sorrento though. you can stretch completely out in the passenger seat at 6 feet tall.

  8. Bought a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata back in 2016 with 101k miles for $4600. Today in 2018, about 150k miles and she still rides like a champ. Original everything. Definitely got my money’s worth. I’ve driven to TN, AL, NC, SC, FL and KY without any problems a few times. These KIAs and Hyundai’s are solid nowadays. That’s why they offer the great (10 yr 100k mile) warranty since you’ll never need to use it.

  9. Mercedes the brand was losing money and took it from the Diamler/Chrysler division to keep Mercedes afloat. Mercedes didn't lose money by investing in Chrysler, on the contrary.

  10. I would never buy a Korean car. They don’t have the reputation and history like the Japanese brands. They have nothing innovative and copy off other brands. For example Kia SUVs looks just like Toyota Highlander. Never will I buy a car with a KIA or HYUNDAI badge.

  11. I just bought a new 2019 Kia Soul as an errand running city car and I’m impressed by the quality of the materials and workmanship. I never had a Kia before and this is my first one. So far, I love it. I like to drive the Kia for running around town and it’s easy to maneuver and park than my 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300. The Kia Soul has a 5 year, 60,000 mile, bumper-to-bumper basic warranty and a 10 year, 100,000 mile, power drivetrain warranty, the best I have ever seen. 🇰🇷 👍 👌👏❤️.

  12. We had an 07 Sportage EX V6 it was a very nicely loaded car. It was a black on gray 2 tone paint and had fog lights, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, V6 badging, and a sunroof. Had the 2.7L V6 4 speed automatic. Interior was a beige color and had leather seats. Bought it in August of 2013 and owned it until May of 2018 when we got rid of it. Did have cruise control and aftermarket JVC audio system. We bought it when it had 80,000 miles and it was a used car. We got rid of it when it had 151,298 miles. We spent more than 5,000$ in fixing it with repairs and that includes going through 1 engine replacement and needed a 2nd replacement and would of needed a 3rd engine so we decided to get rid of it even when we still owed money on it. Pretty much was a loss since insurance paid it off. Wasn’t the greatest car to own but it was a nice vehicle. Had keyless entry. I now own a 2010 Toyota Camry LE 2.5L I4 with 169HP and a 6 speed automatic, has 177,000 miles. Was in our family car when it was bought used 35,000 miles in October of 2011 by my uncle. He gave it to my grandma after he drove it for awhile . then my mom and onto me. Once they got their new cars I pretty much got the Camry as a replacement. I have owned it for about a year. My grandma has a 2016 Fusion SE ruby red technology package. My mom has a 2017 Focus SEL in Oxford white and it’s the sedan variant. She got that as a replacement for the Kia since she owned the Kia. My grandpa bought her the focus. And as well as the Ford Fusion. She couldn’t necessarily afford another car for awhile but now she is pre approved for another car. My Camry is already paid off for about a year . so there isn’t a need in getting rid of it and keep driving it until it falls off its wheels.

  13. I had an 02 Jetta diesel. The turbo started small leak of oil into a cylinder, when not running. Making one cylinder not fire at all until it warms up a bit. The air dryer was filling up with oil also.

  14. My ex sister-in-law had a KIA——> The material they use for the dashboard and door panels quickly warped because it could NOT handle the heat of the SE USA!

  15. I had a 1984 chevette with a diesel . I put 270k miles on it then the frame rotted out and I sold it for parts

  16. Had a Spectra that went over 245,000 miles. Went with a Soul that I just got rid of that had 301,000 miles with nothing replaced but 1 alternator. These things run forever and have only treated me great! Staying with them.

  17. My brother in-law has a 08 Hyundai Sonata he baught it new has the 4cylinder. The only thing he's had to get replaced is brake shoes. Still has the original battery.

  18. That’s what everyone said about samsung(korean) and sony(japanese). Sony used to be a bigger electronics brand at one point. Now, they are incomparably smaller than Samsung. In fact, Samsung is the company that pushes limits to technology. With that said, both companies still produce quality products and have diversified, i.e. sony into mirrorless cameras that are doing well. If you rule out something just because of which country it comes from, you are simply being stubborn and ignorant in my opinion.

  19. You can get a year old toyota with 10.000 miles cheaper then a new kia . I cant see buying one with how the toyota holds its value.

  20. Still have my kia Rio 2001! 205 000 and still running great just the right maintenace and spent some money trough the years to keep it up.

  21. I traded my brother and got an 05yukon. He beat it up. 300k miles. I replaced heater hose, all water houses, radiator, water pump, whole transmission, all drums, rotors and did a lot of cosmetic work on interior. It runs great!! It only has a noisy lifter. Is it imperative to fix this?


  23. Kia and Hyundai have the best warranties in the business 5 year 60k basic and 10 year 100k powertrain. Kia doesn’t hassle you about warranty work either, if the dealer says the engine or tranny needs replaced they don’t make the dealer tear them apart and find exactly what failed and replace only what they have to like Ford, GM and many other companies, instead they replace the entire thing and either the dealer will provide you one of their loaners or authorize a rental through enterprise that Kia pays for.

  24. Hey Scotty i do own a 208 kia optima with 21000 miles i am having problem everstime the car slows down from 60 to 20 miles the car brake by him sales but is because a downshiftng knock it sounds really hard when it make the change in gears. I took it to the dealer because i am scary how bad does the downshiftng. The delaer says its normal bu i cant do it any more

  25. I went on a road trip in a Kia Rio about 10 years ago. It was awesome experience. I went through the same route that took years before in a Corolla. Boy the Kia was much better all around. Corolla was such a crappy car to spend a lot of hours.

  26. I have a 2004 Rio with 160,000 miles. Only did timing belt, new tires, and an alternator. That's it. I get around 300+ miles on one tank with 10 gallons of gas. So before you hate Kia actually drive one.

  27. Our Kia Niro Touring Hybrid is reliable, practical, economical…and fully loaded with features and tech. Couldn't find anything that nice for the same price and warranty.

  28. I had kia carnival 2001, 2.9 diesel, 300.000km, just had a blown head gasket, blown turbo, transmission fail, alternator fail (easy to fix and cheap enough. Just re-spool the thing cost me 10 bucks and runs good), bad starter, cracked A washer bcs don't install a new one properly (idk it's name, it shaped like A and it's like a washer between fuel injector and the engine). After repair, it runs really good. I install new piston rings, rebuild the transmisson because its blown in the highway. It run perfect after repairs. I have 2 of them and now all are stolen. Kia motors accept for trade in these 2001 carnival for 2016 ones. First week 2 of them still in the dealer because they wait for costumers to buy it. Next week the car is gone and some week later kia motors dealer was closed in my city. This is not a joke.
    At least they should send me back my new turbos. These aren't cheap, it cost me 750-ish bucks for the new one, it's not easy to find a brand new one and calibrate the new turbo. My dad spent 3 days with his mechanic driving with tools in car. Test the car, stop in side of road, take off the intercooler, recalibrate the ratio, put intercooler back in, test the car again.

  29. Cheap plastic and carpeting is what I see in these cars. It's horrible the cheap materials used inside them.

  30. 2 consecutive kias. A soul and a sorrento. Live in a city and put 80k miles on both and both got over 110k miles. I fully plan on buying the Stinger and a Telluride

  31. If a vehicle is pulling a certain way more often then not its just a strut mount not allowing the spring to rotate

  32. 0:44 But that said…realize, if you're driving on a highway, highway miles is equivalent to about 10% of city so if you drive 2000 miles on the highway all at once, it's like driving 200 miles in the city…

  33. I think the problem with Kias are the quality of the body and less how many miles they will last. A couple of my in-laws got them and they just fell apart so easy. Whole parts of the body just falling off. Handles breaking, dash breaking. My wife's co-worker has had a sportgage in the shop for over a month or two on and off. I know Kias are cheap, but you get what you pay for.

  34. Hey scotty i am thinking of buy a hyundai 2002 tiburon auto 4 cylinder with 125000 miles on the clock. For a decent price. Is it worth it?

  35. Scotty I got me a Stinger GT2 loving it so far hopefully it will hold and be reliable like our Camry's! Your videos are great way to start the day!

  36. My grandfather has a 2018 Kia Cazdenza and it is a full blown luxury car. Dont underestimate them anymore. They are great cars

  37. How reliable are Hyundai cars? I am thinking of buying a used 2012 Hyundai Tucson with about 100,000 miles on it.

  38. I've purchased two. Overall they are pretty good. If you're not getting low interest rates and a good deal stay away. Kia will lose its value quickly. As far as the engine goes….they are pretty solid and they have a 5 year 100k warranty. If you don't get a lemon or one that has a defect I can easily see getting 200k out of them. Kia has come a long way since they first released them.

  39. So you guys say these brands and their cars improved only in RECENT years? Where have they been UNTIL THEN? What were they waiting for so damn long? Oh yeah, they were making pieces of JUNK! smh

  40. Kia is quietly making some of the best new stuff on the road, only a half step behind '94 Celica material.

  41. scotty, I am thinking of buying a 2015 Hyundai Tucson with about 100,000 miles. What do you think?

  42. My 2011 Optima's engine blew; luckily was under recall. Got new engine placed in, car has ~120,000 miles on it. hope I can get about 200,000 out of it.

  43. The thing with Kia is that they've been improving at lightning pace every 2, 3 years. 2014 or so there was a big improvement. 2017 was another big improvement. The 2020's are another notch better. Engine is smoother, build quality is more solid, etc.

  44. Just as with Hyundai, Kia is now making reliable cars. I'm old enough to have witnessed the arrival of Hyundai in America with their sorry Pony and Stellar crap in the mid eighties. I also witnessed the arrival some years later of Kia with their own failures like the first generation Rio and Sportage. But today those two sister companies have learned from their mistakes and offer proven great quality and reliability. Otherwise I certainly wouldn't have bought a barely used 2018 Kia Stinger GT Limited. But I'm smart enough to have waited a year to get one at a substantial rebate. Thanks to all the Kia haters, I got me a great bargain on a fantastic GT german designed car ! Did I mentioned that it looks stunning, and is quite fast ?

  45. Kia has upped its game in the last 8 years. Scotty, they're not the company you knew… They've tightened up. They're making incredible cars nowadays!

  46. I thank you very much for such informative videos that could be helpful in decision making to choosing a car for a nonmechanical person.
    I m from Pakistan, and we have limited small car options of Suzuki celerio and Kia picanto…Could you please have an analysis of their engines and let me know which should I pick out of these two

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