Here’s What I Think About Buying a New or Used Car in 1 Minute

Here’s What I Think About Buying a New or Used Car in 1 Minute

Rev up your engines! Raper Dare says, I’m worried about buying
a used car for cheap, I don’t want it breaking on me, I’m thinking
about buying a newer Civic or Toyota 86, how do I know if a car is good and long lasting,
we’ll you know, there’s an art to that, I’m a mechanic, I can tell you really fast,
so if you can find a guy like me, you have me check it out before you buy the thing,
because if you do that, generally your not going to have any problems,
a mechanic can tell, from 50 years of working on them I can tell you, hey this, no this
is a bad car, and you save a ton of money if you buy a used
Toyota or a used Honda and it’s in good shape, like I can buy cars for $3,000 or $4,000 that
maybe has 70% of their life left, and when they were new they were $30,000, so that’s
a good deal, now if your worried and you don’t mind spending on a newer Civic or Toyota 86
go ahead if you don’t mind spending that kind of money because it’s going to last a long
time too so, that’s more of a choice up to you, even my
son, he was going to get a used pick up and I was looking around and he said, oh heck
I’m just going to buy a new Tacoma because I might have it for 30 years so what do you
care and in that case there’s nothing wrong with buying a new one,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. here's what I think – buy a new car if you can afford it – not something expensive, but something with a good record of quality and something that fits your needs. I'd be skiddish as hell buying a used car unless it was from a family member and I knew how it was treated. have you seen the way some people drive cars now?

  3. I will probably never buy used again, bought a used Pontiac a few years back, it ran fine engine was great and transmission was perfect, and I hardly drove it, it was a very short daily commuter car, and yet little things kept breaking, the ABS went out pretty quick, the AC soon after, Fuel Pump died, the Paint was going bad, just little things about it just wasn't made to last.

  4. I bought a 1998 acccord for 2500$
    is that a good buy??
    the car runs great it only needs a repaint and the power locks at the back needs replacing

  5. Here in Indonesia a brand new Civic costs around $40,000 and the Toyota 86 for $60,000. Not such a wise choise to buy a new import cars here.

  6. New car is good if you have a company and want to take some load off your taxes. Otherwise it's really stupid. Leasing a car for a company is good because at least you can get rid of the depreciation if you plan to keep it for years. Any other case it's throwing away money.

  7. But it seems like new cars get old much faster than old ones.

    Alot of cars from the 70s are still alive and kicking, when alot of cars from the 90s seems to be at the end of their lifespan and early 2000s seem to be even worse. I bet we wont see any of the new euro or us cars get to the point where they are 58 years old and driveable.
    And I know that alot of 70s cars have gone thru alot of restorations and rebuilds but alot have not like old vauxhall/opels or ladas ffs. And im not sure if rebuilding our current new cars is even possible.

  8. Buying used from a private party is dicey, unless you know the car's owner(and how the car was treated). Buying a certified pre-owned car is a good option provided you negotiate a very good deal, which may be tough to do depending on where you live.The only reason to buy new is when you just have to have the latest and greatest(for the time being in this day & age-lol) model of vehicle you're contemplating. Most people aren't mechanics and don't want to waste time dealing with car related issues, they would rather pay the price up front for peace of mind, which brings the question, is saving perhaps $5000 to $7000 for a used car versus it's brand new counterpart as cost effective in the lifespan of the car loan of each car should both be financed? Caveat Emptor in buying used, buying a used car where the brake pads, tires and battery(usually the service items that wear out the most frequently) will be needing replacement inside of that car loan window sometimes can get pricey(maybe not $5 to $7K expensive), there are certain luxury brands that require rotors and pad(sensors as well) to changed out every brake job and that could cost over $1000. Tires as well can break $1000 depending on the type of car you buy. Buying a used BMW or Audi could in the long run cost more than buying new if you aren't careful.

  9. I bought a used early 90s Toyota Corolla station wagon for $700. It was being sold as the girl who owned it was buying a new car and just wanted to get rid of it. No problems with that car. I only sold it because after several years of ownership I was moving overseas. I miss that car. Looking for another soon for my son.

  10. In a nutshell… If your gonna buy a new car, buy a TOYOTA or LEXUS. Otherwise, buy a TOYOTA or LEXUS. You cant go wrong either way! 😎

  11. Scotty what do you think about the scion xb 2003-2006? I think it has a 1.5L engine. Engine and transmission reliable would you say?>

  12. You roll the dice when buying a used car, even when a mechanic checks it out. A car has many components and non of them last forever. Sometimes you buy a used car that seems fine and then stuff starts failing and your in the shop every month. In the end, you would have just saved money on an efficient new car that has a low interest loan on it.
    I have had good luck with used shitboxes before, but I don’t regret buying a new car that I don’t have to worry about being stranded.

  13. you can never go wrong with a used Toyota. The problem is you never know how people treat them, or maintain them. I've seen some pretty beat up Toyotas that have lasted a long time.

  14. Every one can buy a lemon no one is infallible. With your experience there is less chance but it can still happen. Usually the more expensive cars have better savings as if they have prestige people want to drive the latest and the maintenance and servicing is costly. Buy what you can afford to keep going. Myself I buy the cheapest new car I can find keep it for ten years and scrap it.

  15. Just bought a 1 owner 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis with 126,600 original miles on it in pristine condition for $3,000. It has the Panther frame, engine and drive train configuration, same as in the Ford Crown Vic and Lincoln Town car. The Crown Vic makes many "top used car" lists for it's long lasting 4.6 liter motor and drive train that often lasts 300,000 to 500,000 miles. Also, the separate frame and body construction, as opposed to unibody construction, makes repairs easy and low cost. The durability and ease of maintenance is why so may police departments, taxi companies and fleet operators use them. The small block V-8 has more than enough power and delivers decent gas mileage of around 21 MPG in the city and 25-26 MPG on the highway. Great car!

  16. never bought a new car never will, why waste money on something that's overpriced and loses so much value so quickly.

  17. 70s 80s and some 90s used vehicles are a better choice as they last longer. But most 2000 and newer are just plain junk. They don't last and the manufacturers uses a lot and I mean a lot of plastic on their new cars. Hell even the new Fords, Dodges, and Chevrolet trucks are crap. They have more electronics in them than my 90 Ranger and they have a lot more plastic components that will fail.

  18. Beware of buying a new Toyota, they last too damned long and you will be stuck driving an aging machine for years. You won't get that "new car" experience for a very long time.

  19. Bought a Brand new corvette once. I took a beating when I sold it. Huge loss. Will never buy new again unless I hit the lottery.

  20. By as old as you can find. New cars look terrible, and they were not designed to be driven, in my opinion, unless it's a pickup or SUV. If you can not comfortably put your arm on the door, and hang your head out the window, and see the corners of the bumpers when you parallel park, it's not meant to be driven. I don't know what those things are. If you look out your rear view mirror and see nothing, what is that? Do you really have any idea where the end of your car is?

  21. Can you do a video about town and country's made 2011 and up. I love them but i have a growing family and want to make sure its the right choice for my family.

  22. Hi Scotty, can you please tell me if you would change the fuel filter for routine maintenance on an older Jeep Liberty with 150k miles. Only indication for changing it is engine is running a lil rough plus pretty sure it's never been changed. Thank you

  23. Yea, I got a bit of a clunker for a Camry, the valves were borked and the engine is still burning oil, but I've sank about 5k into it, including the price tag, so….I don't think I did too bad. Especially, considering I know nothing about cars. I suppose if I did, I would have been able to get one for less than 2k with less issues.

  24. I know Toyota’s are awesome, but keep in mind the “Toyota” 86 is a collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. In this case it is more Subaru than Toyota and the engine is Subaru. So you may have a Toyota brand, but you are getting the “quality” of the boxer Subaru engine. Which may not be as reliable. In previous collaborations Toyota and Pontiac, the Matrix and Vibe were the same thing, but with a Toyota engine. So even though you were buying a Pontiac, if you liked that style better, it was a 1ZZ Toyota engine in it and Toyota parts.

    Buy an 86, take out the center wheel caps. Behind you will see the Subaru name on something that has the Toyota logo on the other side, and is a Subaru part technically. Be warned when manufactures do this. As you may not be getting a car that is made from the quality manufacture, but the lesser of the two that makes the majority of the car and the other just changes it’s appearance.

  25. I purchased a 15 year old Lexus LS430, had two separate shops examine it beforehand. other than the VSC light on, the vehicle is in next to mint condition and im very happy with it. the cruise also does not work, so with the VSC light on too, im thinking bad relay. this car was ahead of its time to be sure.

  26. I never buy new cars anymore. I've found that I can get used cars for pretty cheap (after finding a good one) keep them maintained, drive them nice and they will keep on going. In fact, my latest buy was a 2002 Honda Odyssey ($1300). These Honda Odyssey's were $30k vehicles back in the early 2000's. It had a few issues, but none that I haven't been able to fix yet. I have been driving it almost daily since we bought it. It's racked up about 6000 miles now and started at 181,000. Go Honda!!! BTW, the cat eye'd pillow is freaking me out…..

  27. Personally i'd by a used car because there's a lot of electronics in new cars and once the electronics go i would have to spend a fortune to get the car fixed or sell it and haved to buy a another new car.

  28. Research the net "known issues…(enter vehicle model/yr)" which is very helpful. Also, cars that are seldom put up for sale is a good indication of a good one to buy. My 2 cents.

  29. Used cars are totally better than what is being produced now and you can save a fortune if you find a good one. Buying a new car is a waste of money and bad investment.

  30. The market where I live is so crazy that sometimes used cars don't make any sense unless you want really old… When I bought my new 2017 Nissan Frontier I paid 28k for it. Two year old trucks with 30,000 miles on them are going for 24-25k. To me, the extra $3,000 is worth the peace of mind of knowing it was driven right and maintained properly. Because if you're going to turn in a truck after a couple years, what's the point of doing maintenance?

  31. but scotty, I dont remember what video you said it in but I remember you saying that new cars won't last 20-30 years like the old cars used to becuase these new cars are made with cheaper quality parts.

  32. 🤓 Scot can u make a video exposing Tesla Cars, how its so anticonsumer & antiDIY, how they lock everything down and expect u to go to their dealer for every stupid little thing, just like an Apple product! 😒🍎🚗 Oh and maybe make a series of videos on Hypothetical Free Energy Cars and any rumors you have heard about since youve been around for like more than 50 years around cars 🚗🤓

  33. I'll never buy new again. My current car, 2008 Lexus ES 350, I bought over 2 years ago. It was owned by an elderly couple and had only 39,000km(24000miles) on it and paid only $14k for it. It was barely broken in and absolutely no rust as they hardly ever drove in the winter. The only thing that it had was the front corner of the bumper(plastic cowling really) was pushed in as a result of hitting a bench in their garage. That's what made them sell it. Not a big deal to me as plastic doesn't rust. I was able to push it out anyways. Still have it with 98,000km and an amazing reliable, comfortable car!

  34. Scotty. Does Toyota give you a kickback to keep telling everyone to buy an old Toyota, when they are looking for a used car that isn't $40K and full of plastic. You know, a car made of metal and actually might last past it first oil change?? I hope your not a shill for Toyota. We all trust you!!

    BTW….for all the money you make. WHY dont you paint that old Toyota?? For all the money you make, it is hardly a dent in your pocket, to make it a brilliant silver again, instead of that dead silver it has on it now?

  35. there are needles in the haystack to be had for sure, but regardless of a 15% immediate depreciation the second you drive a new one off the lot (or however much it is), I'd rather buy new, than inherit the devil you don't know ~jmho~

  36. "So if you find guy like me". That is the problem. How can i know if a mechanic is a honest person or not. Because Scotty is only one in this world. Not two. 🍻

  37. I bought a 1992 Nissan Maxima 12 yrs ago at 45K miles. It now has 170k miles. I saw another recently for sale for $3Gs with about 50k miles. Umm I'm tempted to buy it, Japanese cars from the 90s were built to last.

  38. Can't go wrong with low mileage honda's & toyota's.
    Just make sure its got full service history and check for damage especially on all 4 corners of the innards of the car.
    Check noises from engine.
    Check for uneven wear on the tyres,oil leaks,blue smoke from the exhaust and gearbox condition and not forgetting underneath for holes & bodge.
    Etc etc.

  39. I bought a Mazda for £550 in 2009 and used it until July 2018. Never let me down once. Only had a few repairs for about £180 in that time.. Thats Value motoring 😀

  40. I recently bought a 2017 civic ext new for a daily mainly because Honda holds it value and I know it last easily for 10 years without many issues. Otherwise I reccomend a used car with one owner and excellent maintenance records

  41. I've always bought used cars, never spending more than $8k. I wouldn't keep them for more than a year or two though because when I was younger, I'd get bored driving the same thing. I got tired of dealing with major repairs and being stranded a few times with different vehicles, so my last two vehicles were bought new. They each needed some warranty work, but dropping them off at the dealership, getting a free rental, and not having to pay a dime for repairs was far less stressful. Plus, it's nice owning something new that hasn't been tainted with stranger farts and boogers for the last 100k miles. As long as I can buy a new car with a long warranty for 20% or more off MSRP, I'll likely never go back to buying used.

  42. I always buy my cars new and drive 'em until they fall apart. 1986 Dodge Omni, drove it until 1998. 1993 Mercury Tracer, hail storm 2003 gave it to my son until he totalled it 2006 (he didn't get hurt, $4,000 payout). 1998 Toyota Sienna, still driving it 150,000 miles. 2003 Honda, still driving it 130,000 miles. 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T (dealer knocked $6,000 of it following 2008 recession) still driving it, no problems 36,000 miles. My next car will probably be a Toyota Highlander, saving up to pay cash.

  43. Here's the problem with buying a new car, most of you will NEVER EVER pay it off. The average car payment is over 500 dollars. With full coverage required insurance and registration that number jumps to around 700 a month. So here's another question I have. Will you need social or government programs so you can afford your new car purchase? Will you be able to hold on to it through a job loss? It's best to live by the no lien rule. You own the car, no one can take it from you even in hard times. There are videos showing you how you can continually make payments to your car while OWNING it yet continually upgrading.

  44. Buying NEW is great but you will LOOSE THOUSANDS once you drive off the lot…. The good thing is, its NEW and clean and you now have 100% control over everything on that car specifically the engine…. which is the heart of the car. Keep that engine up and it can run 200K+ miles IF YOU PLAN ON KEEPING IT FOR THAT LONG…
    Buying USED will save you lots of $$ but now you are buying a USED car… No telling what they did or didn't do it .. Especially the engine.. did they change the oil on a regular basis..?? Did they flush the coolant thru the radiator and motor..?? Did they commute to $ from work in heavy traffic everyday… Did they commute to & from work and 90% was highway travel with no traffic..

    HEAT kills engines… Excessive idle KILLS engines.. Bad / LOW oil KILLS engines …

    So do you plan to keep your car for 20+ yrs ..??

  45. Buy new: Toyota, Honda
    Buy used: Toyota, Honda with manual tranny
    Lease and return: German cars
    Avoid used at all cost: German

  46. This guy is an absolute clown and seems to not know anything technical or factual about cars. He is an eccentric who provides opinions. Maybe his credentials come from being supervisor at Hertz…

  47. People depreciating value get it used always or if you want a new car wait till it's 2-4 years old it's usually half price

  48. Is it good to buy 94 honda civic eg with 230000 kmson it in aussie in au$1000 dollers .i know the guy .he bought new Ute. N havent driven since then .

  49. I feel like the lost value of a new car going off the lot would be the same if a used car you buy needed some things replaced.

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