Here’s What I Think About Buying a Used Saab Car

Here’s What I Think About Buying a Used Saab Car

rev up your engines Thomas van says Scotty I was looking for a first car I came upon a Saab 900 turbo are those engines reliable and are they okay with around 200,000 miles cuz I don’t want to spend a fortune for repairs, okay it’s a Saab $900 turbo the company went bankrupt years ago because their cars cost so much money to repair and that’s a turbo which makes it even more expensive to repair, now if you live in a Sweden or in Europe there’s a lot of old ones lying around in junkyards a lot of parts where you could get parts fixed cheaply, I know guys in Sweden that have them and they love them, they swear by them in the United States you’d be playing with fire buying that car used with that kind of mileage on it anything can go wrong and you’re gonna throw your money for a first car that’s not that smart choice really unless you’re in Sweden and you know some honest Swedish mechanics, B Castro says hey Scotty I got a question about the Ford era Jaguar are there any notice Ford doesn’t own them anymore that kind of tells you the truth, those are some of the worst cars ever made they had the one that was pretty much a rebadged Ford with the six-cylinder engine in it, they were one of biggest piles of junk that Jaguar ever put out I had customers that bought them and I said why’d you buy that car and they’d say yeah I just wanted a Jaguar and I said would you ever buy another one, no it’s the biggest pile of junk I ever had, now you can get them dirt cheap I could buy them all day long for a thousand, fifteen hundred bucks, I mean if they run and they shift then it go okay you’re not gonna lose that much if something big goes on, you cansay ooh look I got a Jaguar but don’t ever think they’re gonna be reliable they were the most time reliable piles of junk that they ever put out, day lamp says hey Scotty what are your thoughts on CVT transmissions for towing, don’t, CVT transmissions are made to get the best gas mileage you can possibly get and they are more efficient but they’re carefully designed to pull the vehicle that’s it, they’re not designed for pulling the vehicle and towing something else too, you are flirting with disaster if you think you’re gonna buy a CVT transmission and start towing heavy weights with them you know that would just be a mistake you don’t want to get one of those to be towing basically if you’re really gonna be towing anything all the time you’re better with a standard transmission anyways but the CVT transmissions don’t think about buying one and start towing things they’re just not made for that jobs11 says Scotty my 2001 Jag X types engine light comes on for the oxygen sensor replacing lamda doesn’t stop the code from reappearing any ideas okay here’s the thing about those oxygen sensors they are part of a very complex computer run system that measures the residual oxygen in your exhaust, then sends feedback to the computer and then the computer pulses the fuel injectors to try to make for the perfect air fuel ratio that’s fourteen point seven parts air to one part fuel, so it’s a very complicated system, if you changed the sensor and if you used an OEM factory one and it’s still stuck on it could be the wiring from the sensor to the computer it could be the computer, the driver circuits are going down, it could be an air leak on the intake it, could be a problem in the fuel injectors, there are all kinds of problems, you tried the obvious thing and if you used an OEM factory sensor, you did what you could do now you’re better off finding a guy like me who’s got a dealer level scan tool, we hook them up we drive them for 10 minutes then we analyze live and mode 6 data that’s on it and give you our opinion on what could possibly be wrong that’s what you’d want to do next really rather than just guess, sad film says hey Scotty I got a 99 v6 Firebird, the fuel gauge doesn’t work it gets stuck on full when I start up and if I leave the car idling in park it’ll drop to empty, what should I do ok the most common thing is the sending unit inside the gas tank, there’s a flow that goes up and down then goes to the gauge and makes it move, since yours is jumping around maybe you’re lucky and it’s just a loose wire, especially on the top of the gas tank you want to check that first, but if it’s not that odds are it’s the sending unit and unfortunately on that horrible American design, you got to drop the whole stinking gas tank to get to it, it’s not like a Toyota or a German car where they got access panel either under the hood or in the trunk or under the backseat, where you just take that out and then there’s like seven eight screws take them off, pop it off and change the sending unit, on that you got to drop the whole gas tank to change it, it’s pretty much a pain in the butt, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Saab was started 1937 by Wallenberg to secure Aircraft supply during ww2, then they produce low cost car in the 1950-1970. later they produce high tech cars , that was to overkill for common people. sad that GM kills Saab. its was great to have two cars producers in Sweden Volvo and Saab, and Scania and Koenigsegg. all your videos about cars are so great. greatings from Sweden-

  3. I wish SAAB would come back on the car market someday, especially the early 900 hatch back model. They were so practical in design and fun to drive

  4. Not true at all about Saab. The old Saab H engines are extremely reliable, and parts aren’t too hard to get at all. Just because GM ruined the company doesn’t mean they went out of business because they were bad cars. I’ve had two, and my 9-5 Aero was absolutely fantastic.

  5. Saab went bankrupt because of GM. Spyker owned Saab and was seeking Chinese investors but since GM owned the platforms used for the then current line up they blocked the move and the company went bankrupt. GM didn't want to see Saab succeed after they sold it. GM is trash and even after robbing $50 billion of tax payer dollars still produce junk. Sad and pathetic.

  6. Maintenance on my saab 08 93 aero has been quite cheap, and parts are definitely out there and available for a fair price. Honestly haven't spent any more than i did on my ls400.

  7. My wife used to have 2005 9-5 Aero, she got it at 40K and soon afterwards we would play a guess game "what wold break on it this month or even week".
    I lost count of things that were replaced in that piece of $hit car but one I do remember was a DI cassette TWICE (both times it was OEM ones that went bad) and each retails at crazy $, a lot of things weren't thought through, like putting and bolting that DI to top of the engine that run crazy hot and it seems heat kills those coils eventually, hmmm…. then ALL engine mounts went bad (did help to get rid of big amount of vibration), sub frame support needed to be replaced (vibrations, squeaking), transmission position switch and cable, the PCV system that they redesigned 5-6 times, shocks on both trunk and hood twice, I think the only thing helping the engine not to blow up was that I only used Mobil 1 0w-40 and was changing every 5K and even then at 90K it was already leaking oil from top gasket.
    I did like the power the engine delivered, when you drove it it did feel like a sports car but that's about it (15MPG in mixed driving wasn't impressive either).
    It didn't help though that I was driving 2000 Honda civic which with 180K on odometer and blown head gasket (from overheat in the system due to bad repair service performed, resulting in fuel seeping into cooling system) drove for 2 years after I dumped bars head gasket sealer in the cooling system to stop it which kind of helped for another 25K.

  8. A former co-worker had a SAAB which he loved. Unfortunately his, SAAB was a Swedish "lemon". He came to work late so often because of various "car troubles" we began to call them his" Saab stories"- and that he should get a VOLVO . This really pissed him off but he stuck with the Saab. Lame now, but it was thought hilarious back then..

  9. Normally love your vids Scotty but given that "Orio" of sweden still supply Original parts for us Saab owners i had to correct you, our own 2004 Saab 9-5 Aero Estate still phurring like a kitten 😉 BTW Scotty.. Saab were financially solvent when GM (struggling) did the old hostile takeover thing. Not sure how that story got reversed! but i can see why GM would want people to believe the version you have been "sold" over the truth.

  10. Saab is a POS I don’t care what you fanboys say they are pure garbage. My friend had a Saab 9 5 and within four months of owning it cost him over 4K by dropping a valve, and dragging the brakes making it warp the rotors

  11. Have to disagree with you there buddy. I have had the same 99' 9-3 since i graduated back in 09' and my dad had it for 4 years before me. Still runs and drives and has become my track car at this point. Has never cost an arm and a leg to repair unlike my friends base model 2012 Jetta and my other friends 2006 Toyota Camry. I now have 3 Saab's and they all run great and are easy enough for me to work on at home. Parts are very easy to find as well.

  12. Ok so I own a used Saab and it's my first car and it's an amazing car they are actually pretty cheap to maintain and repair I have had no issues with the turbo nor heard of such issues with other preowned Saabs. A BMW / most other European luxury cars cost much more to repair. Please do more research on the car you are reviewing before making assumptions as to the quality of that car/brand.

  13. Welp. I have owned and own several Saabs. I have owned other cars, too. I work with VAG for living.

    I'll just tell you this. During my 16 years of ownership and during the 16 Saabs I've owned.. I have spent maximun of 2000€ on repairs on those cars. And thats a fact.

    Imagine having owned an oil gulping Audi A4, for example..

  14. Wow this proves you know nothing about Saabs at all. There are 0 parts availability issues. The OEM Saab Parts division is still in business and building parts…

  15. My Saab 9-3 2007 is running just fine with almost 140K miles. Had several I. The past great cars and very reliable with good service. Also drives better than a 2005 bmw 3 series I had. More character and more driver oriented.

    Saab’s were great cats.

  16. Scotty Scotty Scotty…. Really I have 1st gen Saab 93 bought in 2001 its now 17 years later!!!!!!!!!!!!It still kicks new car asses and has NOT cost me…..I'm sorry go and buy your self one…GM screwed up Saab but they are the best cars I have ever had…And guess what I'm buying another one.Regards

  17. I own 2007 93t. Still runs very well. With help of YouTube and Amazon, I work on it myself. I’ve recharges ac fluid, and replaced ignition coil and spark plugs when engine check light came on. Autozone guy helped. I hope to keep it for another 10 years….!

  18. The information in this video especially about SAAB is completely incorrect. The company DID NOT go bankrupt because they were costly to repair. They were not. In fact they were owned by GM and carried many parts from GM cars. GM axed SAAB because SAAB refused to build lower quality, less safe cars to level the playing field. Second if you think 200k miles is a lot on one maybe you should watch the video with the 1 million mile SAAB on original engine. SAAB is actually very reliable and absolutely one of the safest cars money can buy.

  19. How does this guy have over a million subscribers. Most of his comments are just opinions. Not based on facts. As a mechanic. It's people like him that gave saab a reputation for being unreliable. Are the trouble free? No. But no car is. I see Saabs that have well over 250K miles on them. Original engine and transmission. In fact. If you Google it. There is a man who made it to a million miles on his saab 900 turbo. Original engine and turbo. All you gotta do is look a little deeper. Ignore people that spout stuff they know very little about or make recommendations based off opinions. You will see that they are solid cars. Especially the pre 2000 model year cars.

  20. Come on Scotty, Don't hold back, SAAB was doing great until General Motors destroyed it. Prior to GM, SAAB had the best engine I've ever seen. I had a 900S that ran over 250K and was still going. Don't be so soft on GM.

  21. Can you advise me please Scotty!
    I was about to change front ARB bushes on my 2006 Saab93 diesel when i realised i couldn't get a spanner on the rear bush clamp bolts as they are tight against the bulkhead. Is it possible to undo a few subframe mount bolts and maybe prise it down to reach the bolts without to much dismantling? I would love your imput, thanks, Carl.

  22. Every body talking trash and wrong about Saab they went out of business because gm pulled out because costs not because anything else I'm from Europe so American s do your homework

  23. Scotty : REV UP YOUR ENGINE!
    Saab Owner: I can’t, it won’t start..

    Haha Jk, I’m actually a Saab owner myself (2006 9-3 Aero) and I love the car so much. I feel a lot of people misunderstood Saab’s. They aren’t the most reliable car in the world but they are definitely not the worst. It’s something different on the road.

  24. In this video I do feel Scotty is wrong on buying the Saab 900 turbo. I watched Auto Autoshpy's video of him reacting to the video. He said in his video that the egine was reaible because has been around Turbo 900 with 200,000 miles on and he said there perfect as could be. He also did say that maybe buying this your first car isn't the best idea but your a person who likes to keep the car up and in good shape than you should buy the car. Now I do agree with what Auto Autospy said. My opion on the person buying this car is that maybe he wants to go with more of a new 90s 900, but thats just my opion and what I would do.

  25. Bought an 2004 Saab 9-3 in 2015 with 65k miles on it. I've put 60k miles on it and i've only done regular maintenance. Has always worked like a dream for me! Love this car and never want to get rid of it. My only problem is all the random tools I have to buy specific for saab that I'll never use on anything else ever! Lol.

  26. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Saabs are some of the most reliable cars that are still on the road.

  27. Geez Scotty, you're embarrassing yourself, you obviously do not know anything about cars other than Toyotas so you should stop talking about other brands.

  28. Own a 1999 Saab cant say its trouble free but over 200K transmission shifts like butter and I love the heated seats in winter pure Euro comfort. It all depends if the PREVIOUS owner took care of the car. Still its nicer looking than move vanilla VW's and Jap econoboxes.

  29. I bet that if I swap a celica motor into a saab you would say that it is the best car in the world😂 as a matter of fact…….only your celica and yours only is the best car in the entire world lol.

  30. This guy knows nothing about Saabs. I've owned several and yes you can get a lemon but Saab is a highly well built safe vehicle that drives like a more expensive sports car. Saab requires a qualified mechanic to care for them. There are still several available. If you take care of them, they'll love you back and are fun to drive.

  31. Parts are super easy to get hold of even in the USA…..lots of dedicated outfits…and parts are no more expensive than any other European manufacturers.

  32. Ok third statement in and you got me really pissed….Saab's are well known for being so well built that it is common to find a super high mile car that runs and drives well, ( I run a 9-5 2.2tid with 250,000 miles on it) in fact me and my son did a 3000 mile trip around Europe inc a lap round the Nurburgring and a a drive over the alps and down into Itally where the temp was 33oc and the car never missed a beat…. Next.


  34. I totally disagree Scotty. There's a large community support for Saab in the US. I have a 2001 viggen convertible and is a very fine car, reliable, and allot of fun to drive. The older 900 Saab are simple to work on and maintain and not expensive. The T7 are very good engines and can be tuned. Buy one and have fun with it.

  35. In my 9000 1997 SAAB Aero I was hit head on at 60 mph and spun around and hit by a truck and went over the side down 200 feet rolled over 6 times (I think) down to a creek AND WALKED OUT OF THE WHOLE THING WITH OUT A SCRATCH. Try that with a Honda!

  36. Saab:
    Comfortable as a BMW
    Fast as an Audi
    Reliable (dare I say) as a Toyota
    Looks are in a league of their own.
    Safety is also in a league of its own

  37. On my 2nd saab. First was a 2005 arc 2.0T with down pipe and exhaust. Was doing some not so smart things at the time and hit a tree around 70-80 mph. Some how walked away in perfect health. Now 7 years later i have my 2011 93 turbo4 which i have left stock and im just enjoying the car.

  38. I think Scotti is paid by Toyota to always mention Toyota and Lexus don’t get me wrong I love Lexus but Scotti sounds like a boyfriend that’s obsessed with an ex-girlfriend

  39. Scotty is very knowledgeable and I appreciate him sharing his experience with amateur car buyers and mechanics. Now however is hyper geeked up personality is "F"ing draining and more than annoying! ! My advice Scotty K. tone it down alittle please. Christ you'd think you just took a blast of some good crack before each video omg…😲

  40. Here in Finland Saabs are known for their very high reliability. When properly maintained Saabs will last at least 400 000 km. Also parts for Saabs are quite cheap.

  41. Scotty, I always agree with you about German cars and Toyotas. I understand that your point of view is more often about a mechanic's advice for the consumer. I had the bad experience with Mercedes mainly due to their electronics and lack of reliability. I agree with you about Toyota because they really don't fail, and ANYONE can work on them, so there's the focus. Since anyone can work on them you don't need to find the one shop in an entire metro area to work on them. And DIY attitude doesn't really care. DIY guys only care about getting parts, which is easy now with the Interwebs. I had a 900 Turbo and did all the work myself, prior to the ease of ordering parts online, or reviewing blogs and YouTubes on how to do things. About the only thing I ever broke was a cv joint from all it's crazy torque. So they are rock solid, but frustrating if you've got to rely on a shop – as are Toyota, Honda, Jaguar and all of them…I love the reliability of my Toyota, but I'm considering buying a used Saab because they truly are right there, and everyone is now afraid of them. When maintained they were going far past 200k, while Hondas were bragging about going over 100k miles.

  42. Since the collapse of Saab the parts are cheaper! Lots of saabs in junkyards that you can get good condition parts for cheap, Facebook and Ebay also have plenty… kind of a misconception that these cars have astronomically high maintenance costs. My yearly maintenance cost for my Saab is like $500.

  43. I drove 5 differente SAAB's over the last 30 years and my last is a 1997 9000 2.0 turbo 150 hp LPT, pretty much undestructible engine, and I am still driving it after 360 000 km and I plan to make another 200 000 with it. You sound like Alex Jones conspiracy theory, but about saab, pretty sure that you never drove one and you have no idea what you are talking about…

  44. All BMW s now come turbocharged and are VERY expensive to maintain and buy………BUT PEOPLE STILL BUY THEM. WANT A SAAB??? GET ONE.

  45. I own a 2008 Saab 93 Aero with the 2.8T V6. I'm running a vtuner stage 2 tune and a Krona downpipe and midpipe.
    Even with the tune, this car has been very reliable and has never gave me any major issues to note.
    I love my Saab.

  46. This the first time i hear you talking nonsense . Theese engines are bulletproof. Own 3 Saab. Parts are not that expensive and reliability is top.

  47. Someone offered me a 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T, around 130K miles which needs an ignition coil module. For my 01 Eclipse Gt… should I just keep my car or

  48. you are wrong sir they havent bancrupt because of their parts expensive. they made shitty copy cars after "GM"bought them

  49. Scotty what do think about Toyota Yaris? Are these cars are reliable? Which engine in your opinion is the best? Which year production is most reliable?

  50. YOU CAN NOT READILY FIND PARTS FOR A SAAB. I am having to junk my running Saab because the local Saab dealer/repair shop is unable to find parts. They said if you can find them, our Saab mechanic (he's Swedish) will install them. If you're not a current Saab owner that is currently having mechanical issues, then SHUT THE F UP!

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