Here’s What I Think About Honda CVT Transmissions

Here’s What I Think About Honda CVT Transmissions

rev up your engines, Rohan says I got a
Honda City 2006 CVT transmission, acceleration is slow can you give me
some tips on how to drive it, okay here’s the problem,
CVT transmissions are just weak transmissions period, they’re just weak,
and in that Honda they’re underpowered weak automatic transmissions, so
basically you’re more or less want to live with whatever it does, now if it’s
really bad, you might go to a Honda mechanic who’s a pro and has a dealer
scan tool and he can check it out there might be some reprogramming that could
be done for the transmission as it ages but really, ah they’re just weak
transmissions, it’s one reason I don’t like buying them, the newer ones are better
than the older ones and that’s what, an 06 so it’s 13 years old, but the new
ones they do shift a little bit better but they still have what I call a lag, I
don’t like them but see if I a Honda guy maybe he could
reprogram it to shift a little bit better,
Tyler silk says, I have a 98 Civic and the passenger side tie rods are bad
but the others are perfectly fine, do you recommend replacing just the passenger
side or all of them, just change the passanger side, when they’re worn out replace
them, realize that cars don’t wear evenly and here’s the thing, generally the
passenger sides always wear out faster and here’s why, because when you’re
driving your car, guess what you hit potholes and stuff with more often, the
passenger side because you’re on the driver’s side you see the holes you move
out of the way, but you can’t see it right in front of the passenger side so
you’re gonna hit more things, just change the ones that you see are bad and leave
it at that, Jeremy blue says, my a/c doesn’t work on
my Chevy Tahoe but the fuses are good the battery lights on as well, okay if
the battery light is on it means your alternator is not charging right, cars
are so complex these days, that if your system isn’t charging right, then it may
turn a lot of things off like the AC, go to a place like autozone, they load test
your batteries and alternators free, you might find you need an alternator and
that will fix the AC, if not you got two problems and an AC system not coming on
the first thing you want to check is just check the refrigerant, just have a mechanic put gauges on it because if you low on refrigerant it’ll do
the same thing, you want to pray something simple like that and not something
like Chevy’s are known for having bad controllers and that’s a computer part
that costs a lot of money then has to be reprogrammed by a mechanic, so you want
to pray it’s something simple, column wart says, I have a Subaru Forester 1999,
the wheel gets really hot when I Drive for long periods and gives off a burning
smell, okay your brakes are sticking on whatever wheel is smelling generally means
your brakes are sticking on, Jack it up in the air and try spinning all the wheels, you
find one wheel doesn’t spin and sticks the brakes are sticking, that can be a
bad caliper, a rotten brake hose, or a bad master cylinder not releasing pressure,
normally it’s a caliper on those things you check that, survey says, what are
your thoughts on buying an EVAP canister from a junkyard, okay
depends on the car, lets say if it’s a Chrysler, I wouldn’t buy one, they got
problems with them, if it’s a Toyota go ahead and buy one because they very rarely
go bad, if you got a car like a Toyota or Honda that they rarely brake on,
you might try a used one why not, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. My biggest frustration with my old 2008 Civic was its anemic acceleration. I finally traded it in for a Chrysler 300 (no problems yet). Lots more fun to drive.

  3. BS Scotty according to you mazda don't make good transmission, now Honda has a problem. CvT is a good transmission but they are made for quick acceleration.

  4. The beauty of the CVT in the Mitsubishi Mirage is that the little 3 cylinder only belts out 72hp, and the Jatco CVT is designed to handle up to 150hp. The CVT cab get on with keeping the 3 pot in its peak power and torque bands when required, without straining it. A good partnership that delivers a smooth experience without disruptive shifting.

  5. I quite happy with my Honda civic hybrid CVT. Low RPM at cruising speed, no shifts so very fluid when accelerating and not so restless as the toyota hybrid CVT's which are really much more annoying. Don't know about dubability though, my civic now has 134.000 miles on it and still drives like a new one. The CVT transmission fluid was changed at 130k miles so that might help too.

  6. I’m surprise that you don’t know. Toyota now makes CVT too for your favorite Corolla. They do however doing a hybrid. They do have a actual first gear to launch the vehicle, then shifts to CVT.

  7. Toyota has CVT transmission on the Corolla and Prius. They are designed by Toyota and built in Japan. Toyota is not stupid company. They make sure everything they put into their vehicles will be reliable and last many years.

  8. i had a toyota camry back in 1997 and i beat the crap out of that car, it went 300,000 miles and 246,878 mile more. Now i have a Hyundai Accent and i beat the crap out of it, i drive alot because of work. Of course i keep the maintenance according to manual. i just check the transmission at 75,000 miles looks nice clear and pink. Great korean cars. back in the day when they came out they had issues with the engines. Now they are the best and the fuel economy its amazing. It went up to 41 mpg on the freeway. Im beating the crap out of it. Love hyundais. By the way lets faced they all copy each other. I also have a 2009 nissan quest 3.6 v6 5 speed transmission and i keep maintenance on it and keeps runing like new. The only thing about the nissan is that the paint starts to fade away but thats not a big deal. Im gonna have it painted and after that i will put it in the garage next to my hyundai. i have to clear and organize my garage so i can fit both vehicules in garage. now my nissan does not have a cvt transmission and i am glad about that.

  9. recently i sol my chevy truck. at 60k i had to replace air conditioner, fuel pump, radiator, alternator. i sold it. i dont think i will never own a chevy or american car. Its junk.

  10. Today’s cvt transmissions do a good job. There are updates that come out every once in a while for the programming. Today they are like computer apps and need updating. Most of the time the engineers have discovered a way that the transmission will work more effectively and so there is an update. If under warranty they update for free. It can take anywhere from five minutes to 45 minutes depending on the update.

  11. I own a nissan and im glad it doesnt have a CVT. I change the trans…. fluid every 30,000 and keep all maintenance on it. still runs like new at 126,000 miles. If you have a CVT i recommend change tha fluid avery 30,000 miles and good luck. CVT the worst idea ever.

  12. Scotty I have a 2007 audi w cvt. Fast as heck! Best transmission. Fast pickup and smooth. Honda s 4 cylinder are weak engines.

  13. Hello Scotty. Funny thing happened last Friday. My alternator stopped working. Removed it and took it to AutoZone. They tested it and it failed. I got a new one and put it in. Electrical system went back to normal. Now my air-conditioning works really well! Everything happened just the way you said in this video and I think that's really funny.

  14. An anecdote, but no one I know of, even with Nissans, have never had trouble with their CVTs. Maintain them properly and they'll last like any other automatic.

  15. It was almost perfect until 3:07 – I was geting ready to give this video a like until that point – SO CLOSE! Will we EVER see a Toyota free video I wonder???

  16. Dear Mr scotty I have 2015 honda accord with 94 thou miles on it. I was wondering to change my transmission fluid, is it ok to change that? On my own from honda buying the fluid?

  17. i don't need to even hit play. i already know the answer: Toyota makes the best cars in the world, ever, period. this channel is becoming lame

  18. after 340K miles, my 2003 CR-V's driveline started to break at the flange that bolts to the rear end. mechanic said it's only the second one he's seen break

  19. Not all "CVTs" are equal. I have a Prius that is a CVT. However, it uses planetary gears rather than a belt pulley system that other cars use. You can't feel the transmission shift because it doesn't need to. This transmission is bulletproof and very few of them break. Very happy with my 50 mpg and reliability. I'll keep an old truck around to haul stuff, and the Prius for a daily driver and long trip car. I'm planning on buying an electric car in a few years, solar recharge it at home and use it for short trips. I might nix the electric car and get another Prius, but a Prius Prime that I can run on electric power for fifty miles and charge the Prius Prime at home. Like Scotty, I like a manual transmission, especially while driving in the mountains.

    I'll never buy an American, British, Italian, or German car again. US auto companies are going to stop producing sedans over the next couple of years and putting all their efforts into making trucks and SUVs. Detroit listen up…Toyota is going to make a diesel Tundra next year that will destroy your aspirations. Instead of paying incompetent auto company CEOs to lose market share and get golden parachutes, how about putting in some effort to make a good car? American car companies you didn't learn anything from the Japanese making inroads in the 1970s. You sucked then and suck even more now.

  20. i was waiting for scotty to mention my car honda city for a long time. and it got bashed the one in the thumbnail is my exact car and color 😭

  21. Speaking of CVT transmissions… what do you think about them on a Subaru Outback. Subarus are supposed to last a long time, but I'm wondering now since you say that CVT's are weak and you mentioned not to buy them since they have CVT transmissions. You recommended to get a standard transmission, but I don't like standards. Should I still get a Subaru Outback with the cvt, or are you totally against them? Also, from your experience, what's the best oil additive you recommend for a 2013 Honda Accord Sport 4 cyl? Thanks!

  22. What do you think about 2009 Lancer GT with 2.0L 4 cylinder with CVT?? I'm planning to get this car but need some good opinions. Thanks

  23. Scotty can you please give give me some advice on which car is more reliable one (Elektra 2016-2018, Sonata , new Civic turbo or nonturbo, new corolla,Mazda3, Accord

  24. Yeah, they lag, when you merge into small spaces and stomp it, prepare for the beep or just don't do it and just wait for a bigger gap in traffic. When I first got my CVT I was used to stick. CVT's don't respond immediately. When they do respond, they tear ahead as if you had a turbo in it. Now I just wait for a bigger space in traffic.

  25. Change your CVT fluid at 20,000 and every 30,000 after no matter what the dealer says. Owning a CVT means you are in "rough service mode" just because it is a CVT.

  26. Toyota has a plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.

    Scott County is the county seat of Georgetown, Kentucky.

    Scotty drives a 1994 Toyota Celica

    Scotty and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky= Illuminati confirmed!

  27. I have a 2015 toyota Rav 4. It has a ECT-i automatic transmission. I couldn't find any knowledgeable videos on youtube about it. Could you please make a video about it and provide information like maintenance tips, driving tips, reviews, etc.

  28. My 2008 Civic Hybrid (1.3 liters) has a CVT. You are not going to win drag races but that is not why you own a hybrid car. The transmission is still the original however and going strong at 174,000 miles. When you drive this car you just have to start winding it up early going up entrance ramps.

  29. CVT already has the word "Transmisson". Hence the T. No need to say "CVT Transmission" all the time.
    It's like saying text message message.

  30. Scotty, have you test driven the new generation of Honda Civic with the CVT? I have and it was fantastic. There was no lag at all. I hate automatic transmissions to begin with. Give me a manual transmission any day except in stop and go LA Traffic. But that was the best auto transmission as far as feel I've driven. That said, who knows if it will be reliable. Honda has a bad rep on that issue historically.

  31. My 2017 Civic CVT is buttery smooth, I like it. The lag doesn't bother me, it's 1-2 seconds, and you don't notice it after awhile. I get 40+ MPG, don't even need a hybrid. If I want extra acceleration to pass a car, I put it in "S" mode while driving and it zips around the other car. Never drove the older ones, so I can't compare. People love to hate on CVT's, but they're more efficient than traditional autos or manuals. I was thinking about a 2018 Camry, but on their forums they're complaining about transmission problems. Apparently the new Camry can't decide what gear to select and lurches forward, etc. I'll take the CVT.

  32. Might consider honda sport mode if cvt seems slow it peps things up a bit. Honda cvt are more reliable than others and return about30mpg combined. That is better than any non hybtid car. Their cvts are programmed to feel like automatics too. 💪

  33. Scotty, it may be worth mentioning that if the A/C isn't working, check the belt. I believe that's the most common point of failure.

  34. Scotty, Why are Toyota and Honda cvt”s better than Nissan CVTs. The Nissan cvt is pure junk. But I have t heard a lot bad things about Toyota n Honda? Your thoughts

  35. Hi Scotty i have 2014 honda civic LX, this is my first cvt transmission car. There is slight jump whenever i deaccelerate 40mph. Is that normal for cvt transmissiin cars?

  36. Well this is bullshit. I have a HONDA Civic 1800 four years old . When I accelerate you can't come out of your chair mister .
    You have something against Japanese cars I think…

  37. Hello Scotty, quick question, I'm looking at 2019 Honda Civic turbo , Hyundai Kona turbo and last option 2019 Toyota Camry..I like the feel of both Honda and Hyundai and last choice would be Toyota for reliability..both Toyota and Honda use cvts I believe and the Kona does not..their are pros and cons with all these for me but really would want Kona or Civic but concerned about long term reliability with these since I know your stance with Toyotas (but I think Toyota also uses cvts?)..very confused what to go with that hopefully would last at least a decade without any major issues..

  38. The guy with the battery light and A/C problem, check the belt, the Alternator and AC probably share the belt if its a serpentine belt.

  39. hey scotty whats your opnion on the accord lineup. I just got a 2014 accord coupe v6(didnt want to risk dealing with the I4 and cvt)

  40. In my experience NEVER trust an alternator test from Autozone, They are 100% wrong everytime. They told me the alternator was good so we replaced the battery and of course that didnt fix it. I replaced the cables from the fuae box and that didnt fix it. I even started replacing pullies but decided to go with my original gut feeling and replaced the damn alternator and BAM that fixed it. They wasted so much of my time abd inconvenienced my friend for days: complete garbage.

  41. I just bought a brand new Nissan Rogue 2018… I’m literally dying right now knowing how bad the cvt transmissions are… though I see a lot of people driving them in Canada? Can someone please give me some tips on how to make this car last a really long time, especially the transmission?

  42. Hey scotty my mom had a 2015 honda crv she just paid it off. Should she get rid of it or keep it since it has a CVT trans.

  43. 2015 Honda Civic owner. Shifts smooth. Heard the “shift” feeling is programmed into the vehicle because you can’t feel the CVT change gears. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

  44. I have a 2014 accord lxs and every time After i drive I smell cvt fluid(it reeks). And when I go above 20mph there’s this loud noise coming from what I assume is the cvt. My car is at 65k miles and I’ve never done a cvt fluid flush, could this be a sign of transmission failure?

  45. The problem is, CVT is put in pretty much every Car now. I want a 2016 HV-R for better reliability and a little more room than my Altima Coupe. What do you do? You have to buy a car these days with CVTs

  46. Hi What is the name of Honda Civic uses trassmission inside the Civic for FD6, FB7 and FC5 models ? Can it be AISIN and/or ? FC5 uses CVT but what trade name of company ie AISIN again ?

  47. No way I will buy a cvt transmission. Lease yes.
    Toyota just recalled 2013 to 2017 Corolla for software issues. my 2018 Corolla has shifting points thank god. Soon they will be in all 4 cylinders.

  48. problem on CVT with the weak cars that has 120 hp or less. Since power is so low, users stresses out the engine and transmission to get acceptable speed. The cvt on the cheap car are different from those in civic and accords that need to handle up to 200 hp. on civic sport and accord, the cvt are smooth and powerful and zero lag and accelerate better than automatics. Weakness is over 200 hp, they can't handle the load so honda has to use automatic on higher end accords.

  49. I have a 2015 honda civic ex with a cvt. Still great. 30 k barely and i put fresh fluids in it because I didn't trust where I got it from. I'm happy with it so far and I see peoe talking smack about cvt, why is that? Just because they want a lot of HP?

  50. Nissan is garbage I’ve worked on one a newer Nissan Rogue it was a turd in terms of how it was built… Renault isn’t helping Nissan 😂

    Manufacturers are using cvt’s cause it may require less machining but it gets better gas mileage and engine rpm remains damn near constant throughout acceleration…

    As Scotty has said Nissan cvt’s are trash… Nissan had its best times in the 60’s-90’s anything after that is pretty junk 😂🤷‍♂️

  51. Just bought a 2019 Honda Civic Sport with a CVT. When using climate control (air conditioning) and coming off the line with my foot down, it lags and you don't get much more acceleration than if you eased into it. It's a bit underwhelming…until you hit 20-30mph. Then the surface-friction on the CVT evens out and it TAKES OFF! A manual/automatic will beat you off the line every time. But, put the same vehicle next to you with a manual transmission and you'll beat it in the long run. After the initial takeoff, the CVT comes out ahead because there's no engine-to-wheel power loss experienced in manuals/automatics meshing clutches and setting gears. Manufacturer rates the top speed at 134, but i got it up to 149mph on a flat stretch. While another guy i met at the dealership who bought the same care topped out at 139mph on the same stretch just after me (manual trans).

    Newer CVT's trade off-the-line acceleration for better mid range acceleration and higher fuel efficiency in casual driving. Not to mention a CVT re-build is MUCH cheaper than a manual/automatic. It's just a matter of finding a mechanic that knows how; which is a bit annoying right now.

  52. thanks for speaking the truth. my 2019 honda fit with a cvt is a joke. I still have my eleven year old 2008 fit and the transmission is a joy. my new 2019 fit with the cvt just pisses me off. shame on honda.

  53. I have a 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid transmission problems now at 100,000 miles = lagging to engage, dash vibration when taking off from a stop. CVT fluid changed every 30,000 miles. 🙄

  54. Scotty wake up and try a Honda Accord CVT!!!! You are in the dark ages!!!
    My 2014 Accord EX Sedan's CVT is excellent with 65K miles on it. Can't tell it's not an automatic and is as smooth as silk.

  55. I agree with Scotty on the CVT transmissions, weak. They do work well on a quad or side by side and are dependable there. Not so much on a car. Better $$ For the car mfgs is what this transmission is all about. Don't expect a cvt trans to last the life of the engine in any vehicle.

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