Here’s What I Think About the Chevy Impala in 1 Minute

Here’s What I Think About the Chevy Impala in 1 Minute

rev up your engines the pillow mafia says, is it bad that I
prefer the Chevy Impala over Toyota Avalon and Ford Taurus, well just means
what you mean by bad and how you drive now you’re never gonna get the mileage
out of a Chevy Impala that you will with a Toyota Avalon, it will fall apart long
before the Toyota, and the Ford Taurus they were up in the air cars, some years
were excellent, some were pieces of junk so I mean the Toyotas are so much
better made, now if you have an Impala and if you drive conservatively, and you
don’t put a lot of miles on it, it might last for years, but customers that I’ve
had with Impalas, once they had a hundred thousand miles, generally they started to
fall apart if it was city driving and they weren’t happy, the transmissions
went out, or the engines blew head gaskets, or the air conditioning
compressor blew up, they really weren’t happy with the cars in the long run, but
if you drive low mileage, no car should fall apart if you don’t put many miles
on it, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I bought a 2003 Dodge Neon XST in late 2002, I have 132,000 miles, and it's still going fantastic. However I have babied this car and treated it right. The more you drive your car, the more you increase things breaking.

  3. I put 45k miles, mostly highway, on my 2016 impala in its 1st year. I’ve had to replace a window actuator and transmission clutch due to factory defects. My baby is still going strong, and I love my Impala. Bummed Chevy decided to discontinue it.

  4. -Thats pretty true, I have had three, Chevrolet police interceptor Impalas.

    -A 2006, 2012 and a 2016.

    -After 60,000 miles the fuel pump, power steering rack, alternator and a list of other parts start to go out.

    After 100,000 miles the torque converters start to get weak and the transmission acts up.

    They are great cars if you get them under factory warranty or know how to work on them, cars are becoming more disposable nowadays like phones are it seems.

  5. Chevy makes wonderful trucks (interiors suck) the small block Chevy can't be beat ….for the $. Chevy cars KMA….

  6. I drove a Impala from Houston to Colorado and it was very nice. Even with V6 had great fuel economy. Mine was a LS and a rental. Overall I liked the car but I don't know how it would hold up over 6 or 7 years and a lot of mileage.

  7. Your customer's cars were falling apart because instead of bringing the car to the dealership for servicing, they brought it to some shade tree mechanics with years of junk in a garage that won't fit a car in it… and a driveway littered with empty jugs and containers filled with hazardous liquid waste

  8. The impalas are good cars if you buy the right one. Get one with the 3.8 series 2, or supercharged series 2, or after 2005 buy the 3900 OHV with the 4tlehd transmission. The new impalas are built just as well as toyota.

  9. I have a 08 impala SS, it’s been pretty good.. has 196k on it. I plan to swap the engine when the old one goes. Idk I just always wanted a SS so whatever I have to do to keep her going I’m willing.

  10. Got 120k miles on mine so far . No issues. I have the 3.6L. It’s nothing like the previous version which I had and hated.

  11. My dad had a 2005 Impala with 390,000 miles made in just 5 years, before he finally retired it from the courier business he was working for. I will say, everything else was falling apart (as expected) at that point, but the V-6 motor still ran fine, and he will admit, he did NOT change the oil regularly

  12. I had an Impala. I bought it brand new in 2001. That was the car that made me end my loyalty with GM. I have bought 2 Toyotas since and will continue to only own Toyota from now on. Scotty is 100 percent correct and gives great advice.

  13. I own an 04 impala ~250,000 miles. got it at 190k miles I had to replace the plastic gasket before it blew, water pump broke and ripped the serpentine belt. Had the starter replaced. And now the sway broke apart. Will get fix soon. Ill make it last 1 more year.

  14. Scotty, like your videos. No company for cars is perfect, but some company's are way less than perfect in my experience. Owned many many cars and brands and driven many for work including Ford heavy duty trucks. Many many hours in a lifetime learning and reading about cars. I can agree with you with my own experiences with toyota. But when it comes to Ford, a company to wich it seems may be pulling the plug on many of its own cars, I think I can say, its about time. I could never bring myself to spend my own hard earned cash on a Ford after countless decades of watching relatives continually smash their selves in the head trying to afford to keep their Fords running and on the the road , as well as watching employers continually foot the bill for insane repairs on vehicles the left drivers stranded many more times than one should have to remember. At the mercy of an unscrupulous car company that kept a family business hanging in the balance as vehicles gave out far too frequently than any other brand I can recollect . I'm sure Some have stories of ford's with over 100,000 or even more mileage on them. As a cars should be capable of with care and maintanence. But far too many incedences and stories of many that did not go as far or were junked prematurely. Too many not so positive experiences and references without ever having to spend a dime on one . Safe to say, it would be hard to even consider setting a foot on a Ford lot at this point with what I've seen and heard. Just won't ever be able to do it. 😊 Sorry Scotty , Don't have 50k to gamble and see if the awsome looking new mustangs engine or transmission are going to make it past warranty coverage or to have to battle them . Or to leave me with a tremendous repair bill before or after the car gets out of warranty and leave me stranded again. Just won't risk it on that brand.

  15. hi Scotty another great vid here .Its about time to tell us what you think about the Nissans the old sunnys n13,14,15 Almeras Primeras and the new ones of course .Thanks in advance keep up the FUNtastic work

  16. Why do they still have bad engines and transmissions when there are other car companies that have reliable ways of making them. Do they not know how to manufacture like the reliable companies? Or is it like some sort of copyright for car manufacturers to use the same type of engine and tranny process?

  17. Why the hell would drive a rice Barner fucking Japanese vehicle I only drive north American vehicles matter if it’s hard on gas why would drive freaking rice burner when I can buy vehicle does not burn rice

  18. I knew someone that had an '07 Impala, and it had 450 000 km's on it, before ANY transmission slippage started to happen… I tend to see a lot of eighth generation Impalas (2000-2005) driving about where I live… I guess they must be better built in Canada? Hahaha

  19. I've got one 3900, yup 3900
    3 issues in 130k…
    1) water pump as per usal GM…
    2) the crossover pipe gasket
    3) the transmission input clutch piston seal issue…which at-205 seems to have fixed (thanks scotty)

    One thing I like is the engines are simple pushrod type that seem to respond well to faithful oil changes…

    Go in peace to love and serve the lord….

  20. I didn't own Impala but my friend has one I think it's 2008 and he said no major problems only the oil and break pads that he changed. I believe cars will have a major maintenance to break after 250000 miles on it.

  21. Bs, maintain your car and there will be little problems. People nowadays will say blank will fall apart after blank miles well thats not true. My dad maintains his 2000 pete and his 97 4runner and its running 254k miles right now. Not to mention that the impala has gotten about 4 or 5 awards in a row AND IT CAME OUT 4 YEARS AGO BASICALLY UNCHANGED!!!

  22. This video is a joke. I own a Chevy Impala and I’m going on 170,000 miles. I have had this car since almost brand new and never once had any mechanical failure. The only thing I ever did to the car was routine maintenance which includes oil, brake pads, rotors, air filter, and battery. Never even touched the coolant or transmission fluid due to the fact that it still looks practically brand new.

  23. I live in Saudi Arabia. I remember when I was a kid I had a Chevrolet Caprice 1991 and it was very comfortable and practically there were no crashes in 2001 and now in 2019 and the car still works and took the car and traveled 730209 thousand kilometers. A very powerful car I love

  24. Thing is what Impala's are you talking about? The newest generation are fantastic cars. They can't be compared to the previous generation at all actually. It's an entirely new vehicle. I drove one a couple months ago and it was seriously one of the best riding cars I've been in. Was super quiet and comfortable and got excellent gas mileage. I drove it from NH to NJ and avg'd 30mpg with a big 300HP V6.

  25. Had a 2006 Impala w/3.9L and from 10K-40K, from 2006-2009 had the Transmission clutch piston replaced twice and car still had a weird shudder at 1-2mph in traffic, wheel bearing replaced, Blend door actuator replaced, all tire pressure monitors replaced, coolant cross pipe replaced and sold the car. bought a 2012 Impala with 3.6L and from 29K -100K only problems with Stability Control harness and Intake manifold and 30K and zero problems from then until except blend door actuator which still are failing after this car being out 6 yrs. 100-110K had Fuel Pump failure EGR Solenoid Failure and Fuel needed started acting erratic causing em to run out of gas, but then fixed itself after 2-3 treatments of fuel cleaners.
    Im sure the 2014-2018 Impala are very good cars, the only thing Ive sen people complain about is the failure of the High pressure Fuel Pump on some of them.

    The 2012-2016 Impala limited would be a good basic transportation and shouldnt really give much problems if taken care of and the 14-18 should be very good as well. I would avoid the Impalas before then.

  26. Hey Scotty, what do you think of Toyota 2005 – 2011 Avalon and Toyota Sienna 2007 – 2010, I think they have the same engine and are they reliable?

  27. I have a 02 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4 V6 ( same engine in the older impalas) with 143k miles and no issues. As long as you keep up with maintenance GM vehicles will last you a long time.

  28. They're throwaway cars. If you need a decent $1500 car to last a year or two, they're okay choices. But I'd never pay good money for one.

  29. well you win some and you loose some…I worked as a field service technician for 14 years. 11 years I drove my purchased new chevy impala…I still have it. it gets 30.9 mpg hw and 24-25 combo city/country roads. it has 241,000, yes that is hundreds of thousands…wow. so eat crow all you impala knockers…I though that it was a great car.

  30. I own a 2016 Chevy Cruze (2nd Gen). I've had it for exactly two years this month and put 62k miles on it . So far I've had the rear passenger side strut leak at 30k miles. Knocking coming from the rear axle (they had to drill a hole it in and fill it with some sort of grease ???) , and the driver side front strut dust boot has fallen apart. None of these were covered by warranty . When examining the car for more failures, I found that the majority of its parts are all made in third world countries. I guess they only "assemble" American vehicles in the USA

  31. I rented an Impala recently for a long road trip and I was so impressed by the smooth quiet ride and comfortable seating. I liked it and I'm sure it's a better highway cruiser than the Toyota.

  32. I do have a Chevy Impala 2008, and this the most shity car I have ever seen. the transmission has a hard shifting and when I took it to the transmission shop they told me it is normal nothing in it. also it shakes and the mechanic told me nothing in it. it is a stupid car I don't recommend buying it

  33. Are these people complaining about Chevy's or GM cars really taking care of their cars? Are they doggin them out? Not maintaining maintenance on their vehicles? I put hundreds of mile on my '13 Chevy Mali daily and I have no issues. I've own several Chevy's since the early nineties, put hundreds of thousands of miles on them and had no failures. These are good cars, and so are Hondas and Toyotas, enough already!
    I am partial to Chevrolet though and will be buying another Chevy when I need to upgrade again. Thanks, Scotty for you expertise.

  34. The Impala is a decent car, major problem with the GM’s are emissions, ie vent valves, purse solenoids, and canisters. You have to change the tranny fluid every 50k, but the engine is decent. You just need to take care of it. It’s not a Toyota, I have a 2008 with a 125,000 miles. It’s paid for and that’s that…..

  35. Put a Toyota truck in a SC watermelon field…ive seen it done and it lasted 1 day before the curtain called. Chevys and Fords are still out there and one chevy is an inline 6 from 68 still loaded till the bumper sparks the asphalt. 01 rusted Silverado here with 248,000 on a 4.8 v8. Replaced radiator.

  36. The Impala just looks cheap and ugly, like most GM cars. I’m happy they are being discontinued. Resale value is poor and they up in the hands of gang bangers.

  37. Yeah but what about those newer Impalas and Malibu's? The 2016s and up? I wanna get a 2017 Malibu.

  38. Scotty, like myself, appreciates and recommends Toyota vehicles for a reason. They are superiorly designed and built compared to the crap that we see out Chrysler (Fiat), Ford, Nissan, and General Motors. Even Honda has fallen behind Toyota in terms of reliability, IMHO and that is based on real-world ownership experience. Long term relativity there is noting out there that compares Toyota, especially Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi all o which will cost you a small fortune to maintain.

  39. I bought a 2004 Impala as a program car back in 2004, and it is now 2019 and all I can say is that it is the best car I have ever owned! Other than replacing brakes, the original battery after 15 years, and a ball bearing, I have had absolutely NO problems with the car mechanically. I would buy another one in a heartbeat! It has decent gas mileage, and is a nice looking car….. but most importantly, I have never owned anything to compare it with mechanically! Because of that, it is the longest I have ever kept a car in my whole life! I am only now considering buying another car, but only because I need a 4WD to get out of my driveway in very bad snows!

  40. Calling BS!!! Own a 2005 Impala w/ almost 300,000 miles. Replaced transmission at 200,000. Drives like new w/ regular maintenance. Has never let me down on a 2 hour commute for 12 years. Try replacing a Toyota transmission for $1200.00.

  41. My dad has an 03 impala with 300,000 miles on it now. Still runs great and doesn't look bad after many Ohio winters. Original drive train. He gave $700 for it at an impound auction

  42. I was so puzzled when I was planning to buy either 2017 Toyota camry or 2017 chevy Impala. I knew that camries are much more reliable at that time, but the camry is really so basic when it comes to technology features, apple car & android auto(something is really to conceder when buying a car) was only available only on impala. Other thing is that impala is much more spacious when it comes to cabin and truck size. Concedring used chevy cars prices drop much more than Toyotas, I went with the Impala. Really nice looking car with luxurious driving experience, but you know each thing comes with a price.

  43. I dont know…I have a 14 impala, 60,000 mi. Check engine light came on, when you start it stalls as if starter is going out and the RPMs dont move it sits at zero. Dont know what the prob is

  44. I have a 2014 impala LTZ with 150k on the clock. Runs amazing! The only problem I’ve had is the dash lights went out once. That was at about 110k.

  45. You has put a 100000 miles on a 2014 impala, they went to the new platform that year, I sold my 2008 impala with 260000km on it and it was great, did normal maintenance like brakes and one wheel bearing but that was it. I’ll see how my 2014 makes out.

  46. 06 Impala at 175k miles. Running strong. Putting about 30k miles a year and no issues. Rides great and has bose sound system which sounds amazing. Pretty satisfied with my Impala.

  47. I have a 2006 Impala 3.5, 200 000 miles+, maybe $1000 worth of maintenance into it (+ oil changes), and it still runs great. I have a couple of friends with high-mileage Impalas that run great, as well.
    You're full of it.

  48. Except the newer Impalas use the same 3.6 vvt as buick and some other seriously reliable cars. You have shown no proof of your opinion.

  49. Mine caught on fire at 146,000 miles I have no heat instrumentation no mechanic want to touch it with a 10 foot pole so I have a Garman for a speedometer I can drive it until it needs to be inspected again I’m looking for a car right now I tell you it won’t be another GM three times bit and three times shy never again

  50. Bullshit. My very first vehicle was an 89 toyota pickup and it had transmission issues. Ive had chevys ever since. Not saying toyotas are bad because theyre not, in fact theyre great, but quit worshipping them. You hate every car except toyota. Gets annoying and half the time you have no idea what youre talking about.

  51. I have a 17 Impala with 32K on it and it hasn't had so much as a sneeze. My 08 Malibu had 164K on it when I traded it in on the Impala.

  52. Impalas are great cars 181k miles on my 2010 impala lt 3.5 still has original spark plugs on it only major repair power steering pump has been a great car and its paid off running it til the wheels fall of

  53. Once you take care of your car it should last you longer. I had 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo and I put 300,000 miles on it. I just got a 17 impala.

  54. Re 1:01
    I got an 09 with 72k miles on it and today, a hot sunny day, after supermarket shopping, it failed to start up for me. It cranked one time and then stopped. Scared the hell out of me. Thankfully it started on the 2nd attempt.

    Other problems: HVAC may just not work sometimes. The power locks started failing at around 50k miles (only 1 works now). Had to replace the Secondary Air Injection Valve. Had to replace EVAP Solenoid Vent Valve.

    Very disappointed having these problems (no start scare & no HVAC scare) on a car with such low mileage … that I baby.

  55. I had an 3.8 2005 Chevy impala…damn car was a pain…intake manifold gaskets, random security system lockout,transmission fluttering, electrical issues, Catalytic converters issues, Leaks everywhere.i did manage to drive from 100k to 216,000 miles smdh, but I dumped a lot of money in it! Never buy another one again

  56. How many years did Scotty work for Toyota. All car companies are junky and have flaws except Toyota, and honda.

  57. Man I owned two Toyota camries and the first one I had to replace almost everything on there and it only had 70,000 miles now I have and impala the notion that Toyota’s don’t break is a load of crap

  58. I got 183K from my 03` Grand Am GT1. NO engine or transmission problems. nI got hit getting on the HI way,

  59. Well I had real good luck with the car, gave it to my nephew, asked my sister if they had any trouble with it. Yp had to put new tires on it…ouch. 250 to 300 thousand km on it , drove hard, put away wet. It would pass anything on the highway, god it had snap.

  60. That cat in the back ground is weirding me out, and so is this guy! CHEVROLET ALL DAY! Love my chevys! My wife is a Toyota person, she just traded her14 Prius on a 19 highlander, brand spanned new, that engine idling , sounds horrible, all kinds of knocking and clinging going on under the hood, Toyota said that’s normal, they all sound like that! One of my vehicles is a 07 Colorado 4 banger, 287,000 thousand miles, leaks no oil at all, it pure like a kitten, ive had this truck since new, change the oil every 3000 miles, this engine has never been opened up, or rebuilt, it’s how you take care of it! My best friend bought a brand new Prius 14 just like my wife’s, did all the service on it by the books, and it blew a head gasket at 190,000 miles driving for Uber, then he was charged 8000 dollars for some kind of computer work, to do with the brakes! All my miles on my Colorado are from delivery pizza with it in the hottest city in the USA, Phoenix at, stop and go driving is the hardest thing on a engine, especially in this kind of heat, and I don’t baby this truck, the paint is now faded, and the truck looks rough, but it sounds so much better than her brand new 2019, Toyota v6 highlander! Don’t believe every thing someone says, I also have a 02 Silverado, I bought brand new, it still has the original water pump, original alternator, the oil pressure is the same as it was when I first bought it, has 0 rust, I will never trade this truck in, it still looks new?

  61. I honestly love my 2006 Chevy Impala. I have almost 300k miles on it. I recently drove it from Minnesota to Alabama with my recent move. I've driven it in blizzards, slushy snow, ice, etc., and I've never had an accident (Praise!). I generally drive in (small) towns, in the country, and on major highways/interstates. I absolutely love my first car, and I will be quite sad when it is due to retire. I do notice, however, that there are not many Chevy Impala drivers (in the 'older' models like mine) down in the south. I wonder if it is generally seen as a better northern car, or perhaps the Impala doesn't do as well in the heat (maybe neither)? They're very very common in the Minnesota area; just a general observation! Fortunately, my mother has offered to donate her 2012 Chevy Malibu once my Impala retires. While that's a huge blessing, and I'm truly thankful for her generosity to give me her old car for an upgrade… I dread the day – as I really dislike some small things (and quite petty, I'll admit) about the Chevy Malibu. My point is, I really, really love my Impala. My family has only ever had cars/pickups from chevy or ford (we once had a Buick Century), so I have no say on whether any other car company/models would be better. I'm content, and I've had a great experience in my humble boat of a car. Thanks for reading my book.

  62. my aunts 2006 impala is lasting so long, it’s lasted for 11 years she had, it has 200K miles on it and it runs amazing.

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