Here’s What I Think of Old Mercedes Benz Cars in 1 Minute

Here’s What I Think of Old Mercedes Benz Cars in 1 Minute

rev up your engine’s, Mattblaster14,
would a 1983 mercedes-benz 300 turbo make a good first car, my grandmother offered
me hers, I’m wondering if it would be a good idea, it does have some minor problems, okay
in the 1980’s, I used to work out a lot of those things, and hey they were pretty
well made cars back then, I mean I had customers get four or five hundred
thousand miles out of one of those things that said, it depends on what shape yours
is in, if grandma didn’t drive that much and it’s got a hundred thousand or less
miles, it would definitely be a good car to have but if you know anybody like me who
understands diesels, have them look at it first, because they might say, oh the
engine or the transmission is going out and it would cost you thousands and thousands
you don’t want to get it, but if it’s in good running condition it can make a
decent car to drive around, especially your first car, you’re getting it for nothing
so huh, and they’re safe too, their like tanks, if you hit something or get hit
you’re not gonna have any problems, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I have one for you. I have a 90 Cadillac brougham with a TBI 350. What's your thoughts on these cars?

  3. Make sure it is in fairly good shape and it sound like this would be an excellent car to have. I drive a 1981 240d with a 4 speed manual. They are excellent cars. If you ever want to update the AC unit Klima Works has a brand new system on the internet. Mercedes Source Kent Bergsma has many videos on youtube. He has a web site for parts and suggestions to keep it up. You can also get parts on Pelican Parts along with suggestions on how to work on them. They are considered one of the best cars ever made. I use Amsoil diesel oil for European cars and I use the cetane boost from Amsoil. I believe they were the most produced Mercedes Benz ever sold in the U.S. I see these cars still driving around and they are in good shape in over 35 years.

  4. My father bought the same model but with a gasoline engine since I was a little kid and still has it today. There very reliable vehicles !

  5. I know a little something about these 84 300 turbos. If the engine is solid then hug here and learn to do the maintenance yourself. If not you will go poor real quick. One skill you need to learn on this car is learn how to adjust the valves. It is not hard. Look on youtube for how to fix on these mercedes. They are the w123 chassis. One place on youtube is a good place for info is mercedessource. Take good care of it and it will last maybe you can pass it along to your kids.

  6. Mercedes needs to go back to making those kinds of cars. Less electronic toys, more solid mechanics. Of course, that won't happen.

  7. Those old mercs from the 70s to 90s were quality built for durability. Not like the overcomplicated plastic throwaway mercs of today.

  8. 1978 w123 3.0 l diesel merc owner here. Currently the car has 250.000 miles and had had no major intervention other than the usual (fluids, brake pads, etc). Bought it second hand for 300€ and the owner said to me that if I properly maintain the car it will live longer than me, and so far it is true. The only problem is that the car tends to be a bit thirsty, 12l to 100km is quite a lot.

  9. As always great video. The Mercedes-Benz Type 123 has been a big hit with over two million units produced. Its extreme strength makes it still very present in North and Sub-Saharan Africa. It is sometimes considered to be the most reliable car in the automobile history . The Mercedes-Benz Type 201 has also been a huge hit with over1.8 million units. It is very popular in Africa particularly in Mauritania where extremely high temperatures and sand winds do not affect it.

  10. Any work done on a Mercedes by the dealership will cost at least three times as much as similar work done on any American or Japanese car by the appropriate dealer. Given that, I would send that 35-year-old relic to the boneyard.

  11. An old man down my street has a beige W123. He is the first owner, it's a 1977, with the 3.0 OM617. His is an NA diesel. He still drives it as his daily, and it doesn't have a spot of rust on it. He only services it at Mercedes dealers, and the last time I saw it, it had about 750,000 miles on it. He told me that he will never buy another car as long as the W123 is working.

  12. Tank is the only word to describe it. An '84 300SD Turbo was my first car. I drove that thing everywhere.

  13. Hey Scotty..why not do a send up video of yourself on the 1994 Celica and show the world how much u love it…people in the comments would love that

  14. Now if it was a Mercedes Benz diesel engine for trailer trucks they are garbage. Cant pull and you cant have it reach 1800 rpm when needing to pull up hill it will blow engine. Garbage

  15. Hah, yeah I can agree on that they are really tanks, got rearended by a smaller modern car years back and that one was completely shattered, where my merc just neded a kick on the rubber in the bumper just to put in place and I was ready to go. I would not call it safe by modern standards but hey the bumpers back then were solid as hell. Rock on!

  16. Ceeheer, if you don't want it send an email to my channel, by clicking on the Ceeheer Icon. I will gladly come and get it. I personally piloted one of those "things" round trip from Seattle, Washington to Las Vegas. My wife was an in house model for Sam Roffe ski wear. Cruising at 120+ mph and everyone sleeping like babies. Hit a bump and Mrs Roffe awoke and said, "They need to fix this road." Went back to sleep. What a beast of a road car.

  17. My sister got rear ended on the highway and she had a mercedes benz 1995 c320 her car was fine but tue other car was totalled

  18. Scoty all you know is toyota celica sir, those old diesels are indestructable, even if it has 10000000000000000000000miles on the clock it will work.

  19. old mercedes disels are build to last until the end of the world, i still see them running here in romania and the ouners say they are super reliable

  20. I used to supervise a delivery service and we ran Dodge sprinters with Mercedes Benz diesel engines. Their reputation for rugged reliability is well earned in my opinion.

  21. My Dad put 400K on his. Great cars if you take care of them and can afford the maintenance. AND, especially now, can find anyone that knows them and isn't retired.

  22. W123 Merc’s extremely well made! Yes tank & yes reliable

    Here in the uk you can insure one of these cars on classic car insurance for as little as £120 to £160 per annum fully comprehensive cover with a mileage restriction of 5000 miles a year, I owned 3 at the same time few years ago

  23. I would take that car no problem. Older cars are usually easier to fix because they don't have tons of electronics and if you can get one with a working engine and tranny, you're set.

  24. I went to a seminar in Toronto in 1981 on Mercedes Benz and how they were built. I also drove them and previous ones in the 70's. I can honestly say I never saw any vehicle before or since that dedicated such workmanship and quality assembly, rustproof, layers of paints and quality parts that these cars possessed. They were not cheap but were worth every penny. And their engines and transmissions ran like a fine watch. What more needs to be said. Your points are sensible and good advice. Good short commentary.

  25. I like the older generation Mercedes, but they aren't really the kind of cars that I would drive in this time. I like the newer Mercedes, better looks, better features, the basic necessities for driving, the older Mercedes, probably would drive them only on the weekends or on Sundays, but for the weekdays and almost everyday, I'd prefer a newer generation Mercedes sedan. Great video Scotty! I too wanted to know your opinion on the older generation cars of brand!

  26. My grandpa had a 1985 300D that he bought used in 1991. Before he sold it the car had over 390,000 miles and it still ran great!

  27. Thanks Scotty! Close to replacing my 2004 Saab 9-5 aero wagon with over 271,000 miles and I’m not sure which way to go next.

  28. Scotty, Mercedes before 1995 are very very reliable and very well made. After 1995, a page has turned and the quality has gone dramatically bad.
    Every one will tell you and agree that the best Mercedes ever built were the S class W126 – E class W123 & W124 – W201 190E – the G class and the SL R107. They are very very reliable and they still look great today because they have all the luxury of modern cars without the problems.
    My 300 SEL from 1990 is getting close to 500.000 kms and it works like a charm. Everything is about a strict maintenance on those cars.

    Older Mercedes are great cars, but new one are crap, and I completely agree with you on that, despite I belong to a Mercedes Club !
    Today, if you want to buy a reliable car, get a Toyota or a Lexus.

  29. they're so safe they're used as taxis in the middle east (countries) where mines and rockets and bullets constantly go off every 30 minutes in the local neighborhood.

    -no passenger casualties heard to date!

  30. I have a 1984 Mercedes 190D 2.2. Very slow but gets great gas mileage! It does have a fuel leak somewhere under the hood but it's a very slow drip. Also might need to clean off or replace the lifters because they make that loud ticking noise upon a cold start but goes away after a few seconds.

    Not to mention, mine has 183k miles on it. It has a few issues but it' still kicking!

  31. Pretty interesting that this video has a Toyota add on it, and we all know hoe much Scotty LOVES Toyota.

  32. A few days ago I was in Stuttgart (Germany) where there are still older mercs that drive around and look good.

  33. im very glad you made this video on the old mercedes benz! i am really looking forward into buying one when i have my license!

  34. Im no1 german car disliker but this car belongs to an era that germans made GOOD cars and not malfunctioning tin can garbage buckets.

  35. I have a w123 240D, slow but I love it!

    These cars need some special preventative maintenance, but will reward you with many years of motoring!

  36. Scotty, I know you are not a big fan of newer Mercedes Benz vehicles but with "Van Life" becoming so trendy and so many people living full time in converted commercial delivery vans, could you review a MB Sprinter 4×4 one day? Thanks, appreciate your channel!

  37. I got a 300D got it for a grand 280,000 on it now. Hard finding a mechanic that is even close to reasonable. Love the car and the ride do some more videos on the indestructible cars. Like the Iacocca Jeeps with that bullet proof 6. Love you Thanks Jerry

  38. I agree, I had a friend who was notorious for destroying cars in a matter of a year or less. He got one of these on the cheap as a beater and he drove it three years in SoCal and I finally talked him into changing the oil and fixing a few albeit minor things. He ended up painting it and doing new upholstery. Man, wish Mercedes still built them like this without all the computers and troublesome gadgets that no one even uses!

  39. My father had one of those and I drove it about 7 years ago. It's old!! However, it's true that it's like a tank, when I used to hit that roundabout I would be in the mentality of "bring it on mfs" You could literally destroy any car with this beast! and it's still running to this day! I think it has a million miles on it already.
    I have a 2014 C250 with 41k miles on it, and from what I've been hearing from reviews, I'm worried and already thinking of buying a different brand.

  40. I’m on my second W123 240 D My 81 4 Speed got hit replaced with an 83 model need to redo suspension but overall a great Vehicle wit 248k Miles the 81 had 328K One of the things that keep these engine running so long is to change Oil at 2500 to 3000 mile intervals and keep up on regular maintenance items including Brake , Transmission and rear end fluid changes besides Valve adjustments

  41. It's not about the mileage on older Mercedes, I feel like anyone who has owned one of these cars will tell you that. At this point in the cars life, seals and gaskets are leaking, rubber is deteriorating, it's probably developed vacuum leaks somewhere and depending on where you live, rust may be an issue. I could not afford to own my 1981 380SL if I didn't do the work myself. Every 6 months there is a pretty significant repair that pops up and needs attention, and the first year of ownership was like a full time job getting this car to drive like new again. The car only had around 70k miles when I picked it up and was the previous owners weekend car. Not a good first vehicle in my opinion!

  42. Will these 300D go 500k miles or more on the original engine/transmission? What are the average annual ownership costs?

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