Here’s What Used Police Cars are Like in England

Here’s What Used Police Cars are Like in England

It’s time for show off Sunday,
where everyone has a chance to show off their car, and here’s this week’s winner,
thank you scotty kilmer for letting me show my car, hello guys and girls let me present
you the bmw 5 series estate or station wagon if you’re in North America, this is the UK
version which is right hand drive, this is a bmw 530f11 chassis, it’s very different
from your normal 5 series salon you get in North America, the one here is a diesel and
this one is also a former police car, this bmw is made for police services in Europe
directly from the factory, this hasn’t been modified in any way by like police workshops
or anything, this one is a 2012 model, it’s 258 horsepower 6 cylinder inline turbo diesel
engine, north to 60 in 5.8 seconds, this car has got added reinforcement on the chassis
and around the body if like a high speed collision occur, these cars are very common in the UK,
Europe and Australia and I know station wagons in North America are slowly becoming rare
due to the SUV market taking over but here consumers will still buy them, the normal
530 would retain for about 43,000 pounds which is around $55,000 USD, I bought this car in
2017 for around 8,000 pounds which is about $10,000 USD, so you know you can get some
really good deals here, here’s a copy of the logbook and title that
shows it was previously owned by the police, when I bought this car it had about 120,000
miles on it with full service history by the police workshop who did full services every
10,000 miles, the car was like a motorway highway patrol car so it’s seen heavy use
there, let’s start her up, here’s the interior, I had to do some modifications
when I bought this car, this car originally came with cloth seats and the driver seat
was really worn and you could really feel the springs in there, so I got some leather
seats from a junkyard as you call it and it was off another accident car which had about
35,000 miles, it cost me about $500 for the front and rear, so this has a standard 8 speed
automatic gearbox, it goes into a sport mode there, you can use the paddle shifters as
well which is good, because of the high mileage the police workshops were doing oil changes,
when I bought the car I asked bmw and they said it was lifetime so we don’t change it,
so I contacted the manufacturer in Germany and I took the car there and they stripped
and service the gearbox and changed the oil and cleaned it all out in about 4 hours,
like most of the modern bmws you have the eco mode, comfort mode, and sports mode, generally
because it’s a diesel you get greater range, I’m getting about in town in the city I would
get maybe 550 miles per tank, it’s a 70 liter tank, on the highway or motorway I’d get maybe
620-650 miles per tank, so it’s pretty good on economy and stuff like that,
ok the benefit of having this split tailgate is that you can open the glass separately,
again the benefit of having the option of the glass opening by itself is, let’s say
you’re going to home depot or DIY store or many times I’ve done it where I’ve got 4×2
timbers or just larger items from Ikea, then you could just store it in here, put the seats
down and none of the other stuff will fall out, so it’s a big load space, so to put the
seats down you just pull these, see how much space is here, and they lay almost flat, so
that’s a lot of room for taking stuff, again it’s a big trunk space, I mean if I’m
carrying 2 in the back and I’m taking this car to Scotland or Belgium or Germany and
if space is required you can always put a roof box on top, the battery is under the
floor, I put those timbers in there just so if I was carrying anything heavy it wouldn’t
go down, and the auxiliary battery is here, so anyone who has a caravan wants to tow anything
like a trailer or something you can hook electrics up right there, they don’t come standard only
police cars tend to have the aux batteries, I think this car is a great value for the
money and the problem is that you get high mileage but you know if it’s been maintained
well then you know it should go on for many more, I’ve had no issues with it so far apart
from just regular servicing, but it is a luxurious ride and it’s really good on diesel and fuel
economy is pretty good for the size of the engine and for the size of the vehicle as
well, so I would recommend buy one, well that was this week’s video and remember
to have your car video highlighted here on my channel check this out,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. WTF is he translating for Americans. I'm sure they can manage not having everything interpreting from English to American English.

  3. Way over priced for a car not in top condition, the engine doesn't sound right to me.For that money you have plenty choice.

  4. Decent motor – Ex police cars are solid . 100k is nothing on that . Used car prices in The Uk are so cheap ,,American Used car prices are ridiculously high for what you get .

  5. Scotty Clean that garage! You must havbeen stuck when you dropped the door. Its so overpacked, you'd need to back out of there in order to change your mind

  6. My favourite police rocket has to be the police special Rover 827 Vitesse pursuit cars, seriously fast cars, the Rover SD1 twin plenum'd V8's were fairly swift too but for me the BMW of choice is the V12 750il with the full Alpina package, serious serious fast motor that would give some supercar's a run for their money. Another fine police special was the Metropolitan Police's SPG short wheelbase Ford Transit's, with a jaguar back axle and a tuned V6 up front and tightened suspension made them superb corner takers at speed, making them superb London pursuit vehicles.

  7. Scotty, can you do a feature on the rare Reliant Zoe? Would love to see if any survived over there as it seems quite a lot of interest in our humble three wheelers stateside with many heading across the pond and a three wheeler recently came second in the cross US Le-Mons rally.

  8. Thank you for sharing the video. Lifetime fill on transmission is not agreed by the manufacturer of the trans mission. Almost every car BMW I have had I had the transmission serviced. I did it myself once on a e46.

  9. 120k miles of abuse 😂 jumping speed bumps, smashing into kerbs and full accelerations while still cold. Definitely a nice deal😂

  10. How to contact the owner? I would like to know where in Germany and for how much the transmission has been rebuilt? I have e61x3.0D and would need to do the rebuild as well. Please PM or comment.

  11. Do not buy BMW. Quality lower than Fiat. Very expensive after sale service and very very arrogant staff in any garage. I hope BMW will be shout down soon. No respect for clients and money waist. I have already got expensive experience I was struggled with brand new BMW through 4 years. Thank you no more tears and fears.

  12. hate to break it to you but these represent a minority of British police cars the standard issue vehicles are normally Vauxhall Astras and prior to this we used vectras for the majority of the police force. Cars like these are mostly used by specialist traffic units or are work cars for superior officers, you will also find Volvos used for this purpose. My local police station has one undercover black 3 series, a couple of Volvo 4x4s and the rest all Astra's I used to live in a bigger town approx 250k people where there were couple more bmws but all undercover vehicles, weirdly enough one of them was a 1 series with a 1.6 engine but again Vauxhalls dominate the field.

  13. I don’t know why but i imagined the start of this video with scotty on a horse at the front of Buckingham palace saying “rev up your engines” in a British accent with his classic theme music no longer played with a guitar but with a violin and piano

  14. I bet an x police like this bmw is more reliable than a FBMWSH 1 Owner, simply because motorway police are using the car properly and servicing it more regularly.

  15. Excuse my ignorance but it it 4wd? If not it could be bad in icy conditions because all the weight is at the front but it’s rear wheel drive so less adhesion.

  16. Worst thing you can buy is ex rental or ex police cars , seriously heavily abused vehicles , debatable whether it had a proper full service , not worth a carrot

  17. Looking at the bonnet fit, I'd say it's been front-ended, it may have had a lot of oil changes, but that loose engine cover shows it's just an unloved workhorse.

  18. Ex police car with 120k which you had to drive to germany for a geaxbox flush/rebuild. Is there a catch somewhere. My brain is going into limp mode.

  19. in australia since GM pulled out of this country where they used to supply holden/chevy SS, our highway patrol now use BMW sedans for high speed pursuit..lots of melancholy folk here since the demise of the locally produced holden SS

  20. volvo v70. 5 series beamers. various vauxhalls an peugeots (there the police so why would they want anything good) and merc sprinter vans

  21. 1:58 Something isn't right about the log book with this!
    Registered keeper states chief constable!
    Yet it is technically a company car.
    Have a look what name is on the MOT!!!!
    Only in the insurance papers should it state the driver.
    Officers in the UK are not allowed to use privately owned vehicles!

    I only comment because you stated this was a patrol car

  22. These cars are not popular in Australia, until now.. general the Holden SSV 6.7 and the Ford Falcon were the car of choice .. now the crap 5 series are becoming highways patrol cars. Get your facts correct.

  23. The content of Scotty kilmer is all good, but can't stand being talked at, shouting. A tone down or two, this would be a fantastic car enthusiasts channel.

  24. its a german nazi piece of common trash, i hate german cars, expecially the modern cheap, I honestly would not accept a lift in that car,
    whoever bought it proves they have no taste, and they are common with the taste of a immigrant.
    its heavy and pollutes everywhere, plus its so big you can hardly drive it in england you fool. common fool.

  25. I remember it wasn't that long ago before white was cool again, you could tell ex Police cars a mile off here in the UK, nowadays they just blend in.

  26. These German cars are worth investing the extra money, I've seen a Octovia with 430,000 on the clock and the engine had wear of a car that's done around 90,000 miles. That's just amazing

  27. I think you need to check your performance figures, they did not accelerate anywhere near that figure you state, I know, I’ve driven enough…

  28. Urgh.. all these "Been in the back of one a few times", "Been chased by one" comments are unreal…pathetic, nothing to boast about at all you low life scummy bastards

  29. Australia doesn’t care for smelly BMW soot blowers. Law enforcement have mix of BMW sedans but it’s the Chrysler 300 SRT 6.4ltr Hemi which does the serious HWP duties.

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