Here’s Why Amazon is Going to Start Making Cars

Here’s Why Amazon is Going to Start Making Cars

rev up your engines
maybe we’ll be driving Amazon vehicles in the future
Amazon’s putting a lot of push into driven technology they put 700 million
into that Rivian the electric truck company in Michigan and they have a
whole bunch of patents that they have recently done that are in the auto
related field now they are going to tell you exactly what they’re doing but it
sure looks like they’re thinking about getting into the self-driving technology
into Uber type technology bezos is no fool now everybody laughed at him when
he sold books at Amazon and said oh you know he’ll never make money selling
books online kind of a fool is he well look at him here he was a richest guy to
planet so he’s got some pretty good business savvy there and I would
personally watch what this guy is doing in the automotive business generally has
plans that go fine in the future just like the Japanese when they thought 5-10
years in the future now a lot of people are driving Japanese cars so who knows
we might be driving Amazon cars in the future, Justin William said Ford 500
limited 181 thousand miles is it a good buy well that’s fascinating question
I got one sitting on a driveway right now I’m doing a brake job on its 2015
Ford 500 the guy bought it a year ago for 3,000 bucks he loves the vehicle
they can be excellent vehicles but you want to check it out before you buy
because here’s the one thing they came with both CVT transmissions and 6-speed
automatic transmissions contrary to what I normally say that I’d never buy a CVT
in that case I would buy the Ford CVT transmission and not the 6-speed
automatic because the 6-speed automatic sent a lot of problems in those so if
you find it’s the CVT transmission you pay a little like my customer did three
grand that might be a good knock around car you got a great deal puts his tools
and he drives all over the place in it, James Francois says how do I know if my
alternator is bad well when it’s really bad the car won’t start the alternator
charges the battery if it stops charging the battery run of power and either
won’t start when you try to crank under you’ll be driving down a road and the
car will die and then when you try to crank it nothing will happen now you can
also tell when it’s starting to go out if the bearings are wearing out bearings
in the front of it bearings in the back of it starts roaring and make a lot of
noise they’re bad and you can always pay mechanic like me too
run a load test where you low test the charging system and see is it putting
out enough voltage it doesn’t have diode ripple problems and that all takes a
fancy machine takes me about three minutes to run and they can tell you
know a lot on auto parts stores do that for free, rss says Scotty I had my
transmission fluid changed my 2015 Jeep Patriot with 60,000 miles not shifting
hard what’s going on Jeep max jump these days since fiat took over they’re worse
than they were when you change fluid in a vehicle that makes the viscosity
usually less more slippery and now if it’s slipping that can happen because
they’re so poorly made now in olden days we changed the fluid every 30,000 miles
and we never had any problems but now they tell you oh you have to change its
lifetime fluid or whatever I’m assuming the guy put the right fluid in find out
if it’s the right fluid and the right amount cuz I have
seen with friends of my customers who ended up becoming my customers they’d
have it changed and then it would do that I’d say well bring it to me and
then I would drain it all out and then I’d fill it up and I find out that they
didn’t put enough fluid in there they put too much fluid in and caused
problems there are a lot of idiots out there these days
you have to pay a guy like me who knows all the processes to do
everything to do to see if it’s gonna be full when you’re done cuz if it’s not
full or if it’s overfull you could have problems could be the guy just
screwed up when he changed it, creative minds 99 says I got an 06 Jeep
Liberty the AC blow is called but it freezes up for an hour or two on the road
ok when they freeze up after and hour or two what’s happening is your evaporator is
freezing solid and it freezes solid because the temperature sensor that’s on
the evaporator has gone bad how they work is the compressor compresses the
refrigerant then it expands in the evaporator and absorbs heat it’s the
heat sink is what it is there’s a temperature bulb that pushes onto the
evaporator in the dash and once the temperature gets below like 40 or 39
degrees before it gets below 32 where it freezes it turns the compressor off when
that system doesn’t work right the compressor just continues to run and
that can freeze it up so what you want to try is and I don’t know sometimes
without having to take the dash part don’t use
the recirculated air or use fresh air and always have the blower on full blast
cuz we had a Toyota that used to do that we went the Galveston to Houston we went
down in the daytime it wouldn’t freeze up but coming back it would at night and
I found that by putting it on fresh air and not recirculate it was getting hot
air coming in and with a fan on full blast it could never freeze up and it
never did if you run the fresh air full blast odds are it won’t freeze up
because is the air is hot outside like here today it’s gonna be 99 that 99
degree air coming in fresh on that evaporator odds are it’s never gonna be
able to freeze it’s too hot so try that otherwise you gotta to take the whole dash
apart in those jeeps it cost a fortune to do that,
som says Scotty what couldn’t be the consequences of driving with the leaking
exhaust manifold is it worth it to try JB well there’s similar product to fix
it generally you can’t fix leaks on the exhaust with j-b weld it’s too hot
they’ll break off the only thing that can actually work let’s say you got a
cast-iron exhaust manifold it’s welding it up and like say there’s
a crack what you do is you drill a hole at each end of the crack so the crack
doesn’t expand then you weld the seam and that’s totally doable if you don’t
anybody use a good weld or if you’re going wild yourself but no epoxies gonna
seal those things for long he gets to idle crack and break off years ago I
tried for customers but they never lasted on you got either well done or
replacing and if you don’t and it’s leaking what it can do is it can
actually eventually even burn the valves of your engine by making it run too late
so it is something you want to fix plus if it’s leaking out a lot you can get
carbon monoxide poisoning you are breathing that stuff in while you’re driving
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty, what are the top four newer automatic transmissions made and we know Toyota will be #1:).  I ask because you say Honda is a good car and they have a CVT transmission but so does Nissan.  What’s up with that?

  3. I hope it won't be necessary to tell the car to STFU, like Alexa. Imagine a car that listens to your conversations and says"sorry, I don't know that one" when you haven't even asked it anything – then carries on jabbering away.

  4. I won't buy another Ford after owning a 05 Mercury Montego. The car was great but the CVT transmission was horrible and quit working at 75,000 miles in 2014. After researching online, I read many complaints about failures on this CVT, and a pending class action lawsuit against Ford.

  5. Would be easy to make an electric vehicle. The hard part is making them cool and not too expensive. I hope they have the range of a Tesla but cheaper

  6. All vehicles will eventually become sealed of maintenance & disposable after a certain amount of miles & years, for example: you would buy a Ford truck that is guaranteed for 100K – 150K – 200K, or 7 years, 10 Years, 13 Years & The pricing would depend on model & performance. Once the mileage or years are reached the vehicle would be turned back in & recycled to repeat the cycle. All the manufacturer will take on this business model because they will get a redemption value once the vehicle is turned back in.

  7. I got a 08 Camry runs good 203k miles orginal water pump, alternator and starter. Should I just change now or wait to fail? Something to be said about dont fix what's not broken.

  8. I reinstalled my headliner and my center interior lights started flickering and my sun visor light doesn’t work at all what could this be? I was thinking connection issues. If it is do I have to remove the headliner and get the wiring fixed?

  9. I still am curious if Ford will use Ford sales dealers, lots to market-sell the new Rivian line in 2021… that would make sense & be a + for new customers, cities, states that want new E vehicles… ?…

  10. Think of all those massive parking lots in cities at work places, school, ects… they just sit there and take up space all day. It's counter productive, if all of those vehichles were electric or self driving for the use of everyone, It would eliminate traffic/pollution. Then again many industries would disappear overnight. Will this every be a reality in our lifetime?

  11. What happened to anti-trust? Are we literally going to have one company making everything for the common person?

  12. I got one for you; 2015 Ford focus SE 6 speed manual transmission 3 cyl. Test drove it, I'm not looking for spunk but it got moving. It was selling at about kbb value. In very good shape. Did reviews online-nothing much on the 3cyl but a lot of complaints about the automatic, I4 cyl. It has about 88k-89k miles on it. 12k mile warranty. I'm doing everything I can not to make an unwise purchase.

  13. My opinion of Jeff Bezos is that he is a crook who is taking advantage of the low interest rates. He cheats his employees while running his businesses on funds that he should not have. He is product of government malfeasance and is likely to have entirely too much ego than is healthy. You bet your way, I'll bet mine.

  14. Hi Scotty love your blogs you tell THE TRUTH ,still driving ny problems with 165000 miles on clock I dont drive fast gettin too old. Cheers from rock group devo ???

  15. 2:30… also, (just to note), if it IS ur alternator, about 90% of the time it's the brushes that have been worn down. If u take the alternator apart, u'll find them around the spindle or whatever, they're spring loaded, but not anything serious, $2 parts and ur alternator will be like new, bearings another story.. lol

  16. Dead on arrival. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. There is no mass market for new gas cars, much less expensive electrics that spontaneously combust.

  17. So sad jeeps are crap, I had a friend who had a brand new luxury Jeep and three years later he dumped it. Waste of money but losses cut early.

  18. The future will be nuts, car dealerships will die, you'll order your car online, just the one you want, and it'll drive to your house from the factory.

    Almost justifies the cost of a new car, knowing you don't need to go into the dealership lol.

  19. Hey scotty I got a 2009 camry se 2.4L runs like a tank. I know you said changing the transmission fluid can cause harm to the transmission…with American cars…but me having a Japanese car I was wanting to do it not because I'm having problems with it because i like to do Preventative Maintenance Care on my car….your thoughts

  20. New Channel MAking "CAR VS. CAR" BATTLE Comparisons."
    Check me out and support me by subscribing.
    Surprise New FAST Car Video Coming Soon 🙂

  21. Yep don’t let an alternator go through it’s dying process for two long. A bearing failure can lead to fire. Happened to me

  22. Completely disagree about the 6 speed automatic in the 500…. It's an Aisin F21 and they are extremely reliable, and used in a ton of cars.

  23. When they change tranny fluid they often do not get the torque converter refilled. Its full of foamed fluid instead. (many tiny air bubbles in the oil)

    That makes the transmission flaky. Drive a few miles. Check fluid level, top it up.
    DO NOT go overfull.

    I drive short trips. When I had transmission fluid changed, I had issues, but they went away after several appx 5 mile drives, checking and adding fluid.

    I was seeing air bubbles in the fluid on the dip stick the first few times.

    When the transmission fluid level check quit showing it was down, it was all fine for until I sold the car 4 years later.

  24. Are you available for hire if I want to modify my truck to make it rolling coal? I want more of that black smoke!

  25. I learn so much from Scotty I can’t keep up with cars the way he does and I’m less than half his age he’s crazy sharp Keep it up Scotty like you say never stop working

  26. If it was up to Amazone he would sell Slaves.. Really need to Stop this Slave owner Monopoly. It just a matter of time. ?

  27. My truck has had lifter noise since I bought it. 2004 V6 crew cab. Quiets after start to a slight tapping. Runs strong. All maint. to a tee. 180 thous. miles.

  28. Rivian took over the diamond star (Mitsubishi) plant in Bloomington/normal Illinois. I drive by it every day going to work.

  29. Any car will run without a working battery, the battery once it has provided the crank, only acts like a huge capacitor to help filter the pulse from the spark ignitions. The working alternator combined with even a bad battery will keep a vehicle running. Now after you turn of the ignition, then you have an issue:)

  30. they need to move backwards in car technology to where all the parts were easy to get to, less expensive, and built to last. with LESS sensors and computers.

  31. Don't need a machine to load test a alternator. Turn everything on, lights on high, radio, wipers, ect, and test with a volt meter. If it test above battery voltage, then it's charging… usually around 13 to 14.5 volts. That is load testing.

  32. I thought Scotty was going with the obvious answer. That Bezos wants to go head to head with Musk in every thing.

  33. Those 500’s are junk, Scotty is saying for 3000$ it’s a deal, which it is. However there’s a reason it’s so cheap, they’re terrible.

  34. I say even if you weld the exhaust manifold you still have to machine the surface as the heat will distort the manifold contact surfaces and it won't seal properly So best to just replace it even a good used one will be cheaper than all these operations

  35. I was told Ford transmission fluid was the best and should be used for every vehicle. Is this still true or is it outdated? This came from a car genius that hated fords.

  36. Hey Scotty . My daughter has a 07 Murano .The air bag light on. Is there anyway i can reset that or do i need to take it to the dealer. Also have a problem with the tire pressure light in the dash. The light is on . But when we check the tire pressure with a tire gauge and with the computer they both read that the pressure is ok. Please give me your thoughts.
    Thank. Rob

  37. I’m starting to legitimately get scared that electric and self driving cars will take over

    Gas engines and driver skill are the very thing that makes me love cars

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