Here’s Why Broke People Buy Used BMWs and Rich People Buy Toyotas

Here’s Why Broke People Buy Used BMWs and Rich People Buy Toyotas

rev up your engines you might think a BMW is a good car to buy yes they are packed full of modern technology but that’s the
reason I tell people not to buy these bmw’s because under the hood our
layers and layers of Technology and as you can see the hood struts don’t even
work anymore those are broken so we’ll get our plastic stick out yeah all
technology for new technology let’s take this BMW as an example and a pretty much a sterling example of the high technology and the problems I have this
is a 2008 335i it has all the bells and whistles it’s a straight six cylinder
engine but a puts top 300 horsepower using technology what’s an inline six
kind of an old design it has two turbo charges on it to make it have power and
if they go bad and bad they do the turbo chargers are over three thousand dollars
a piece over two thousand dollars labor so you’re looking at over eight grand if
they go bad now the original owner of this car paid forty five thousand
dollars up for this thing and my customer bought it for $13.5k and he
had like forty thousand miles on it so you think oh what a deal well the price
alone tells you it’s not a deal before he met me they said Scotty I thought I was getting a deal but then every time I take it
it’s $1,000 for this two thousand dollars for that now yes they are
maintenance heavy vehicles it cost a lot of money to maintain anybody who
actually knows how to work on these has to have some extremely sophisticated
equipment that cost a ton of money and as far as I’m concerned a lot of it has
to do with the overuse of plastics in these things one of the first companies
used plastic for just about everything with these BMWs it doesn’t matter the
mileage age destroys the plastics heat of the engine under the hood
starts cracks and comes apart if you ever have to work on one of these when it
gets to be older this one’s twelve years old now you got to be really careful
working around the edge because you can easily start snapping
off plastic parts they’re so brittle now when you find these little plastic parts
cost three hundred five hundred some of them well over a thousand dollars when
you include labor cuz you got to take half the car part to get to them
these things are known for getting oil leaks around the oil filter
you might think oh no big deal they’re just gaskets in there well some of these things it’s over $1,000 labor taking all the crap off to get to the stupid gasket
now in the case of this particular one it’s here because it’s not shifting
right now I have equipment for this stuff and as you can see we’re now in
the transmission you can check variables shifting you can check solenoids you can
see what the adaptation values are even find all the code numbers so you can
look it up if perhaps there’s a recall for your particular vehicle most guys
that have this equipment they’re paying a ton for the stuff you’re gonna pay
it’s time to have your car work done and a lot of guys won’t even touch it
nothing take it to the dealer and you know what they charge at the dealer now
in this case I did a lot of testing go it around it says you can see there’s a
lot of data that needs to be looked at while the car is being driven I was able
to do a bunch of actuation tests to see if the solenoid valves are working right
what kind of data is in it and unfortunately in a case of this one
there were no error codes for the transmission the data was all relatively
normal so I thought well I know how these things are I took a sample of the
transmission fluid not to seal transmission so even out was a pain in
the butt there’s no dipstick I had to go under or open up some stuff to take a
sample and I took it to a good friend of mine who analyzes oil he said that
there was too much metal in the oil meaning parts of the transmission we’re
starting to wear out it hasn’t yet tripped any codes and the adaptation so
far is normal for 12 year old BMW but this tells me transmissions starting to
wear on oil analysis is a great tool for seeing what kind of a shape of vehicles
in both engine transmission differential whatever when it’s analyzed by somebody
who knows what they’re talking about they’re gonna find it out and you can
know ahead of time it’s a good predictor so in this case the occasional missed
shift and stuff hey that’s a sign of internal wear
when I checked those solenoids driving around would activate them they were all
working and there weren’t any codes any of them going bad starting to wear
out not for this particular wants 12 years old BMW offers what they call a
fully remanufactured factory transmission it’s about $6,500 and with
labor at least at the BMW dealer that’s pretty close to what the two turbos cost
to go 7,000 something dollars you buy a beautiful looking car like this used you
are playing with dynamite you never know what’s gonna blow and when it’s gonna go yes the Germans put an interesting technology these lower profile tires
they really handle well but being lower profile guess what in the city
these things are destroyed the rims get destroyed all that stuff costs a small
fortune when it goes out now the technology is fine at the racetrack
because racetracks are pretty smooth there go really fast
they make them well they’re smooth didn’t have giant potholes and them
curbs that you’re gonna smash into in this particular model being a beautiful
convertible there are convertible modes there’s a
module for the convertible top fault codes you can even read the data
stream of the convertible system we are talking uber rocket science
technology even on a convertible top system for this thing now
maybe you just love the technology one of these things if you really love it
and have to have it take Scotty’s advice lease one don’t buy it if you
feel you could afford the lease payments you’re not gonna have to repair the
thing you have to worry about all that stuff if something breaks hey the generally don’t break that fast if you look at their insanely low resale value I mean this
thing was well over $40,000 new and we had 40,000 miles it went for thirteen
five reason behind that low resale value and if you would have bought it new and
sold it to somebody with 40,000 miles and lost 30 something thousand dollars
on the deal you’d have wished hey I should lease
that thing I shouldn’t have bought it now I do have to say I have customs with bmws
that are totally happy with the cars but most of them are doctors lawyers
they lease the vehicle under a business scenario where it’s pre-tax money
so they don’t have to pay tax on some of their salary or the business itself is
leased in it and they’re getting the car for free what do they care one or
doctors lawyers they have tons of money and two it’s a business write-off but if
you’re counting your pennies and you’re thinking about one of these things use
my advice is just keep saying to yourself endless money pit
endless money pit endless money pit now I had a mechanic friend years ago met at an auto parts store one day and he said hey look at this great deal I got on this BMW from
one of my customers he didn’t want me to fix it anymore so he sold it to me at a
really good price well the problem with my friend there was he mainly worked on
American cars even know that much about BMW I saw him about a year later I said
how’s that BMW working out for and he said that plastic piece of crap I got
rid of it last month I couldn’t stand it anymore all the flesh and stuff kept
breaking the parts cost a fortune I’ll never buy another one of those and
this is the mechanic granded he worked mainly on American cars you like to look
at a BMW convertible and think oh what a cool car but in the long run
not so cool and if you’re thinking about getting a diesel BMW here in the United
States realize hardly anybody knows how to work out of things and of course the
parts cost a small fortune but they are probably the most complex diesel systems out there when I get them in here invariably
after I scan it tell the customer well here’s what we’re gonna start with they
say ah I’m just gonna get rid of the thing I’m sick of this car anyways now
yes they are beautiful cars but sometimes beauty can be deceiving so unless you like expensive aggravating cars as they age my advice
stay away from bmws and here’s some bonus questions and answers mr. Douglas saysScotty I got a 2000 insight one hundred sixty three thousand miles a hybrid
battery is starting to fail and it’s over $2,000 to replace I really just started
a new job that requires a hundred and eight mile commute five days a week it’s
good idea to replace it thanks here is the problem two thousand dollars to
replace that hybrid battery is not a brand new battery that is a recondition
battery ask about the warranty most of the ones that I seen it came with a year
warranty you’re paying all their money for a one-year warranty that’s pretty
stinky deal realize you’re not buying a new battery
all those hybrid batteries they’re made from a bunch of little batteries like
little computer batteries all hooked together and when they start to go bad
guys get a computer program and they check them then they see Oh cell number
16 is bad cell number 27 is bad and yada yada then they replace those cells they
don’t replace them all they only replace the ones they say are bad so the
recondition once they stink look at the price of a brand new one and
it’s gonna be a lot more in two thousand dollars and that’s too high I wouldn’t
do it if I were you because if you want to keep it and driving a long time put
it in a rebuilt one in it’s kind of stupid it’s probably gonna go out in a
short period of time that’s the scam of these rebuilt hybrid
batteries and I tell people generally you’re better off staying away from them
unless you just plan on keeping a car for the warranty period if it’s a one or
two year period and you’re happy with that go ahead if not don’t, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I like to actually drive my vehicle to its limits and I find joy riding through mountains, downshifting through turns, often hitting speeds of 120+. This is why I drive a BMW. I’m a driving enthusiast who appreciates a good driving experience. In a pre-f30 bmw you feel the road, your one with the road, the car handles beautifully, sticks around turns. No Honda or Toyota can compare. I try to take a turn in one of these cars you claim are so good I end up washing out with body roll. Before you bash a German vehicle maybe you should reiterate that they are PERFORMANCE vehicles. Don’t buy a bmw if your not a driving enthusiast. Simple as that. If you actually have a set of balls and enjoy a fast drive, while understanding the basics of preventive maintenance. You will NOT regret buying a bmw. I promise you. Buy a used 328i with maintenance records it’ll be NEARLY as reliable as a Honda with only slightly higher costs in repair.

  3. 100% true, using plastic parts, a small coolant leak so easy to fix may need to remove engine or trans LoL I will still cost you 1-2 days of labor & it will keep on going. I found out what “Euro Junk” means & never again. Only if you feel adventurous go for it!

  4. I agree with Scotty, my BMW has had lots of issues over the years but I fix them myself as they come. You either have to have a lot of money to waste or be a garage mechanic. I personally love to work on my car. I actually get excited when is time to fix or service something, but nothing I love more than buying new tools.

  5. Someone should make a video titled "100 reasons not to watch scotty kilmer videos". None of the crap that you post is helpful in any shape or form. Just a nonstop rant in that annoying dork voice.

  6. I agree I bought my bmw and it was a money pit. Just when ever I see a kid driving a decent looking one only ppl who have dealt with bmw know tht inside the dash it is a Christmas light show

  7. This is 100% false. I know a bunch of millionaires and not one of them owns a toyota… they all sport bmw, Mercedes, Lexus, Lambos, or Ferraris.

  8. Dude, if you don’t know how to fix it, don’t bash the best car in the world!
    And for those of you who complain about the price of fixing them, don’t buy them. It’s simple

  9. LOL. All that "technology" actually makes it easier to work on. You just pull the codes and fix whats wrong. There are mobile apps that are about $40 that can read, reset, and custom code every module in the car. Your price on the turbos is way off. You can but a stage two single turbo upgrade for about $1,800 in parts costs, way under what you are claiming. Common maintenance parts are the same price as a Toyota. Those "old" style straight 6 engines are super strong and actually quite reliable. (BMW v8s on the other hand really are a money pit). I have owned over 20 cars including 3 BMWs. ..never had any unusual issues with a BMW that I wouldn't also expect with any other car. Now, I also do most of my own maintenance and that saves on labor, but parts are not any more than japanese brands. I don't know where you are shopping for parts, but you don't have to buy BMW branded dealer parts, just like you don't have to go to the toyota dealer to buy genuine toyota parts to fix one of those. I just replaced the engine air filter, cabin filters, and recirculating air filter for about $40 total. The dealer price is almost $40 just for the engine air filter. It seems like you purposely quote the highest price you can find to make it seem like these cars cost a ton to maintain and it's simply not true.

  10. I own a FJ Cruiser and a BMW X5. The FJ is crap. There is poor vision due to the rear post, Rear seats too small the rear doors,joke, The 4.0 is under powered. Not comforts in this POS at all. The BMW X5 has heated leather seats, heated ,Steering wheel .Power is great.Shifts like a dream.The X5 helps you drive vis the transmission.Even the window wipers adjust to the rainfall. The TOY SUCKS trust me.The seat are manual.Come on they give you nothing ! Get a Bigwheel Scotty. They never get flats and the chain never falls off and the hard plastic seats never rip. Poor people drive bigwheels there like a Toyota they give you nothing. BMW are like a quality bike with real gears. I own both for years. The FJ has cost far more to own . You must get a monthly check from Toyota.

  11. Man Scotty your lucky buddy! If I lived across tha street from you I would never go home. Your a treasure chest of knowledge. Keep the great videos coming I appreciate you dude take care!

  12. My dad bought a BMW about 6 or 7 years ago and let me tell you the amount of problems he has had with it is INSANE. Me and my brother keep on telling him to get rid of the damn thing and get a Toyota or Honda, but he won't budge. "I love my Beemer!" he exclaims. Yeah, well your "Beemer" loves your wallet. Don't buy a car because of the brand, buy a car because you love your bank account.

  13. It's a straight 6, look how far back into the firewall it is making practically half the engine inaccessible. Would have liked to see if the folding roof worked.

  14. I think that they can be overpriced depending where you get them from or have work on them. I also feel that regardless of what you buy, to know the history and to do a little reading up on it. BMWs are not that expensive if you have 1 or 2 good, professional, and honest mechanics who knows how to work on them. If you purchase one used, getting an extended warranty is probably not a bad idea. I've had 3 used ( 2006 525xi, 2006 X5 4.4L and a 2011 535i ) and haven't had any major issues tbh (knock on wood). I learned with my first used one (2006 525xi) to know what it is that you're buying, and to read customer ratings and testimonials to get the honest truth. I can appreciate opinions but facts tend to come from experienced buyers. Any type of used car can be bad or junky if it wasn't properly cared for or maintained prior to you getting it!

  15. Right you are Scotty. I just bought a 2008 335i with 43,000 miles on it. Luckily I do my own work, Ive replaced oil filter housing gasket, oil cap, 2 coolant hoses, replaced serpentine belt 3 times due to the oil leaks dripping down and degrading the belts….. terrified of whats next! I feel like Ive done about $2500 worth of work on it in the 3 months Ive had it.

  16. Hi Scotty, There has grown up around the air-cooled Porsche 911 quite a mystique. The values of these cars skyrocketed up for years but recently seem to have come down a bit. I saw your video about never buying a newer model of 911. Can you do a video specifically about the joys of driving and costs of owning and maintaining an air-cooled 911 (‘63-‘97) for the average guy who just wants to use it and enjoy it and is not a collector. I know you will probably warn it’s an endless money pit! But the cars seem so unique and engaging to drive. I want one. I’d appreciate your insight about the air cooled Porsche 911. Thank you.

  17. Hey Scotty, would you ever be open to start A to Z mechanic show on how to change all the parts of an engine and the suspension. I learn a lot from you and would love to see keep learning how to do stuff on vehicles.

  18. On my 3rd BMW. E90, E39 and now a E63. I'll let you know if this one doesn't last 250000 miles. The last two did and ran perfect when I sold them.

  19. I learned more about working on cars by owning a plastic fantastic. You need all new tools, Haynes book, Peake Code reader. The engine light came on literally every month or so. You will need AAA and a spare Toyota to drive and lots of money for plastic parts. It made it ti 71k miles and I still have my Toyota, 156k miles trouble free.

  20. Scotty what is your opinion on the Alfa Romeo Giulia? I guess it’s kind of the same thing you said in this video… if you have the money and it’s a business write off then go for it but if you’re counting pennies don’t do it. I’d love to hear your opinion

  21. Hey Scotty what about Audis are they money pits as well as these BMW and Mercedes. I know for past few years Audi scores well in terms of reliability. But not sure how will it be once you get a used unit. Probably might be the same as BMW or Mercedes? Hell I don’t care, I use a Toyota might as well get Lexus for better reliability that I know at least.

  22. Aha it's funny when people who never own a BM talk ish about them.
    I own a 2017 330i Xdrive, did back and forth Montreal <-> New York, did Montreal <-> Toronto (Back and forth), never let me down, never see lights for check engine or else. The only time I'm in the garage is just for my yearly maintenance and oil change.
    While in the other hand, my girl has 2018 Honda Accord, man, problems that she been having is crazy.
    So do your maintenances and and know how to drive a luxury car.

  23. Are the Audi's better to buy? I'm thinking of getting a Genesis. Do you think that's a better call than getting any used Audi.??

  24. Thumbs up. Anyone Who Owns or Had A Bimmer Knows He Is Spot on.They Are Beautiful.. P.O.S.

  25. Scotty go on the Dave Ramsey show! When all the people call in with their car loan debt tell them they are all endless money pits!

  26. I own a 2010 135i E82 with an N54…and I maintain it myself with my own tools, OEM parts and lots of advice online…but my 2001 Impreza with triple the mileage is much more reliable…at least one is working all the time

  27. Well I bought a 2000 BMW Z3, stick shift from a friend who always had it BMW serviced. 61K miles. Car is like brand new! I work on my own cars, so not worried about what Scotty says. I own other cars and motorcycles, so this is a summer only car. It is fun to drive!!!!!!!!!!

  28. As long as you get a basic bmw(no turbo, convertible top, etc) the repairs aren’t too bad especially if the car has only had one owner. Most of the parts that go bad overtime you can replace yourself and that saves a ton of money.

  29. I have an '87 520i E28 with 166K kms on it, I use it as a daily.
    biggest so far was a head overhaul, piston rings, the clutch assembly, injectors, fuel pumps and other things and all of that cost just about $1700.
    has been a year and a half since that and it runs greaaaatt!
    they're SO EASY to work on, lots of room in the engine bay, and lots of forums to help.
    and the "notorious" old bmw's electrical problems? nope, not for me at least, I just use my logic and senses, they're actually pretty simple to fix and for free.

    They're still analogue and no stupid electronics like the newers ones have, no expensive modules to replace, etc.

  30. I have mostly had BMWs, the review is brutal but honest, however if you know how to work on them and avoid the $tealer or those stealing Indy's they may not cost you as much to maintain. They are some of the most affordable "fun" cars to drive, I have a smile on my face every time I drive them, that very few cars can come close to.

  31. Agreed. I’ve always been a BMW guy. The last BMW I bought and will ever buy is my E92 335 that I bought brand new with an extended warranty and maintenance plan. Great car while I had it covered. After that, it was a money pit. Yes, I could afford to keep it on the road, but common sense kicked in.

    What do I have now? A Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road Premium. Bulletproof and I love it.

  32. Generally yes BMWs are expensive to own, also this is an N54. I don’t advise anyone to own an N54, also Americans don’t know how to take care of these cars. + age will kill the electronics and plastics in these things, seals, etc. ask me how I know, yes I have BMWs to this day. Learn the mortality rate.

  33. Hey there. Just discovered your channel and love it! Subscribed! Question: Is a 2011 Highlander (non-hybrid) a good car in your opinion? It has 120,000 miles on it. All maintenance records are available. It looks like a later years in that model, so I feel it is.

  34. Old british jag's came with wurther original toffee in glovebox and panama hat in rear window,,,,,,,bmw should come with Zanax in glovebox or at least ear plugs,,,beep alerts from bulbs to low flying crow overhead,,,anxious is the ultimate driving machine,

  35. American love to remind us, how stupid they are… i love the sunglasses and no sun! Maybe he can fix something, maybe…

  36. I don't buy anything anymore, I lease it. 3 years later, I get a new one. It's true that you'll always have a payment, but you'll also have a new car that won't break down, and if it does, the most expensive parts will be under warranty.

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