Here’s Why Cadillacs are Crap

Here’s Why Cadillacs are Crap

rev up your engines Jimmy Joe says Scotty I bought a 2017
Cadillac ct-6 with 30,000 miles on it I paid 40 grand for this car what’s your
opinion well my opinion is they saw you coming a mile away
Cadillacs actually have horrendous resale value paid wait wait too much
money for that car I had a customer and had one of those a little bit earlier
once the same basic car and he got rid of consider it was costing too much
money because it was breaking all the time he paid way too much for car that
has bad track record it’s relatively fast don’t drive it as fast as you can
because if you do you’ll burn out the engine and transmission faster than
normal now if you drive it conservatively you might get lucky and
it might last you way overpaid for that car one of those things of use don’t
ever believe all these ridiculous books like Edmunds and stuff that give you the
value as a car those companies that now give the estimate of what cars are worth
are owned by giant corporations that sell lots of used cars so of course they
want the value to be as high as possible because it’s the stuff that they’re
selling just like take a diamond ring to a jeweler to get it appraised they’ll
say that ring is worth $5,000 then say what will you give me for that ring and they don’t even want to give you a 1500 unfortunately you got taken
with the price but you got it and if you try to sell it now you’re gonna lose a
fortune so baby that car take care of it change the oil all the time and pray
that it lasts at least eighty or ninety thousand miles before it starts breaking
down because all those Cadillacs break down as they age they’re just GM you
know they’re made on the same assembly lines as all the other jams and they
have just as poor quality control as the other ones the days of it’s a Cadillac
or the Cadillac of whatever they were at the top of the line well that’s not true
it hasn’t been true for decades, any chief says 2014 Audi a5 2.0 ninety eight
thousand miles burns a quart of oil every thousand miles
how much trouble am I in, is this common well it’s very common you’re in a
lot of trouble because you’ve got a two-liter audi those things are just
endless money bits as they age the problem is yours is six years old
it’s worth not much money if you sell it now you’re not gonna get much money for
it so if you keep adding on you can drive it what the heck
keep driving if you are curious you never know there might be some fool out
there you might just put it up for sale i price and see if anybody’s dumb enough
to pay a large money for then get rid of it I had a customer do so once on an
Audi I wouldn’t have given her 1,500 bucks for that car she sold it to some
fool out in the country for ninety eight hundred dollars so you never know but
you got it you’re not gonna get much for it you keep adding the oil as it burns
what the heck I’ve had customers drive those things years that way and and just
keep adding oil as it burns out but it’s a good lesson to you never buy another
one because their money pits and they’re not all that well built they burn oil as
they age they’re not like you know this old solid German reliable run forever
vehicles they haven’t been that way for a long time the last audi that I saw that was made like that was back in the 1960s when they started
bring him into United States they burnt p30 says Scotty got an 07 vw gulf
179 thousand kilometers okay so that’s like what I don’t know eighty-five
thousand miles cranks but won’t fire always starts on the second try okay
when they crank but they don’t start on a first try and then they’re doing a
secondly a fuel problem it’s not sending fuel the fuel pump is probably weak
haven’t pressure tested and if it fails the test go ahead and put another pump
on it it’s typical on Volkswagens if it’s not that sometimes it’s just that
the fuel injectors are getting dirty and kind of clogged up you might need to try
some fuel injector cleaner and gas tank which helps a little or pay up
professional mechanic to use this pressure machine and pressure clean the
fuel injectors because a dirty fuel injector can do that too but I vote so I
gets more commonly it’s the fuel pump starting to go out so we have it
pressure tested and while you’re at it you might have a mechanic if you get a
mechanical look at it check the MAF sensor and that’s air flow sensor cuz
they’re notorious for having problems sometimes just clean it I got a video
that shows you how to clean them they have sensor with MAF spray sensor
cleaner and that could fix it do it you try that yourself
Sh’ma asks hey I’m seeing my nissan altima o2014 the the power steering fluid is
overfilled should I remove it or leave it well if you don’t remove it or remove itself here’s how it works power steering
pumps they can put upwards of 1,500 psi pressure pounds per square inch that’s a
lot of pressure right as they run they get hot and what does fluid do is it
gets hot it expands that’s the reason this says fill to the fill line cuz if
you overfill it what will happen is when it gets hot well then
spend and then leak out so if you don’t empty it out it’ll actually empty itself
out they do have vent valves on the cap so that they don’t blow anything up so
to get too high it’ll just leak out of the vent valve and it might make a mess
so you might as well as when it’s cold put it to the line suck out the excess
stuff because if you know like I say if it’s really overfilled it won’t have to
itself get hot it’ll expand that little leak and make kind of a mess so it
really would be a good idea for you to take it out now put it where it should
be mark 2018 ask Scotty I got a 95 Nissan
Maxima one hundred and sixty three thousand miles
it’s hard to shift from park to reverse my foots on the brake I have to pull
really hard but all the other gears work fine okay
pray it’s a simple thing and it often is is that you need a new shifter cable
you’re pulling on your automatic transmission shifter there and the
bottom of that there’s a loop the loop goes through a metal cable and the other
end of the metal cable goes in the transmission where it pulls the lever
it’s probably worn out I mean what that thing is it’s twenty-five years old so
you’re probably gonna need a new cable something they are kind of a pain in the
butt to put in because they go under and then under the car and under
transmission go get a new cable or if you really cheap get some wd-40 take the
plastic crap off the inside where the shifter is spray that under the cable
and then go under the car and spring the other end of the cable and if you’re
lucky maybe it’s rusty and that’ll help it off but my notes for my experience
you’re just gonna have to buy a new cable put a new cable assembly on it
challenge your ask Scotty can you give me advice about a Dodge Challenger I
want to buy a 2015 with a v8 engine 5.7 are they reliable cars ok well I’m not a
big chrysler fan by any stretch of the imagination but those are screaming
muscle cars they’re in the problem lies a five-year-old muscle car generally
people buy muscle cars to drive like absolute lunatics so in five years they
generally pretty much destroy most of the engine of transmission drive out
that way you’re buying that from an older guy who doesn’t drive like a
maniac could be a very good car most guys buy
those cars are younger or they’re old guys that are speed demons my
grandfather even when it was in the 70s he was a maniac driver he’d regularly
drive over a hundred miles when he was already getting someplace you would want that thing checked out with a fine-tooth comb buy a real good mechanic
like myself before you even thought about buying being that all they could
be okay but yeah people ragged the heck out of them and when you’re buying a
used car like that be very very leery now you can’t get a much better price
because they do a bad resale value because people do beat of an antenna to
have a bad reputation that’s horrible used-car so maybe you could find a good
one with low mileage that has been taken care of but you got to get it checked out SUVs are very
popular hardly anybody drives around in our cars
anymore everybody’s buying SUVs in the United States
SUVs inherently by their size their heights they’re not aerodynamic and
people want to reason the amount of power they don’t want a wimpy one it
doesn’t go they don’t get such hot gas mileage so it turns out that since
people are buying all these SUVs the gas mileage ratings of each company actually
going down because the fuel efficient ones are the small little cars not the
big SUVs even a midsize SUV is pretty much of a gas realize that you can’t
make a heavy vehicle that’s high up in the air it’s gonna get really good gas
mods because on a highway the wind’s blowing on it it’s big it takes up a lot
of space it’s got to push a lot of air out of the way to move down the road and
as I said previously Americans want to drive fast they don’t want some lumpy
little thing that’s got 40 horsepower and it’s 300 horsepower so yeah they’re
not gonna get such great cats much and you’re driving around trying to mandate
better gas much the people are betting with their dollars they like SUVs they
don’t really care that much about gas mileage it until price gets really high
eventually well guess liens are only so much gasoline out there it’s a limited
commodity so eventually the price is gonna go up that’s just common sense SUV’s will start to kind of fade away grandfather big Cadillacs with these
giant straight eighths eight cylinder in a row huge things got like three four
miles a gallon people didn’t care when gasoline was ten cents a gallon but when
it started to go up was the end of those dinosaurs so eventually the SUVs will be
taken over by something else as time goes on but as it stands now it’s making
all against much ready it’s good out for all the companies
I can’t find Amazon basic engine all you spoke up if they stopped selling it well
I just looked on my phone and they’re selling it there it is all over the
place I buy the stuff online now and have it shipped there so I don’t have to
even deal with driving down a road to buy oil and I get a better price there
anyway so I’m real happy with that stuff check it again you must have some kind
of a glitch all I did to find out was go to my Amazon and just type to the Amazon
basic oil and there they all were they showed up so musta made a mistake
because I just found it in a microsecond looks like Ford is getting serious about
electric cars they’re creating what they call a Mustang inspired SUVs gonna be an
electric vehicle and they’re gonna offer free access to all these 35,000 charging
ports and you’re on the United States get free electricity from these things
they’re obviously serious about it ford starts mass-producing they got
dealerships all over the place be given free access to all these parts for two
years take Tesla what do you do if it’s broken
they really don’t even have any dealers here in Houston there’s a Tesla place
you can buy cars it’s in the Galleria that’s a rich shopping mall then our
mechanics what if they break boards got a whole set up of dealerships or people
that can fix stuff give sales they can do all kinds of stuff their
infrastructures already in place they could plug in kind of as a joke
electric cars into that infrastructure Tesla is what they make them and then
you need them fixed take them back to the factory places to fix them soon as
electric cars do start to get popular there’s gonna have to be people who can
fix some people that have a giant setup for repairing them like for parts that
you can buy readily and places you can charge you up again so I mean if Ford is
getting serious into it and I can see they are cuz they invested a 500 million
in this electric truck company in Michigan do they seem to be getting
serious about this electrifies Elon Musk I’d be kind of quaking in my boots with
the dust look other people come into the marketplace say it’s a competitive world
now it’s no longer tesla or nothing it’s gonna be a whole bunch of
them out there eventually and if there’s an infrastructure behind him hey that
infrastructure goes a long way towards selling a product,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty I have a 2004 chevy trailblazer i had it for 12 yrs now and it just started leaking engine oil. Would you recommend using the stool leak? Is so which one?

  3. Hey Scotty, I fixed the heater issues, along with electrical issues on my mom's 2007 Chevy Uplander LT. It now has heat and the turn signals, hi beams, and climate controls are fully functioning once again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  4. dodge intrepid 2004 police mod 3.5 v 6 drives like a dream ,besides regular maintenance only thing replaced was camshaft sensor ,easy replacement for $38 .

  5. itd be really cool if you gave your opinion on the spark.micra, and mirage. being the cheapest cars on the market we can assume they cut corners but with the warrantys are they worth it?and if they could last to 120,000 miles or 200000 kms without to bad of problems wouldnt they be decent espessially with how little tech is in them less can go wrong? (im talking manual trans no options)

  6. If you think that the wedding ring cost you too much money…look again!
    Heard that the more expensive the wedding…the greater the chance for divorce.
    The dollar store has a good deal on wedding rings!😀

  7. There is more energy in one cubic foot of air than there is in the fuel tank of a car . The moment the government stops suppressing inventions, all of the technology people have been revolutionizing over the years will take the world by storm. There was once an old radio personality that was trying to cure cancer using radio waves. He accidentally found out , radio waves burns saltwater. Then there's Stanley meyer's water car . Tilly electric converted old cars into unlimited range self charging vehicles. I can remember a meathead laughing as he told me that it was impossible. What many people still don't realize is, there is energy everywhere, in everything and every one . Atoms are everywhere, including the very air . Particles. Heat . Electricity. Everything has both positive and negative energy and can be manipulated. The byproduct of energy manipulation is heat which is still a form of energy that can be recaptured and absorbed into electrical energy. Nothing goes to waste in energy manipulation. That is , if people actually paid attention. Batteries would not be needed if people would change the way they think . Controlling forms of energy for profits will never allow us to advance to the next step. As long as there are a ruling class , of profit bullies, the way we see energy will continue to be archaic. Lightning actually starts as charged particles from the sun captured by the earth's magnetic field. It's near limitless. Friction within our atmosphere can create more power per square foot than any other form of manipulation we currently employ. Think about this fellow scientists. Do it in secret and you don't have to eat a bullet sandwich like poor Stanley Meyer.

  8. Tesla is currently the highest valued US automaker, surpassing GM and Ford, producing about 10,000 EVs each week. Why have dealerships when hardly anything breaks?

  9. Hey Scotty…from everyone who watches your channel, Thank you – your knowledge is priceless, especially to those who have limited mechanical knowledge…I guide colleagues and friends to your channel "ALL THE TIME"…saves me many, many hours…Maybe you could do a video on how to treat a car…for example, treating a car like a delicate machine. It seems everyone in my family can "SLAM" a car door like a 1950's Buick Door that weighs 50 lbs …hahaaa…My guess is that most new cars have doors that weigh just a few pounds…Don't slam the door, don't slam the trunk, don't ride the brakes, don't accelerate too hard…don't snap the key on or off…How about a demonstration on how to treat a car…Just a suggestion, Dave

  10. If Ford is gearing up to mass produce electrics, then it would be best for Tesla to make cars that customers can easily repair on their own. That's cheaper than setting up the same huge network of dealers, parts, and servicing, which Tesla obviously doesn't have. Dump the stupid cartoon styling and make an honest looking car, like the Ford Cortina Mk II. A good solid 3-box layout that inspires confidence in its reliability and ease of maintenance.

  11. We rented a 2019 Cadillac full-sized (Lol) sedan this past summer and my wife was impressed with the headlights and features that it had and was considering buying it new ! I told her that they were junk and for her she better stick with Toyota it Lexus !
    She ended up getting a 2017 Lexus RX350 with 2900 miles for $39k and full factory warranty !!!
    I didn’t wanna deal with her bitchin’ when the Cadillac breaks down !!🤣

  12. Not sure why you beat on gm vehicles, I see more fords broke off the side of the road than any other brand for chist sake 🤣🤣🤣

  13. I think a loaded CT6 is around $85k. $40k for a 2 year old one sounds pretty good and not a lot of money if you can afford it.

  14. Acually, Scotty the earth is still making oil.  They are finding that old wells are refilling.  Oil is NOT fossil Fuel, it is created at least 30,000 feet down by putting hydrocarbons under tremendous pressure and temperature, then after thousands of years it works it's way close to the surface so we can harvest it.  It is a continuoise process.  Russian geologist figured this out in 1946, and published a paper in 1958.  "Fossil Fuel" was a scam Standard Oil started in 1886 so they could charge more for their Kerosene by say they would run out of it.

  15. Scotty i am buying 2016 audi sq5 30k miles what do you think? Please advise if it's a reliable car and worth $33k if not what do you recommend for a nice sport car?

  16. Nothing wrong with Cadillac, it's a luxury car so of course you're gonna overpay for it. This guy's just a shade tree mechanic with a big mouth and he can only afford old toyotas, so he loves his toyotas and bashes everything else.

  17. Scotty, I don't think yer grandpa ever drove a Cadillac with a straight 8 engine! Cadillac has always been famous for their high quality V8 engines. I don't believe there has ever been a straight 8 Cadillac! Time to slow down on schmoking the woolfords.

  18. The only reason used cars are selling for so much Is because of dumb sites like Kelly bluebook. In other countries they are cheaper and make more sense but here they are stupid expensive. Some cars are worth up to $5k less in reality.

  19. Hey scotty I have a 2007 Chevy avalanche ltz I have problems with the suspension system what should I do as far as shocks and the rear air ride

  20. Earlier this month, I had to take my car back to the body shop so they can fix some repair they screwed up and they paid Enterprise to put me in a 2019 Cadillac CTS that had 10,000 miles. The car had more road noise than I thought it would, the mirrors shook on the highway. Then the turn signal and windshield wiper stalks, sun visors all felt like they came out of a Chevy Sonic. I had the car for a week and I did enjoy the 300 horsepower V6 while I had it.

  21. Hey Scotty, I look forward to your videos everyday. I have a 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA S with manual transmission, with 126,000 miles. My mechanic (that specializes in Toyota and OEM equipment) says I will be needing a new clutch soon. Seems to drive ok now, so WHAT SHOULD I BE LOOKING FOR. Also, he said it would cost about $1500. Is that sound about right.

  22. I love the old school cadillacs and not those new ones Scotty is right about the new cadillacs I do my research on vehicles and I notice people complain about the newer cadillacs more than other brands. And I love dodge but not the new ones as much I like the 2013 Dodge Challenger but that’s about it. I love the new and old fords. But I love older cars because you can pick them up for a good deal, they are reliable, and they run forever “certain ones”. But Scotty is right about every vehicle he sees. Scotty is a lot like my dad in a way.

  23. If you look at older footage of Tesla/Elon, that was his intention. If nothing else, to inspire the big auto manufacturers to go electric

  24. Thanks for the Video…… Its a GM product….that says it all….good thing for GM that not everybody watches your Videos…..Otherwise GM would be a thing of the past, along with Chrysler, and a host of others……lol…….

  25. I don’t know Scotty , I’ve been used to purchasing a lot of those high performance European (German) cars over the years , and finally they got to be too expensive and boring lately … I went to Cadillac just to see how the other side lives and I found that the third generation CTS-V is on par with all those German makes in quality , performance and ride , I was left amazed that this is an American built car … should give Caddy more credit in their high performance models instead of making those general accusations.

  26. Hey scotty. I have a 2006 Lincoln Town Car with 195k miles. Runs great. It seems to shift a little hard from first to 2nd. Its a little overdue for a tranny fluid and filter change. Could that be the issue?

  27. There's one for sale not far from my house. It's a 2013 and they're asking 28,500. I know that thing is gonna sit there for a long time.

  28. You said that Cadillacs have bad resale value but there's a direct example of someone paying 40 Grand for one with 30,000 miles. It sounds like they have great resale value. As long as we're selling it to Jennie O.

  29. Scotty convinced me it was worth going for the Mustang. 3 months in and I'm so happy on another level. My dad loves telling people. His kid has a hot rod.

  30. Excuse me if im wrong but isnt true that the faster you drive your vehicle on the high way for a good long long long distance your cat gets cleaner and smoother ?

  31. Try Mattel Hot Wheels.
    They were the most reliable cars and trucks, I owns plenty of them since 1966.
    Never an engine or transmission issues. Because there's NONE !

  32. People if you are seeing this channel you should have got the point. Toyota's are good cars in general. Do what IAM doing here? Just enjoy how Scotty speaks and his awesome mini images timely placed.

  33. Scotty you obviously don't know about the CTS V-Sport…Overbuilt, reliable, tune friendly, aisin trans, corvette elsd, corvette suspension, ATS-V motor…Owners forums for the past 5 years show no one complaining of any mechanical issues while beating on this sleeper daily.

  34. I am ashamed to admit I scored a 2005 Cadillac sedan 'Deville' at a police auction for $150.00. Immaculate with new tires and a tank full of gas, except for the crumpled right front fender which was minor, $200.00 for a new radiator and AC condensor. Less than $1,000.00 in the thing but it keeps breaking. Junk.

  35. Hanging out on the ranch , i look over and see a horse, at the same time youtube notification goes of its a scotty vid….. How did they know?…

  36. 2008 Cadillac CTS 3.6 , 96,000 miles zero problems, 2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV 38,000 miles LOTS of recalls but zero problems! My grandma has 2015 Cadillac XTS 48,000 miles she has not had a single problem..

  37. Im still waiting for why Toyotas and Hondas are ridiculously overpriced. Having to choke up $800 for a Honda starter on a nearly new car with < 70k or the sticker price for a $8k for a used rust-bucket Toyota about to bury its valves in its own pistons come to mind. Don't get me wrong I like/liked our Hondas but my GMs are nearly as reliable, and cost about 1/10th to fix when they do break.

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