Here’s Why Ferrari is the Most Reliable Car

Here’s Why Ferrari is the Most Reliable Car

rev up your engines,
Thomas Jefferson says hey Scotty what do you think about Ferrari cars are they
reliable, yeah they’re really reliable they’re very reliable that you’ll spend
all your money fixing the stupid things those are Italian exotic cars and
price some of stuff, years ago when they still had distributor caps, I could get a
distributor cap for a Toyota for 10 bucks and on the Ferraris the
distributor caps were like four hundred and fifty dollars for the same stupid
part but it fit on a Ferrari, it’s just all those cars, their rich men’s
toys and they fall apart, and if rich men want to spend that kind of money that’s
their business, the funny thing is they have terrible resale value too, say
somebody pays 220 grand for one, well you can pick them up all day for 20
30 40 grand nobody wants those things they know they’re endless money pits
Anchor says any comments on Fiat Chrysler merging with Renault, yeah two
wrongs don’t make a right so when Fiat Chrysler merged that’s proven already
that two wrongs don’t make a right, well here you got three wrongs not
making a right, well four if you include the renault nissan merger, it’s kind of like
the Three Stooges and now they’re going to the four one, I don’t think it’s
such a smart thing to do but that’s business and money, and these giant
corporations want to make a profit, like an example I always give McDonald’s
sells lots of hamburgers right, they’re not good high-end burgers if you eat
them all the time they’re not healthy for you, but they selling a lot of
them because they’re cheap and people like eating, it’s not necessarily a good
thing so all these people merging together they may make a profit out of
it, but it’s not necessarily a good thing, he says Scotty I got an 04
Mercedes s500 with 39,000 miles, no issue is it a good for a road
trip what should I check, okay well I’m assuming you of the original owner I
think 16 years old and it’s only got 39,000 miles it, it should be a pretty good shape
I’m not a fan of those Mercedes they’re endless money pits on the s500s
lose their value as one of the fastest value losing car in a world, as long as
it’s full oil that’s not leaking anywhere it should have no problem at all
realize when you go on a trip, if you’re going 70 miles an hour
that’s equivalent to 10% of city driving, so you drive say to California it’s a
2,000 mile trip that’s like the equivalent of a 200 miles stop and go
traffic in town, so it doesn’t really wear anything you
don’t really have to worry about it, Jackson CA asked what’s the
hardest repair job you ever had to do, oh I was stupid to even try, it was
a Porsche 911 and it was one of the early ones where instead of making them
right and the engines are metal and the intake is metal, the intake was plastic
and the manifold gasket went bad and I actually did it on the vehicle and it
took me forever, and I was cursing and swearing, and I talked to a Porsche
mechanic a few months later, he says oh you’re out of your mind I’d never do
that, he says we just pull the engine out of the car and do it on the ground and put
the engine back in, I said yeah but that’s a lot of money, he said we don’t care
if they’re dumb enough to buy a Porsche so we’ll charge him $1500 labor for
changing the gasket, they wanted to buy the Porsche they can pay for us to fix
it, but I did get it done you know it was a real pain in the butt, and I’d
never do another one, Jordan SS hey Scotty I got a 2009 Scion
tC it squeaks when I touched the brakes for a little while, I checked them and
they were fine, they squeeze the metal rotors and they just bare steel they
turn all the kinetic energy or car of motion into heat and they dissipate the
heat there, so they get real hot well guess what happens the hot steel when it
cools down it absorbs moisture, there’s a lot of moisture in our atmosphere, then
they rust and then they’ll make a little bit of noise for a while, until they rub
the rust off, so if they’re fine it doesn’t mean anything they’re thick
don’t worry about it, but if it really bothers you the next time you do brake
pads, use akebono brake pads because I don’t know what they put in them but
they don’t make much noise at all, even if the rotors get rusty they don’t
seem to make a noise, the Japanese that make these Akebono they seem to really
understand composition of the brake pads and there’s don’t squeak at all, so if it
bothers you put some akebono pads, but if you don’t care and you see their
thick just ignore it, waldo finds you says should I
turbocharged my weekend motorcycle, sure if you’re insane, I know a guy who does
that for a living he’s called mr. turbo and he’s off 59
North Highway here in Houston Texas and he turbo charges anything you want, he
does a lot of motorcycle turbo charging, just realize that if you turbocharged a
motorcycle, one a lot of times you’re gonna lose control when you really take
off fast, cuz it’s got so much power and it’s only going to one wheel and to a
lot of times you’re gonna end up blowing up the engine, because motorcycles are
made to go really fast and pretty much cutting-edge technology as
it is, and you add a turbo and strain the engine even more, the mr. turbo guy told
me was there one time he was talking to guy from Jamaica and he wanted a
turbocharged this Honda motorcycle and he told me said I can get 300 horsepower
of the engine but it’s only gonna last for a couple of minutes it’s gonna blow
up, and then Jamaican guy just said I don’t mind, I don’t care we’re racing them in
quarter-mile drag races and I bet a lot of money on each race, so he didn’t care
but if you want it to last not a smart move, thug bunny
says Scotty I got an 01 Jeep XJ that has a check engine light but obd scanner
says it has no codes what could it be have a higher level scanner hooked up to
it, cuz some are scanners are so cheap they don’t work that well I’ve had many
customers bring me a car and said it’s a light on but I can’t get a code, and I
put on my $5,000 scanner and it finds all kinds of codes, so you might want to
start there, if even that doesn’t come up with a code and your check engine light is
on, that generally means that you have a wiring short in the computer wiring
somewhere or you got a circuit in a computer that’s breaking down that’s
turning it on, when it really isn’t a fault, a lot of times take if it’s a
Chrysler I can just about guarantee it’s the ECU the main
control unit that’s gone bad, it’s typical thing on chryslers, Fidel Castro I
thought he was dead Alfa Romeos are endless money pits he
says, yeah you got that nail on the gead they always are and they always were and
they probably always will be, it’s Italian company, I mean they got a new the
little Sportster that’s real fast and everything but they already fall apart
Italian stuff yeah looks good but then it falls apart after a short period of
time, but doesn’t surprise me I’ve had customers with them in the past they
pulled out of the United States decades ago and now they’re back surprise
Gerhard says just bought a 2012 Sequoia what are your thought on this, well they’re
great vehicles if you know if you don’t mind the
horrendous gas mileage there are huge giant vehicles with big
Toyota v8 engines in them, they can run a really long time, but in town they are
tremendous gas hogs if you want a vehicle that big to
carry a bunch of people around in, it’s a great one for buy, but it’s a gigantic
gas hog, there’s no ifs or ands about it customers of mine that I have almost
every single one of them, when they bring it
over I say well just thought curiosity what kind of gas mileage do you
get and they said I don’t know we don’t even
check, we know it’s bad because when we drive in town we always gotta fill it up,
if you don’t mind that they’re excellent
vehicles, Brandon does gaming says thoughts on a 2003 Nissan Xterra well
strangely enough I just worked on one the other day and I told the guy to get rid of
it, as they age they wear out, now is that 163 thousand miles and he wanted to know
what a noise was, so I drove it and I could hear it only when you took your
foot off the gas you hear a clunk and I knew it wasn’t a transmission, but I pulled
out my fancy little noise machine, like little sensors and transponders and you
clip them on different parts and I clip them on parts of the car and I put on my
headphones and drove it around, I when it clunked I’d switch my receiver to the
four different things, well when I went to the number two that was on the
transmission I could hear the clunk, so I knew it was clunking into transformation
I got a code that was incorrect transmission gear, which means the
transmission is wearing out inside, one of those nissans I’d get rid of it
rather and put money into it, they’re fun when they’re new, and when their old they
generally wear out, and his had 163k, but if you’re gonna buy use one and say it’s only
at ninety or a hundred thousand and it
didn’t clunk, you still I get another sixty seventy thousand miles on it, but
don’t pay much for one it’s not worth much, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Ferraris may not be a reliable car but let's be real, they are reliably good looking cars even with age

  3. Hey Scotty do you think a 2004 Lexus ES330 with 161K miles is a good first car and do you think $1900 is a good price for it

  4. We can't exactly know the reliability of italian exotics because most of them are hardly daily driven let alone driven they spend most of their times in the garage or used only for some ocassions i usually hear how Ferraris,Lambos And Maseratis Engines are bulletproof but it's the rest of the car that will fall apart.

  5. Say what you will Scotty about Ferrari’s but they certainly DO NOT have “horrendous resale value” by any stretch of the imagination . 9 year old 2010 458’s are worth atleast $150k which is like a $10k loss a year or 9 year old 2010 Ferrari California that was $180-190k new is still atleast $90k today…. again $10k or less depreciation per year, or $800/month ….that’s actually outstanding resale 👍🏻

  6. Asking a Ferrari if it is reliable is like asking Fiat if it is reliable. Well you know the answer is no. And do realize that that Ferraris are just fancy dressed up Fiats

  7. Scotty I have a 96 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL with 146k miles it's has new rebuilt Getrag 5speed trans with new exeedy stage 2 clutch kit an lots of other repairs an money into it from the previous owner. It now has a lifter tick which is common with these cars. My question is replacing the lifters hard? An what's your thoughts on the 3000gt I do know people hate on them but I will say it has been nothing but a joy an reliable for a daily driver. Please Scotty I've been watching your videos for years an I'm 23 an a mechanic to my father is a mechanic like you an has about the same amount of experience under his belt. I really would appreciate your thoughts on it if u could respond on here on the comments or on a video Scotty kilmer! Much love from Delaware buddy!!!

  8. Steve from Gaithersburg, MD. Hey Scotty, I know you don't think much of new Jeeps. What do you think of the Jeep Commando from the past? I just saw one today in mint condition. Must be worth a mint. Haven't seen one in many years. Don't know what year it was but I doubt they made them for many years.

  9. hey scotty do you have problems with your neighbors o the city ? you know mechanics make a lot noise and mess people complain all the time

  10. I’m pretty sure you can’t find any Ferrari’s in good shape for under 50 grand and you can make good money on them too. My grandpa has a testerrossa and they have appreciated a ton in the last couple years. Idk just my experience

  11. Hey Scotty! My brother was thinking about getting an infiniti g37 with a 100,000 miles on it for about $10,000 is that a good deal or should we look else where?

  12. I agree two companies making bad decisions merging into one is not going to change anything. They will still make bad decisions. However I wouldn't lump Nissan into that mix

  13. Scotty what are your thoughts on a 01 ford f250 with a 7.3 turbo only has 250 thousad miles on truck is in great condition could it still be daily driven? Guy wants 7 thousand

  14. LOVE this Guy…Been a car mechanic, currently own a dealership, and everything He said, so far, is accurate and humorous ! 🙂

  15. It’s simple, you buy a $200,000 car you get $200,000 quality. They are very good quality cars just need more babying and maintenance than your average Toyota. They have good quality and reliable parts but they’re very expensive to replace if not maintained properly. Overall, maintain your Ferrari by the book and it’ll be reliable.

  16. I mean this only as feedback: You do great work, but your videos are better when they don't dwell on expensive cars. I don't mind others having more wealth than most of us, but I can't picture many of them spending much time on YouTube looking to minimize expenses on expensive cars.

  17. The thing with those kinds of cars is that you’re not supposed to use that as your daily method of transportation. They’re supposed to be your weekend cars.

  18. 1:19 "they are not good hamburgers if you eat them all the time". Exactly, like nay food, if you eat alot of it, it will make you sick

  19. I really want some evidence for the “highway wear is 10% city wear” claim.

    Even if it’s true for some parts of your car, you’re going to be putting much more than 10% of the wear on things like your tires.

  20. +1 on akebono pads, they came oem on my tacoma and they are the greatest brake pads on the entire planet! Enjoy your videos Scott thanks again for your time and advice!

  21. What you think about buying a 2006 Maserati Quattroporte? Guy wants 10k with 60k on the miles. Maintaining it is crazy expensive?

  22. I don’t understand why highway miles are better for a car? Wouldn’t it be worse because you’re keeping the car at a constant high rpm?

  23. Mr. Scotty, have you ever tested your mechanical ability by building a high performance car or race car? you only talk about fixing regular cars and i was just was curious. thanks

  24. Hello Scotty,
    I was wondering what is your opinion on 10-year-old Toyota RAV4 vs Subaru Forester or Outback? Do you think Subaru is worth buying?
    Great content as usual! Thank you!

  25. Your title gives a list of why Ferraris are the most reliable cars then you immediately prove they are not? WTF? I find that you do the opposite of what you say on this channel. It gets old after awhile. Unsubbing

  26. Its true. Ferrari is very reliable. I have seen 15 year old ferraris with 10,000 miles and they never have malfunction. Hahahahaha . . .

  27. install a Toyota v6 engine in Maserati you will have a lot of chicks and a lot of fun , Maserati is a shitty car

  28. 80's and 90's Nissans could regularly top 200,000 miles. I've owned two Maximas from that era that were still going at 300,000 on the original engine and transmission. It's sad how badly Nissan has fallen.

  29. Ferrari is a race car for the street. One of the only cars you can buy new and sell it without a lose. If you maintain it
    Yes they are maintenance intensive but they recommend all those services to keep the car track ready. May just stick to talking about your Toyota’s

  30. Why do a video on something you know nothing about ? Its so inaccurate … You dont even know what they are worth..

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