Here’s Why Ford is Full of Crap

Here’s Why Ford is Full of Crap

rev up your engines, sauces says 2019 mustang owners manual says to change the automatic transmission fluid every
150,000 miles are they trying to ruin it what mine should I change it you don’t
flush it yes can you change your flushing no don’t flush it just change
it and me I changed it every 50 60 thousand miles
let’s look they’re saying changing every hundred and fifty thousand months ask
them what the warranty on the transmission is and I guarantee it’s
nowhere near one hundred and fifty thousand miles so say something like
that yeah you just want to change it every fifty sixty thousand miles and you
just drain and fill you don’t flush flushing can cause problems but if you
just drain and fill up do it every fifty sixty thousand miles everybody’s into
this planned obsolescence nowadays that they say things are gonna last forever
but they say it’s gonna last almost forever but the guarantee is gone long
before that so they’re saying one thing but anybody can see it doesn’t make any
sense it would be like somebody selling you a house and saying oh you never have to change
the roof on that house for 50 years well what’s the guarantee on it well the
guarantee is twenty years, amid says Scotty I noticed this crack of my tire it’s got a
big crack about this long right on to the side the tire does it need to be changed or can I drive with it definitely change those are age wears your tire
is cracking because it’s just starting to come apart UV rays of the Sun
eventually destroy all rubber products that’s just how it goes and that one is
starting to go out it’s dangerous to drive with correct tires so car you’re
gonna keep just by target look at all the other tires too because if they’re
all the same age and they’re all cracked and replace them all don’t just go and
change one of them cuz if they’re all old they’re all gonna have the same
amount of cracking it’s inside it’s dangerous so you definitely want to get
a new tire but look at them all if you plan on keeping the car and they’re all
correct get rid of them all they’ve all been bought at the same time they’re all
the same age now on the other hand if you buy tires one at a time and some of
them are older and some are newer you can just
go by the older ones leave the newer ones on but deal and drive a car like
that that just means that the tires at the end of its lifespan you want to get
rid of it before something serious happens like you get a blowout going 70
miles an hour orange says scotty I want to buy an 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse
one hundred thirty thousand miles it looks nice as tinted windows
taillights to ten inch subwoofers well you don’t buy a car because of the noise
that’s coming out of the stereo you can always say that out later
Mitsubishi don’t hold up like Toyota’s or Honda’s that kind of mileage
especially if it has an automatic transmission if you like the car and
runs good and shifts good and mechanic says it’s okay don’t pay much for it
because they’re cheaply made cars and as they age they’re not worth that much
money I’ve had customers buying and get a few years out of them only one the
engines transmissions were okay when they bought them and realize that’s not
something that’s gonna go 250 300 thousand miles like a Toyota hundred and
thirty thousand miles is often pretty much it if it’s an automatic
transmission not on the other hand if it’s a standard transmission in my class
quite some time but if it’s not automatic it’s getting near the end of
its lifespan so if you want to buy it don’t pay much for it because it’s
probably not gonna last all that much longer and putting an automatic
transmission one of those things could cost you anywhere from three five
thousand dollars to do it correctly so aa0 says Scotty
will your engine mess up if you drive on blown head supposing a mechanic says
their blown but it doesn’t show any symptoms on a Chrysler 300 the chemical test has clean in June and August well they’re not blown if they’re really
blown the test would show that they were blown let’s say it’s just starting to go
it’s a 2010 so it’s a ten year old Chrysler and those 300 engines that are
charged for having problems as they age their great when their new but as they age they can have problems if you have no symptoms no water and oil no oil in the
water it runs fine it doesn’t smoke and the test shows it’s not blown go ahead and drive it it’s not gonna hurt anything your head gaskets are starting to blow and they’re
really going bad it’s gonna run like crap anyways and you notice it so if
it’s not doing that go ahead and drive it when they really start to going to
get water and oil oil in the water of course it’s gonna ruin the engine but
then you got to decide do you really want to rebuild the engine or just get
rid of the car most people are those things a ten year old
it’s worth noting you just get rid of the car wouldn’t be worth fixing the
engines cost a fortune to rebuild it’d be two to three times the value of the
car so I just get rid of it then but the runs fun just keep driving a stupid
thing Eddie says Scotty I got a car the CVT as a check engine like a drive
the RPMs go up and it doesn’t accelerate you want to pray that it’s just the
torque converter clutch solenoid going bad sometimes those electric song lights
go back they’ll trip that code and I’ll do exactly what yours is doing you want
to pray that it’s not inside the transmission of the torque converter
which is going to require removing the transmission and replacing some very
expensive parts or rebuilding the transmission pray it’s a torque
converter clutch solenoid I would just say change that out and see what happens and pray that fixes it because if it doesn’t you’re looking at a gigantic
expense on that CVT transmission that’s one reason I tell people not to buy the
CVT s they still haven’t perfected the things yet they’re still working on
maybe one day they’ll have them just as reliable as the old four-speed toyota
transmissions but they aren’t yes time 1973 I’m thinking about buying out 2002
Camaro z28 with over 200,000 miles runs good interior needs minor work outside
is great for five grand what do you think don’t throw money away on that
thing that thing would he’d be worth five grand if it was in Cherry condition
and there was nothing wrong with it with that kind of mileage on first hundred
thousand they can be decent cars fun to drive but over 200,000 miles on it it’s
a money pit waiting for you to throw your money into it and it’s 18 years old
that’s the type of car that if you could pick it up for nothing you know $1,000
$1,500 and you wanted to do it over as a project car and you knew I’m gonna put
$20,000 into this and you’re happy with it you could go right ahead but buying
it for that kind of money especially if you think you’re just
gonna drive this thing around it would be stupid like I say if you want a
project car buy one that’s cheaper five grand is way too much from the mileage
and the year to begin with and if it needs interior work yeah it’s worth even less
money that’s somebody else buys don’t put your money into that oh you max
Scotty I watch your video says save your life what do you think of these new disc
looking LED flares well that’s fascinating
cuz the company just sent me two boxes of those things and I gotta say they are
fantastic are you gonna miss this on the road even in the daytime you’re gonna see this stuff and of course they got a
zillion other things they do than just this one but you are not going to miss
this thing they really work quite well seem to do all kinds of crazy things
nobody’s gonna miss this stuff and yeah they’re a great idea people come up with
great ideas all the time and I’m all for that it’s a very good safety thing
people are not gonna miss it the night or the daytime I’ve done ones in the
past on ones that I liked but truthfully they weren’t as bright as this thing in
a daytime they where it is easy to see this thing in a daytime you can see it
obviously at night nobody’s gonna miss that thing you know you got two cars buy
a couple of them throw one in each glove box they’re not that big to fit in the
glove box that if there is an emergency hey and let’s say something really bad
happen you got off the road and you’re gonna ditch your something percent a
glove box and you can reach it hey people are gonna see this is always
coming out of the ditch and you’re gonna be found a lot faster, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Always divide you transmission / transaxle & differential oil / filter changed interval in half. If the owners manual says something stupid like every 150K divide that number by 3.

  3. Scotty: You only give advice on American cars. What are people in Europe supposed to do ? I've got this old Italian car, it has a horse on it like a mustang except standing up, can horses do that? it's like 30 years old and has done under 20k miles . should I junk it or keep it? I don't want any big bills. the model number on the back is 328 gts. had it for 13 years. please help.

  4. Thats the point cause if you change the fluid yourself and break the seal unless you get the absolute fluid from ford thwn your screwed on warranty they do like gm amd put dyes in there fluids to see if they can screw you out of a warranty

  5. I always laugh when I see cars with the spare tires that have exploded on the side of the roads, when the past me 5 minutes before going 80MPH

  6. Quick question: i live in a hot part of the world, where in winter, the temp does not drop below 55F. Do I still need to use multi grade oil?

  7. Check date codes on your tires. Last four numbers on the DOT stamp
    4817 would translate to 48th week of 2017. Tires over 5 years be careful with. Over 7 years toss them

  8. If the tranny uses mercon LV then you should drain & fill every 25k as It is a thin, crappy fluid with poor thermal resistance.

  9. My buddy has a 2010 Lincoln town car with over 300,000 miles on it and he hasn’t change the transmission fluid once and it’s working perfect

  10. draining and filling dosent get all of the old fluid out unless you repeat it so Im not sure why hes so against flushing. I know transmissions are very complex and sensitive but cmon, a flush after 60k miles of the same fluid wouldnt hurt imo. But I dont have 51 years of experience lol

  11. My car manual has no info about changing CVT fluid.
    I searched on Castrol's oil chooser, and recommends change every 20,000km, or 2 years.

  12. Lmao. You cant get a good running 4th gen fbody with an ls1 for a grand. Scotty, you have no idea what youre talking about. You can barely find the used engine for a grand. I usually agree with you, but you are dead wrong about that. This is a factual comment. Not an oppinionated one

  13. I've always changed my tranny fluid every 50K and have never had any problem with it. However, safe it to say I'm not exactly a speed demon either but still.

  14. Scotty I have a 1992 Toyota pick up with new battery/ brand new but still drains the power over night. What the problem could be ?

  15. The only guarantee is you'll probably be replacing the transmission long before 150 thousand miles especially if it's a auto…. lol

  16. Hey Scotty, I’m actually looking forward for my car to break down so I can ask you how I can fix it. 😂…Love your videos 👍🏼

  17. Tire companies design tires to roll; to get their exercise. If a vehicle sits for long periods without moving, the tire will crack, check and go bad much sooner.

  18. I have had many tire shops and mechanics look at cracked tires on cars I've bought and tell me that the tires are fine and should have lots of life…. Without fail, every time, cracked tires have had about a 3-month lifespan after I get the car! Thanks Scotty for telling it how it is!!

  19. They are saying one thing but what they really mean is you will have to change the whole transmission every 50 thousand miles. ^^

  20. Re the 50k trans fluid change… Does that include drilling a hole in the converter to drain out those 2 or 3 quartz, then plugging the hole? Does it include blowing out the cooler lines? Inquiring minds want to know.

  21. All new cars are garbage, all they had to do was make 90s cars a bit better but they've gone full retard

    I'll never ever buy a new car, not even if i won the lottery and money was no issue, I'd buy an older one and renew it from the ground up

  22. Scotty i love your videos you are great!!! I recently bought a civic type r what type of oil brand do you recommend? Stick to the oil changes from the dealership or have my own oil changed??? Thanks

  23. This is not news, Scotty. Ford's ALWAYS been full of crap,…except for that SICK Flat-Plane Crank V8 and both Ford GT's.

  24. @7.15 “at night nobody is going to miss this thing” insert picture of Stevie Wonder. Scotty you are killing me!!

  25. Scotty I bought a 2000 Mustang v6 5 speed, 110k miles, minor body rust, runs and drives good, new tires, clean fluids, paid 800 bucks drove it 70 miles home, did I get a good deal?

  26. Scotty i bought a new honda civic and i realise that the quality is worst than my old mazda 3,2007! I think mazda is the only Japanese reliable car with no turbo engines!

  27. My owner's manual says my transmission fluid is lifetime I had it serviced at 60k miles lol. Lifetime of the transmission yea right

  28. Your better off buying an Amber LED tear drop light that plugs into your power outlet , with a long power cord nobody will miss it on top of your roof or bed rail and psychologically the human eye is conditioned to recognize what it is and what it represents and it's small and cheap and much safer than a new gimmick product . And even then your still at risk , so why put your safety in the hands of a device which may confuse a driver because it's unrecognizable . Why do you think beacons and fusees are still around after 100 or more years ? because they work . Logic and sense are your best tools

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