Here’s Why Ford Mustangs are Breaking

Here’s Why Ford Mustangs are Breaking

rev up your engines, mh says Scotty do you
care for the Ford coyote 5 liter motor they put an f-150 and Mustang, yes its
excellent engine great powerful v8 engine, you know they’re really well made
now some of those had transmissions that had problems, it wasn’t the engines fault
the engines are real strong, but some of those the transmissions went out,
especially some of the standard transmissions they started making them
in China, yes in China, I had a customer went through four standard transmissions
on that coyote engine, four of them on a Mustang and they finally just said the
heck with it and they got rid of it, now they got free ones because they’re under
warranty, but I mean jeez after four of them break down I’d be really iffy about it
too, and when she found out that it was made in
China she was really mad, the engines are good though, francisco reina says how often
should you use fuel injection cleaners when you fill up sir, well actually if you got
a car and you take care of it and buy good fuel
never, modern cars at least in the United States the fuel you buy has additives in
it that are legislated by the government so they don’t pollute to make the
engines run better and so they don’t burn oil and you don’t need to do anything, now
if you’ve got one of those horrible GDI
gasoline engines the gasoline direct injection, that only have GDI and they
don’t have the port injectors too, and they carbon up inside yeah then I
would say do it at least six times a year, and get a special cleaner that’s made
for GDI engines because they can carbon up, but if you don’t normal ones you
really don’t ever need to do it, you buy an old junker and it needs cleaning sure
but if you buy a car and you take care of it and you put in good gasoline, you
really don’t need to put any additives in them, a lot of that is just
salesmanship by companies that are trying to sell you something, memes ask
Scotty my friend is selling a 2010 Subaru WRX with a rebuilt engine at 60,000
kilometers, he’s selling it for ten thousand five
Canadian is it worth it, what’s your opinion on WRX, okay you’re in Canada
and I lived in Toronto a long time ago, I know everything in Canada cost more money,
maybe six grand here in Houston but I know Canada they go for more, now here’s
the problem I would demand paperwork from whoever rebuilt it what kind of
guarantee the guy gave, if he has none he’s says well this guy rebuilt it for me,
don’t even think about buying it, you gotta get
absolute paper working and research the guy that did it, see if he really knows
what he’s doing or just some guy that put a head gasket in it cuz of blew the
head gasket, now if it actually was rebuilt correctly and especially if it’s
a standard transmission, a lot of the WRX are standards, go ahead and buy it if you
like the vehicle but make sure it was rebuilt
correctly, Ken lee says hey Scotty should I get a
Honda Fit or a Toyota Yaris, well in that case
I’d get the fit and here’s why, Toyota Yaris isn’t a Toyota it’s just a
rebadged Mazda, they’re made by Mazda and they call them Toyota Yaris and the
Honda fits are much better, they got better engines and better transmissions
then what the Mazda has in it, so I’d go with a Honda there, now especially if you
drive a standard transmission, the Honda’s are okay with the automatics, but with
the standard they’re excellent vehicles even with an automatic though I’d still go
with the Honda, cuz Mazda automatic transmission stink, and that Toyota Yaris
is really Mazda, mr. car to get 12 says Scotty
how are the facelifted 98 to 2001 sl500 in reliability, the engines are well
made Mercedes makes very good engines there’s
no arguing that, now it’s a 500 so it’s pretty much of a gigantic gas hog in
town, a heavy vehicle with a big v8 engine they just sucked that gas down,
all the electronics the automatic transmission, all that stuff can turn
into endless money pit, it’s old now but 82,000 miles is low mileage for a car
that’s 21 year old car, so that’s real low mileage if it’s 82,000 miles, don’t
pay much though they’re worth nothing in the real world, don’t pay that much money
for them, you get one cheap enough and you want a weekend toy go right ahead, but don’t
think about buying one of those and think you’re gonna drive it as an everyday
driver and put 15-20 thousand miles a year on it, it would bankrupt you, Joe
Martin says can a clogged catalytic converter and make
your car start and then die, it certainly can, it’s just like stuffing potatoes in
an exhaust, which kids did when I was young when they wanted to fool somebody, they’d
shove a potato up the exhaust then the car wouldn’t
run right and they go nuts trying to
figure it out, unless they were smart just went to the tailpipe and put their
hand at the end and saw that hardly any air was puffing out when it was running and
they know it was clogged up, that’s one way you can test a clogged catalytic converter
go to any normal car when it’s ice-cold so you don’t burn yourself, start it up
put your hand on the exhaust coming out the back and you’ll feel it puffing out
you know that’s normal you can feel it, then if it’s clogged up if you touch it
hardly anything comes out you know it’s clogged up, now we mechanics have gauges
we take out the oxygen sensor and we screw in a gauge and we see the pressure
and the pressure should only be maybe one one-and-a-half psi and if it’s five
to eight before the cat and then nothing after it you know that the cat’s clogged
and it needs to be replaced, pretty easy to check but it will make a car stall out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. TREMEC or GFORCE Mustang has always had issues with weak trans in the manuals i only have owned bout 17 of em

  3. Love your show! I've heard you say it in a few video's thus far and I was wondering; When you say "good gas" what do you mean please?

  4. Ford should do what Dodge did and use the Aison transmissions. I'd probably do the transmission swap anyway.

  5. I didnt know that about GDI engines. My Kia has one. I will buy some of that injector cleaner, instead of the$70 injector service from my dealer.

  6. Do you think that a 1988 Ford ranger will the 2.9L 4×4 5 speed with 50k miles is worth 2 grand in Arkansas? getting it from a 72 year old man

  7. Scotty, you mention the tranny's on the 5.0 Mustangs but what do you think about all the people with 18-19 Mustangs that have the infamous "typewriter" engine tic?

  8. Dear Scotty, I got an Infiniti qx70. A new one. It’s two years old now with 30 k on the odometer. Should I but an extended warranty for this vehicle? Thanks…

  9. Hey Scotty, 97 toyota corolla 1.6L or 2003 honda civic 1.7L for a beater car? I have a choice between the two here in the near future, both around 150k miles with no major issues to list, Thanks!

  10. geeze, i busted out laughing when Mr. Scotty said "put your hand over the exhaust to feel for pressure" then you see a pic of a truck rolling coal 😅✋

  11. Hey! Love the video! Do you know of any relatively cheap and reliable cars that would get me around 400hp? I’d love to know 🙂

  12. The mt-82 is a hit or miss transmission. I've seen them getting 1000whp ran through them and taking mean powershifts and never give any problems, then some of them break stock

  13. Co worker had a 2014 4 cylinder turbo. With 40k miles on it the cam phaser bolt on the cam shaft came loose and locked her up on the interstate.

  14. Da bruiser . I promise you that Celica will make the trip back and forth with no problem. I'm not a foreign car guy but the Toyota with the 2.2 or 2.4 is indestructible. Like my 05 cummins.

  15. I remember reading the nightmares some manual owners had to deal with on forums. It was hard to feel sorry for them because of their blind elitism.
    I saw the 6AT was made in America, so I gave it a shot instead since I really wanted a S550 at the time, and it ran solidly!
    If you want a Manual Mustang, either get the GT350 (Tremec is niceeeeeee) or buy a S197 because they're still fine.

  16. The mustang's 6spd manual from 2011 onwards is made in China from a German design by getrag. It's like the worst of two worlds. The automatic 6spd is a 6r80. Virtually indestructible and why I ordered it.

  17. Scotty. I’ve got a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins and a 2016 gmc 2500 Duramax both with over 300,000 miles that I use for hauling oilfield equipment split between highway and off road well site miles. The only maintenance I have done on my current fleet is fluid changes, ball joints, brakes and shocks. It is time for us to purchase new trucks and I would like your take on the Ford F-250 diesel as the prices are starting to come down in comparison to the gmc and dodge. Are the fords known for reliability? What do you suggest? Thanks.

  18. The 5.0L coyote is a POS engine! I don't even like LS engines, but the LS is far superior and far more reliable.

  19. The fit is awesome!! Bought one for 700$ 175k miles from the original owner. This thing runs like new. No issues. And its manual

  20. Mustangs have a history of getting hit by human bystanders, curbs, parked cars, etc. Save yourself the hassle and get a '94 Celica.

  21. MT82 manual transmissions are trash on the new Mustangs. Not sure why Ford didn't stick the Tremec manual transmissions that were more durable.

  22. scotty, I have a GDI first gen f150 EcoBoost. I've heard that fuel additives are bad for turbos (burns too hot) have any input on this?

  23. Scotty knows what he’s talking about. It’s not a secret SOME mustang owners have had problems with the MT82 and even with the coyote engines. I can’t say an specific number but it’s a relatively very low number compared to the ones that haven’t. I have made about 18 passes at the track and it’s still strong and smooth

  24. Dear Scotty, I got a 2016 King Ranch ford Expedition. Should I be using the intake cleaner products for the car's engine?

  25. Honda fits are very good. I get asked all the time what kind of car it is, they can't tell when they look at it. I tell them it's a Fit, and they've heard of it, just never considered it. The first thing I do, is show them it has an actual arm rest, then I open the back and show them the fancy magic seats, show them the fuel economy, listen to the engine, tell them about how the gas tank is under the front seats. They love it, I actually had someone buy one after seeing mine heh. They aren't the best one a spec sheet, but living with one, they beat everything by a mile.

  26. The best way to cure the problem with Chinese-transmissions behind the 5.0 Coyote V8 is a kit to hook up a C6 automatic transmission! A C6 that would have been equipped for an F-350 or bigger can easily handle that Coyote engine.

  27. What hes talking about on the Ford manual transmissions in the mustang's are the shifter forks. The third, fourth, and fifth like to brake.

  28. I was aboute to buy me a 2016 Mustang gt real nice dark blue supercharged hood customized all around with 20,000 miles the stealership wanted me to turn in my 05 Ford Mustang as a down payment or 5,000 down I just laughed😂 thank god I didn’t bought it!!!

  29. Whoops. There's yet another GT350 engine failure @3500 miles on YT. So much for Ford being "like Toyota" in quality…

  30. Hey Scotty which one would u choose between a 91 Mazda b series pickup with 186k for 900$ or a 92 Nissan shortbed pickup with 185k for 1400$? And which one will last longer?

  31. The ford coyotes are having huge issues! It is not a good motor! The mustang and f150s are plagued with engine issues mild and total failure!

  32. My everyday car is a 03 mustang convertible has over 220k miles no issues what so ever. LONG LIVE FORD

  33. You should check all the youtube videos of guys with those Coyote engines with "typewriter tick" and "engine slap" that end up blowing up. Watch their early videos where they're all happy then as it progresses into the tick, through to the slap and ending with a boom. Looks like they're junk, and hey, they're built down the road from me.

  34. "My customer went through 4 standard transmissions on the mustang and when SHE…" There's your problem right there

  35. The guy who went thru 4 transmission's I think just needs to learn how to drive a manual😂 like honestly FOUR?!?

  36. No problems with my MT-82 and I push my car. I don't abuse my tranny by rough aggressive shifting.

  37. Scotty, what year did Ford put the Chinese standard transmissions in the Mustang? Dose the 2011 have the Chinese transmission? Thank You

  38. Years ago, my girlfriend wanted a Ford Mustang. Long story, but I ended up with it. 2003 I believe. It had a very uneven acceleration "surge" at around 35mph despite being brand new. Ford couldn't figure out what was wrong. Their final verdict was to "drive it until it breaks down completely, and then we'll have a better idea what is wrong with it." Toronto customer service headquarters stood by that verdict. I traded it in instantly and vowed to never buy a Ford again.

  39. Ha! Chinese made transmissions and Mexican made cars….bad situation…run! Love your Ford, GMC and Dodges…ha!

  40. I have a 2013 F-150 w/a 5.0 liter Coyote engine and I am very happy with it.- I live in a county that mandates reformulate gas in the summer (contains a myriad of chemicals to limit atmospheric evaporation), this is horrible fuel, not only does it break down faster than normal gas (Do Not leave this stuff in a boat engine for ANY length of time, I know via the hard way), but it absorbs way more water vapor, I've found adding Heet fuel dryer and Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer has greatly helped when compared to other fuel system break-downs in previous engines, specially in my small engines.

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