Here’s Why Honda is Better Than Toyota

Here’s Why Honda is Better Than Toyota

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about why Honda
Civics have been such popular cars the Honda is pretty much a typical classic
Japanese corporation they started by making something then they started
perfecting to perfecting the kind of a perfectionist culture but hey if you’re
buying one of those cars it’s a good thing take the original Honda sold in
the United States when I was a kid one of our customers and my father’s Texaco
gas station had won it put up a whopping 31 horsepower and it was a tiny car with
the two cylinder air-cooled motorcycle engines stuck inside it behind us being
a classic Japanese corporation evolved their cars 31 horsepower not old one in
a new 2020 Civic type-r they put out 310 horsepower fascinating that’s exactly 10
times as much as the original don’t they planned it that way now this particular
one is a 14-year old plane Honda Civic 4-door and what are the Honda’s known
for their engines this one’s got a 1.8 liter four-cylinder
engine puts on 140 horsepower plenty of power for a little car like this but
this one gets 36 miles a gallon on the highway now yet goes down in the city
this customers getting about 27 miles a gallon in town thirty-six and an hour
for car that’s 14 years olds decent gas mileage especially when you consider how
fast these things are Thank You Sundari now it’s got 132 thousand miles on it
too they’ve always have now I set up they
got a big old tach in the middle and then you go up to the top there’s a
speedometer you can easily see all the gauges and it’s set up rather neatly and
for a small car seats in the front aren’t bad there’s a reasonable amount
of space in the back too it’s not tiny like my Celicas after all it is a
four-door car and sure this one’s got a few bashes then it’s been through a few
wars but it still rolls down a road quite well but for a small car we’ve got
a pretty deep trunk they have a tendency to perfect things over years they’ve
been working 90 Civics a long time and they’ve really pretty much perfected
the small transportation car much along the lines of the
Carola only the civics are much faster they handle a lot better that’s why a
lot of those kids racer racers and put those little hurting mufflers on the
back cuz they are quick and a handle quite well not sure two basic car it’s
only got drum brakes on the back and these cheesy honda hubcaps that are
breaking but hey it’s not a race car if you want a pony up for a new Civic
type-r yeah you’re gonna get four-wheel disc those things are set up a racing
they are fantastic vehicles but the normal Civic Hey
it’s like the perfect transportation car like I said the Corollas yeah they’re
quite a bit slower than these things our Honda was rated as the top manufacturer
for engines they had the least amount of engine related problems of any
manufacturer and Toyota was number two so they do make excellent engines which
not only have power but they can run a long time I mean this one’s only got one
hundred and thirty six thousand miles on it I’ve seen them with three hundred and
fifty and they were still running pretty good and they sure are a lot
better-looking in a you still if you check out the original Honda’s man they were ugly little boxy cars these things are pretty sleek now I personally
like them with standard transmissions cuz they’re even faster but this one has
an automatic my customer here has never got a problem with the transmission I’ve
had many customers with the Civic’s with automatic transmissions and I haven’t
seen any real failures in them now if you’re talking about Honda accords a
bigger engine their bigger cars yeah they’re notorious for hitting automatic
transmission problems but the Civic’s know they’re a smaller lighter car like
I always say Honda really it’s great making smaller cars bigger cars and
trucks it’s not really there for chase small cars is what Honda really has
perfected no I’ve never personally owned a Honda other than a Honda cb750
ages ago that was the screaming motorcycle but my customers with Honda
Civics are all extremely happy with the cars whether they bought a brand-new
and drover for 20 years or some of them bought beat-up looking ones for 500
bucks and drop them for five or ten years with not having to spend too much
money fixing them as long as they are willing to live with the bashes
Bodywork is never cheap if you want to do it right so now you know a little bit
more about Honda Civics now why if you’re looking for
are a fast reliable good gas mileage car ah you might think about getting a Honda
Civic even an old used one can still have tons
of life left in it, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  1. It might be a great car until you have to change the starter on it. I had to replace a starter on a 2008 Honda Civic and it was not easy at all to remove. Its tucked in the back underneath the intake manifold. Not accessible at all from the top. I had to remove the left front wheel, brake caliper, rotor, removed the lower strut bolts to move the hub and loosened the axle nut to move the axle just to get a little bit more room to see what I was doing. I curse the engineer that designed this generation Civic's engine bay layout.

  2. No matter what American car is my favorite car period, Caprice classic car, Cadillac DeVille start on 03-2011, crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, Lincoln town car start on 03-2011, those are my favorite car and they are a very good solid car,

  3. My 2004 Honda Accord is amazing with 234.457 miles runs great… I usually press the button to hide the high mileage to other people and after watching Scotty and this video I don’t care no more 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂

  4. SK is my go to mechanic on Youtube. Keep it going Scotty. Btw, are you related to Val the actor? Also, do u work from your house?

  5. After the Civics the Accord it's one of the best sedans that Honda has ever engineer and built. I own a 2013 Accord Touring v6.

  6. My best friend has a 2005 civic coupe and she loves it. Only problem it's had is her boyfriend ran it into a curb. It's a cute little car!

  7. Got a 2015 Honda Accord with k24w1 ivtec motor and CVT Transmission and the car only had one previous owner. when i first got it, it had 131000 miles on it and now i have had it for about 4 months now and ive put about 13000 miles on it and it has 144000 miles now. Ive dogged this car to colorado and back all the way from Baltimore, Maryland and drive it everyday to work 30 mins there and 30 mins back. never had one single problem and I remember when I first got the car and hit vtec for the first time i dont think the previous owner ever did because the vtec crosses over so hard. The car runs so strong and ive had 1 oil change since I had it. might call me crazy but I even topped it out at 130mph before on the highway. 210kph is where the speed limiter kicks in. Ive heard alot of bad things about CVT but theres no doubt Hondas CVT is a strong performer. Im a manual guy all the way and I might trade for a 9th gen si or something in the future but the accords are so good and i get about 32mpg on average sometimes a little higher.

  8. Just saved by the bell. I am just about to let go my 2001 honda city type Z to same year mitsubishi lancer glxi. I'll just keep my honda.

  9. My Toyota still runs great- 1996- but a little rusty- but it is a truck and it was made in Japan- now they are made where????

  10. Generalizations aren't always true. Back in the early 00's I bought a 98 Honda Accord on recommendation, I paid extra for a used Honda based on the assumption that it would last longer than average (longer even than a new "cheaper" brand), based on generalized reviews just like this one. By late 2006, early 2007 the transmission was missing and skipping and the paint was starting to peel. I traded it in before the end of summer 2007 just to get rid of the pending nightmare with the transmission, and got nearly nothing on the trade in. Moral of the story: avoid generalizations and reviews that use them. I paid extra for a used Honda, was only able to use it barely more than 4 years before trading it in due to major issues cropping up. I would have been better off buying a new car at a discount price vs. a used Honda back in 2003. AND it wasn't a CVT as those hadn't become popular by the late 90's, it was a traditional automatic that had problems making it to 150k miles. I think we have to admit that all car manufacturers, even Honda and Toyota, have problems that roll off their lines from time to time. There is no company that builds a consistently perfect product that is worthy of vast generalizations.

  11. I learned to drive stick in a 1979 Honda Accord. It was totalled by a pick-up truck blindly backing out of a driveway onto the hood (yes, onto, as it had huge 4×4 wheels) and list us the chance we were trying for. I still believe it would have lasted another 20k miles or so, which was all we had left to roll it over to 500k miles. One minor head rework when the gasket blew @ around 320k miles, but other than replacing the head that time, having the transmission rebuilt (clutch plate wore down after years of use) the brakes many times, gas pump once (easy to access!), and other basic maintenance/minor repairs, it was still running strong and smoothly. Insane quality control on those engines. And yes, it was the classic Honda brown. Yes, the "pile of dog droppings on wheels" shade. But I'd STILL trade most modern cars for it, just for the reliability that thing had. 😜

  12. I use to be a honda hater and wont be caught dead in one…but after buying one for a daily beater…they arnt bad….honda kept their word on reliabilty

    To be honest Im happy with my civic….but like scotty said it aint a race car its a point A to point B car….dont be a ricer…be a normal driver or at least be an actuall tuner guy

  13. I recently bought a 1997 Honda Civic DX for $1,800. Bone stock, no mods, owned and driven by older lady. Only has 119,000 miles. No issues at all.

  14. I have a 19 Civic Sport. I can do whatever I want in it; super solid under the hood. However, their plastic is garbage. Do yourself and invest the extra money and get an Acura. My dad's is Acura almost 20 years old and is perfectly fine still. Did I mention he drives that thing hard?

  15. Thank you sir for praising my car, 07 EX 4door, but me no like you talking smack about my van, 06 Odyssey Touring. But what do you think about my daily 95 Accord EX sedan 5 speed? 😁

  16. Honda was the first to bring variable valve timing to the masses. Now every manufacturer uses it. Not to mention all the way back in 1964 the S600 could rev to 8500 rpm and not blow up. This was an achievement for a road car in the era.

  17. I have a honda civic 2008 with only 83 900 miles, so i think i’m still good for a long long time!!! My next car , a Honda civic 2029- 4 doors!!!

  18. I owned a Honda N600. It was a Japanese copy of the original Morris Mini. It was much more reliable however. When I was at college the Rugby team would pick it up and move it across campus. They thought that was extremely funny. I thought it was a pain, because I always had to look for my car.
    One time I parked it in New York city, and someone driving a car wanted my parking space, so he used his car to push my Honda 600 in front of a fire hydrant. You could see the black tread marks of my car from him pushing it with my handbrake on. Fortunately I didn't get a ticket.
    The car was so small you could just reach over and roll down the passenger window. It was a fun car to toss around. Going 30 felt like you were going 60 and going 60 felt like you were going 90.

  19. Hi Scotty, I have a 06 Honda Accord EX with 121000 mileages, recently a month a go have blown head gasket repaired, the mechanic replace a used low mileages motor in it, will i have more repairs need to be done to it coming month❓ how will it be good for me to keep it or I should trade it for another more up day used Honda❓

  20. Just bought a 2009 coupe cash. The only thing it needed was a cabin filter for $10. My mechanic was surprised I found it in such great shape.

  21. Hmm… So, you'll agree that I've owned some of the most durable Japanese cars: a 1995 4 cyl. Camry, and a 2000 manual Civic. BUT, I just happen to get some exceptionally bad examples. My father owned a Dodge Dart Swinger with a slant/6. Perhaps it was even more durable.

  22. I'm a proud owner of a 2010 Honda Civic and I have had no issues with it whatsoever. Over a 100000 miles and still runs like like new.

  23. My 06 Civic is a delight, 180k miles on it not a thing wrong with it, putting new shocks on it, has the original struts and shocks, they just went bad!

    What a tank.

  24. drive a 07 manual civic sedan during the week day….. ride a cbr1000rr during the weekends/track days etc…. amazing vehicles….

  25. I just bought a 2011 accord…. rip me! Love it so far but it’s only been a day. I got it because I’m 6’4”, roomy for me unlike the civics. We’ll see how she goes, at 84,000 miles right now.

  26. Hey Scotty, I'm looking at buying a 2007 Civic Coupe EX that has about 240,000km (150,000 miles), is that a good option? Or should I look for something with a little less kms?

  27. Hey scotty love all your videos man. I recently got rid of a 2002 Chrysler Concord because of too many mechanical issues and bought a 2005 honda civic. I'm it is an understatement that the honda is a way better car but I would like to know from you or anyone here who's knows about cars very well if I made a good choice getting that car. I only use it from work and back and to get around town that's it the car has only 190,000 miles on it so it's still just braking in.

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