Here’s Why Hondas Have This Serious Problem

Here’s Why Hondas Have This Serious Problem

rev up your engines Stephen Brown says
Scotty my 2012 acura tsx four-cylinder makes your grinding noise on cold start
up I think it might be a common vtc actuator have you heard of this and is
it serious oh yeah here and I see it all the time and I do hear it in the cars
when people bring them over yeah they’re variable valve timing system is very
complex on a Honda and a lot of times when you start them up they make a noise
sometimes it’s the actuator itself as it starts spinning then it needs to get
lubricated with oil because of course when you stop a car what happens to the
oil all drains down to the bottom so there’s some bare metal something like
90% of the wear inside your engine occurs on startup and I knows the
variable time actuators on the top of the engine they’re the last things to
get off so they do wear now as long as it stops after a few seconds and it runs
okay you can often live with it cuz to fix it it can easily cost you well over
$1,000 sometimes two or three thousand if you got to replace those assembly so
you might just want to live with it I got a lot of customers live with it I’d be
kind if I lived with it if it was eight years old and did it, 18 okay but eight
shouldn’t be doing that but a lot of those Acuras doing like I say it goes
away after a second or two yeah you might just live with the stupid thing
but make sure you got clean oil and you change it a lot cuz dirty oil cause they
do it’ll clog up the little holes in the actuators then it will make noise and it
will be wearing because there’s no oil in it escape mic one asks Scotty you
love your daily videos is there a lot less maintenance electric vehicles and
standard vehicle well yeah if they’re well made of course that’s true because
electric vehicles pretty much like a little toy car you had when you were a
kid a battery a motor pretty simple yeah there’s no transmission there’s bad
the battery runs the wheels usually the motors are right at the wheel so they
don’t have any transmissions these most of them don’t have transmissions it is a
much simpler vehicle but of course the modern ones are all computer-controlled
and all that crap can break look at the tussles they’re breaking all the time
software issues chip issues things shorting out start on fire issues so
even though theoretically they’re simple they can become a royal pain and let’s
face it most mechanics don’t know how to work on electric cars I don’t want to
learn how to work on them either because the two to four hundred volts can kill
people a lot of people like I don’t want to mess around with that you know it’s
less than 1% of the vehicles on the road are electric vehicle so a lot of guys don’t
even want to mess around with it once it gets a lot higher cuz it doesn’t make
business sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment that
you’re not gonna use all that off of what you need for electric cars
toks goki says how do you feel about a Honda Civic del sol well-made vehicles
but they don’t make them anymore I haven’t weighed in for quite some time
they weren’t such a big sale cuz you know they weren’t the Civic they were a
little fancier but they weren’t nice like a prelude so they’re kind of in
between and it never really became ultra popular cuz they weren’t cheap and they
weren’t be expensive they’re kind of in between they can run a really long time
i customers also got hundreds of thousands of miles i got good gas
mileage I personally think they’re kind of ugly looking cars they didn’t float
my boat stylistically speaking but mechanically especially if you got
standard transmission it could run absolutely forever they just stopped
making them cuz they were kind of like I say in-between and they weren’t big
moneymakers so Honda stopped making them DRO 7md says please comment on the 2019 VW golf all track plan on buying one don’t then haha that’s my comment
Volkswagens are endless money pits your pay a lot of money and it’s gonna turn
into a money pit now in Europe they sell a lot more but more
people used to fix some the ones they buy are made in Germany the ones sold in
the United States a lot of them aren’t made in Germany quality controls worse and there
are plastic garbage wagons as they age the plastic racks the electronics break
down they’re not like the Volkswagens the past and you’re talking an all track
that’s that’s a Porsche Audi system Volkswagen owns Porsche naughty you put that kind of hi-tech into a Volkswagen you’re just asking for trouble when they
age almost impossible to fix cost of fortune
and they have no resale value as they age nobody wants to buy a muse so unless
you’re an absolute Volkswagen phonetic you don’t care about throwing money away
don’t buy one of those things a general wants us got a winter versus all season
tires driving in a winter depends on where you are now my mother she’s 92 she
still drives cars in Buffalo she got Toyota Corolla and she’s got all
season tires never put snow tires on anymore now we always used to put snow
tires on the cars cuz my father in a garage sold tires we on the land all
over the place and all our cars back in the day we’re rear-wheel drive and you
really need snow tires with rear-wheel drive the reason one of the reasons they
want the front-wheel drive was because front-wheel drive your car is being
pulled not pushed and cars handle much better in the snow when they’re being
pulled whether they’re being pushed they don’t slip all over the place so a lot
of times you don’t need snow tires but you know it depends where you are to you
live out in the country and the sticks and the roads are crappy there’s tons of
snow you’re probably gonna need snow tires you live in an area like in the
Rocky Mountains I’ve been driving through there in the
winter and when you rent a car they say you’re either gonna have to rent a car
and get chains to put chains on or write an all-wheel drive vehicle there you
have to have snow tires and probably get changed too but for most people in
cities and stuff they plow them good enough if you got a front-wheel drive
vehicle y’all season tires are fine and if you
got an all wheel drive vehicle you certainly are fine with all season tires
you no need to put snow tires on it then Brandon says Scotty how can you
tell for sure if an engine is seized like a video in that getting a little
car running that sent for years you can watch that but what it basically comes
down to us all the Front’s of the engines have a big crank pulley that
runs all the fan dots right well most of them in the middle have a giant bolt
that holds this get a long extension bar and a socket that fits on that bolt
that’s on the end of the crank turning it and if you can turn it 380 degrees
and then keep turning it and it doesn’t bind the engine is not seized if you
either can’t turn it at all or you can turn it a little bit anatta clunks and
clunks then the engine seized or locked up it’s a real easy test all you need
just an extension bar and a socket that fits on that you’re gonna place like
autozone get this stuff for 25 bucks and pull on it and see
what happens, Pascal says a Scotty are you interested Motorsports like Formula one
that’s kind of funny one time I flew me to a Formula One race in Austin Texas
and I was totally disappointed because everything was under wraps with sheets
on them they wouldn’t explain anything was their secret they didn’t want you to
know so I didn’t get to get to interview the engineers that designed him they
were told they can’t tell me the information on stuff and what they were
running in a gasoline and oil that was a secret trade secret they wouldn’t tell
me so I didn’t learn anything well then you know you’re basically sitting there
and you’re watching cars go around and a weird circle and slow down speed up I
actually find it rather boring I decide to pay anything for it they pulled me in
hotel room so that was okay but I found it incredibly boring I mean being in one
of those things I got to drive one much boy it’s exciting driving them you know
it’s kind of like soccer it’s a European thing not an American thing Formula One
Americans like drag races how fast can they go or NASCAR where they’re smashing into each other all the time but Formula one that’s more European
thing like soccer and soccer I played soccer in Canada only I went to school
there and it’s a very exciting game to play but watching it is like watching
paint dry it is so freaking boring and they hardly ever score Formula One yeah
it’s really not my cup of tea if you’re doing it I’ve been to those old dirt
tracks where they’re driving around in circles and cars and you can only go 65
miles nah but man you’re on a dirt track on 65 in a circle you’re being pushed
it’s really you got to be strong to do it it’s exciting but watching it that’s
born into the car Alexander says Scotty can all wheel drive system be damaged
with different tire size from stock tires yes it can you want to stick with
all-wheel drive all four tires the stock size tires and
truthfully if any one of them wears out you got to replace all four in an
all-wheel drive system because the computers comparing them all the time
and if it sees that one isn’t traveling the same speed as the other it’ll start
using a four-wheel drive system to speed up or slow down a certain tires you know
what that does that creates friction inside the all-wheel drive system and
they wear out I’ve seen people with Howdy’s that were dumb
not to buy all four tires they’re all we have Drive system went out and then it
cost them like eight grand to fix it so you buy an all wheel drive vehicle be
prepared to buy four tires at a time and stick to the stock tires mike says what
problems might I have if I change my battery inmy 2016 tacoma radio
computer ect when you do change the battery in any Toyota modern ones it’ll
generally idle poorly for a while cause it has to reset the idle the idea
in all modern cars Toyota’s are very sensitive about this acclimates it’s off
to your driving style you take the battery out and put it back on it goes back
to the factory son and it’s got to relearn how you drive
now generally just driving it around for a day or two or three it’ll go right
back to normal and it’ll start idling fine now if you have an anti-theft radio
make sure you got the code for the anti theft radio you know that’s tough but if
you want to bypass all that crap in the first place just get yourself one of
those memory savers it’s a device that just plugs into the OBD port and then
the other end of the device you look up to a small 12-volt battery and some of
them even come with small 12-volt batteries in them and then when you
disconnect the battery that keeps the memory alive hence it’s called keep
memory alive tool that’s one thing about cars the names of stuff I almost always
tell you exactly what they do that places like autos on some you get them
on eBay over the place and it’s really a smart idea if you ever disconnect and
the battery replace the battery today to plug one of those in cause then you have
to deal with any of their crap and the idles stay exactly where it was in the
first place but it won’t hurt anything in it to call him a by itself but just
make it idle a little bit weird for a day or two so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Electric cars still need tires to be replaced, wheel alignment, brake pad change,, gearbox fluid replacement, motor and electronics fluid replacement, 12V battery replacement …

  3. scotty with all due respect I think that all cars should use winter tires in places that get snow, you say that fwd will get the traction and especially awd and you are correct they will hook, but you still can't stop. If you hit the brakes you're car will just slide, winter tires really do help decrease stoping distance and also awd and winter tires just handle incredibly in the snow and are a lot of fun!!

  4. I agree with 99 % of what Scotty says but…as far as winter tires , they are a different rubber compound . ..they stay softer below 45 degrees Fahrenheit ( 7 Celsius ) regardless of any snow , therfore allowing you to stop better in a shorter distance . It's the same reason in professional hockey they keep the spare pucks in the fridge so they slide faster and easier on ice…it's all scientifically proven . Not to mention there are enough morons driving on the roads that could use all the help they can get , no matter how small .

  5. Scotty I cannot find video to diy fix my 2008 swivel n go seats. Latch system is broken which is convincing me the whole swivel and go captain seats are broken. What can I do if I can’t even find replacements in rock auto????

  6. My dads 2007 honda accord makes the grinding sound but he recently bought a new car so he doesnt drive that piece of junk anymore

  7. For whoever asked about winter tires from a Canadian it’s not necessary. Scotty said it dam near perfect. I’m driving a FWD Hyundai and it’s talking the snow like a champ on all seasons for the few snowfalls a year when the roads are snowy before the plow it’s not worth your money

  8. Those actuators on the honda engines usually are recall replacement parts. I had mine replaced by the dealer, it only took one day. Haven't had the issue since. Good luck.

  9. I NEED ADVICE FROM ANYONE PLEASE AND THANK YOU! Someone backed into my passanger door and made a small dent. Now my ABS LIGHT, TCS LIGHT AND E-BRAKE LIGHT are all illuminated when i start the car. I have a 2012 mazda 5. Can anyone tell me the possible reasons why? They only came on after the person hit my car. My ebrake is completley disengaged. Please help!!!!!!

  10. Scotty, I have an 07 Nissan Sentra that won’t get into 1st gear so the cars become a statue. I checked the codes and got 0746, 0725, 1778, 0868, 1715. I’m thinking solenoid A has gone bad and the other codes related to it. There ATF is full and the rest of the car is in good shape. What do you think?

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  12. Is the actuator what caused the loud noise on start up with the 2009 Toyota Matrix? It started a year or so after I bought it in 09, and continued until the valves (and car) died last November. Have a 2018 Rav4 XLE now.

  13. Scotty I have a situation bought a 2010 tahoe 2 years ago replace suspension new tires then new transmission. 6 months later p0300 code pops up nobody can figure it out I'm so deep into this car. Above 13 grand to late to turn back should I drop a reman 5.3?

  14. My VTC actuator makes a horrible grinding sound for a moment on cold start-up of my 2010 Honda Accord. It's annoying to hear that but otherwise, it runs fine (with the exception of the oil consumption).

  15. I did buy this car with high milage body has no rust. I worked on that but I just dont want get into new car with payments. HELP ME MAKE THIS DECISION

  16. Sorry Scotty. Snow tires are a must below freezing temperatures. Sure you can “manage” with all season tires but they won’t help you turn and stop on slippery surfaces!

  17. Sorry, but you're wrong about "soccer". Football is the biggest spectator sport there is, not just in Europe but on the whole planet — Asia, Africa, everywhere south of Texas. Which, if it were dull to watch and the low scoring rate put people off, it wouldn't be. It's Americans who are out of step with the world on this.

  18. Sorry, but you're wrong about "soccer". Football is the biggest spectator sport there is, not just in Europe but on the whole planet — Asia, Africa, everywhere south of Texas. Which, if it were dull to watch and the low scoring rate put people off, it wouldn't be. It's Americans who are out of step with the world on this.

  19. I own a a 2014 Toyota Corolla le. I just took it to the dealership the other day to get this recall done on the software for the transmission and they gave it back to me a day later and the transmission was running worse than it was before so I brought it back to them again and they said what's the valve body in the transmission. Does this make sense?

  20. You dont brake your AWD systems in old Audis. There its open senter diff, front diff and rear lockable diff. They dont care what tiresize.

  21. Then if you put a smaller spare tire for very long, it could be very bad right? So why are the spare tires, not the same size?

  22. 3:19
    I bought my wife a 2013 VW Eos Lux Convertible this past December. Had 101k miles on it, ran great, hard top worked perfectly. Since then (3 months and 8k miles later mind you):
    Heater core went out and had to be replaced: $750
    Front passenger wheel bearing went out and had to be replaced: $500 (I was fearful of screwing around with a VW which is why I took it to my boy)
    Water pump just took a crap: $1,000 (nothing like walking out to your garage and smelling a strong odor of antifreeze and seeing a puddle under a car)

    Oh Scotty, I wish I'd met you sooner my man…
    Needless to say my wife is out hunting for a new car.

  23. I believe if scotty made his own car. His car will be the best ever car and it wont break at all. If his car involve in accidents, buying parts should be very very cheap and easy to get.

  24. Silly question: Why these days isn't there an oil circulation pump (electric?) that pre-lubricates an engine before startup?

  25. If Scotty ever posts a video "My 94 Celica is an endless money pit" it's up to us to call the police because he's in trouble.

  26. I have a 2009 Honda accord with a the 4 cylinder engine and it has the same problem. Even Honda's are not as reliable as they used to be.

  27. i always find it funny when Scotty rants about cars like VW being money pits in US where they are complete opposite here in Europe xD, here if you want reliable and extremely cheap to repair car its basically choice between VW and Skoda …

  28. In Quebec, Canada, winter tires are mandatory. Other provinces have considered following suit. The difference between a winter tire (not necessarily a snow tire) and an all season tire is that winter tires are made of materials that remain flexible at very cold temperatures. This allows them to maintain greater surface contact with the roadway in winter conditions. They are not intended for summer use, as warm temperatures make them very soft and subject to premature wear.

  29. Hi Scotty, I enjoy and value your videos. My wife and I looking at class B/C RV, any thoughts/experience with the Ford Transit 350 diesel vs MB Sprinter 3500 diesel chassis? Would appreciate hearing your thoughts/experiences. Thank you.

  30. On 07-08 Honda Fits, the starter makes a grinding noise upon startup because of the actuator/solenoid. Could this be the noise as for for the questioner? I've had mine making the noise for quite some time hoping that the starter will wear out and not affect the flywheel.

  31. I have a 2010 Acura TL that always makes that screeching noise for a couple of seconds when it starts under 32 degrees, never in the summer. Nice to know what it finally is. It never caused any problems so I never bothered having it looked at. However, can someone tell me why my brakes squeal when I back out of the garage each morning? Brakes always get checked during routine maintenance and are fine. Again, I just live with it. I bought this car brand new in 2010 and follow the maintenance manual to the letter.

  32. Speaking of F1 racing, I don't attend any more races, because the drivers, the mechanics and the cars are kept totally isolated from the spectators.
    Back in the early to mid '70's I used to attend them up at Mosport, Ontario.
    Then, we got to walk around the pits, talk to drivers, the mechanics and we could actually touch the cars.
    One year friend and I spent two days (qualifying and the race) in the Lotus pit thanks to Mr. Colin Chapman.
    He told us, "Lads, you can stay with us, just don't get in the way".
    It is not like it used to be….!

  33. love my 2012 crv i had to change the vtc, still makes a noise when its cold and only the first start i have a one year warrenty, i should take it back to the honda dealer, i assume they cant do anything about it, and no recall i already checked.

  34. Scotty i have ford explorer 2002 xlt. my sunroof tilts, when i try to open it it starts than stops. If it tilts is the motor still good? what can i do? sal nyc

  35. 0:45 Engine wear occurs during start up . The reason to use an anti-wear oil additive . That coats / bonds with the inside of the engine .

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    I'm gettin those cat pillows.

    I'll make a real offer when this starts making more sense.


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  38. I'm curious how many of you customers watch your videos and are able to discern that you are calling 'THEM' dumb or stupid. LOL

  39. have a 2009 TSX w 171k miles. used to make this noise sometimes in the morning, I been using synthetic since 145k and it doesn’t make the noise anymore :>


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