Here’s Why Honest Mechanics Won’t Fix This Car

Here’s Why Honest Mechanics Won’t Fix This Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how a diagnostic car that’s making noise when it’s running this Toyota was
making a noise for the customer whenever the car was running he said it send me
coming from the passenger front side by the engine here and that the car didn’t
have to be moving just sitting there idling there we’ll make it so we know
it’s not the wheel bearings or something the drivetrain cuz that’s not even
moving and he also said don’t when he turned on the AC one time when it was
raining and outside it made the noise a lot and the AC light
kept flashing on and off so that gives me a clue now on Toyotas if the AC
clutch acts up and doesn’t spin right spins and speed keeps changing the computer
knows that and will flash the light on and off so there’s got to be something
wrong with the way the fan belt is driving the air compressor and all the
other stuff inside there unfortunately this is typical for a lot of people you
brought it in here it’s not making a sound for me so what I’m gonna do is I
know it’s something a fan belt system so the first thing I’m gonna do is just
remove the fan belt and see what’s going on underneath it so there’s not much
working room here so I’m gonna Jack the car up and take off the passenger wheel
so we can access it better so up it goes and off comes the wheel there it goes and as you can see now we can access the fan belt and the pulley to see if anything’s
going on AC alternator belt we just loosen this bolt even though the one
down there top ones 14 millimeter huh that’s loose but the bottom on is an
absolute stinker it’s a 12 millimeter so I got this cool gear wrench with a
swiveling head so I can fit it on and loosen as you can see down here there’s
the wrench and it fits way down on the head there but that gives you enough room to loosen it once that’s loose you get a giant extension bar and a 12 millimeter cuz
the top way down there it’s got a hex then as you turn it it loosens the screw
so the alternator gets loose you just put your ratchet on it you gotta turn it
a whole bunch of times cuz it’s gonna move the whole
alternator there’s a lot of turning on this and as you can see now the fan belt is
are loose so we can take it off it away so we can get the whole fan belt I don’t
know what a lot of stuff in there so you gotta wiggle it reach down twist it so
each one there now it’s out of the way now we can spin the alternator it
spins freely in it doesn’t wobble back and forth and we’ll do the whole thing
down here with the AC compressor you can hear noise that means the bearing on the
AC compressor is starting to go out if you wanted to fix it you don’t have to
replace the air conditioning compressor now you could buy a bearing kit with a
clutch put it on a compressor but from my experience you replace just the AC
clutch and bearing they’re usually worn cuz the compressor is worn this cars got
like 260 thousand miles on it still has the original AC compressor if you’re
gonna fix this noise you’re gonna replace the whole compressor with clutch
assembly if you want it to be really fixed and if you look really closely at
the compressor down there you can see the edge of it here has a lot of grease
and melted rubber on it get my hand in there right here you can see that’s all
wrong with grease and kind of melted rubber not since winter starting as you
can see here the old fan belt starting to wear and just put another fan belt on
and tell them hey see what happens if the compressor finally goes out yeah
you’re gonna have to replace it but winter is coming on and as long as he’s
not using the compressor if the noise doesn’t come back hey you can live with
that because from my experience you should only put in brand-new air
conditioners in these Toyota’s the rebuilt ones not so hot but if
you’re gonna buy an OEM original compressor you spend a lot of money and it didn’t even make the noise for me when I was driving around so it’s
starting to go out and you never know sometimes put in a new
belt on that fits the grooves better that will quite it down for quite some time but
I’m assuming when summer comes in it’s a hundred degrees here in Houston again
it’s gonna need a new way see compressor and it’s not like he’s taking the car to
Californian back just a commuting car goes back and forth to work so if it
does break you can just bring it over here in our place the compressor and the
last time I saw one like this the compressor didn’t actually fail and
break the belt for like another two and a half years because as you consider
when I grab it you can hear a little bit of noise as I wobbled back and forth but
it’s not too bad it doesn’t have all that much play so I can still go a while
before it finally craps out so I’ll slip the new fan belt on and here’s a trick
you place it over the top first stick it over the alternator first then reach up
from the bottom and grab it it’s easier to get on that way then you can grab the
belt and start to push it around the bottom of the crank pulley it’s often
hard cuz the new belt of course is shorter than the old one get an
extension bar in a socket that fits on the end of the crank then you can put it
on here and as you turn the belt pops in place you pull hard nothing huh now the
belts over as you can see here it goes around all the pulleys now then you just
need to tighten that 12 millimeter bolt on the adjuster and a good way of
testing is this what’s good and tight the belt that belong around here will
twist about 45 degrees and it’s tight enough now this is an older car to 99 so
the belts adjustable are modern ones they have automatic tensioner you don’t
have to worry about it with these you want to get it with about a 45 degree
deflection then run the car about an hour then check it again because these
belts will stretch over time and if they do then you just retighten them after
they’ve run an hour or two so that they have about a 45 degree deflection or
they don’t make any squealing noises when you start up first thing telling
the other to loose then of course you tighten down the lockdown bolts and
don’t forget the one on the bottom where tensions it out of sight doesn’t mean
out of mind you want to get that one nice and tight too once you get it on
you can feel it with your finger to hold to tightening it down otherwise it’ll
slip out of the hole and you just keep turning until it’s tight it’s real
no filming room but there with my little wife there now you can see how it fits
on there’s hardly any working room but you could use your hands to feel it once
it’s on and then just tighten it till it’s tight but as long as you got it
jacked it up in here now we’re gonna start the car and watch it to see if anything
odd is going on and as you can see it’s not wobbling
it’s not making any noise so we just hope that that a/c compressor the
bearing holds up for a while longer like I said next summer the compressor will
probably go out eventually I have to replace the whole thing but really since
it’s not making any noise now hey the new belt might even stop it because the
old one was worn had worn edges and it was flopping around a little who knows
like I said I’ve seen somebody’s compressor bearings when they’re like
that they can go years before they finally go and realize here’s the
bizarre part when you turn the AC on then it no longer rides on that bearing
that’s clunking on the clutch then it actually spins the entire compressor and
it goes on the bearings that are inside the compressor it’s not the compressor
bearings that are making the noise the air-conditioning clutch bearings that
are making the noise so actually if you ran the AC all the time it might
actually last longer because then it’s not riding on the clutch bearings that
are worn it’s riding on the ones inside the compressor that aren’t making any
noise at all strange when you think about it this car would actually run
longer if you were in the air-conditioning all the time rather
than not turning on because eventually that clutch burning will let loosen the
belt to fly off and in the olden days it was no big deal because the air
conditioner had its own bell and you just wouldn’t have air conditioning but this
also runs the alternator so you got to have that working to drive the cars so
now you know how to check out noises in your car to see if it’s something
serious or something you might just live with for a while, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I have a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis and the AC has never been serviced and it works great. I try to run it even in winter on a warmer day to circulate the freon. I've heard many stories of ACs going bad because they're barely used. You need to circulate that freon to keep the lubricity in the system flowing and o-rings from cracking.

  3. You might ask when the last time the timing belt was changed. No need to spend money on the car if the timing belt is past 7 years or whatever the interval is on those cars. Do that first and worry about the current problem along with it.

  4. The A/C compressor on my '83 Toyota Celica started squealing. I took it to the dealer. The dealer used WD-40, which stopped the squealing and recommended driving it until it stopped working because to replace was really expensive. It never squealed again.

  5. That ‘cool gear wrench’? I bought one to get to the rearmost bolt on the intake of a Porsche 996. I was replacing the AOS w/o removing the engine. But I had to grind down the head of the wrench to make it thin enough to fit on the bolt. And turn it about 1/8 of a turn each throw of the wrench. And I couldn’t see back there so I set up a webcam and an endoscopic/bore camera to a computer and an iPad to let me see what was happening.

  6. My 03 Avalon belt squeaks when it’s wet same engine it’s just the belt slipping when you first turn the ac on

  7. An honest mechanic would tell the customer they need a new compressor pulley kit or an AC compressor, not send them out the door with a bad bearing that could strand them unexpectedly or overheat the engine and cost them big bucks. But Hey, It's not YOUR wife or daughter that could be stuck somewhere unsafe.

  8. 1:07–2:30 fantasy mechanic whips out specialty tools and correctly disassembles only the parts necessary to diagnose the problem in less than a minute and a half. Gasp. GOALS.

  9. You are my kind of mechanic. We both view cars as tools you use everyday. You can spend 5.00 dollars on a hammer or 100.00 dollars on a hammer and they both drive nails. Thanks Scotty keep saving your customers time and money.

  10. New to the channel? Heres what you should know

    1. toyota is king
    2. buying a used Lexus is genius
    3. everything else is trash

  11. Scotty, what about installing an arm with a pulley (dummy compressor) instead of an actual AC compressor … for about 20% of the cost?

  12. Last year I had the exact same problem on my 95 Camry, i replaced the clutch bearing only, without losing the refrigerant , 30 minuets job and cost my only $18 easy fix 🙂 Ice cold AC all summer !!!

  13. how about open the window sometimes, keep the AC off? there was a time, when i cranked the window down…. and, i had to learn to parallel park BY MYSELF, and computers were as big as buildings…. and minimum wage was $4.25…..

  14. Hey Scotty, love your channel. I’ve been an automotive and heavy equipment mechanic for over 20 years and I find your information very relevant, interesting and helpful. My question is: why do you wrench and film videos in your driveway? I thought you had a shop, wouldn’t it be easier on your body to film and do repair videos there? I’ll keep watching regardless! Cheers from Canada!

  15. SCOTTY 🚨 Do you think tire shops lie to people about their cars wheels being mis aligned. Cause I avoid all Pot hole and just got new tires on my 2017 Honda Civic with 25,000 miles on it and they said my rear wheel was out of alignment and they took the weights of that rim and all the others have weights but it not that one doesn’t ?!

  16. “It’s always fun!” *Me working on a 12 foot a frame damn near illegally on the top rings drilling upwards. This guy is my final form.

  17. Had an AC compressor seize up on an 09 Malibu that snapped 2 new belts before I figured out what the problem was. What a nightmare 🧟‍♂️

  18. I have an old car that did that. Ignored it until one day the AC compressor just seized and snapped the belt. Fortunately that car has two fan belts, one for the AC and power steering, the other for the alternator and water pump. So I wasn’t stranded. But on some other cars that could have been bad.

  19. bought a compressor for our Honda. everyone wanted $250, $275 . I crossed the part number and got a Denso on Walmart website for $150 free shipping new in the box.

  20. Scotty it stays humid in your town all the time and the a/c is handy for cutting the humidity in the cabin and to assist while defogging the glass. It also gets hot AF in the Summer, idk why a rational person that could afford it would not fix the a/c correctly the first time every few hundred thousand miles instead of bodge after bodge and the 4th owner gets to replace the entire hvac system due to the bodgings in the past. Summer will be back to houston in like april or may.

  21. I bet the clutch goes for 60 bucks parts off eBay, if the whole compressor changed factory parts I’d say $1500 parts and labor, at least. Had the same problem with my Mazda 3, sounded like the motor was knocking internal when idling. Thought it was finished. Compressor was under motor. I cut the belt off, no more noise. Mazda didn’t have clutch or bearing part, only entire kit. I found the actual bearing on eBay alone for 17 bucks.

  22. Scotty, you might need those rubber overhangs that you put on car wings (fenders) when leaning into a customers engine bay.
    You'll need those if you're not going to remove that big bunch of keys that is just waiting to scratch paintwork. 🙂

  23. I just replaced the bearing in my compressor when it conked out on my Jeep. It worked just fine but it conked out around 150k miles.

  24. my brother was having the same problem he just put a smaller belt on. so everything is still running off the belt but the a/c composer

  25. Scotty, I have a 2010 Nissan Frontier SE 4×4 with the V6 and automatic transmission. I did some research on the truck to find that they have a “bad” radiator that can cause BIG problems with the transmission. The truck has 85k in the odometer and runs great. Is it worth it to try and prevent this issue by replacing the radiator now or is there some way I can bypass the issue before it occurs?Thanks Scott!

  26. The melted rubber on the edge often is an indication of excessive clutch clearance. Measure. Put in a thinner shim to snug the clearance to .005" to stop any slippage.

  27. When the whole compressor fails and the detrius gets everywhere… then you have to replace the condenser ETC too. They are NOT flushable.

  28. Fixing my 2001 Volkswagen jetta 2.0 Is way more easy by far than that Toyota to take of the belt is just a tensioner that's it lol

  29. Your AC compressor comes on when you select the windshield defrost in winter. This is to dehumidify the incoming air and to keep the compressor from seizing up, from non use, over the winter.

  30. Spray wd-40 on the moving parts of the AC compressor.. worked for me, got years out of it. Remember don't tighten yr belts too tight, I lean towards loose and if I hear it squeal I just tighten it a little.

  31. 45 degree swist on the manual tensioners. Scotty you are a genius and I absolutely love these little automotive facts. I was never sure approximately how tight those belts needed to be. Now I know. And knowing is half the battle. Gooooo Jooooeee ! ! ! I mean Scotty!

  32. Question- for the difficult bolt on the altanator you started with the gear wrench ratchet then moved to a more conventional ratchet. What type of set up was that? To ratchet it up high and not busy your knuckles awesome.

  33. Why don't I ever see Youtube Mechanics put their Car/Truck on Ramps? Everybody seems to want to go thru all the trouble of jacking their Car/Truck up. I use Ramps all the time, and have had no problems with the Ramp collapsing/Crushing. I understand if you have wheel issues you have to jack it up. Thanks

  34. Shouldnt an honest mechanic attempt to work on any car regardless of brand or problem as long as you're capable of fixing it?

  35. Unbelievable that this day in age, we have everything on YouTube like Scotty Kilmer and yet we still have lazy ignorant people who still can't change a tire or just watch his videos to learn something even if they never get their hands dirty. Oh well. Making money off them is the key.

  36. Hey Scotty, I am having a problem with my car It is a 2004 infiniti g35x (awd) and the front left tire will roll five feet and lock up. It is not the caliper. It was caused from a bigger sized tire that was given to me. I understand different size tires spin faster. Could it be the cv axle bound up and I might need to change it?

  37. Hey Scotty, what about alternator rebuild kit? Do you recommend using those if my 2008 Camry V6 alternator is having squeaking noise when idle?

  38. Our local Toyota dealer told me they didn't have a parts listing for my '95 Corolla a few years ago. I'm guessing once their cars hit 20 years, they become obsolete. And the only new parts you can get is online…rebuilt or second hand.

  39. Wow.. Last I checked Winter comes you need defroster which utilizes the A/C to defrost the windows. So just putting another belt on is going to have the same results. I would just temporarily disconnect the a/c clutch wire so it don't run or remove the stupid thing and use windows on that old of a car by getting a bypass belt.

  40. I'm a cheapskate. Twice I fixed the compressors on my Saab 1990 9000 CD, and 1997 9000CSE, by fixing where they leaked freons, the front and the rear covers, of the compressors, with new seals and dabs of gasket sealants.

    These lasted long enough for me without the clutches and the bearings going bad in those years. The key was to do vacuum suck-out and replacing lube oils in the system.

  41. Lets not replace a AC clutch so our customer gets stranded with kids in the car on the highway when it locks up and shreds the belt Maybe they will even over heat it and blow the motor to get off the highway to a safe place
    Very Bad video this time !!!!!

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